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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


President Obama says America is united in sorrow


after the killing of five policemen in Dallas, but the actions of a few


in macro and demented individual who carried out those attacks in Dallas,


he is no more representative of African Americans than the shooter


in Charleston was representative of white Americans. -- a demented


individual. After a search of the gunman's house


- police find weapons Taking cover in South Sudan's


capital - where rival There are reports at least 100


people have been killed. One of the two women vying to be


the next British Prime Minister says she's "disgusted" that the Times


newspaper quoted her saying being a mother will make


her a better leader. Also coming up: It's


Serena Williams - again. The top seeded American beats


Angelique Kerber of Germany to take her seventh Wimbledon


singles title in straight sets We start in Dallas, where the city


continues to mourn the killings It happened it downtown Dallas -


during a peaceful march against the separate shootings


of two black men by police. Well in the last few hours -


President Obama has rejected the notion that - the country


has returned to some He said the main suspect -


Micah Johnson - who had told police he wanted to kill white people,


especially white officers - is not representative


of all African-Americans. We cannot let the actions of a few


define all of us. The demented individual who carried out those


attacks in Dallas, he is no more representative of African Americans


than the shooter in Charleston was representative of white Americans.


Or the shooter in Orlando, or San Bernardino, were representative of


Muslim Americans. -- nor were the shooters in Orlando, or San


Bernardino, representative of Muslim Americans.


Well after a search of Micah Johnson's house -


police found weapons and bomb-making material.


From Dallas - here's our North America correspondent - James Cook.


In Texas and across the United States, the men and women


The attack here in Dallas was the deadliest on


Denise Saucedo's husband was an officer here for ten years.


We need to start loving one another, instead of hating one another.


Micah Johnson was a US reservist and served in Afghanistan.


His social media postings revealed an interest


He told police he wanted to kill white police officers.


Gunmen turning a peaceful protest into an act of violent revenge.


Police found bomb-making equipment and an arsenal of


But far from coming together after the latest killings,


In Atlanta and elsewhere thousands of Americans are still taking


to the streets to protest against the police.


In Dallas they are preparing to say goodbye to five police


officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.


At times it feels like this has become the motif


This time, the shrine is dominated by the colour blue.


But the flowers, the prayers, the heartbreaking messages


are the same, this, somehow, has become routine.


Our correspondent David Willis is in Dallas.


All their fears are where you are back there could be reprised


attacks? -- that there could be. There are concerns. But the


president today very much looking to dampen down any suggestions that


America is fundamentally divided along racial lines. He denied


suggestions that America had gone back to the bad racial relations of


the 1960s. He stressed there was unity in many forms. Unity amongst


Americans of all sorts of races and backgrounds in condemning the


attacks which took place just behind me a few days ago. He also said that


people needed to come together to support the police force, to give


them the backing they needed, whilst also the country addressed these


apparent disparities in the treatment of racial minorities by


the police force. As far as division and are concerned, Barack Obama made


no secret of the fact he believes America is polarised when it comes


to this issue of gun control. He said the reason there were tensions


in many communities here between the police and the public was because


the police went into those communities knowing that there were


a large number of guns. He is due here next week. He is cutting short


a trip to Europe. He will be looking to build consensus here on the


ground. This is a city which is not used the sort of things which took


place on Thursday night. A lot of people, nonetheless, will be looking


to the president to give them reassurance. Many are shocked and in


disbelief. Thank you.


The world's youngest country is facing renewed violence.


Reports from South Sudan say more than a hundred people,


mainly soldiers, have been killed in clashes between supporters


of President Salva Kiir and his former rival,


There's a heavy military presence on the streets


of the capital Juba and few people are venturing out.


Fierce fighting erupted outside Statehouse while president


Salva Kiir and his former enemy, Riek Machar,


They were giving a press conference about South Sudan's


many challenges, including a failing economy and outbreaks of


violence in many parts of the country.


The vice President's plea for people to stop fighting appeared


We are calling on all of the population,


all the South Sudanese, whether they are armed or not armed,


Your government is making efforts to ensure that the peace


The scene outside Statehouse was one of carnage.


A doctor said so many bodies were taken to the main


South Sudan is supposed to be marking its fifth


Instead violence has come to the heart of its capital city.


The country has been ripped apart by conflict for most of its young


Much of it between forces loyal to Salva Kiir and Riek Machar.


Tens of thousands of people have been killed and nearly 2 million


A number of peace deals have been signed, but so


Talk about Britain leaving the Europe has been overshadowed by the


Conservative leadership race. There has also been a row over the role of


motherhood by Andrea Leadsom. She suggested to the Times newspaper she


would be a better newspaper than her rival, Theresa May, because she is a


mother. Andrea Leadsom fiercely criticised the newspaper's coverage


but the Times newspaper stands by the story and released an -- a video


of the interview. The outside in the race, the


Eurosceptic energy minister who is exciting traditional Tories.


But the mother of three is facing criticism for an interview


in The Times in which she suggested being a parent makes her a better


This morning, outside her Northamptonshire home,


I was repeatedly asked about my children, and I repeatedly


made it clear that I did not want this to be in any way


I am disgusted at the way this has been presented.


I want to be crystal clear that everyone has an equal stake


in our society and in the future of our country.


But being a mum was a big part of her message during


I did a stint as city minister, and I am a mum.


It is clear that she wasn't trying to be cruel to Theresa May, but it


has shown her inexperience and, some say, her lack of judgment, crucial


if you want to be Prime Minister. Her team are making an official


complaint to The Times. The journalist who did the interview is


standing by her story. I don't think it is gutted journalism, it is


journalism. Accurate journalism. I asked a question, she answered, I


reported what she said. She is trying to become Prime Minister of


this country. Theresa May made a pledge


for a clean campaign. No official response from her today


but she reposted it on social media. Despite appeals for unity,


after a fractious referendum campaign,


the Conservative leadership campaign is already off


to a controversial start. There is concern over the threat


posed by the so-called Islamic State. And Russia's intervention in


the Ukraine. Our correspondent is at the summit.


The Nato alliance meets every two years.


The summit was described as decisive and historic. A lot of focus was on


putting the final details together of a new brigade which will stretch


across the eastern flank of Nato, across three Baltic states, as well


as eastern Poland. Three to 4000 troops being deployed in response to


a Russian threat, Nato says that exist in response to Russia's


seizure of Crimea in 2014. NU Corporation pact was also signed


with the European Union which will focus on everything from maritime


controls to cybercrime. But Russia was made the main topic in many of


the sessions. -- a new corporation pact. I asked them why they felt it


was necessary to deploy troops on the eastern borders. Because we see


a more assertive Russia. A Russia that has substantially built up its


military capabilities over many years. Which is training its forces


in a more aggressive posture. Which has used military force against


neighbours. And taken apart of another country, Crimea, and


therefore Nato needs to respond. It is responding in a proportionate


way. We need political dialogue, as well. A lot of emphasis on


solidarity and resolve here among Nato member states. But the US


president used this summit to remind the members that they had committed


to spending 2% of their GDP on defence. Something not all Nato


members are doing now. The majority of allies are still not hitting that


2% mark. An obligation we agreed to. We had a candid conversation about


this. There is a recognition, given the range of threats we face in the


capabilities we need, and everybody has to step up and everybody has to


do better. Barack Obama has now left this national football stadium here


in Warsaw. Nato leaders will leave this summit one by one. They didn't


go away without making another commitment, and that is to the


mission which has long been described as a defining mission for


the Nato alliance, and that is the involvement in Afghanistan. Many


Nato armies pulled out their combat troops in 2013 and 2014, but the US


is continuing to maintain 4500 troops. Many Nato countries are


still helping with training. When I spoke to Afghanistan's Chief


Executive Doctor I asked whether there was relief at a time when


Taliban attacks were on the rise. That's true. -- chief Executive


officer. But if you put it into context there were times when there


were 100,000 troops altogether, international troops, now despite


the high number of casualties that our people have suffered in


sacrifices that our troops have made, the burden of responsibility,


the large share of responsibility, is on the soldiers of our own


forces. That is a big change since 2002. It has never been like this.


So many Afghans have been asking when will this war end. 2015, the


highest number of casualties since they were recorded. 15,000 last year


and many more this year. That is the unfortunate suffering of our people


that has continued. If the security notion has changed worldwide, there


is a new phenomena called IS, and we are not immune to that. That brings


to an end another Nato summit. Along with other countries who are looking


to join, including Jordan and Macedonia. It was a summit where


they look East to this new brigade in response to a Russian threat. But


it is a threat they say they will deal with with a mixture of


deterrence and dialogue. They also looked west to the consequences of


Britain deciding to leave the European Union. There was some


anxiety over that. But also anxiety as Nato looks south, not just to the


continuing challenges in Afghanistan, but the rise of the


Islamic State, the efforts to stop it in Iraq and Syria. It also brings


to an end our coverage of this Warsaw summit. For me and our teams


at the national football stadium in Warsaw, it is goodbye and back to


you in London. She has done it again, Serena


Williams wins her seventh Wimbledon title in straight sets.


Angela Eagle has says she will announce a bit for the leadership of


the Labour Party on Monday. After accusing Jeremy Corbyn of failing to


lead an organised and effective opposition. The development comes


after Tom Watson called off talks with unions aimed at resolving the


stand-off. Jeremy Corbyn has said he will stay and fight any challenge


and called for unity in the party. This is about solidarity. The Tory


government tried to destroy it. We have a choice. Do we go together in


solidarity going forward to improve the lives of everyone, or do we


allow brutality to divide us? Brutality that divides us and


scapegoats minorities in order to turn us in on ourselves, rather than


unite against the forces that are trying to divide us.


This is BBC world News. The headlines: Barack Obama says America


is united in sorrow after the killing of five policemen in Dallas.


And that the actions of the few cannot define a country.


Reports from South Sudan saying more than 100 people, mainly soldiers,


have been killed in rival faction fighting.


People who knew Micah Johnson have been talking about their impressions


of him. Akwete Tyehimba is the owner


of a community book shop and met You met him back in May. What did


you make of him? That particular day was a positive day for our


community. We were having a Malcolm X community festival, celebrating


the birthday of Malcolm X. There could have been 600 people there


that day. He walked into the book store. Somebody introduced him to


me. He seemed to be a very strong, confident young man. Very polite.


Very nice. He was thrilled to be inside of a book shop like this. He


said he had never seen anything like this. All of this information on


history, you know, and everything like that. He seemed very confident.


Did he indicate it all some of the views he has expressed towards the


police, saying he wanted to shoot white people, particularly white


police officers? This is in the wake of the shooting of two black men by


police officers. Not at all. It was my first time meeting him, like I


said, and I did not see him any time after that. No, no expressions of


anger, no expressions of, you know, any type of radicalism. Just someone


who seemed to be searching for a sense of self. Someone who wanted to


be a part of changing humanity as a whole, I think. I just don't think I


had any idea of something like this. There have been several high-profile


shootings of black men by police officers in the United States.


Barack Obama said this cannot justify the actions of Micah


Johnson, but did he express any frustrations with the police force?


He did not express any frustrations at all with the police. But I think


many people here that day, as many people in America today expressed


frustrations of what we saw on the videos earlier this week. Two videos


showing point-blank shootings that resulted in two black men dying. I


think the frustrations were pretty high this week. We were all trying


to be proactive. Because we felt the tension in the air. Trying to plan


meetings later this week. But, you know, unfortunately later that


day... I'm interested in what you make of the shootings this week of


the five officers, and the two black men who were shot dead early in the


week. Of course, we are all saddened. To ask it was a very sad


day -- to us it was a very sad day when the shootings happened. We just


could not believe what was happening before our eyes. None of us could


believe it. But... On the other hand we don't see it as an attack on


police personally. It was an attack on this system of oppression that


many people feel has unjustly treated them over the years. It was


not an attack on police, it was an attack on an unjust system where you


have seen almost 600 police shootings so far this year. We were


grieving. You know, the death of these police officers, because they


were just common, working people like all of us, trying to take care


of their families. On the other hand we were grieving and frustrated by


the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. We were all very


hurt. In tears on Monday when we saw the video. Tuesday in tears when we


saw the video. And then Wednesday in tears when the shooting occurred. I


appreciate your thoughts. Thank you very much.


Let's get some sports now. What a performance by Serena Williams


today. Amazing. She has matched Steffi


Graf's record of 22 grand slam titles and a seventh at Wimbledon.


She beat Angelique Kerber in straight sets.


Ruthless determination has made Serena Williams and relentlessly


dominant. 22 grand slam titles make this unmistakably her era of the


game. Few athletes transcend their sport into superstardom. In


Angelique Kerber she faced an opponent who had beaten her in the


Australian Open final. But so often Williams says her best force to


court. And even with so many titles to her name still she shows the


aggression of a player seeking her first. Angelique Kerber was holding


her own in the opening exchanges but lost her nerves in the final game of


the first set. Williams taking it 7-5. To have any success against


Serena Williams requires the mental resolve to respond and Angelique


Kerber was determined to show off her own skills. Shot of the match.


Serena Williams applauds. This was a day where Williams' power would


prove too much. This, her response to Angelique Kerber's first and only


break point in the match. When the American gained the second set


advantage there no coming back. Irresistible, majestic. In a class


of her own. A Centre Court storyline with a familiar ending. This, her


seventh Wimbledon title takes her to a record. Making history happens to


her naturally. More cause for celebration for her


later, she claimed her sixth women's doubles title. Chris Froome has


taken the overall race leader at the Tour de France after winning the


eighth stage in the Pyrenees mountains. He broke away from the


leading pack at the last climb of the day. He got ten bonus seconds


for winning the stage. He is 16 seconds ahead of Adam Yates in the


overall standings. He will be in for a hard day on Sunday after a


mountainous stage and finishing in the principality of Andorra.


Thanks very much. That is it from me. Thank you for being with the


programme. From me and the rest of the team, do have a lovely evening.


It is feeling very warm and muddy across many parts of the country


this evening. Weather you had the sunshine during the day or the cloud




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