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Hillary Clinton on course to make history


as the first woman to run for the White House.


which should put the seal on on Hillary Clinton's nomination.


But Bernie Sanders has yet to accept defeat.


We'll get the latest from one of those, New Jersey.


The BBC obtains exclusive material from Aleppo,


showing the aftermath of airstrikes by Syria and Russia


on rebel-held parts of the city over the past days.


Chelsea's team doctor accepts a settlement


in her discrimination case - the club apologises unreservedly.


And why a British athlete has had his sperm frozen


over fears about the prevalence of the Zika virus in Brazil.


Hillary Clinton looks set to become the first ever woman


chosen to run for US President by a major political party.


But with voting underway in the last major primaries,


the former First Lady looks likely to gain enough delegates


needed to secure the Democratic Party nomination.


But supporters of her rival, Senator Bernie Sanders,


have said it's too early to call the contest.


Our North America editor, Jon Sopel, reports from New York.


In New York and across the US, Americans woke


that was long-awaited, but is nonetheless historic.


For the first time in this nation's history, a woman, Hillary Clinton,


On the Hoboken ferry to Wall Street commute,


Faced with the choice between Trump and Clinton?


I'd rather throw myself off the boat right now


I'm just not sure this is as good as we can do.


You think you could do better than Hillary Clinton?


I think we can do better than all of them.


If I had to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump,


But that sounds like she is the least worst option.


Pollsters here measure favourability ratings,


and both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


are right off the scale on how unfavourably people view them.


This could be an election not about who you like the most,


# Cos I've still got a lot of fight left in me... #


Last night in California, with her fight song playing,


Hillary Clinton learned that glass ceiling she was only able


to crack eight years ago had finally shattered.


We are on the brink of a historic, historic, unprecedented moment.


But we still have work to do, don't we?


And, at her campaign headquarters, which the BBC was given access to,


First, she has to unite the Democratic party,


and then work out how to fight Donald Trump.


You can't be passive the face of Donald Trump,


and just assume that people will be enlightened and will quickly


come to the conclusion that the cannot accept him.


you have to prosecute a case about why he is uniquely disqualified.


We're not going to hesitate on a day-to-day basis...


But what we're not going to do, what you're not going to see us do,


is see us sink down to his depths and get into the gutter


In a high-tech campaign, a decidedly low-tech


Hillary Clinton has seen off Bernie Sanders.


Our correspondent is in New Jersey, where voting is underway.


One of the many places that people are getting the chance to actually


cast their vote on this. In a way, you could say it is an helpful for


the Clinton team to have this projection of victory because they


want people to turn out, don't they? Yes, they do, although a lower


turnout may help Hillary Clinton more than it does Bernie Sanders


will stop it is a bit of six of one, half a dozen of the other. What they


will be concerned about is the presumption, the assumption, the


sense that they think it is all over when there are still six states that


are voting to the, here in New Jersey and across to California


later on. They will be in courage and people do try and go out to vote


as well. They are clearly turning their attention to what happens


after these primaries. We have just learned that Hillary Clinton next


week, Monday and Tuesday of next week, she will be in Ohio and


Pennsylvania. You might ask why, because they have at their


primaries. The swing states, massive swing states in the general


election. She clearly thinks the general election campaign really


starts very soon. That begs the question, what does Bernie Sanders


do after tonight? Does he throw in the towel if he is significantly


behind her still, does he fight through to the convention, tried to


persuade those on pledged delegates to come over to him? We know that


Bernie Sunder had a discussion with President Obama on Sunday. I'm sure


he would not be saying, let's drag this out for as long as possible. So


we are expecting the president to weigh in soon and to say he wants to


get out there on the stump to make sure that a Democrat gets into the


White House in November, because they need to start taking on double


trouble right now. Many thanks. we will be speaking with BBC


presenter Katty Kay in Washington. 11 people have died


and dozens more have been injured following a rush-hour


attack in Istanbul. A car packed with explosives


was detonated remotely Seven police officers


were among the dead. Our correspondent, Mark Lowen,


is in Istanbul for us and was at the scene


of the attack earlier today. He joins me now with


the latest update. It must've been an awful to visit.


It was, really. You can see the full force of the blast in the


surrounding streets. When I went to the police cordon, as close as I


could get to the scene of the attack, the windows and surrounding


buildings were shattered. On several side streets leading up to the


centre of the blast. That shows the force of the blast and the size of


the explosion. I spoke to eyewitnesses there. One lady said


she thought it was an earthquake initially. Another person said they


thought it was a lightning strike. They saw a cloud of black going up


from the street. This is a central area of Istanbul. A huge attack,


targeting a police bus that was going past. 11 people killed, seven


police officers and four civilians. 36 injured. Three of them are still


in critical condition was not the president of Turkey went to see the


injured in hospital and said that he vowed to continue with what he said


was a fight against terrorism. Really, Turkey find itself


surrounded by hostile groups at the moment, so-called Islamic State,


that had been blamed for attacks in the last two months. The Kurdish


bulletins on suspicion will fall, and the home-grown far left with as


well. They are surrounded by really violent groups at the moment. Many


thanks. Syria's President has been


talking to the media, saying that the country's war


against terrorism will continue Airstrikes by Syrian and Russian


aircraft on rebel-held parts of Aleppo have intensified


over the past days, The BBC has obtained


exclusive material, showing the aftermath


of the airstrikes. Some images there of the aftermath


of air strikes in Aleppo. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. The former French trader


Jerome Kerviel, whose unauthorised transactions


lost his bank over $5 million, has won a claim


for unfair dismissal. A labour court in Paris said


the bank, Societe Generale, had dismissed him not


because of his actions, which it must have known of,


but for their consequences. A large fire broke out in the


Western German city of Dusseldorf. The centre acts


as an accommodation hub for refugees waiting


to be sent elsewhere. According to reports,


everyone inside the hall, where 130 refugees were staying,


was brought to safety. Two men have been arrested


in connection with the fire. Both are thought to be


residents at the camp. The British long jumper


Greg Rutherford has had his sperm frozen ahead of the Rio Olympics


over fears about the prevalence of the Zika virus in Brazil,


which can cause birth defects. Writing on a blog, his wife,


Susie Verrill, said the couple had taken the decision


as they want to have more children and don't want to put themselves,


quote, "in a situation


which could have been prevented". She also wrote that she


and the couple's son Professor Ian Jones


is a leading virologist at the University of


Reading here in the UK. He joins me now from


our Oxford Studio. Thanks for joining us. The think


this is a sensible precaution on their part? I, ultimately, it is a


personal choice. If you were to ask me, do I think that the risk that


they are worried about is a reasonable risk, I think the answer


is no. Why is that? The situation at the beginning of the, which was well


covered by the press, was that the word macro virus was transmitting


freely, this was a new academic, and as you are aware that had just


reported, it was associated with the possible cause of some birth


defects. The numbers of cases have dropped dramatically recently. There


is not so much Maskey to biting inner cities, it tends to be in


rural zones. The traditional season for this type of virus will be from


January to March. At most, something like me. By the time August comes


around, they'll be very devil biting around. There will be very little


chance of contracting Zika. -- there is very little biting. The chance of


break transferring this to his wife is very small. Yet researchers


called on the Olympics in the last few weeks to be moved or delayed


because they are worried. And other illnesses have been linked to this


virus. Surely people should be worried? Some athletes have thought


about it as well. They have taken their own decisions, either to not


participate or not to have their partners attend. Like I say, if you


asked a straight question, is there a risk of Zika in that part of the


world? The answer is yes. If you ask how big the risk is, it is extremely


small. By August, my view is that the risk will be effectively zero.


The 150 doctors you talk about are largely public-health experts who


are concerned about, if bitten, if the virus transmits, if it gets into


pregnant women, what sort of number of people could be affected. The


actual chance of infection at that time of year is going to be


extremely small. So that, what if, argument does not hold much weight.


The problem is, for the public, who are getting lots of sets of


information, it is difficult to make a decision if you are not a


scientist and don't have the maths around the risk rates. At the end of


the day, if you do get theirs or transmit this, the results can be


catastrophic. Absolutely. As I said, this is a very personal decision. I


would not want to contradict that decision in any way. It is for the


couple concerned to make that decision. I can tell you the risk is


exhume the small, and I would ask those that are considering this to


note that, compared to the coverage of the press a couple of months ago,


coverage now is very small. The number of cases now been reported is


extremely small. The link between this virus and what it could


possibly do is yet to be fully proven. On top of that, the number


of cases we are talking about will be down to almost zero by the time


of the Olympics. In all, I think the risk is quite acceptable. Many


thanks for your time. Chelsea has apologised unreservedly


after it settled a discrimination case with the


team's former doctor, Eva Carneiro. It follows an incident last August


when Ms Carneiro ran on to the pitch to treat a player, despite


objections from the club's "fulfilling her responsibility


to the players as a doctor". Today was supposed to be Doctor Eva


Carneiro's the day in court. But when Jose Mourinho, the biggest


manager in the world, arrived unexpectedly, accompanied by senior


figures from Chelsea, it was a signal that a settlement was close


to being reached. The root of the dispute go back to last August, in


Chelsea's opening fixture of the season against Swansea. He was


incensed when the doctor ran onto the page to treat an injured player,


leaving his team a man down as they were chasing a winning goal. She


claims he called her the drug future in Portuguese, which he and Chelsea


deny. He called the medical team impulses, naive and said the did not


understand football. Within weeks, she resigned and started her action.


Today, the club apologised unreservedly. In a statement,


Chelsea said... Chelsea offered Eva Carneiro ?1.2


million to settle this claim, but it was rejected. On the opening day of


this hearing, there was astonishing detail laid out before the tribunal


about the nature of her claims against Chelsea and Jose Mourinho.


They have now reached an agreement, and it is covered and we may never


know the terms. She can look forward to moving on with life, putting saga


behind her. In a statement, she said...


The drama wasn't quite yet finished. There were chaotic scenes as first


Eva Carneiro left the tribunal after the formalities had been concluded.


Then Jose Mourinho was eventually bundled into his waiting car. He is


now free to carry on as the new manager of Manchester United,


knowing the confidential agreement and any further embarrassment from


this to feud -- from this dispute has been avoided.


Now you'll remember the story we brought you last week


about a young Japanese boy - Yamato Tanooka -


whose parents abandoned him in a forest as a punishment.


Well, we also reported that he had survived


He waved at the cameras and said he was fine.


Yamoto's father said in an interview on Monday that his son


had forgiven him and that the police will not be pressing charges.


After rescue workers spent days searching the mountainous area,


Yamoto was found sheltering in a hut on a military field.


As we heard earlier, Hillary Clinton is on the verge


of becoming the first woman chosen to run for the US Presidency,


concluded she had passed the required number of delegates


BBC presenter Katty Kay joins me from Washington now.


I saw on your blog that you are wondering why you are not quite as


excited by this incredible news as you might be. I pondered, Ireland


are covering the Monica Lewinsky scandal many years ago and to think


that Hillary Clinton has come from globally humiliated to being a major


contender for the White House is any credible league.


This is a historic day, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican or


agnostic on politics. The fact that, after 44 male presidents, America


has now dominated for a major party a woman to be the candidate, and she


has a good chance of winning this election in November. That is


extraordinary. What I have been hearing from women voters as I have


been speaking to them in the last few weeks is a sense that Hillary


Clinton has been around a long time, she has been running for president


since 2007, which he first declared on that first nomination against


Barack Obama. Younger women voters seem much more confident than all


the women here that they are going to have a female president during


the course of their lifetime, there just not quite convinced that they


wanted to be Hillary Clinton. Do you think she is maybe the victim of our


own success, the sex of the whole Clinton brand, it is seen as so much


a part of the astonishment, and it is possibly tainted, and also the


cynicism of journalists? One of the things I have heard from Younger


women is that Hillary Clinton does not connect with them, she is stiff,


she a classic politician, and she is old news. As you suggest, she has


been around a long time. As we move from this primary stage of the


presidential race into the matchup between Donald Trump and Hillary


Clinton, so that will change. It is worth and bring that into thousand


eight, after Barack Obama's supporters had originally supported


Hillary Clinton and said they would never vote for Barack Obama. Your


hearing that from Bernie Sanders' supporters, but I think they will


vote for her. It is interesting to see what Mr Sanders says when this


result is clarified. But then we get the head-to-head contest, and again


we are seeing today fears, worries about Donald Trump from his own


team. It is interesting. Here is Hillary Clinton, solidifying the


Democratic party around her, having a very important day in the history


of her campaign and her bid for the White House. On the very same day,


you have Donald Trump getting criticised, slammed by senior


Republicans, Adam adjust any Republicans, the most senior elected


Republican, the Speaker of the house, effectively calling dollar


company basis. -- calling dollar Trump a racist.


About these comments, I regret these comments that he made.


Claiming a person can't do their job because of their race


is the textbook definition of a racist comment.


I think that should be absolutely disavowed.


But do I believe that Hillary Clinton is the answer?


Very interesting. Of course, Mr Trump getting all of the headlines.


President Obama, is the expected comment and endorse Hillary Clinton?


Will we then the nature of this election change? What Paul Ryan was


referring to there was a Mexican judge, a judge of Mexican heritage,


brother, who dollar Trump suggested could not do his job properly. --


who Donald Trump suggested could not do his job properly. One thing we do


know is that this will be a very ugly campaign, with both sides


marshalling all of their supporters to throw ferocious attacks at the


other side. Good to speak to you. The four members of Swedish pop


group Abba have appeared together the band's first public


performance in 30 years. They had gathered at a party


to celebrate the 50-year partnership between the songwriters


Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson. During the gala,


the group performed their song Well, let's take a listen to that


original song, released in 1980. # Times of joy and times of sorrow


# We will always see them through # I don't care what comes tomorrow


# Weekend face it together... # Hillary Clinton is getting close to


becoming the first woman to run for the United States Presidency after


it has been concluded that she has got the required that the delegates


to clinch the party nomination. We have images of people voting live


in California. That process continuing for some hours. Democrats


voting in six primaries, it should put the seal on her nomination.


Bernie Sanders yet to admit defeat. We expected that moment will come


soon. Whilst many of you go into the night


try and fairly humid, for others, quite stormy


out there at the moment. And, thanks to a little bit


of forcing from things happening in the upper atmosphere,


we could continue with some storms even into the morning,


over the Pennines


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