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This is BBC World News Today with me, Geeta Guru-Murthy.


The headlines: new information emerges about America's worst


mass shooting and the man who carried it out.


A survivor of the Orlando gay club attack who was shot many times has


described how he came within an inch of being killed.


I look over, and he shoots a guy next to me. I am thinking, I am


next, I am dead. President Obama slams anti-Muslim


rhetoric in the wake If we fall into the trap of painting


all Muslims with a broad brush, and imply that we are at war with an


entire religion, then we are doing France boost security after another


terror attack that sees a policeman and his wife killed.


Russian football hooligans are deported from France as Uefa


tells Russia: any more trouble, you're out of the tournament.


And we get an exclusive look at the sister ship of the Titanic


in its final resting place at the bottom of the sea.


Survivors of the massacre in Orlando and the doctors who treated them


have been describing in powerful detail


exactly what happened on that dreadful night.


said he saw the gunman. who's still in hospital,


The BBC's Michelle Fleury is in Orlando for us. Michelle.


We heard from Micron. He spoke about the moment he was saying goodbye to


friends after an evening of fun and laughter. That was when the gunman


started shooting. He said he was shot in leg then he went on to


describe the harrowing moment when the gunman opened fire inside the


nightclub to make sure that people already on the ground where in fact


dead. More now in this report from our North American editor, Jon


Sopel. Stories of horror and survival don't


come much more vivid than this. At the hospital news


conference, Angel Colon, who was shot three times


in the lead, was applauded from his wheelchair as he spoke


about the nightmare that unfolded Everyone started running everywhere,


I got trampled over. I shattered and broke my


bones in my left leg. By this time, I could not


walk at all, all I could do was lay down


while everyone was running on top of me, trying


to get to where they had to be. People screaming


and yelling for help. He is shooting everyone


that is already dead on the floor, making sure that they are


dead. I was able to peek over


and I can just see I can hear the shot,


the shotgun is closer and I look over and he shoots


the girl next to me. I'm just there, laying down


thinking, "I'm next, I'm dead". So I don't know how but by the glory


of God, he shoots towards my head


but it hits my hands. Then he shoots me again


and it hits the side of my hip. I had no reaction, I was prepared


to just stay there, laying down, so he won't


know that I'm alive. # Let it be, let it be #


Let it be, let it be... # In Orlando last night,


sombre reflection as people from all walks


of life came together to express their revulsion


at what had happened. Let us take a moment in


silence as we prepare The vigil ended with a minute's


silence but as the crowd dispersed,


details were emerging about Omar Mateen that called


into question whether this massacre was simply the act


of an Islamic extremist. In the immediate aftermath


of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub, a lot of people


asked why here, why Orlando, when there were so many other,


bigger, better known clubs closer But now it has emerged


he was a regular patron here He used to come in


the bar, on the weekends sometimes, so he would


be there sometimes, he would miss a couple


of weeks and then be in again. He was a regular.


We consider that regular. Irrespective of the motive,


nothing changes the maths. 49 people dead and many others


with life-affecting injuries. President Obama launched a sustained


attack against Donald Trump is short while ago, responding to his


comments, criticising the president, and saying that to urge, to tar all


Muslims with one brush would not help protect Americans.


Are we going to start treating Muslim Americans differently? Are we


going to start discriminating against them because of their faith?


We have heard the suggestions during the course of this campaign. The


Republican officials actually agree with this? In Orlando, questions


still remain about the motives of the killer, Omar Mateen. There are


questions surrounding his wife. What did she know? She apparently drove


him to a Disney site. Was this a scouting opportunity or not? A lot


of rumours at this time, and a lot of unanswered questions. We heard an


impassioned and angry speech by President Obama, setting out his


thoughts and taking on the Donald Trump speech of 24 hours ago, when


he was talking about this phrase, radical Islam. Given what we know


about the attacker, how much of the broader agenda is being played out


through this attack 's looking at the initial response, most of the


focus was on this being an act of terror, talking about extremism.


Lots of the focus was the he had been radicalised. Whether he had


been inspired or directed by ISIS, and less attention paid to the act


of hate that President Obama first referred to in the aftermath. We


will be discussing that more. The FBI want to investigate the claims


by witnesses that he was, in fact, Omar Mateen was a frequent patron of


the Pulse Nightclub which may explain why he targeted that


particular venue. As for President Obama 's comments, at the end of a


heated political debate in which Donald Trump came out and criticised


the president for not using certain terms when referring to this attack,


this was a strong rebuttal of that, and an emphasis that a religion or


race should not be blamed for this, and that it was vital to refrain the


debate. The White House has been in touch with French authorities after


the killing of two members of the French police in their home. The


attack was carried out in the name of the so-called Islamic State


group. An anti-terrorist official in France has said that the attacker


stabbed the victim to death and then posted the video online.


Larossi Abballa was recording the film as he held the couple's


three-year-old son hostage at their home near Paris.


Nick Beake is in Paris for us and has been following the story.


I don't know if you have looked at any of that video footage that has


been posted. Take us through the events as you understand them.


Various threats were made. It was apparently posted on Facebook after


the murders had happened. In terms of what took place on the outskirts


of Paris last night, the Paris prosecutor today has been outlining


some of those events. An horrific picture was built up from what he


said. It seems that the police commander, a 46-year-old man was


attacked outside his home at night. His partner was taken hostage inside


the property along with their three-year-old son. The police were


called to the house. There was this time when there was negotiation


going on but police said that did not get anywhere. The man was


apparently threatening to blow up the house. The decision was made to


storm the property about midnight. The police found that the woman, the


mother of the young boy who, had been killed. The young boy was


three-year-old and he was able to be taken to safety. Police say that


during the course of the operation the assailant was shot dead by


police marksman. To what degree was this directed or just inspired by


IS. Do we know that? The so-called Islamic State said that they were in


some ways responsible for this, saying that one of their soldiers


had carried out this attack, and also, we know that this man who has


been named as responsible for this, Larossi Abballa, had pledged his


allegiance to the so-called Islamic State three weeks ago. Those are


things we know, but the extent to which this was operated from Syria


or Iraq, we don't know, but this gives the authorities here are real


concern. In Paris, they have been in a state of emergency for the past


six months after 120 people were murdered on the streets of Paris


back in November. We have seen attacks in Brussels a few months ago


when 30 B bullwhip killed. The concern is that not only can IS


coordinate and orchestrate attacks in European cities, they can also


inspire people to carry out their own smaller attacks which can be


lone wolf operations or in a small cell. As we saw in the case of what


happened last night, they can also be deadly and brutal.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


At least 11 people have been injured in Paris after protests over


Thousands of demonstrators clashed with riot police in the city centre


as the upper house of parliament debated changes to employment laws.


The changes would make it easier for employers to hire and fire


workers and relax the limit on working hours.


The father of the murdered South African model, Reeva Steenkamp,


has spoken in court for the first time, saying her killer,


Oscar Pistorius, must pay for his crime.


Barry Steenkamp told the judge at the athlete's sentencing hearing


that his family was "devastated" by his daughter's death.


Oscar Pistorius faces a jail term of at least 15 years


for killing Ms Steenkamp in 2013, after his original


conviction for manslaughter was upgraded to murder.


Russian hackers have broken into the Democratic National party database


and accessed its research on the Republican Party candidate Donald


Trump, according to officials. E-mails and chat buddy thing to


Donald Trump are among the information believed to have been


taken. A legal battle has begun today over who came up with the


iconic Tatar rift in the song, Stairway to Heaven.


Led Zeppelin founders Robert Plant and Jimmy Page


are facing a copyright claim by a representative of the band


Spirit who claims the chords were taken from their song, Taurus.


Thousands of extra police are being sent to the city of Lille


in Northern France amid fears of renewed clashes


between Russian and English football fans.


Today, European football's governing body Uefa fined Russia and warned


that their team will be disqualified from Euro 2016 if there's any repeat


of the violence seen at Saturday's game against England.


Our correspondent Danny Savage is in Lille.


A warning, his report contains some violent scenes.


This camera is strapped to a Russian football thug,


In Marseille last weekend, on the hunt for victims.


anybody who got in the way of them was given a kicking.


This is believed to be him, the same distinctive shorts


and you can see a camera strapped to his waist.


He was also caught by a news crew at the same time,


This man, Vladimir, claims he was involved.


He says his gang have waited ten years for such a fight and the


lack of intervention from the police meant they could do anything.


A huge security operation is now under way in Lille


where there are fears that Russian hooligans are heading for


another fight with England supporters.


The level of violence was absolutely unacceptable


and they need to be brought to justice.


How worried are you about them turning up here in Lille?


We have got to be concerned, haven't we?


Until they are dealt with and arrested and put before


a court, they will remain a potential issue.


Is there really people from Russia coming to cause trouble?


We know that everybody is mainly good but is there ten bad people


And because the hooligans are still at large,


England fans are looking over their shoulders.


These guys could jump out of nowhere and that is the single point


I suppose in previous tournaments where I've been, I could walk


along to a non-England game wearing my England flag.


Mainstream Russian supporters believe the aggro isn't coming here.


The way it was in Marseille, it was a competition with ultras.


Here, it is just pure competition between the fans


The ultras should be worried that the national team might be


disqualified or lose some points maybe in this competition


So I don't think there's any reason for further trouble.


There has been trouble already here in Lille.


These tables and chairs went flying on Sunday night.


There is talk of an alcohol ban but bar owners here believe


it will not apply to them in the city centre.


Their only concession is to serve everything in plastic cups.


Some bars will close, but not until midnight tomorrow.


Russia will be out of this competition


if their fans cause any more trouble in a stadium.


The race is now on to stop some supporters from getting


Here in Britain, politicians campaigning for a remain vote


in next week's EU referendum have stepped up their campaign


after several new polls suggested a majority


We'll hear the latest from the campaign trail shortly


but first, our reporter Nuala McGovern has been


looking at the challenges the European Union is facing.


Brussels has been home to the main European


In that time, it has seen what began as the European


Coal and Steel Community grow into the world's


It has a single market, and also the free movement of goods,


It has its own flag and its own currency and its own institutions.


And a growing number of countries, the 28 member states by now,


they agreed to pool aspects of their sovereign power


with the goal of an ever-closer union.


both here in Brussels of soul-searching going on,


and in the capitals of the 28 member states.


The president of the European Council, Donald Tusk,


he even went as far as saying that the idea of one EU state,


Well, the arrival of over 1 million migrants and refugees last year


tested not only the EU's borders but also


Italy and Greece, they were the two main points of entry


for the people that were coming, the migrants and the refugees,


but instead they were mainly resettled


They would like a European system to share the burden.


Elsewhere, particularly in Hungary and eastern European neighbours,


they would like as few refugees as possible, preferably none.


Growth across Europe is slow. abated but it's not over.


Many countries have high youth unemployment


and Greece remains in financial difficulty.


New research suggests that Euroscepticism is on the rise.


A new poll shows a slim majority across Europe that are now


Partly due to that, populist parties are on the rise.


They are often anti-EU, anti-immigrant and protectionist


and in fact a third of the 751 MEPs that sit in the European Parliament


Not enough people to block legislation, but a growing force.


June 23rd, the UK will find out just how Eurosceptic the


British electorate are, as they head to the polls to a referendum


to vote whether to Leave or Remain within the EU.


Both sides are presenting it as the most important decision


that British voters will face in their lifetime.


So, the makeup of the EU, also what it will be able


to achieve or look like, is still very much up for debate.


She was supposed to be even more unsinkable than the Titanic.


But like her sister ship, she ended up at the bottom of the sea


after she hit a mine during the First World War


100 years later, our correspondent Andrew Bomford


120 metres down on the Aegean seabed, a forgotten secret


Looming in the dark-blue depths is the grave of the gigantic ship


Britannic, Titanic's bigger and better sister,


Up above, on the ship U-boat Navigator,


At 400 feet down it is a challenging and dangerous dive.


Two state-of-the-art submersibles will join them in the deep


The divers call her the Everest of the dive world,


the biggest ship to be sunk in the First World War.


Can you imagine the ship crashing to the seabed,


We are 120 metres deep. The thing was longer than that,


so when it sank, the bow was hitting the seabed and the stern


Poking your head inside to have a look,


lots and lots of things, glassware intact, beautiful lamps inside,


Keeping watch is the British owner of the wreck,


who bought it from the UK Government.


It's a very unusual thing to say that you own a shipwreck.


It just draws people in and you are looking at


a far better preserved version of the Olympic class liners


Diving down in the submersible, the light slowly fades,


turning everything the deepest blue and then, out of the dark,


It's the most awe-inspiring sight I have ever seen.


This truly titanic sleeping beauty lying here on her side


But the detail - you can see everything, down here,


It's amazing, it's interesting, it's cool, it's dangerous.


Divers swim through a giant tear in the hull.


Now the divers are working into the entrance


Britannic was a luxury liner refitted as a hospital ship


for the First World War Battle of Gallipoli, when disaster struck.


But miraculously, unlike Titanic, only 30 people died.


Still down here are the handrails, glass windows, floor tiles,


Andrew Bomford, BBC News, Kea, in Greece.


something livelier in the the Brexit campaign.


For the very latest we can join our political correspondent Ben Wright


I know that you cannot talk much about the polls but both sides are


chucking everything they can add it with the Labour Party very much to


the fore in the last they also. Why is that? It feels exceptionally


close. Opinion polls have been badly unreliable and everyone is wary of


them. It was very tight. What is certain as that this is not whether


UK Government wanted to be this stage. They thought a week ago that


they would have nailed the argument with warnings of the economic risks


of leaving the EU, that it would have trumped everything else. That


has clearly not happened. The momentum peels to be with the league


campaign. The reason everyone is talking about Labour is that the


feeling is that it is Labour supporters who hold the key to this


referendum, traditional, blue-collar, working-class voters,


many of them worried about immigration, and today, the Labour


Party, which wants Britain to stay in, its senior members are making BR


unit on immigration, saying that wraps in future more can be done to


curb EU workers coming to the UK whilst also trying to sell the


benefits of EU migration in British public services like the service. It


is a complicated mess is to get across, but with a few days to go,


they are trying to win supporters back to the remain campaign. Tom


Watson, making that argument. Realistically given that David


Cameron failed to get much movement, is that going to be seen as an empty


promise? Immigration has been key to making people decide, in different


ways. People might hear what Tom Watson is saying about a possible


future effort to impose fresh restrictions on EU workers coming to


the UK, with a hefty degree of scepticism. They will say, if David


Cameron could not get that during this renegotiation, he got some


small limits to the benefits that EU workers can get, but nothing that


would slash the numbers. Given that, why should we believe that it can


happen in the future? That is what some Labour voters may feel. It is a


sign of panic within the remain campaign, the Labour Party, that


they are having to get out on the stump to try and make the case. What


is interesting about today is that with a few days to go, the Prime


Minister, senior government figures from the Conservatives are not in


evidence, they are leaving it to labour to make this case. We have to


leave that now, thank you very much indeed. Much more online on the


current Brexit campaign. Let me remind you of the main news.


A survivor of the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in the US has


described how the gunman returned to people he had already shot


in the head as he lay wounded. that Omaar Mateen tried to shoot him


Well that's all from the programme. Next, the weather.


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