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I don't want to call it the whip, I call it the snake, you know.


So you call it whatever you want to call it,


that's what you learn from Muhammad, you know, be yourself.


The closer it gets, the more bitter the two rival campaigns get over


whether the UK stays in the European Union.


Now, two senior members of the same ruling Conservative Party,


but from opposite sides of the debate, have clashed.


The former Prime Minister John Major accused the Leave campaign


of misleading people over the costs of pulling out of the EU.


But Boris Johnson defended the Leave campaign's numbers.


Here's our political correspondent, Ben Wright.


But today, the former Tory prime minister let rip,


I am angry at the way the British people are being misled.


I think their campaign is verging on the squalid.


What they have said about leaving is fundamentally dishonest.


I think this is a deceitful campaign.


He used to be caricatured as grey, but this was a Technicolor assault


Vote Leave have said some of the cash Britain currently


spends on being a member of the European Union could be


But Sir John Major said leading Conservatives could not be trusted


Boris wanted to charge people for using it,


and Iain Duncan Smith wanted a social insurance system.


The NHS is about as safe with them as a pet hamster would be


He then turned to Turkey, saying the Leave campaign's claim


the country would soon join the EU was misleading.


Is it seriously suggested, as they do, that all 88 million


Apparently, for our higher National Living Wage?


On the one hand, they say migrants are depressing wages,


and on the other, people are flooding in to get our


Turkey has applied to join the European Union, and the UK does


The Government insists that's decades away,


but Boris Johnson defended the Leave campaign's decision


The statement Turkey is joining the EU is not true, is it?


Turkey has been joining the EU since 1963.


You join or you don't join, but it isn't true, is it?


That is what John Major was talking about.


Frankly, I don't mind whether Turkey joins the EU, provided


Turkey is bound up with the issue of immigration, and the Leave


campaign says outside the EU, total net migration to Britain


could be cut to the tens of thousands, a pledge


the Government has been unable to meet.


Unconditional numbers coming in not only depress


wages for working people, it is also a case that they put


considerable strain on public services, on housing,


on the National Health Service, and of course on school places.


We grew very successfully in the 1980s and 1990s with


This referendum is laying bare deep Tory divisions over Europe that have


existed since John Major was in Number 10 himself,


and somehow the Government will have to move beyond this,


Tory civil war over Europe is probably not a drama most


voters are interested in, and both sides are trying


to wrestle the arguments back to the issue at stake.


We have a short time to go until the referendum,


and what people want to hear are the arguments.


What we're setting out on the Leave side of the campaign is an agenda


for the Government to take back control on June the 23rd of a lot


of things that really matter to the people of this country.


There is a huge choice in front of voters,


the biggest in a generation, and in Leeds today the rival


campaigns were trying to clinch the undecided.


The arguments are fierce because the vote is getting close.


With me now is BBC political correspondent Tom Bateman.


We were seeing that the acrimonious incredible. How will this party


govern after the vote? What is really interesting is that you have


a former Prime Minister, Sir John Major, who during his time in office


was characterised and often caricatured as being rather monotone


and Dell, and yet what you had here was an incredibly spiky,


uncharacteristically brazen intervention into the referendum


campaign in which he was not only criticising those who want it in to


leave the European Union, but these are senior members of his own party.


He is a grant the figure of the Conservative Party, really laying


into people who sit around the government table here in the UK. It


shows you the heat this campaign is generating and the trouble they will


have tried to stick themselves back together after the referendum. If


one thing is clear, whoever wins the referendum, there will still be the


same government running the UK. And it is being run by people who are


now in open warfare. This is openly hostile behaviour between members of


the governing party in the UK. That will present a clear challenge after


the referendum. Just over two weeks to go. Do we have any indication


which way this vote is going to go? Well, there is a cause polling


evidence, as you would expect. However, it is important to say that


recent experience in the UK, there was a general election last year in


which the polls got things disastrously wrong and predicted an


outcome that didn't bear fruit at all. A lot of the campaign then was


spent discussing the possible permutations of a college in


government, because that was what the polls at the time was adjusting.


Lots of people have tried to learn the lessons from that and not put


too much emphasis on what the polls are suggesting. They have tended to


be around neck and neck, with perhaps a bit more emphasis on the


Remain side. However, more recent polls have suggested that Leave


might be pulling ahead. But it is important to treat those with a


pinch of salt. We also had another lesson recently in British political


history, which was the Scottish referendum campaign, Scotland


answering the question over whether it wanted to become independent. One


of the campaigning sides did very loud and energetic. You couldn't


miss their campaigners in the streets, and yet the result went the


other way towards the quiet majority who knew how they were going to


vote. So it is hard to tell in these binary decision referendums, which


way it will go. That is why you are seeing so much heat generated, as


the pressure is on. Thank you. The United States has been stepping


up air strikes in support of Kurdish and moderate Syrian rebel forces


in Northern Syria, as they take The US has moved an aircraft carrier


from the Gulf to the Mediterranean, It comes as Syrian regime forces


are reported to have crossed into the IS heartland


of Raqqa province. Our defence correspondent,


Jonathan Beale, is with US forces on board the USS


Harry S Truman carrier. America's most potent weapon


in the fight against so-called Islamic State has quietly been


on the move and changed It was launching strikes


from the Gulf, but is now somewhere The last time the US launched


attacks from here was 2003. These jets are flying their first


missions from the Mediterranean, and they are much closer


here to potential targets in Syria, where US special forces are already


operating on the ground. He doesn't want us to give his real


name, but he believes He's already dropped around 30 bombs


on IS targets. I've personally seen the forward


line of troops from the good guys When he launches, he knows


he will be flying He refuels several times as he looks


for a target. And when he returns,


he tells us he dropped a 1000lb bomb We had no preplanned target,


as it were, and then we talked on the radio with some of our forces


and we found out what our target So you're talking to US


people on the ground? It's not just US air power helping


in the push towards Raqqa. Nor is America the only outside


power trying to influence this war. And that may be another reason why


this US warship is now sailing Russia will soon be sending its only


carrier to these same waters. Jonathan Beale, BBC News,


on board the Harry S Truman. Let me take you to Louisville in


Kentucky, where Muhammad Ali's family is due to speak. We are due


to hear from his family, who will be holding this press conference.


Muhammad Ali of course passed away on Friday, 874. We will bring you


the latest as soon as have it. What inspires me most about Muhammad Ali


is staking a -- taking a stand for what you believe in. For him to take


a stand against the war when he did, at the height of his career, that


would be the equivalent of Brian James not play into my's final game.


So that is huge, what Muhammad Ali did. He was a man of strength, a man


of courage. Everyone admires him now, but there was a time when


nobody liked him when he made an unpopular stance. But the message in


his life is that if you stand for you believe in, you will be


remembered long after you are gone. STUDIO: We will hear from the


family. That will be in the next few hours. We will bring you that when


we can. Iraqi forces say they have taken


the southern edge of Falluja in their battle to remove


the so-called Islamic The operation has been


going on for two weeks now, but progress has been slow


with troops facing stiff Peruvians are choosing between two


conservative candidates Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former


President Alberto Fujimori, is battling Pedro Pablo Kuczynski,


a former World Bank economist. Suspected Islamist militants have


murdered the wife of a senior police She was stabbed and shot


as she walked with her son The Islamic State group


also admitted murdering There have been waves


of killings of minorities A woman has been killed by a shark


off the west coast of Australia - the second such death there in less


than a week. Police say she was diving in waters


near the city of Perth with a man The 60-year-old woman was diving


about two kilometres off the Mindarie coast near Perth


when she was attacked. She was with a 43-year-old man,


who told police that he felt something pass him in the water,


and then a violent commotion. Three men on a nearby


fishing boat saw that something was happening,


and went to assist. The other boat that was in the water


got between the male diver and the shark,


and he was able to get back into his own boat,


and he was able to pull the lady But the woman's injuries


were severe and proved fatal. The fisherman told the police


that the shark was longer than their boat, more


than five metres in length. The woman is the second


person killed by a shark in Western Australia in less


than a week. On Tuesday, a surfer's leg


was bitten off by a shark about 100 kilometres south of where the latest


attack took place. 29-year-old Ben Gerring died


from his injuries on Friday. An inspection of this damaged


surfboard showed On Thursday, a four metre long great


white shark was captured and killed, but it's not known if this


shark was to blame for Stay with us on BBC


World News - still to come: We investigate the illegal


trade in bushmeat - one of the world's growing wildlife


crimes. With less than three weeks


until Britain votes in a referendum on whether to remain


in the European Union, the former Prime minister John Major


denounces the Leave campaign. A Christian shopkeeper has been


hacked to death in Bangladesh, hours after the wife of a policeman was


killed taking her son to school. than initial estimates two years


ago, according to the UN's In a new report, they say


international criminal gangs are netting profits estimated


at $259 billion from ivory The Angolan government has pledged


to close down the biggest market Our southern Africa correspondent


Karen Allen reports from Luanda. A post-war generation may


struggling to find jobs, but here, business is booming


in the bushmeat trade. It may be illegal, but we didn't


have to look far to find it. Although it may offend


some sensibilities What they are selling


here is a gazelle or an antelope. And it's not simply


about traditions. One woman told me there is


an economic reason for buying this. Monkey, snake, wildcat,


gazelle, all for sale It may seem macabre,


but this woman is among the millions They can't stop it, she tells me,


and you can't compare the taste of this meat


and the taste of chicken. And this is just


the tip of the iceberg. Big crime syndicates


are using markets like this bushmeat and ivory on an industrial


scale, Wildlife, now bigger Access to markets is coming


with cheap motorbikes coming into the landscape,


enabling them to convert So the people are eating just


the heads and guts of these animals. They're eating the big cats,


moles and birds. It's cascading down


into the ecosystem. Soldiers are now being rebranded


as wildlife rangers as Angola promises to live up to international


commitments to scale up efforts Daily, the poachers


are killing animals. And we don't want them


to kill any single animal, Pristine and wild, for some


of the remotest parts of this region, there is still a chance


to protect the wildlife. A proposal for a major conservation


zone is now on the table, in an effort to cheat the criminals


and avoid the looming threat that these majestic creatures


could very soon face extinction. What a great day for Novak Djokovic.


Absolutely. Novak Djokovic has become only


the eighth man in history to win all four Grand Slams and he now


holds all four titles at the same time, after beating Andy Murray


in the French Open final. It's the one Djokovic had always


wanted, after being a losing finalist three times at Roland


Garros. But having won 11 Majors,


the French is his 12th. Murray, meanwhile, was hoping


to become the first British man to win the French since 1935,


but was outclassed after winning I am privileged and honoured to be


alongside Rod Laver Arena. Today, I probably experienced one of the most


beautiful moment in my professional tennis career. Next to this one, I


would probably say it was Wimbledon back in 2011. These moments are


remarkable and unforgettable. I didn't serve particularly well after


the first set, which can be a factor against him. He is one of the best


returners, so if you don't serve so well, it will make things tough.


That is the one thing right now that I could pick. I am sure there are a


few other things I could have done better. But he definitely raise his


game as well and deserved to win. One of those men looking happy, the


other sad, as you can understand. Euro 2016 is now less than a week


away, with hosts France opening the tournament on Friday


against Romania in Paris. But several other teams


in the tournament got their last bit of practice in on Sunday,


ahead of the tournament. Belgium beat Norway 3-2,


with Romelu Lukaku and Eden Hazard The Czech Republic were shocked


at home to South Korea. Russia, who are in England


and Wales's group, drew, while the Welsh themselves had


a disappointing defeat against another Euro


2016 side, Sweden. It's done now. Disappointed, of


course we are. One thing I know about this bunch, they are a great


set of lads, fantastic people to work with. And it's up to me and my


staff now just to make sure we give them some reminders about what they


have done, but they are capable of, and make sure they are in a positive


frame of mind next week. Mo Farah broke the British 3,000m


record, as he dominated the field at the Diamond League meeting


in Birmingham this afternoon. While the 5 and 10k Olympic champion


wasn't racing against the most dangerous Kenyan or Ethiopian


athletes, he still impressed, and took a tenth of a second off


that British record. Incredible, I am happy with that. I


thought I had just missed it. You got it by a tenth. Close one! The


crowd made a big difference. Bit tired in the last lap.


40-year-old Kim Collins of St Kitts and Nevis won


America's Michael Rodgers finished second, with


The strongest field of the day featured three of the fastest women


It finished with an American one-two-three.


Kendra Harrison was first across the line, followed


by Brianna Rollins and Kristi Castlin.


Britain's Tiffany Porter finished in fifth.


And David Rudisha led from start to finish in the 600 metres. The Kenyan


was challenged, but held on for victory.


Muhammad Ali's family have said people from all over the world


are invited to his funeral in his hometown of


Aleem Maqbool reports from Louisville.


As a boy, Cassius Clay, as he was, came to this


His father painted the mural behind the altar.


And in their own small ways, people across this city are doing


the same, including outside Muhammad Ali's childhood home.


I am so beyond devastated, but he is no better place.


He is at peace, and there is no more suffering.


Young boxers here, of course, are thinking of him, too.


He said whatever he wanted to say to whoever he wanted to say it to.


My biggest lesson from him is, be yourself.


Flags across the city of Louisville at half-mast, including


here outside the huge arena where Muhammad Ali's funeral


His family said he was a citizen of the world, and would have wanted


as many people as possible from all walks of life to be


And the tributes from further afield keep coming, including from the man


who famously cried after beating Muhammad Ali


He would give the shirt off his back.


He didn't care about money or anything else.


If he walked down the street and people would say, hi, Ali,


That is what is wrong with people today, they don't do that.


Particularly poignant have been the words of Michael J Fox,


who suffers from the same disease that affected Muhammad Ali


Before I was diagnosed with Parkinson's, I admired him,


and I admired his athleticism, his poise, his class,


his style, his stoicism, his belief in what he felt was right


and his willingness to accept the consequences of standing


His doctor says in the final year before his death,


Muhammad Ali had been having a tough time.


That will be a distressing time for many around the world


who remember the man in his pomp, all power and elegance and grace.


Aleem Maqbool, BBC News, in Louisville, Kentucky.


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