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This is BBC World News Today with me, Kasia Madera.


Maria Sharapova is suspended for two years after testing


The Russian tennis star calls the ban unfairly harsh


Deadline extended - UK voters have more time to register


to vote in the EU referendum after a last-minute rush


Accused of being behind the deaths of hundreds of migrants,


one of the world's most wanted people smugglers is arrested.


International fans flock to see the boy wizard,


who's back, this time on London's West End stage.


She hasn't played international tennis since announcing her positive


Now Maria Sharapova has discovered what the penalty for a taking


A tribunal has suspended the former champion for two years raising


serious questions about her future in the sport.


Sharapova admits she took Meldonium, during this year's Australian Open


but says she was prescribed the drug for medical purposes


Our sports news correspondent Richard Conway has this update


from Wimbledon where the world's top players will soon compete.


Within minutes of that decision being known today,


Maria Sharapova issued a statement saying she would appeal


and that she wanted to be back playing tennis.


But, of course, she won't be here at Wimbledon


It was here in 2004 that Maria Sharapova was launched to fame


by winning the Ladies Singles title at the age of just 17.


But now she is 29, she is at the peak of her career,


but she is facing that two-year ban that stretches back


to January this year, to the Australian Open,


when she tested positive for a substance called Meldonium.


Maria Sharapova said she took that substance because she had


She wasn't aware that it had joined the list of prohibited substances


only on January the 1st, so she offered that as a defence,


but an independent tribunal has said that's not a good enough defence,


and they accept that, while she didn't intend to cheat,


she should have known about the rule change.


So that appeal will now go forward but it could be some time before


we see Maria Sharapova back here at Wimbledon, back of course


at the Rio Olympics, which she looks now set to miss


as well, and of course at any other Grand Slam.


It could be 2018 before we see her in competitive


There's more on this story, including What Is Meldonium?,


on the BBC News website and if you're watching


on BBC World News, stay tuned for Sport Today,


With just over two weeks left until voters decide whether Britain


should leave or remain in the European Union,


it's becoming increasingly clear that the campaign will go down


A few hours ago, the British government announced


that the deadline for voters to register has been extended


That's because the registration website crashed on Tuesday before


the midnight cut-off, meaning that some people could have


According to the government, almost 60,000 people


were trying to use the service when the problem was first reported,


It lasted until after midnight, when more than 20,000 people


But the government's data does not show whether those users


Our Deputy Political Editor, John Pienaar, has the details.


Were you one of those who try to register to vote


At over 500,000 clicks and counting, the official website crashed.


Thousands were denied the right to join the EU referendum, so today,


an emergency decision to grant more time.


David Cameron, who believes the bigger the vote,


It is extremely welcome that so many people want to take part in this


massive democratic exercise, in this vital decision


The new deadline will be midnight tomorrow.


Gordon and Nicky from Worcestershire tried to register last night.


And it's really great, I think, that the Government


are being flexible and responsive so quickly to make sure that people


I hope a lot of young people are also online at this very moment,


because it is their future more than ours.


This vote will decide Britain's place in the world for decades so no


surprise more time has been given for voters to register.


Tonight, the Remainers, who believe a big turnout


at the polls will help their side, look happiest.


That is why the campaign has become frantic, with the Leavers


warning of mass migration if we stay inside the EU


and the Stronger Inside talking of a meltdown in the market


Now there are fresh warnings that if Britain chooses to leave the EU,


many more Scots will want to leave Britain.


The Leavers say they will support the decision to extend the time


to register but not all of them are happy about it.


Any idea of rewriting the rules in any substantial way would be


madness and make the country look like a shambles in the run-up


If they left it till the last minute and all tried to register yesterday,


that is their fault and we should not change our regulations


in the middle of a very important referendum campaign simply


to suit those who have not organised their personal affairs


well enough to secure their registration in good time.


But thousands more will be able to vote.


Will more young voters swing it for Remain?


Or more voters angry about EU meddling when it for the Leavers?


-- Or more voters angry about EU meddling win it for the Leavers?


There is not much cheer from either side so far.


It has been more about competing visions of gloom.


But on the 23rd of June, voters will decide once


and for all how the country is run, and the skies are already darkening


It's not just the UK where Euroscepticism is on the rise.


A new survey shows that other countries within the EU


are increasingly disenchanted with the way Brussels works.


The European Union is most popular among some of the newer member


By contrast, France and, perhaps not surprisingly,


Overall, younger people are more positive about the Union.


In France and the UK this contrasts sharply with older age groups,


whereas other nations like Italy and Hungary see little variance.


Let's talk through these numbers with Nina Schick, from Open Europe,


a think tank remaining neutral in this referendum debate.


Not very surprising that the newer member states, the former Soviet


bloc countries, rather enthusiastic. But increase, very unfavourable. --


in Greece. In France, though? This distrust of the EU is a trend that


has been happening for some years. The Eurozone crisis is still not


over, and the austerity in some southern countries is incredibly


hard to bear. 50 or 40% youth unemployment in some countries. Add


to that, Europe is facing the migration crisis, which has seen


loyalties split at such a level that we haven't even seen at the height


of the Eurozone crisis, it is facing a challenging time and this is a


continuation of a trend we have seen for a few years. You talk about the


way the EU has handled the EU crisis -- migration crisis, most countries


disapprove of of how that has been tackled. The policy was to have a


quote to redistribute refugees around EU countries. When it comes


to something like refugees and migration and asylum policy, it is


very sensitive, and although some countries like Germany have been


welcoming, the Eastern and central bloc have said they do not want to


take refugees and they resent that Brussels thinks it can force them to


do so. Young people seem more optimistic. Is that because they


don't have as much experience? It depends country to country. In


Poland, young people are more sceptical and in the UK more


optimistic. All the people think they have signed up to a common


market whereas young people think of it as right to travel and live


abroad. This is a general trend but it depends on which country we are


talking about. What is interesting is how the people who have been


polled think about the future of the EU, it is kind of split. At the


highest level of the EU, they take any kind of victory they can get,


because it has been bad news after bad news. Over five years of


economic crisis, then the migration crisis. This optimistic vision of


Europe is being increasingly challenged across the continent and


one of the problems as people think Brussels is so far removed from


them. If you look at national elections, people turnout higher


than European elections, cos they feel closer to their representatives


at a national level. Part of the challenge is that there is no such


thing as one EU citizens are -- citizenry, and Brussels seems very


distant. As we just heard, the Pew research


suggests that an overwhelming majority of people in Europe


are unhappy with the way the EU has But efforts to identify people


traffickers and to bring them A 35-year-old Eritrean who's thought


to be at the heart of the operation to smuggle migrants from Africa


to Europe has now been James Reynolds reports


now from Rome. Mered Medhanie was


brought to Italy by jet. His journey to Europe was easier


and safer than those made by the migrants who paid to go


on overcrowded boats. TRANSLATION: It is a particularly


important arrest. He is the head of one of the most


advanced criminal organisations dedicated to the trafficking


of migrants and the new path has been opened thanks to international


cooperation between agencies. Mered Medhanie, who is 35,


is accused of smuggling migrants, bribing officials and extorting


money from families. Prosecutors believe he smuggled up


to 8000 people a year He and an accomplice may have


taken in up to ?700,000 In 2013, one of his suspected boats


went down near an Italian island. Investigators say Mered Medhanie


was heard on the phone His phone conversations


may have cost him. British intelligence agencies


were listening in and helped We would consider this to be a major


disruption of an organised However, we still have


other investigations and lines of inquiry,


particularly where we focus our attention on high priority,


iconic individuals who certainly feel they are out of reach of law


enforcement and of the courts. And those smugglers are still able


to dispatch vessels towards Italy. These migrants were


rescued this week. Hillary Clinton has been celebrating


her long-sought milestone, becoming the first woman to lead


the US Democratic Party's She had secured the number


of delegates needed for the nomination even before


Tuesday's primary elections. President Obama congratulated her,


saying her campaign But there's just one problem,


her rival, Bernie Sanders is refusing to give up,


as James Cook reports. All men are created equal,


says America's Declaration That has sounded dated


for a very long time and yet it is only now,


240 years on, that it may be about to change,


thanks to this woman. Thanks to you, we have


reached a milestone. The first time in our nation's


history that a woman will be a major party's nominee


for president. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic


challenger, says he will not quit. He is intent on making


what will surely be a symbolic stand at the party's


convention next month. Next Tuesday, we continue


the fight in the last I know that the fight in front of us


is a very, very steep fight, but we will continue to fight


for every vote and every As her rivals point out,


Mrs Clinton is one of the most unpopular presidential candidates


since polling began. This is shaping up to be


the bitterest of battles. We can't solve our problems


by counting on the politicians The Clintons have turned


the politics of personal enrichment into an art


form for themselves. Her place in history


all but assured, Hillary Clinton "To every little girl


who dreams big," she said, "Yes, you can be anything


you want, even president". Here's another remarkable thing,


Mrs Clinton could become the first First Lady to move


into what was once her husband's Let's bring in our Washington


correspondent, Gary O'Donoghue. Before we talk about the hurdles


Hillary Clinton has to get across, let's take a moment because that has


been a somewhat remarkable achievement. Yes, it is and the


cemetery is striking as well because it was eight years to the day after


she had had to concede that she wouldn't become Democratic nominee


because Barack Obama turned out to be the first African-American to


become president of the United States. He won the primary eight


years ago. But here she is, having said 80 years ago, we've made 18


million cracks in the glass ceiling, she has finally broken through and


will be the country's first ever female nominee from a major party.


Could be the first ever female president of the US. It is quite a


moment and wherever people are on the political spectrum, they


understand that marks a moment in this nation's history. Even Barack


Obama has asked Bernie Sanders to get behind Hillary Clinton, but he


is still holding strong. He said he wanted to go to the end of the


process. Believe it or not, there is one more primary to go in


Washington, DC next Tuesday. It will not make any difference to the


outcome but he wants to go through to the end. I think to prove that


this isn't just a sort of flash in the pan candidacy, he thinks he has


started something, he thinks he is shaping the future of the Democratic


party, and I think you had seen in Hillary Clinton's speeches and her


rhetoric, she has had to change some of her policy positions and language


to take account of these young people who have got behind Bernie


Sanders. Her challenge is how does she picked them up and get them


behind her? They haven't got any where else to go, and likely to vote


for Donald Trump, but they might stay at home if they do not feel


enthused by her campaign and it is her job to do that.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


At least ten people people are reported to have been killed


and dozens more wounded in a series of air strikes on rebel-held


areas in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo.


Activists say one of the strikes was near a hospital.


It's not clear who's responsible, but government forces are seeking


Turkish media says a car bomb has exploded at a police station


in the country's mainly Kurdish southeast.


Turkey's Prime Minister says three people were killed


Ambulances rushed to the scene in the town of Midyat,


The blast comes a day after eleven people were killed in a bomb attack


Authorities in Singapore have announced that public servants


will be blocked from accessing the internet on work


computers from May next year for security reasons.


Officials said the move aims to plug potential leaks from work e-mails


and shared documents amid heightened security threats.


French security forces have carried out an anti-terrorism training


It's in preparation for the European Football Championship


Hundreds of police, emergency services and special


forces were involved in a simulated terrorist incident.


This is Lyon's main square and, in a few days' time,


this is where tens of thousands of people will flock to watch


Many fan zones like this are dotted up and down the country and,


tonight, the French security services, the emergency services,


are testing their abilities to respond in case of the worst-case


TRANSLATION: Tonight we have an exercise with two interests.


The first is to see how the police react after an attack.


The second is how we communicate across forces so that we are ready


These anti-terrorism exercises have been taking place across France over


There's 700,000 security forces, police, some special forces


involved, and the message is that this will be a huge


security presence for fans, that they should be vigilant,


they should enjoy the football but ultimately have confidence that,


if anything goes wrong, these people and the security forces


India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed a joint


The speech is a mark of his rehabilitation in Washington.


For years he was banned from entering the US


following controversy over religious violence that took place


while he was chief minister of his home state of Gujarat.


Today, our relationship has overcome the hesitations of history.


Comport, candour and convergence define our conversations.


The controversial artist who set fire to the door of Russia's


security service has been fined 7,000 dollars, in what's being seen


as a rare show of leniency by Russian authorities.


Pyotr Pavlensky first gained notoriety when he nailed himself


to Moscow's Red Square, but it was his torching


of the Federal Security Service last November that landed him in prison


Sarah Rainsford watched the trial in Moscow.


Handcuffed and under police guard, a Russian artist is led into court.


Pyotr Pavlensky likes to shock his public, but his latest


work landed him behind bars, on trial as a criminal.


The question is, was this art or just arson?


The canvas, or target, was the headquarters of the FSB,


As the fire he lit rose behind him, the artist stood silent and still.


Pavlensky calls this his comment on the rule of terror in Russia.


We've just been let in for the final few moments of this trial.


The judge is about to return to deliver the verdict,


and the artist, there inside his metal cage,


surrounded by police, bailiffs and a huge number of cameras.


But after seven months in prison, the artist was released


Outside, cheered by supporters, Pavlensky said he had no regrets.


His work was meant to expose the mechanisms of power, he said,


ruling over 146 million people through fear.


The artist's style has always been controversial.


Like the time he nailed himself to Red Square by the scrotum.


It was a comment on apathy and indifference.


Or when he chopped off part of his ear to prove his sanity.


It has left many baffled or disgusted, and the criminal


But Pavlensky himself is quite clear.


TRANSLATION: They are trying to label me, to say this is how


a criminal or a sick mind views those in power.


But I am an artist, I am doing political art.


Pavlensky's work is challenging but he is making it


Harry Potter is back, this time on the London stage.


And the audience at the first public performance of the play


Harry Potter And The Cursed Child were not disappointed.


The latest instalment in JK Rowling's saga


received a standing ovation, as fans finally found out


what had happened to the boy wizard when he grew up.


You have been amazing for years at keeping Harry Potter secret


so you did not spoil the books for the readers who came after you.


So I'm asking you one more time to keep the secrets.


Before the play began, JK Rowling made this


Fan dressed as wizards and witches queued around the block


as they waited to clear the strict security.


Whatever it was they saw in there,


The play is expected to be the theatrical


When tickets went on sale last October, the first 175,000


The face value of tickets starts at ?15 but some have sold


These behind-the-scenes pictures give us a glimpse of the characters.


What we do know of the plot is that it picks up where the last


novel leaves off, with Harry as an overworked employee


at the Ministry of Magic dealing with his youngest son, Albus.


The biggest challenge we had through all of this and the biggest


ambition was to make something the fans loved,


and if tonight's reaction is anything to go by,


it looks as though we may have done that.


The play is in two halves and part two gets its premiere tomorrow,


and it officially opens at the end of the month.


How exciting for all those fans out there.


But for now, from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


This evening's storms will fade away quicker than last night leaving most


of us dry to start Thursday. But humid


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