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Reporting from Washington, I'm Laura Trevelyan.


A second black man is shot dead by police in the US in 48 hours.


He was reaching for his wallet and the officer just shot him.


The aftermath of the fatal shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota


was captured on video by the man's girlfriend.


It follows a similar incident in Louisiana.


Britain's next Prime Minister will be a woman -


with Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom chosen as the final two in


President Obama heads to Warsaw for a two-day NATO summit.


The Syria crisis and Britain's decision to leave the EU


Women could hold the key to who wins the White House,


so what do they want from a candidate?


A video has emerged of the fatal shooting of a black man


the second such incident in 48 hours.


The victim, Philando Castile, had been pulled over in his car


His girlfriend said he was shot as he was reaching


Our North America correspondent Nick Bryant reports now.


You may find some images in his report distressing.


He's licensed, he's carrying, he's licensed to carry.


He was trying to get out his ID and his wallet.


The immediate aftermath of another police shooting,


this time not just caught on camera, but streamed live on Facebook.


He was briefed, he had a firearm and he was reaching for his wallet


and the officer just shot him in his arm.


The female passenger in the car, Diamond Reynolds has just


seen her boyfriend shot by a policeman and he's fast losing


I told him not to reach for anything.


You told him to get his ID, sir, his driver's licence.


Philando Castile had been pulled over because his rear light wasn't


working and apparently told the officer he had


a legally-purchased concealed weapon with him in the car.


Mr Castile had worked as a cafeteria supervisor


Protesters converged on the governor's mansion,


draping it with police tape, taken from the scene of the shooting


and giving angry voice to now familiar cries.


Then, Diamond Reynolds stepped before the crowd.


The police put four, five shots into him for no reason.


It's the latest in a long line of police shootings involving


African-Americans and the second high-profile incident this week.


This is footage from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, showing a black man,


Alton Stirling, being held down by police and shot several times.


So another police shooting, another black family left to mourn,


another racial flashpoint and this is happening


Already this year in America, 123 African-Americans have been


The fear is that this could be the start of a long, hot summer,


words which for decades have come with a sense of foreboding.


And Laura Bicker in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


What is the Minnesota police Department shame about the fatal


shooting of Philando Castile? -- saying. They have confirmed that a


black man was fatally shot by a police officer in a traffic stop.


But they have not said much more than that. The deputy chief said


that he heard about a video which had been streamed live, but at the


time of speaking he had not seen it. Maybe he has now. We are waiting for


more information from him. The governor has already said the state


Department of criminal apprehension will conduct an investigation. He


has also said he has called the White House to see of the Justice


Department can conduct a separate investigation, bringing in federal


investigators, but that is still being assessed. In front of the


Governor's mention we have got 200 people that have gathered to talk


about what happened and prayed, express anger and call for change.


Barbara, on that point about a possible justice to bond


investigation, a Minnesota Congressman has called for that as


well. Can you talk us through the significance of that if it happens?


Well, the Justice Department investigation was just today


announced and this is a civil right investigation being conducted. It is


not clear if the Justice Department would conduct a similar type of


investigation but if it did it would see it as a racially motivated


incident. That is something that people here definitely believe. It


is also interesting these investigations are being called now.


It seems to me more than before. I do not know if a man being killed by


a policeman, but we are hearing about it a lot more and this video


which went viral that Philando Castile's girlfriend filmed is the


latest in when these things get filmed it draws national attention


to them. Let's go to Laura Bicker. She is in Louise Young were Altman


Stirling was killed. What is the impact on the killing in Minnesota


having on the community where you are, already in morning? We have


just heard from the lawyers for the Altman Stirling family. They called


it an epidermis. They said that it is time to organise action. They


called for more peaceful protest. They said it is time to say, no


more. That is the kind of reaction they are having here. There are


hundreds if not thousands of people lining up the streets and this is


where Altman Stirling was killed. He used to sell CDs. They have kept a


presence here throughout. They want to keep up the pressure on the


police and local representatives to what they said is about getting


justice the Altman Stirling. It is interesting following on from what


Barbara has said. When you speak to one of the representatives here, his


job is to follow the police scanners when there is about to be any kind


of action and film it. They said they have already been many


incidents here. The difference with Altman Stirling is it is on tape,


not just once, but twice. That has outraged people here and right


across the country. When it comes to the presence here and calling for


justice, they do not believe the investigation will be transparent


enough and do not trust it. But they say that is all they have got to


hang onto at the moment. Laura in Louise Young and Barbara in


Minnesota, thank you both. -- Louisiana.


Britain is on track to have its second female Prime Minister.


In their ballot to select a new party leader,


Conservative MPs whittled down the list to two women -


Theresa May, the current Home Secretary -


Michael Gove, one of the key figures in the campaign


for Britain to leave the EU, came third in today's ballot.


Our Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg has more -


a warning, her report does contain flash photography.


Miles ahead of both her rivals today, her supporters already


This vote shows the Conservative Party can come together


We need proven leadership to negotiate the best deal for leaving


the European Union, to unite our party and our country and to make


Britain a country that works not for the privileged


In the grand rooms of Westminster the


Therefore Michael Gove, having the lowest


number of votes, has been eliminated from the ballot.


With Michael Gove out and the Energy Minister Andrea


Leadsom trailing, Mrs May's supporters were delighted.


Not in Number Ten yet but she has just won


the very clear endorsement of the majority of Tory MPs.


Her backers hope her experience makes her the


She can truly say as we go to the country that she is


Are you surprised by how strong the result was?


She got 165 earlier, that is overwhelming in


itself and to go even further, touching 200 is a clear indication


of what parliamentarians think we need of our


Traditional Tories are excited by Andrea Leadsom.


The Eurosceptic Energy Minister, is far less experienced


and her colleagues need assurances about her record,


is excited enough to march along the river


in an unusual show Conservative support.


Before the Referendum she was hardly known.


I feel that having played a part in showing this


country the prospects for us outside the EU, I


just felt I needed to put myself forward, to offer to lead the way


through it, because I really believe in it.


Just a couple of days into the race she's already been


I spent the best part of ten years in Visa and


Barclays and the best part of ten years in Invesco.


I have also had a part-time job in Sainsbury's,


I started life as a 14-year-old silver service waitress.


My CV is incredibly varied and it is all


And I think, you know, this is ridiculous.


Her backers think she can win over the Tory members who


I love the idea of two women battling it out and showing us how


The Justice Secretary Michael Gove betrayed his friend Boris Johnson


I am naturally disappointed I have not


been able to make it through to the final


This is a moment Theresa May's will treasure.


A more successful start to the race than


But now MPs lose control and the contest goes to


Its the Conservative party, not Parliament, that makes the call.


President Obama is currently on his way to a NATO summit in Warsaw.


The UK's exit from the EU, tensions with Russia and the ongoing


war in Syria are all due to be on the agenda.


This is Mr Obama's fifth NATO summit, and is likely to be his last


To find out a more about what we can expect from this summit, let's speak


to Former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO, Admiral James Stavridis.


Thank you for being with us. Thank you. There is so much on the table


at this summit. Let's start with Afghanistan. The president announced


he will keep 8400 troops in Afghanistan through the end of next


year. Do you expect Nato allies will also up their contributions? I very


much do. The ratio has been consistent through the 15 years of


this campaign. Two US soldiers for everyone Nato. I think if the US


will keep around 8500 I think the Allies will go up about 4000 troops.


I am very confident of that. It has been a very solid arrangement and


will help Afghanistan. Moving to Islamic State where they have been a


spate of attacks by that group in the last few weeks, most recently in


Baghdad, what could Nato, with on the fight against Islamic State?


First of all, you're going to see Nato deploying what are called the


airborne early warning aircraft. They are huge aeroplanes with large


domes on top. They are very sophisticated with radar systems and


they can do a lot for air control over that battle space and can


monitor the communications which are going on in the area. Secondly and


more important even than that, I think we will see Nato signing up to


a training mission in Iraq to support their security forces, with


the ponderings of boots on the ground really going after Islamic


State and thirdly, Nato will commit to doing more in special forces and


intelligence. They need to up their game against Islamic State and I


think they will do that coming out of this summit. Is that enough of a


contribution from them in the fight against Islamic State? I think it is


insufficient. I think we need at least a total of 15-20,000 Western


troops involved in this fight. Right now in total we have probably got


about half that. Maybe 10,000 in total. That is being generous. I


think Nato needs to put more troops on the ground. Probably another


10,000. It would be a heavy lift from Nato but the things I have


outlined would be a step in that direction. On the question of


Russian aggression in Ukraine, how will Nato response to that? More


forces on the eastern border? No question. I think you still allies,


the Baltic states, Latvia, that the winner, Poland and Rumania, all


those states formally part of either the Soviet Union or the Warsaw Pact


are very nervous. They watched Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 and


Ukraine in 2014 and the annexation of crummy air. They are seeing


aggressive Russian behaviour with many exercises. -- the Crimean 's. I


think they will deploy in the Baltics and Poland and they will


come from the US and United Kingdom, Germany and perhaps Canada, we will


learn more after the summit. Those forces will be the means of


deterrence against Russia. You will see that coming out of the summit.


Will that annoy Russia and threaten whatever cooperation varies over


Syria? This is always the dialogue we have to have. I say that the


annoying thing was the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Annex


Asian. That is beyond annoying. I think Nato is rightfully stepping up


a deterrent. -- the Annex Asian. -- the Annex Inc. We do not want to


stumble back. The Secretary-General has said that we need high-level


dialogue with Russia. I think you will see the reassurance and


deterrence and moving battalions will stop you will also see an olive


branch asking for higher level dialogue. It will be choppy waters


both ways. Thinking very much. My pleasure.


Now, let's look at some of the day's other news.


Iraqi officials say the number of people killed in Sunday's suicide


bombing in Baghdad is now known to be 281.


The attack targeted a shopping complex in a Shia Muslim district.


The so-called Islamic State group has said it was behind the bombing,


the deadliest in the country since the 2003 US-led invasion.


The German parliament has passed a new law defining rape -


clarifying that "No means no", even if a victim did not fight back.


Critics have argued that Germany has long lagged behind other developed


nations when it comes to its rape laws.


The new law classifies groping as a sex crime, and makes it easier


At least 21 people have been injured, some of them seriously,


after an explosion went off on a commuter train in Taipei.


The capital's official news agency is reporting local police as saying


the explosive looked like a firecracker.


Taiwan's Premier has ordered government agencies to form a team


Flood relief and rescue efforts have been stepped up


in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which has been hit


Transport links and water and power supplies in the city


A typhoon is expected to push more rain into already flooded


But for now, the rain there has stopped, allowing residents to take


I will try and show you how one tiny corner of this city is coping with


this. Look at this. The water has been like this since six o'clock on


Wednesday morning. As you can see it has cut of the whole compound. The


lifts are out, we are told but there is electricity and running water.


Dozens of people insist on staying inside.


They are packing up some things. We have walked up 11 flights of stairs.


It looks like nothing has changed in here. They are taking what they can


and then they are going back on the boat and going outside to try again.


They have been toing and froing all day. Some people have been


retrieving what they can from their apartment. It is sunny and there is


no rain but the worry is there is a typhoon coming in the next 36 hours.


That could mean even more rain. Terrible flooding they are in Wuhan.


-- there are in Wuhan. -- here in Wuhan full dash. --.


FBI Director James Comey has defended his decision not


to recommend criminal charges against Presidential candidate


Hilary Clinton over her use of a private email server


during her time as Secretary of State.


Comey said she did not break the law or mislead investigators.


However Republicans said Mrs Clinton received special treatment


Anthony Zurcher is here to talk us through this.


The chair said he was mystified and confused and said they would call


out the mistakes made but they do not recommend indictment. They said


the key was criminal intent. Did Linton intends to commit a crime


when she was sending it from the private e-mail server? They also


said you cannot be grossly negligent with classified information but that


has only been prosecuted one time in the last 100 years. -- you can be.


He did not think there was any legal precedent for pursuit of this


against Hillary Clinton. Did Republicans get anything out of this


that they can use against Hillary Clinton in the run-up to the


election? Again, there was classified material on her e-mail


server at the time. He did say there were only three instances of


e-mails... That was without any classified markings at the top. He


said there was a small number in his press conference will stop but


sitting there and detailing some of the ways in which Hillary Clinton


has said things in public which do not chime with the facts of the


investigation, that can be harmful in the Court of public opinion, if


not the legal one. Some Republicans think that Donald Trump has missed


an opportunity with this because he has been too busy defending a


controversial tweet. He is in town. What is he doing? He is meeting


congressional leaders in the House of Representatives. Standing room


only. Apparently it went fairly well. He went through his standard


speech and he talked about Saddam Hussein and was once again praised


for being tough on terrorism. He met with senators and got into an


argument in the meeting about his criticisms of Mexicans in the past.


I think people walked out feeling that he had been less sure about


Donald Trump than they did when they walked in. Thank you very much for


that update. Well, there are still four months


to go before voters head to the polls to decide this election


- and the only certainty is that women will be decisive in choosing


who makes it to the White House. But what are female voters looking


for in a candidate - and how do Hillary Clinton


and Donald Trump stack up? The BBC's Katty Kay has been


looking for the answers. You call women new do not like fat


pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. Only Rosie O'Donnell.


Donald Trump's rhetoric towards women has become a flash point in a


presidential election pitting a man against a woman. It is said to be


the most agenda driven election in US history, with Hillary Clinton the


first ever female nominee for the White House. More women vote in


America than men. Research has showed that they have decided the


last five US elections. Donald Trump is currently polling worse with


women than any presidential candidate 's 1972. Millions of women


did vote for him in the primaries. One is Lynn Ryan. She will be a


Pennsylvania delegate at the Republican convention. She owns a


gardening business and likes his views on trade. I think he will do


the best job to keep us safe and try and grow the economy. He definitely


knows how to run a business. We are going to Philadelphia and we are


going to win! Thank you and God bless you! She is clearly not moved


by the historic nature of the Hillary Clinton candidacy. For many


American women the possibility of putting a woman in the White House


after 44 male presidents is irresistible. Is it important for


you that she is a woman and would either first woman president? Of


course! It is so important. Her campaign has thrown up an


interesting phenomenon. A generational gap among female


voters. Older women seem to support Hillary Clinton because they


urgently want a female president and they want it now. Younger women tend


to feel confident they are going to get one at some point in their


lifetime and they are just not sure that they want Hillary Clinton. Amy,


a Democratic senator from Minnesota, inks Hillary Clinton is able to


successfully reach younger women voters. -- thinks. You have got a


generation that did not see her in those roles. Many of them were


hardly voting when she was secretary of state. She needs to introduce


herself in a non-primary setting when it is her against Donald Trump.


This is a classic swing voter. Economic lead Conservative at


socially liberal. She has voted Republican and Democrat in the past.


She is struggling with who to support this year. We need to


regulate the economic 's in this country more. That is probably my


draw a little bit too Donald Trump. He is a businessman. He has that


economic ground and has made a successful business of it. Her


foreign policy background draws me to her. I feel more confident in


having somebody that has sat at the table and held the positions she has


had. I am very torn between being a businesswoman and being a woman. Of


course, nobody knows exactly how many women will vote, or which


candidate they will vote for. If we did, we would already be able to say


who is going to win. What we do know is women will decide who lives in


the White House after Aric Obama, whether it is America's 45th male


president or its first woman. -- after President Obama.


And you can see more on Katty's analysis of what women want in this


Check your local listings, wherever you are.


Well, that's all for now but you can always find all of the latest


From me Laura Trevelyan and the rest of the team, goodbye.


Hello. A funny weather story to come in the next few days. A


south-westerly wind continues to drag in humidity across the country.


This low pressure will bring sharp showers and a deep area of low


pressure developing which will bring heavy and persistent rain into the


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