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This is BBC World News Today with me, Tim Willcox.


Was a terror attack, timed to coincide with the Euro 2016


football tournament, foiled by Ukraine?


Secret service agents there release pictures of the arrest


of a man who they claim is an ultra-nationalist intent


on targeting bridges, motorways, a mosque and a synagogue.


The scientists on the brink of a medical revolution -


Medicine's big breakthrough - or ethically questionable?


Scientists begin the process, of trying to grow human


Deadly storms lash Australia's east coast -


12 metre high waves batter Sydney's beaches, leaving some


houses at risk of falling into the sea.


Why street artist Banksy left a present on the wall


Did Ukraine intelligence officers thwart a major terrorist attack


on France timed to coincide with the Euro 2016


They say they caught a far right French national with a huge cache


of weapons including machine guns, grenade launchers, and TNT.


His targets, they claim, included a mosque, bridges,


The 25-year-old man was arrested last month on the border


between Ukraine and Poland at the Yahodyn crossing.


From the Ukrainian capital Kiev, Tom Burridge reports.


Caught in a Ukrainian sting operation, these pictures have no


sound but officials here say they show a Frenchman


planning several terror attacks during the Euro


Here he is filmed stashing a box of rocket-propelled


Watch here as he appears to use a blanket to wrap up


Then two rocket-propelled grenade launchers go into a sack


Ukraine's security service told us the man had earmarked 15


targets in Western Europe, including a synagogue, a mosque,


But as the Frenchman tries to cross the border from Ukraine into Poland


and into the European Union, Ukrainian police swoop.


The man is arrested and a full arsenal of weapons in the van.


In total, five machine guns, 6000 bullets, and these small


The man who was arrested has not been named but he has been described


as a nationalist who was apparently unhappy


about high levels of immigration in France.


TRANSLATION: We learnt a French citizen arrived Ukraine claiming


He made contact with members of the Armed Forces,


promising to deliver equipment, but during this process


he indicated his interest in purchasing weapons,


explosives, and other things of destruction.


There are questions tonight about how easy it is to buy


machine guns and explosives here in the Ukraine.


But the country's security service is claiming a massive coup,


saying it has prevented mass murder just days before Euro 2016


Security will be tight throughout the tournament.


Today England were among the teams arriving in France ahead


Many of the details about the operation by police


The authorities in France say their investigation


is about arms trafficking and not terrorism.


Let's get more on the French reaction.


Our correspondent James Reynolds is in Paris.


The French authorities will be worried by what has happened, though


be reassured Ukraine was tracking this suspect for some time and the


French authorities here say they are as prepared as they can be for the


start of the year rose. They will deploy 19,000 offices across the


country, police officers, soldiers and security agents they need to


guard 51 matches to be played by 24 countries in ten different stadiums


across the country and here in Paris they have 10,000 officers deployed


and maybe reinforcements of 3000. There is one point the Paris prefect


of police talked about, the fan zones in certain cities, when there


are matches and people cannot get into the stadium, they gather in


official areas to watch the match on big screens. There was a potential


concern about the security in those areas where the French prefect of


police say they are as prepared as they can be.


Joining me from our Oxford studio is Professor Anthony Glees


who is the director of the Centre for Security and


Intelligence Studies at the University of Buckingham.


A lot of questions about the target potentially but is the real concern


the EEC with which arms can be trafficked around Europe? There have


been real concerns about the ease with which Kalashnikovs and similar


weapons, including rocket launchers and the sorts of stuff we have seen


here, large quantities of ammunition, TNT, yes, there have


been concerns and it is right there should be concerns. This person was


either transported -- transporting these weapons to others which is


possible or, bearing in mind he was said to be an extreme right wing


nutter, possibly wanting to use them himself. We do not know that he was


specifically targeting Euro 2016. However, the heightened security


that Euro 2016 is demanding from everybody would mean that if you


wanted to attack sites other than the Euro 2016 football matches, now


would be your chance. It's just shows what a dangerous position we


are in in Europe at the moment. Yes, you can pick out these weapons and


yes, it has to stop and yes, it does appear to have been stopped this


evening by Ukrainian intelligence authorities. He was picked up last


month. The source of a lot of these arms was the former Yugoslavia, is


now more originating from Ukraine and the divided part of Ukraine?


Well, you will always get arms and ammunition in areas of conflict and


there is a lot of conflict in Ukraine. These arms and weapons will


circulate in those areas where intelligence and security


communities find it hard to penetrate. So, if you wanted to buy


arms, this is where you would go. Until recently, it has been very


easy, if you have got arms in your car, you could take them across the


borderless parts of the European Union. There is no doubt in my mind


that corporation within Europe, particularly intelligence


Corporation is the way to stop anything bad from happening. Is that


improving after the Paris attacks in November? I think it is improving,


it is improving the hard way. They saw from Paris and Belgium that arms


were being taken from one end of Europe to another, abusing the


Schengen agreement. Britain is not part of Schengen so it is not affect


us but it does affect people in France, that is the problem. This


does not appear to have been an Islamist attack, absolutely not. On


the other hand, we know Islamists have gone for both the stadium in


Paris and there are many instances of Islamist attacks throughout


France and these football matches are being played throughout France.


No, corporation, working together, sharing intelligence is the key to


nipping these things in the bud. This does appear to have been nipped


in the bud but the other thing that is critical is that fans need to be


very cautious, they need to understand the risks they are taking


where they congregate in large numbers because there are killers


out there and those killers will try to go for these trophies, embarrass


the French state and kill as many as they can. Intelligence sharing will


stop it. Thank you very much indeed. Leading scientists say


advances in genetics and biology are heralding


a revolution in medicine. A technique known as gene editing


enables researchers to alter Geneticists say it could enable


human organs to be grown in pigs so they could be used


in transplants, and it could lead to new treatments,


even cures for many diseases. It's helped one man in California


who suffering from HIV to live without medication


for the last two years. Our medical correspondent Fergus


Walsh has this exclusive report. Could pigs solve the organ


transplant shortage? That's the aim of


research in California. These sows are pregnant with part


pig, part human offspring. The pig embryos had their DNA edited


using a technique known as crisper, then human cells were injected


which scientists hope will allow a human, not


pig pancreas, to grow. Just one example of this


powerful technology. Inside each cell in our body


is our genome, billions of pieces It's the blueprint or


instruction manual for life. A single error or spelling mistake


in that DNA can trigger disease. There are thousands of genetic


disorders and many more conditions Crisper gene editing enables


scientists to scan the entire genome and using molecular scissors to cut


both strands of DNA and delete, In San Francisco, the world's first


trials have already happened using an earlier form


of gene editing. Matt is one of around 80 HIV


patients whose immune cells have been DNA edited to try to make them


resistant to the virus. Since the trial, he's stopped taking


any antiretroviral drugs. My viral load is pretty good,


pretty well controlled. That's kind of the point


of the study to see how well you can naturally control HIV


after you get the treatment. How long have you been


off your meds? It's too early to talk about cures


after such a small trial, but the biochemist who


co-discovered crisper, a new rapid form of gene editing


says medicine will be transformed. Just thinking about the opportunity


to cure a genetic disease, not treat it, not you know,


just give palliative treatment, but really provide a cure,


in the future, is so exciting. People say that this is going to be


the century of biology. I think there's a lot


of truth to that. But when scientists can alter DNA


at will, society will have to decide what limits should be placed on such


a powerful technology. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. The presidential election in Peru


is still too close to call. The former World Bank executive,


Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Miss Fujimori is the daughter


of the former President Alberto Fujimori -


who's currently in prison A passenger train in Belgium has


collided with a freight train killing three people


and injuring nine. The collision occurred late


on Sunday when the fast-moving passenger train slammed


into the back of a slow freight train which was


travelling on the same track. It happened near Leige,


in the east of the country. The Iraqi government has been urged


to investigate allegations that civilians detained during the battle


for Falluja have been The BBC has obtained footage of men


who had apparently just been released -


they describe being beaten, denied food and water,


and held in a shipping container. This isn't the first time


allegations like this have been made. This is something that


allegedly happened before and there were accusations to the Shia groups


fighting there that they are committing some acts are


unacceptable acts against the Sunnis. This is the heart of the


problem. Because one side of the Iraqi conflict is sectarian, on the


political and on the military level as well and this was one of the big


question marks to answer in case we launch an operation to take back


Falluja and the whole of Mosul later on. What would be the main challenge


is sending troops of Shia majority, well-trained, equipped and supported


by Iranian advisers to fight in an area where a majority of the Sunnis


of Iraqi living. Three people have been killed


and more are missing in Australia as storms and heavy rain continue


to batter parts of the The states of New South Wales


and Victoria have already faced With the focus now on the island


state of Tasmania, where some areas are reporting record


levels of flooding. Our correspondent Jon


Donnison sent this report. Australia's eastern seaboard


has taken a battering. These multi-million dollar homes


north of Sydney now evacuated The storm brought winds of over 100


kilometres an hour and huge waves. All the more destructive


as they struck when the tide But we knew it was going to be bad


last night when the king We shut the club at six o'clock last


night because it was devastating. Today, many were left picking up


the pieces after what scientists We have had two large tides last


night and on Saturday night and they have brought the water


level up unusually high. We had two metre king tides


and with the waves and the wind, the water level came up


another 20 centimetres. A high sea level and then on top


of that, we had waves peaking at 13 But it was the rain that caused


the bulk of the damage with widespread flooding leaving


several people dead. Some areas of New South Wales


reported almost half a metre Further south, in Canberra,


a man died as he was A search was undertaken and a short


time later police and emergency services, Fire and Rescue Service to


do what we believe to be a body stuck in raging floodwaters on an


island in a river. Over the weekend, power was down


in tens of thousands of homes But it didn't stop some


from enjoying the wild weather. Images of one swimmer,


dubbed foam man, went viral as he was engulfed in thick,


white foam as he took to the water off Queensland's Gold Coast,


but the danger not yet over. The storm tracked south over


the State of Tasmania. There is already severe flooding


across much of the island and many We saw one man enjoying the water


and foam. Well, the storms are bad news


for many - but it does provide These surfers made the most


of the huge swell off Sydney, braving waves up


to five metres high. They were taking part


in a competition in Botany Bay - with some faring a little


better than others. The competition was eventually


postponed with organisers deciding A US prosecutor has announced


that he will not press charges against the mother of a 3 year


old boy who fell into Officials at the


Cincinnati Zoo shot dead The family welcomed the decision


and issued a statement saying it was one more step towards putting


the "tragic episode" behind them. The prosecutor said there was no


charge of reckless endangerment. And turned her back, you know,


I have gotten dozens if not hundreds And if anyone doesn't believe


a three-year-old can scamper off very quickly they have


never had kids. 100,000 people signed a petition


asking for the authorities to look into prosecuting the mother after


the killing dead of the gorilla. Women are almost twice as likely


to experience anxiety as men, according to new research


at Cambridge University The study found that it affects four


in 100 people and disproportionately Researchers also discovered that


people from Western Europe and North America suffer


from anxiety more than people Olivia Remes from the university's


department of Public Health and Primary Care and is the author


of the report. She joins us now from


our Cambridge studio. Have you reached any conclusions as


to why women suffer more than men? Women can be more prone to


experiencing anxiety because of differences in brain chemistry and


hormone fluctuations but there could be other reasons accounting for this


as well. Women are more prone to stress in general than men and


distress can lead to the development of anxiety. Also, women and men when


faced with stressful life situations are more likely to use different


coping factors or different ways of coping so women will ruminate more


about negative things that happened on the life and this can increase


anxiety whereas when men are faced with the same stressors, they tend


to use more problem focused coding approaches. Why are younger people


are more affected by anxiety than other age groups? It could be the


anxiety instruments we are using to measure this anxiety might not be


capturing the anxiety that is experienced in older people, anxiety


in older people might be offered form. You are talking about the


anxiety instruments, is it chemical, is that your conclusion and is this


a form of depression which is then treated as other forms of depression


are as well with medication? Anxiety is different from depression,


anxiety focused around fear and hyper arousal or as depression


focuses on sadness, low mood on losing interest in things. There are


differences. Anxiety can be treatable, we do not know what


causes it. There is beset looking into that and we need more research


to find out what is causing it but there is treatment available in the


terms of medication and psychological therapies like CBT.


You say more prevalent in Western Europe and North America, are these


first world problems, people in other cultures have much more to be


anxious about but get on with it. Actually a lot of the studies that


were included in the review was done in western cultures and Europe so


there are fewer studies done in these non-Western contexts so that


is why we have less information on anxiety in non-Western cultures so


need more research. But also these instruments we are using to measure


anxiety were largely developed on Western populations so it might be


when we apply these instruments to measure anxiety in non-Western


cultures, it might not be capturing this cultural presentations. What


you mean by instruments, what instruments? Questionnaires we use


to assess if someone has an anxiety disorder and the criteria -- the


criteria we use... These are not medical documents from practitioners


or professionals? Medical practitioners and researchers use a


common set of criteria to diagnose anxiety disorders and these criteria


were developed on a Western population but it could be anxiety


is manifested differently in other cultures and we are using these


questionnaires and criteria, it might not capture the way anxiety is


expressed in East Asia, for example. We are out of time. Thank you.


Chelsea's former doctor has refused to settle. The lady in the blue coat


is bringing another action against Jose Mourinho for victimisation and


discrimination, she alleges. Children at a school in the English


city of Bristol have returned from their half term


holidays - to find - this. It's a present from


the graffiti artist Banksy. Our correspondent


Jon Kay can explain Not a typical lunchtime. A 14 foot


bank the original in the playground. He's not in over half term. It was


seven-year-old Charlie who wrote a bank seeks to tell him that pupils


had made a house after the Bristol born artist.


What did you think when you came into school this morning


100 million per cent yes, really shocked.


What's your message to Banksy for doing this for the school?


The care taker found this letter stuck to a gutter pipe


Inside, a letter from Banksy in which he says,


Remember, it's always easier to get forgiveness than permission.


Teachers at Bridge Farm Primary would normally be warning children


against trespass and vandalism, but they say this art work


is inspirational and Banksy was, kind of, invited.


But the school doesn't intend to sell.


A child with a burning tyre, it's not necessarily what you'd


You have to interpret art how you interpret art.


The sybolism in it is for other people to work out.


The man who found it was less impressed when he opened up this


morning. Normally would clean off graffiti. I was a bit annoyed when I


saw that on the wall thinking that must come off but then there was


banks in the corner, let's get on the phone to the headmaster. Now the


school intends to cover the present with protective plastic to stop it


being ruined by other graffiti artists. Oh, the irony! Everyone


gets naming their houses after banks the!


The Ukrainian authorities say a Frenchman, arrested last month


with a large cache of arms, was planning a series of attacks


during the European Football Championship in France.


Ukraine's state intelligence agency said the man was driven


by ultra-nationalist views, with bridges, motorways,


a mosque and a synagogue among his potential targets.


Massive storms have been battering the East coast of Australia. From


me, and a team in London, good night.


Lovely end to the day for many of you.


A warm day as well, 27 degrees across western areas but a few


storms to take us into the night particularly across Northern


We will, with a south-easterly drift, see one or two


in from the near continent to start the morning,


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