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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


I'm Alpa Patel, and here are the headlines:


The family Jo Cox, the British politician


murdered last Thursday, have visited the scene


Her sister thanked people for their support and said


For now our family is broken, but we will mend over time


and we will never let Jo leave our lives.


Meanwhile the man accused of her murder has appeared in court.


When asked his name, Thomas Mair said, "Death to traitors,


Belgium's Prime Minister calls for calm after three men are charged


President Putin says banning Russia from the Olympics is unfair,


following accusations of state-sponsored doping.


And home at last - the British astronaut, Tim Peake,


and his American and Russian colleagues return from space.


Just this smells of birth are so strong, and it's wonderful to be


back in fresh air, really good -- this smells of birth.


It is a killing that has shocked people here in Britain


The man charged with murdering the British politician, Jo Cox,


When asked his name, Thomas Mair replied,


"Death to traitors, freedom for Britain".


Meanwhile, Jo Cox's family has visited the village of Birstall


Our correspondent Ed Thomas was there.


So many people have come down here to stop and read the messages, see


the flowers, but perhaps today that toughest journey of all, the family


of Job Cox came down here. They saw all the support and they said thank


you to the people of this town -- Jo Cox.


It is hard to imagine this family's pain.


Gordon and Jean Leadbeater have lost their eldest daughter.


surrounded by the people of Birstall,


the flowers and messages, the lives touched by Jo Cox.


I do want to just start by saying thank you.


And we all appreciate this massively.


There are some things in life you should never have to do.


Last night, I had to go and identify my sister's body.


Yes, this was Jo Cox MP and she was many things to many


people in her too short life, but she was my sister,


my only sibling, my parents' first born child, a wife and a mum.


This was a tribute within full view of the place


And here Kim Leadbeater talked of her sister's values.


A campaigner, a champion of those in need.


Our parents instilled in us a real glass-half-full mentality.


And while I sometimes tend to add a large measure


of Yorkshire cynicism to this, Jo generally did not.


For now, Kim said her family was broken but would mend


and that they would never let Jo leave their lives.


She will live on through all the good people in the world,


and through her truly wonderful children, who will always know


what an utterly amazing woman their mother was.


She was a human being, and she was perfect.


The family of Jo Cox there. Meanwhile a man has geared at


Westminster Magistrates' Court charged with the murder of the MP.


52-year-old Thomas mare told the court his name was deaf to traitors,


freedom for Britain. Our home affairs correspondent Daniel


Sandford has more. Thomas Mair was swept into the court


building in a police van, part of a convoy that had


brought him from Yorkshire to the most important


Magistrates' Court in London following the protocol


used in terrorism cases. When he came into court


he was accompanied by two dock security officers and wore a grey


police-issue tracksuit. With short light grey hair


and a neatly trimmed beard, he stood up when asked to do


so by the court clerk. When asked his name,


the man in the dock said, "My name is death to traitors,


freedom for Britain." Asked his address,


he remained silent. Asked his date of birth,


he again remained silent. He's charged with the murder


of Jo Cox, the young, popular, pro-EU Labour MP


for Batley and Spen. She was repeatedly stabbed and shot


three times, in a killing which has shocked politicians and the public


alike and led to the suspension Thomas Mair is also charged


with possession of a firearm, a modified rifle, and an offensive


weapon, a combat knife, 77-year-old bystander Bernard Kenny


was stabbed in the stomach After the short hearing,


Thomas Mair was driven from court through the melee of photographers


to Belmarsh prison. He will be held there


until his next court appearance at the Central Criminal Court,


the Old Bailey, on Monday. Tonight there has been a message


from the husband of Jo Cox. Brendan Cox watched his wife's sister paid


tribute and said she spoke for all of the family, and she did her


sister proud. Belgian prosecutors have charged


three of the people detained Those detained are suspected


of plotting a terrorist attack, It comes nearly three months


after the deadly bomb Ministers held an emergency meeting


to discuss the raids overnight, the biggest coordinated operation


since the terrorist attacks The authorities said that they had


uncovered a plot which needed But they would not be drawn on


reports that attackers were planning to target football fans this


afternoon as they watched the Belgian teams match on a big screen


in the capital. The event went ahead as planned


although it was far from full. The Belgian Prime Minister said that


security would be increased at further events,


but they would not be cancelled. TRANSLATION: We should carry


on with our daily lives as normal. The work of the investigators


is paying off. Raids have been carried out,


enabling the judicial authorities to conduct anti-terrorist work


and to prevent attacks. 32 people were murdered in bombings


at the Metro station Since then the country has been on


high alert. The government has not raised the threat level higher in


light of these read latest raids but they come at the end of a week when


officials said they had received ports that fighters from the


so-called Islamic State group were underweight from Syria to Europe,


intent on carrying out more attacks in Belgium and France.


The German Foreign Minister has criticised Nato's policies


towards Russia as it conducts military exercises


He says extensive Nato manoeuvres could inflame tensions and urged


Nato to instead use more dialogue and co-operation with Russia.


An Egyptian court has sentenced the former president,


Mohammed Morsi, to life in prison for spying.


He was among a number defendants found guilty of passing secret


documents to the Gulf state of Qatar.


They included two Al Jazeera journalists who were sentenced


Thousands of people in Hong Kong have protested alongside


a book-seller who says he was detained and forced


to make a video confession while in detention in China.


Lam Wing-Kee is demanding more information about his case


after spending several months in detention.


He's one of five book-sellers allegedly detained for publishing


material critical of China's leadership.


The International Olympic Committee has backed a ban on Russian athletes


It comes after the governing body of world athletics extended a ban


on Russian competitors taking part in international events.


But the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has said the ban


In Moscow they celebrated Olympics day.


A chance for Russians young and older to dream of Olympic glory.


But only yesterday, Russian sport received a body blow


The IAAF upheld its ban on Russian athletes.


Today Russia's Sports Minister said he feared there was now no chance


of Russian track and field athletes competing in Rio and


TRANSLATION: Europe is trying to pressure us.


Says Olympic science -- cyclist Nikolai Koch.


First it did it with sanctions, now it is using sport


Then the president of Russia's Olympic Committee joined the party.


Russia's Olympic chief was a man of few words today but the Russian


media has been scathing in its criticisms of the IAAF.


One newspaper described the continued ban on Russian


athletes as the worst decision in the history of world sport,


another said the IAAF was stuck with the cliche of Russia


President Putin said he thought the blanket ban was unfair.


Responsibility must always be individual, he said,


and why should clean athletes suffer?


But Russia has struggled to convince the world it is serious


It has a fight on its hands to clear its name.


After six months on board the International Space Station,


Tim Peake has touched down safely in Kazakhstan.


The British astronaut described the journey back as the best ride


of his life and said he was looking forward to a pizza and a beer.


Well, Major Peake was taken by helicopter to Karagandy airport


From there he'll be flown to Norway and then on to Cologne in Germany.


Our Science Editor David Shukman was in Kazakhstan


A race to rescue Tim Peake and his two colleagues.


A fleet of helicopters rushes across the empty


No-one knows exactly where and when the


I'm the only British journalist on board.


The pilot spots something high above us.


There it is, an incredible sight, the giant parachute.


Just drifting down through the clouds, the three


It looks like it's a very safe operation.


By now, radio contact is established but one


big challenge remains - the landing itself.


Touchdown approaching any second now, I think.


The rockets went off, breaking the fall.


Minutes later, the whole fleet was on the ground and the three


spacemen started to be pulled out of the capsule.


After six months without any feeling of weight,


Our first sight of Tim Peake, looking happy.


Tim, David Shukman, welcome back to Planet Earth.


Great to see you looking so well, tell me how you are


Just truly amazed, I mean, just the smells of


Yeah, it's wonderful to be back in fresh air, lovely, really good.


After half a year without feeling the warmth of summer,


and still in his space suit, he was overheating.


He managed a quick word with his wife, Rebecca.


Then he was carried off for a medical check.


He wants his time in space to be useful to research.


It's a remarkable sight to see you looking so well.


You know how many people have followed you on Twitter now.


I know, it's been incredible, it really has, I'm so grateful


for all the support and thank you to everyone who has helped


With the astronaut being checked, the capsule was rolled upright


An hour after landing and the capsule is still hot.


Being this close, I can smell how burnt it is.


It became charred as it descended through the atmosphere.


The spacecraft has returned laden with research samples.


The mission is over, but a lot of science


For the Russians, this operation is routine, but for Britain


it marks the first government-funded space flight.


And Tim Peake hopes that more will follow.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come.


Iraqi forces reclaim a government compound in the city of Falluja,


one of the key Iraqi strongholds of the self-described Islamic State.


There was a bomb in the city centre. A code word known to be one used by


the higher rate was given. Russian army experts were exploring a van.


The apartheid registration act forcibly classified each citizen


according to race. Germany's Parliament has voted to move the


government from Bonn to Berlin. The decision was greeted with shock in


Bonn. Just a day old and the Royal baby is sleeping in his cot at home.


He was taken to their up Hartman in Kensington palace. The real centre


of attention with the world was my first woman Russian cosmonaut. I


might be able to persuade the wife it would be a good idea if I could


get her to go up there for a little while.


Tributes continued to be paid to the murdered British politician Jo Cox.


Her sister by people for their support and said her memory would


live on. Belgium's Prime Minister calls for calm after three men are


charged with terror related offences.


In a battle that's been raging for more than three weeks,


the Iraqi military has announced that its forces have recaptured most


The city is 30 miles from the capital Baghdad and has


been held by the self-described Islamic State for longer


The UN says up to 50,000 civilians are trapped there.


Our correspondent Ahmed Mayor has the latest.


We are at the outskirts of the district in southern Falluja, this


symbolic and important Iraq each city. It is one of the main


strongholds for so-called Islamic State in Iraq and we're just a few


kilometres the city centre and the government compound which was


recaptured by the government forces. They raised the Iraqi flag in a


symbolic move because raising the flag over the government compound


means symbolically recapturing the city of Falluja. The battle is still


far from over but government forces have made significant progress and


in a very quick pace. TRANSLATION: We have achieved that the rate in


the key parts of Falluja things to our experience and proper landing.


The militants oche strategy was based on entrenching their defence


is life on the city but they collapsed in the face of our massive


force. And it is very noticeable from what we have seen ourselves,


the composition of the forces fighting to retake Falluja after


that controversy raised either participation of the Shia brigades,


now we have seen the Iraqi army, the police, federal police forces and


the elite anti-terror forces. From this other district in the city of


Falluja, BBC News. There's been more violence


at the European Championship - this time involving


fans from Hungary. About 100 Hungarian supporters


dressed in black clashed with stewards in Marseille ahead


of their country's It's understood many were trying


to cross into a separate zone Riot police quickly moved


in to quell the violence with authorities also


increasing their presence Let's get to the events on the


pitch. We will start at Euro 2016.


Romelu Lukaku scored twice as Belgium recorded their first win


at Euro 2016 to leave the Republic of Ireland's chances of reaching


Ireland hoped for a vintage performance in Bordeaux


against a Belgian side with something to prove


after a lacklustre opening defeat against Italy.


Ireland's game plan was to clean their opponents where possible,


And it took the Belgian to get going.


But Martin O'Neill's side rarely threatened an attack that


Thanks to Wes Hoolohan on the line, it was goalless at half-time, but


Kevin de Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku showed their skill.


Belgium finally started to live up to their billing. As the Irish


defence concentrated on marking Lukaku, axle with to nip in and it


was effectively been over. The side ranked second in the world


have announced After Eden Hazard had hurdled


Ciaran Clarke's clumsy challenge, he had time to do what he wanted,


setting up Lukaku for his second So the pressure is off the red


Dearbhail 's. -- devils. All Ireland could do was thank


the fans for their support. They can still qualify for the last


16 with a good result against Italy. Belgium also require something when


they play Sweden. On this showing, they won't be


waving goodbye any time soon. Iceland - the smallest


nation in the tournament - took on Hungary in the second game


of the day in Marseille. And after their opening


draw with Portugal, they picked up another point -


but it could so easily A day for the underdogs in


Marseille, just making it to France is cause for celebration, in Iceland


and then Hungary, and they keep defined the critics. Cristiano


Ronaldo said Iceland have a small mentality but did tiny population


are dreaming big. In the first task they created the better chances but


it took a slice of good fortune to make the breakthrough. That is not a


penalty for me. Amid the controversy they needed space calm head. Stop


for Gylfi Sigurdsson. A win here would put them on the verge of


progression to the knockouts. There were chances to extend the lead but


in the end they help to the cruellest of lovers. With this own


goal. Hungary could barely control their celebrations, the site of a


flare marring their big moment. And one final moment of drama. This


nation known for its volcanoes would however rock did if the striker had


scored here. Point Sarah, but for both of these underdogs, this


tournament is one to be proud of. And in the last match of the day,


Portugal take on Austria, into the second half and it remains goalless.


England made rugby history, beating Australia by 23-7


in Melbourne to become the first English team to win


It puts them 2-0 up in the series with one more game to play.


England took a first-half lead through their captain Dylan Hartley.


They had to withstand enormous pressure from the Australians


in the second half but a breakaway try from Owen Farrell in the final


Farrell ended the game with 18 points.


Earlier in Wellington, Wales held the All Blacks at bay,


a try from Alun Wyn Jones making the half-time score ten apiece.


But after the break, the All Blacks ran in four tries


with John Barrett getting the last of those as New Zealand won 36-2.


They lead the three-match series 2-0.


Let's return now to the news that the British astronaut Tim Peake


has returned to Earth this morning after six months at


From that first spacewalk, to running the London marathon


in space in zero gravity, his six-month mission


We will leave you with some of the highlights.


I certainly hope that I'm not the last UK


I hope there are many UK school kids today who can fulfil an ambition one


Breakfast this morning, scrambled eggs.


I'm looking forward to seeing friends and family again,


and looking forward to coming back to Planet Earth.


Congratulations to the incredible Adele, she has taken the world


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