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This is BBC World News Today with me, Alpa Patel.


a despicable attack - President Obama condemns


the killing of five Dallas police officers.


25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson who was a member


Police say he was angry over the recent killings of black


He's now been blown up by a police bomb.


The suspect said he was upset at White people. He stated he wanted to


kill white people, especially white officers. Police have been searching


his home here in a suburb of Dallas, and the army have confirmed he


served with them in Afghanistan. Nato leaders formally approve


the deployment of a force in the Baltic states and Poland


designed to deter any Britain's Andy Murray makes it


through to the Wimbledon final He'll face Canadian Milos Raonic,


who knocked out Roger Federer. All eyes are on Sunday night. It


will be the host nation France against Portugal in the final of


Euro 2016. President Obama has described


the shootings in Dallas which killed five police officers


as "despicable". It happened during a peaceful


protest against the shootings of two black men by police officers


earlier in the week. The officers were shot


at by at least one sniper The shootings happened


in the downtown area of Dallas as a rally was making


its way down Main Street, reaching a crossroads between this


skyscraper on the right The main suspect has been


named as Micah Johnson. Police say he was upset


about the recent police shootings The US Army say Johnson had served


as a Private First Class in the Army Reserve and was deployed


to Afghanistan in 2013 to July 2014. Very also people have been deterred


in connection with the shooting. -- three other people.


It was the deadliest day for police in America


since the September 11 attacks in 2001.


Other large police forces in the United States have been


Our North America Correspondent James Cook has


been following events, and sent this report.


In downtown Dallas, this is the moment a peaceful


The crowd was demonstrating against police violence


when one man apparently decided to seek his own bloody vengeance.


There was panic as the crowd and the police tried to figure out


It's a sniper from up here somewhere.


And, as ever, in the America of 2016,


the horror was documented, minute by minute.


Michael Bautista was in the thick of it.


They're shooting right now and there's an officer down.


It's coming from the right over there from around these buildings.


There had to have been five or six cops, they were


Police poured into the area, running towards the danger,


heavily armed but, at the same time, suddenly exposed and fragile.


This footage seems to capture a gunman, on the street by now,


murdering at point-blank range, in scenes that are too


Eventually, after a shoot-out lasting several hours,


police sent in a robot to blow up a suspect.


We cornered one suspect and we tried to negotiate for several hours.


Negotiations broke down, we had an exchange of


We saw no other option but to use our bomb robot,


for it to detonate where the suspect was.


Police arrested and released two men and a woman, and the chief says


the suspect who died had told negotiators he was working alone.


He's been identified by US media as 25-year-old Micah Johnson -


a former US Army reservist, seen here in pictures


The suspect said he was upset at white people.


The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people,


And now the faces of the dead are beginning to emerge.


Brent Thompson was 43 and had just got married.


Patrick Zamarripa said he was addicted to the thrill


His family said they were mourning a hero, remarks echoed


Today is a wrenching reminder of the sacrifices


We also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons,


unfortunately, it makes attacks like these more deadly


And, in the days ahead, we're going to have to consider


Some of the police officers here have told me that they have


friends who didn't make it last night.


And yet they're out here in force again today,


protecting a crime scene which sprawls for several blocks


around the building here, where the shooting began.


And across Texas, across the United States, they are praying.


This was the deadliest attack on US law enforcement since 9/11.


It reveals a country in turmoil, convulsed by controversy about guns,


Let's cross to our correspondent Laura Bicker, who is in Dallas.


There was originally some confusion over how many gunmen were involved


in this attack, but all signs are now pointing to this suspect Micah


Johnson. There has certainly been a bit of confusion. We heard from the


Dallas police jeep on a couple of occasions, where he said suspects


instead of suspect. But it now appears that certainly be cheap


suspect is Micah Johnson, and we have seen pictures of him now in his


Army uniform. -- certainly the chief suspect. He served in Afghanistan,


the Army has confirmed that. Police have been searching his home here in


a suburb, and mixed neighbourhood outside Dallas. This certainly was a


very confusing picture for police. It was hours of stand-off where they


negotiated with Mr Johnson. Certainly they came to the


conclusion that the only way to end their stand-off was to send robot


armed with an explosive. That has never been done by the police on US


soil, so that is what they did, and the gunman was killed by that bomb.


When it comes to the reaction here, both in Texas and right across the


United States, the shock is now giving way to a call for


unification, for an America that, James mentioned in his package, and


America in 2016 that are facing across a very big divide, whether


across the racial tensions or about guns or criminal justice. This is an


Americano looking at one another, trying to figure out how to move


forward. There has been calls for calm in light of what has happened,


and also the Orlando shooting is not that long ago. Tensions must be


quite high across the country. I have just come from Louisiana, where


I was yesterday, where there were several protests at the death of


Alton Sterling, who was shot by a white police officer. Certainly


there are tensions were running high. The protest that broke out


last night right across the United States, from Washington, DC to New


York to hear, where peaceful. These were peaceful protests. However, it


seems that one man decided perhaps that he would have his vengeance. Of


course that is under investigation, but the police has said that he told


negotiators he wanted to shoot white people, especially white police


officers. You have heard from President Obama today, who has


praised the work of police, who said it is no time for America to come


together and pray and heal. -- it is now time. We have also heard from


Loretta Lynch, who said it is time that the violence ends. Violence


solves nothing. These are high-profile figures in America.


They are urging people here to stay calm and try to let figures of


authority come to some conclusion as to how they bring this issue


forward. Thank you very much. The protest in Dallas overnight


was mirrored in other cities across America, where there has been


real anger over the shootings Our correspondent Nick Bryant


is in Minnesota, where he reports This week, America celebrated


its national birthday, July the 4th. But what seems to be uniting this


country right now is not an idea, an aspiration, a dream,


but rather, feelings Saint Paul, Minnesota started


as a focal point last night for vigils and demonstrations


which unfolded in New York, No words can express the way


that we feel. And here, the main speaker


was the mother of Philando Castile, the school cafeteria worker shot


dead by a policeman. It was my son today,


but it could be yours tomorrow, or yours the next day,


or your grandmother, 50 years after the landmark civil


rights reforms of the 1960s, many African-Americans still feel


they are second-class citizens. It has fuelled the Black Lives


Matter campaign. Why, in 2016, we're


still talking about, Why do we have to keep


saying, we're human? The mood this morning in Saint Paul


was very different. A handful of people where yesterday


thousands had gathered. But fury quickly came to the surface


over the events here and in Dallas. And I'm sorry to their families,


that you feel what we feel. But I'm going to tell you something,


and don't think this is insensitive. Many hoped that the election


of the country's first African-American president


could heal the breach in race relations, that it


would usher in what was called Plenty more details interviews and


analysis on this story on our website.


The Islamic State group says it's behind an attack near a Shia


mausoleum in the town of Balad, north of Baghdad, which has killed


It comes days after almost 300 people were killed in the worst


single bombing in Baghdad since Saddam Hussein was toppled.


Here's our Middle East correspondent, Jeremy.


The entrance to the shrine in Balad has been badly damaged.


The shrine itself is untouched, but here, where there were shops


and places for people to buy cold drinks and so on, it is really


What the people here are saying is that around midnight,


four jihadist gunmen came in, heavily armed, and there was a gun


battle lasting one to two hours, and finally the men


They have taken a lot of lives with them, a lot


All this is happening because the jihadists


of Islamic State have been under attack.


That's why they hit back last weekend in Baghdad,


with that enormous bomb that has killed almost, by now, 300 people,


Here, the intention as well, I think, is to try to provoke


a return to the worst days of the sectarian wars


The idea is to try to destabilise the country,


Islamic State have been losing ground in Iraq,


and they know that if they lose this country, it's going to be much


harder for them to hang on to what they have in Syria.


And if that goes, it's the end of their dreams


So the likelihood is, they will keep on fighting,


they'll keep on hitting, they will continue trying to provoke


another sectarian war, or a deepening of the existing


So the future, I'm afraid to say, is likely to include many more


of these kinds of incidents, many more dead.


Now a look at some of the days other news.


The population of the European Union increased by nearly two million last


The EU statistics agency revealed that the population


rose to 510 million, largely due to the influx


of refugees and migrants, mainly from the Middle East.


And for the first time, the EU recorded more deaths than births


Job growth in the United States surged in June, exceeding many


Figures showed 287,000 were added to the US economy last month -


Analysts had predicted there would be an increase of around 175,000.


But the unemployment rate also jumped to 4.9% from 4.8% -


this was because of more people entering the labour force.


Six people are being treated in hospital in Spain


after being gored by bulls during the San Fermin


More than 1000 people took part in one of the event's famous


bull runs, which lasted nearly six minutes -


Nato has said it doesn't want to isolate Russia -


despite its decision to deploy thousands of troops to the eastern


Meeting at a summit in Warsaw, Nato leaders have approved


the deployment of 4000 troops in Estonia,


Lithuania, Latvia and eastern Poland.


They're specifically aimed at deterring threats from Russia,


in the light of what happened in Ukraine and Crimea.


Nato leaders also discussed the consequences of the UK's


Our chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet


Yes, Nato often stresses the three Ds, defence, deterrence and


dialogue. Here it is very much the deterrence side that is a focus with


this new reggae and there are keystone flank. Four battalions


stretching across for Baltic states. Nato members, most of all Germany,


have been at pains to emphasise to Moscow that this is not meant to be


something aggressive towards Russia. They are still open to dialogue. But


that has meant an angry response from Moscow today, as the Nato


summit got underway. Saying that the idea of the threat from Russia was


absurd. Another aspect Russia is concerned about is not just this new


gate, but the sanctions, which are taking their toll on the Russian


economy. It is for that reason that there is a concern in many ways


about Britain's decision to leave the European Union, because Britain


has long been a very strong voice within the EU for maintaining


sanctions against Russia. When I met Britain's Foreign Secretary Philip


Hammond, I asked whether there would now be a wobble in the EU about


maintaining those sanctions against Russia. We remain a full member of


the European Union, and we will do for some time to come yet. We will


continue to make the arguments, as we have done over the last couple of


years, to stiffen the resolve of partners to maintain these


sanctions. I'm sure we will be able to maintain a robust stance over


Russia's aggression in Ukraine. But it is a different question whether


in the future, and European Union without Britain in it will have the


same political will to do these things. I hope it will, because


economic sanctions are a very good way of dealing with this kind of


aggression, where we are frankly not willing to meet a military response


ourselves, but we do want to send a clear signal that actions have costs


to those who are mounting the aggression. British leaders are also


trying to send a strong signal here that when it comes to Britain's


membership of Nato, it's place at this top table, it will not change.


It will remain no and in the future a strong member of the transatlantic


alliance. Brexit is not formally on the agenda here, but everyone is


talking about it, and expressing anxiety is - what will happen to


Britain's defence spending in the future? What will happen to the


really crucial relationship between Nato and the European Union? All of


the readers here are trying to send out a signal to say there will


continue to be a strong relationship between Britain, Nato and Europe,


and also, they say, an effort of both to reach out but to send a


strong message to Russia as well. -- all of the readers here.


France's victory over Germany in Euro 2016


and understandably led to scenes like these across the country -


thousands of proud French fans celebrating their team's success.


It's the first time they have won against Germany in 58 years.


France now face Portugal in the competition final on Sunday.


Ros Atkins is in Paris - Ros, how expected was this final


I think we could have predicted that France would be in the final, they


were favourites coming into the turn it. Portugal less so. Let's talk


with Jonathan Johnson about this, asset boll writer on French


football. We talked right at the beginning of the tournament, and


despite the Fifa rankings, Francois was expected to do well. Yes, buoyed


by home support, talented team, generation of it excellent young


players and experience once. I am not sure the French public really


expected them to make the final, but obviously they are delighted to make


the final. They are strong favourites. With all respect to


Portugal, they have not set the blood racing that often. Absolutely.


Looking at how portable has fared so far, and the way that France have


been faring, France have to be overwhelming favourites, mix with


that home support. Although the home support will be tempered by the fact


that there is a big Portuguese contingent that lives here in Paris.


All signs point to France victory at the moment. What are your feelings


on this expanded euros format, I feel conflicted about it. The Welsh


and the Icelandic side have made the case for the bigger pool of teams.


There have been some fantastic stories, that has been one of the


positives. But to its detriment is the fact that so many games have


suffered in quality, like you said. There have been a few dead rubbers.


I think one of the biggest problems the tournament has is not


necessarily the fact it has been expanded, it is just that there is


so much football played during the course of a season that the players


are so tired when they arrive it is difficult for them to play at a high


level every couple of days. Good to speak to you. Thank you very much


indeed. I am here in Paris through the weekend, bringing you coverage


from the fanzone right at the base of the Eval tower on the day of the


final on Sunday. Depending on who wins, I will either be staying put


or getting on an early flight to Portugal on Monday morning. We will


also be covering the celebrations after the final.


Enjoy it, and very tasty final to come.


Milos Raonic has reached his first grand slam final after the world


number six stunned Roger Federer with a dramatic five-set win


He will be playing Andy Murray in the final. We will be live at


Wimbledon over on BBC world in a few minutes.


If there's one street food snack that nearly everyone in Kolkata


loves and eats regularly, it would have to be jhal muri.


It's also a great leveller - you'll often see businessmen


queueing for it alongside the city's poorest residents.


Our own Justin Rowlatt went to see what all the fuss is about.


I am in the mighty capital of Bengal, Kolkata.


Like the rest of India, it has its own distinctive


and delicious food traditions, and you can taste some of them


in its most celebrated street food, jhal muri.


This is puffed rice - essentially this is Rice Krispies.


So he puts in a few handfuls of the puffed rice, go into the pot.


Then he adds a bit of cornflakes, a few peanuts, a couple of lentils.


He adds some chopped coconut, some cucumber, bit of potato.


There is tomato, there is onion, there is coriander,


Then he puts in this chilli paste of his,


Then he adds a little bit of mixed spice.


He squeezes on a little bit of lemon.


And now, an essential ingredient, very Bengali, this -


And the trick now is to mix the whole thing up, get


And then into one of his little recyclable bags,


Here is where it gets complicated, because there are actually similar


So it would be dangerous for me to tell you that Sal's


jhal muri is the best, but let me just taste it.


It does look delicious. A reminder of our main news this hour. Details


have begun to emerge about the main suspect in the Dallas killings. He


has been named as Micah Johnson, an Army reservist who served in


Afghanistan. He told police that he wanted to kill white people,


especially white officers. That is all from me. Goodbye for now.


Hello. As we approach the weekend. It looks like rain for some but not


for all, because of this area of low pressure starting to push in from




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