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This is BBC World News Today with me, Geeta Guru-Murthy.


The headlines: New details emerge from the horror of


49 people were murdered - President Obama has described


the massacre as an act of home-grown extremism.


There is no evidence so far that he was in fact directed.


Also, at this stage, there is no direct evidence that he


More questions about the man who carried out the worst


It's reported he was mentally unstable and prone to violence.


The FBI explains how they tracked him in the past.


We are working hard to understand the killer and his motives


But we are highly confident that this killer was radicalised


and, at least in some part, through the internet.


Violence by fans at the Euro football championships -


now the French authorities could ban alcohol and threaten


Microsoft has announced it will buy the professional


networking website LinkedIn for $26bn.


President Obama has said there is no clear evidence that the Orlando


terrorist attack was directed by the Islamic State group


or that it was part of a larger plot.


The President said it seemed the gunman had pledged allegiance


to IS at the last minute and had been inspired by extremist


The FBI gave details of how it had tracked Omar Mateen


but its Director said, at present, he couldn't see


what they could have done differently.


In the last half an hour or so, Hillary Clinton named


countries in the Middle East who she said should do more to stop


Let's get more from Michelle Fleury in Orlando, Florida.


Thank you. The police have described three encounters with the gunman


over the course of three hours. That is at the Pulse nightclub about a


block away from where I stand. This area is still cordoned off and an


active investigation scene. The mayor of Orlando told me that over


the next few days he expects investigators do try and recreate


what happened in the early hours of Sunday morning. From what we have


learned, the decision was taken to go into the nightclub after the


gunman threatens to use explosives. At the time, he had several


hostages. By the latest let's cross to Laura.


The hours of anguish ended in horror for so many.


Relatives ushered quietly inside to be told there are


some, their daughter, their brother was among the dead.


The sound of rapid gunfire coming from this


popular gay nightclub will haunt this city.


The attacker fired relentlessly, and when


There was a stand-off for three hours before an armed response unit


When the shooting stopped, 50 people were left dead.


I want to say it lasted for about eight minutes.


He just kept on shooting and shooting and just walking around.


And then he changed to other ammunition.


And then changed to another ammunition...


I could just smell the ammo in the air and


President Obama said the gunman Omar Mateen had hatred in his heart.


We are still looking at all the motivations of the Keller but it is


a reminder that, regardless of race, religion, faith or sexual


orientation, we are all Americans. -- the killer.


We need to be looking after each other.


A 29-year-old citizen of Afghan descent, he


dialled 911 before the attack to swear allegiance to the so-called


What he did was... Totally he is wrong and I do not approve of what


he did. As a father, I do not forgive him.


He'd come to the attention of the FBI on three


occasions, but they decided he posed no threat.


So far we see no indication this was a plot directed from outside the


United States and no indication he was part of any kind of network.


His ex-wife said he was volatile and unstable.


A few months after we were married, I saw his instability and I saw that


he was bipolar and would get mad out of nowhere.


That's when I started worrying about my safety and then


after a few months he started abusing me physically.


The gay, lesbian and transgender community has seen violence before,


Across the country, rainbow flags were held


high in solidarity and in unity, their voices raised to condemn this


Years before committing one of the worst shootings in American history,


Omar Mateen was already on the radar of the FBI. Twice he had been


investigated. It while ago, FBI director offered this information.


Our investigation involved introducing confidential sources to


him and recording conversations with him. We followed him and reviewed


transactional records from his communications. Searching all


Government holdings for any possible connections are derived free


information. We interviewed him twice and he edited making the


statements his co-workers reported that explain he did it in anger


because he thought his co-workers were discriminating against him and


teasing him because he was Muslim. After ten months of investigation,


we closed the preliminary investigation. Two months later in


July 2014, the Keller's name surfaced again in an indirect way.


Our Miami office investigated the Florida man who had won himself up


for the Nusra group in Syria, a group Inc on flat with Isil in


Syria. -- in conflict. Our investigation turned up no ties of


any consequence between the two of them. Our investigation again turned


and interviewed the Keller to find out whether he had any significant


contact with the suicide bomber from Nusra. We determined he did not and


the enquiry continue focusing on the suicide bomber with no moral focus


on the Orlando killing. Our work is challenging and we are looking for


needles in a nationwide haystack but we are also called upon to figure


out which pieces of he might become needles someday.


That was the FBI director. One thing we keep hearing from law enforcement


officials and those who worked in the past insecurity, they keep


repeating this word about vigilance, that people need to report and talk


to anyone if they see anything suspicious. While this shooting


raises many questions about gun control and home-grown terrorism,


and, phobia, at least for the residents here in Orlando, this is


still a time for grief and mooring. -- homophobia. -- morning.


Well, the authorities in the US have now revealed that Omar Mateen had


As we mentioned, the US Democratic Presidential candidate,


Hillary Clinton, has been speaking in the last hour.


She called for increased efforts to remove Islamic State propaganda


I am not going to stop fighting for these provisions. The third area


that demands attention is preventing radicalisation and countering


efforts by Isis and other international terrorist networks to


recruit in the United States. And Europe. For starters, it is long


past time for the people from Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait to stop their


citizens from funding extremist organisations.


Hillary Clinton in the last hour or so. The other parties in the US have


revealed that Omar Mateen had visited Saudi Arabia twice in the


last five years but say they do not know why. Again, questions are being


asked about how a man who is described as being unstable and


unhinged could have access to firearms so easily.


Mass shootings like the incident in Orlando this weekend


are a frequent occurrence in the United States.


It's estimated at least 1.5 million Americans have died in gun related


incidents over the past 50 years - more than those killed


But, for Donald Trump, who was recently endorsed by the


powerful National Rifle Association, gun control is not on the agenda.


Instead, within hours of the Orlando shootings,


he launched a bruising political salvo at the Obama


administration and his rival for the presidency, Hillary Clinton.


We'd better get smart to it because, believe me, all I want is safety.


What happened yesterday and what happened many times over


with a president like Obama that doesn't even want to use the term


In sharp contrast, Hillary Clinton so far has been measured in her


response to the Orlando killings, not jumping to conclusions


Her campaign team has been bitterly critical of Donald Trump,


calling him a narcissistic man baby who turned a national tragedy


into a moment of self-congratulation.


He claimed he'd been right about the threat


Today, so-called Islamic State has repeated its claim that the Orlando


attack had been carried out by one of its fighters.


But it's still far from clear if IS had any direct link


Some of the markers are there, as I said.


It does look like an Isis-inspired attack.


It would follow in a pattern of Isis-inspired attacks.


It also very clearly fits their model of what


They want people to undertake so-called do-it-your-own terrorism.


Whether this was an Islamic State inspired attack or not,


it's clear what happened in Orlando is now being used politically


I should say that report was before we heard live from Hillary Clinton


who has given more detail on her position and response to the


shooting. Actually a very sober response in the last hour.


Vali Nasr is a Middle East scholar and former US Government


He is on the line from Washington DC for us.


Your response to this, how much of this is a reflection of Obama's


foreign policy failure in tackling Syria?


It is a very tragic either end and it is a reminder of the connection


between developments in the region and the potential for violence in


the United States. -- a tragic event. The event is not directly the


consequence of Obama's foreign policy but to the extent of the


Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has gained ground because of the


collapse of political order in Iraq and what happened in Syria. It


reflects on American foreign policy. Not just the Obama Administration,


since the Iraq war was actually started by George Bush's


Administration. The collapse of Iraq created room for Isis to grow and in


recent years the inability of the United States and its European


allies to bring the Syrian conflict to an end has given room for Isis to


continue to fight, and that has made it an attraction for lone wolves in


the active states who are self motivated terrorists in Europe, and


they see this fight in Syria and the image of Isis as something glorified


that they can rally to. Hillary Clinton just said that Saudi


Arabia and Kuwait have to do more to stop their citizens funding


terrorism. The you agree? Yes, I agree. The funding from Gulf


countries of the past two or three decades has created a fertile ground


for extremism. The funding of hardline clerics and mosques and


books and pamphlets, all of which promote a vision of Islam that is


intolerant, is exclusive this, it is hard and harsh in its judgment of


society. All of this makes for Stark interpretations of Islam and is used


by terrorist organisations to recruit young people. Many


terrorists we have seen in the active states or Europe did not know


much about Islam at all until they came into contact with the


literature that was subsidised and promoted by funding from the Gulf.


There are very first encounter with Islam was the hardline Islam


promoted by funding from the Gulf. Hillary Clinton has... She has just


said that if she is elected she will make it a top priority to stop these


lone wolves, to bring Government departments together. Realistically


that is extremely difficult to do. How much of a threat now do you


think the United States is at from the sort of attacks?


A tremendous amount of bread because guns are available, as we saw in


this case. -- threat. Somebody who is a loser and thinks by doing


something like this they can gain glory and fame and be somebody can


very easily pick a target and acquire a weapon, and declare


allegiance to Isis, which is a way of transforming what is a criminal


act into some kind of a "Heroic" political act, and then carry this


out. Intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies can do much


more but in the end the United States is a vast country and we have


a culture among some sets of Muslims in the US and Europe you think Isis


is a glorified military at war with the United States, and if you can


join a city become a soldier in a global fight against a superpower...


And they can easily acquire the weapons to carry it out.


Thank you so much. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. A psychologist has told a court


in South Africa that the athlete Oscar Pistorius is suffering


from depression and anxiety and is not able to testify


at his sentencing hearing. Pistorius faces a jail term


of at least 15 years for murdering his girlfriend


Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. A sentencing decision


is expected this week. Nato is to send another


4,000 more troops to Poland and the Baltic states to help


reinforce their defences. Nato's General Secretary,


Jens Stoltenberg, said the decision would send a clear signal that it


stands ready to defend any ally. The move is in response to


Russia's intervention in Ukraine. Brazil have been eliminated


from the Copa America football It is the first time since 1987


that the five-time world champions The result lifted Peru to the top


of Group B in the tournament Euro 2016 is in the news


for more than the football. The authorities in France say


150 Russian hooligans travelled to the tournament "well


prepared for ultra-violent action". The chief prosecutor of Marseille,


Brice Robin, said they were able to escape arrest after clashes


with England fans in Marseille Two England fans have now been


jailed for throwing bottles Three French and an Austrian


are also due to appear These scenes from England's opener


in Marseille have cast a cloud England and Russia are now on notice


that their fans's behaviour could get their teams thrown out


of Euro 2016 if there's It is a threat the England camp


are taking very seriously. Now we have a big game coming


up against Wales. I would like to ask the fans,


please, if you don't For the fans with tickets, be safe,


be sensible and continue with your great support


for the players. We have worked very hard to get


here, and we desperately want to stay in the competition,


and I am appealing therefore to all of our fans,


and we appreciate your support at the matches of course,


and we are appealing After the three days of clashes


in Marseille, a handful of British and French fans are in custody,


but the French authorities say a hardcore group of Russian thugs


was largely responsible for this, Two England fans were given short


jail sentences. TRANSLATION: There are around 150


people who have a reputation They are very well-trained,


they are very fast and it is They came here to fight, and were


very quick and very violent. Dozens of Germans attacked Ukraine


supporters in Lille yesterday. That incident was over in minutes,


but there is real concerns about English and Russian fans


meeting here this week, An alcohol ban is under


consideration, but that, The Russians and the locals


here who have been attacking football fans have been


stone cold sober. They are constantly focus,


they trained for six months, preparing for acts of hooliganism


and violence like this. They are not drunk, that is not


what has caused the violence here. The headlines echoed the bad


old days of endless trouble. England, Russia and France are under


pressure to ensure that this So French prosecutors are blaming


hardened hooligans for the violence They are pointing out


that Russian hooligans were "extremely well trained",


so we sent our Moscow correspondent Sarah Rainsford to find


out more about them. Violence has been part of Russian


football for years and the irony is that Russian hooligans have


learnt a lot of what they Now, as one former hooligan told me,


they are beating the English There is often talk


about a far-right ideology being at the heart


of Russian hooliganism, and certainly racism is a problem


within the domestic game. Black players talk about insults


and they have "monkey" chants But it seems that in France the key


motivation is the violence itself. Russian hooligans are trying


to prove their supremacy. What I've been told is that the key


characteristic of Russian hooligans today is that they work out


and they don't drink. In fact, one former hooligan


told me that they describe Well, joining me from Paris now


is the BBC's John Bennett. We have seen much less football


hooliganism in England in recent years and I thought there was a


travel ban and a proper policing operation. How were people able to


get to France from the UK? Were these people who were not on a


police tracking list? That is a question the authorities will be


asking. Earlier this year, 2000 million football hooligans from


England, Wales and Northern Ireland were banned from travelling here to


ensure they would not be in France during the Euro 2016 tournament.


Still, the violence has happened. I think it is a coveted situation in


Marseille. It is more than just the England fans. -- complicated. It has


to be stressed that it was a very, very small minority who were


troublemakers. Those are the reports we have been getting here. I have


been in Paris for all of the Euro 2016 and you would not know there


had been any trouble if you had been in Paris. Hardly any incidents here.


It has mostly been bug is down in the south, like in Marseille and


Nice. Obligated situation involving locals from Marseille, Russian fans


and England fans. What is the prospect of the teams


being forced out? Are these bands a small minority? Will they listen to


people like Wayne Rooney? It will be likely for England to be


kicked out but there is potential trouble because Russia's next game


takes place in Lille. England's next game is the day after nearby, so


both sets of fans will be in similar places. Many England fans will be


staying in Lille before that game. I'm sure the authorities will be


looking at that as potential trouble.


Interesting couple of days ahead. Microsoft has announced it will buy


the professional networking website LinkedIn for $26 billion,


the largest acquisition Microsoft hopes the deal will help


it boost sales of its enterprise LinkedIn has 433 million


users worldwide. Our technology correspondent


Rory Cellan-Jones spoke to the two He started off by asking how


Microsoft could justify paying When Satya and I first sat down


to talk about the potential combination, Satya was very clear


that we needed to make We figured that the purpose,


the mission statements have different words but,


at the end of the day, we are trying to accomplish


the same thing. We want to connect the world,


and professionals, and make people more successful and empower every


individual organisation It is just that we come after it


from different perspectives. With LinkedIn, it's a professional


network, and with Microsoft it So a very strong


alignment on that front. And Satya has a clear vision


here for the structure. It is an independent operating


entity, much in the same way you saw Instagram, WhatsApp


and YouTube remain independent All three of those companies have


gone on to have extraordinary impact on a global basis


after the acquisition. We think the same


thing can happen here. Users like me, you may visit once


a month but are hardly ever I hope that we can get


you back on LinkedIn more. The way we think about it is


the everyday usage of LinkedIn... There are 100 million monthly active


users in LinkedIn. The news feed is more relevant,


getting more everyday. Just imagine the news feed can be


fed with additional information. The meetings you're going to have


and the projects That is what is going to draw


people to LinkedIn. The other side of LinkedIn


modernisation is that there are members on one side


but also hiring solutions To me, having all of that,


the two-sided market is plenty If you want driving usage


and engagement, LinkedIn offers those dynamics and that


is paramount to us. President Obama has said there's no


evidence that the Orlando nightclub The Director of the FBI,


James Comey, said there were strong indications that the gunman,


Omar Mateen, was radicalised partly The FBI has confirmed that he had


been investigated for possible terrorism links but agents had


concluded he wasn't a threat. Mateen rang the national emergency


phone line moments before the shooting to claim allegiance


to the Islamic State group. Well, people from across the US


and around the world have been Hello. The weather is in no hurry to


change. Heavy downpours in places


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