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As the city of Dallas continues to mourns


the killings of five officers - the police chief says the gunman had


The UN Mission in South Sudan says it's outraged by


The Security Council is to hold an emergency meeting.


Victory for Britain's Andy Murray as he seals his second Wimbledon


Here in Paris, it is 0-0 in the Euro 2016 final between France and


Portugal. The big headline in the first half is that Ronaldo had to go


off with an injury. It's been three days


since the killings of five Now the Police Chief of the city


says he believes the main suspect This is 25-year-old Mica Johnson,


accused of Thursday's shootings. Police chief David Brown says


the military veteran, appeared to have practised


detonating explosives. Police also


say they are trying to decipher what the letters 'RB' mean -


they were written in blood The killings follow the shootings


of two black men by police officers. The first was this man -


Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge The second - PhilAndo Castile -


in St Paul, Minnesota Their deaths have sparked


nationwide protests. While most have passed off


peacefully, clashes in the states of Louisiana and Minnesota,


where Sterling and Castile were killed, have resulted


in the arrests of almost 200 people. Well, President Obama says


he will visit Dallas on Tuesday. So let's go live to Dallas


where we can speak to our What's and we know about the police


investigation into Mica Johnson? You are right, there have been more


details coming out throughout the day here. Based on an interview that


the police chief here, David Brown, gave to a local news network, the


CNN news network. He said that there was evidence, based on the


scrawlings that they found in Mica Johnson's Journal, and the amount of


making material that was confiscated from his house, that he was planning


a more carefully cut water related attack, a larger attack, one which


chief Brown said could have had a devastating attack on the city. As


part of a macabre footnote to the events of Thursday night, chief


Brown revealed that this man, Mica Johnson, wrote the initials RB on


the walls of the parking Garrard in which he was cornered in his own


blood, on different floors of that building, before he was taken out by


the police. It's been 24 hours of a mixed reactions across the United


States. Some protests, whilst here, things have been peaceful and we've


had nothing but support for the police, borne out by the shrine


behind me that is vested with flowers, toys and messages of


support. Across the country, though, protests and violence, in some


cases. From baton rouge in Louisiana, my colleague Laura Bicker


sent this report. After a week of uneasy tension,


on the streets of Baton Rouge, They arrested dozens of protesters,


leading them away from the crowds. And the leader of the Black


Lives Matter movement was taken into custody


while broadcasting online. They have gathered outside


the police headquarters. It feels quite tense


here at the moment. If your white mother or brother


was shot down with six shots well he was laying on the ground,


I promise you every single private school child, mother,


grandmother would be out here and they would be


there with guns in front of those In Minnesota, 21 police


officers were injured President Obama on a visit to Spain


tried to soothe this raw emotion Whenever those of us


who are concerned about fairness in the criminal justice system


attack police officers, you are Meanwhile in Dallas,


they are trying to heal and remember the five officers killed


by a black activist. Here, they know the gravity


of the situation, but We are at a tipping point,


and we could go either way. So it is important for us,


as a nation, to figure out how we will not miss


this moment. Most protests, like this one,


are peaceful show of strength. But in this climate it is hard


to not to feel that temperatures Mixed reactions that the shooting


last week of two black civilians. Resident Obamacare is due here in


Dallas on Tuesday, and is expected to expand on his call for both sides


to come together. -- President Obama.


The UN Mission in South Sudan says it is outraged by the latest


violence in the capital, Juba.


It involves government soldiers of President Salva Kiir and forces


The UN mission says it is concerned by reports that armed groups


are preventing civilians from seeking protection.


The UN Security council will hold and emergency session later.


Here's BBC Africa editor, Mary Harper.


The military spokesman for South Sudan's Vice President, Riek Machar,


said his forces had gone back to war. He said they had no choice


after President Salva Kiir's troops attacked Riek Machar's residence in


the capital, Juba, in the early hours of Sunday morning. They also


attacked a barracks where his troops are based. There were reports of


hours of heavy fighting, with helicopter gunships attacking from


the air. South Sudan's Minister blamed Riek Machar's troops. At Inge


violence by attacking a checkpoint. He said the situation was now calm.


I call upon our citizens not to panic, but to go back to their


homes, so that they stay there. The situation is normal and is under


full control. United Nations Mission in South Sudan has described the


resumption of violence as outrageous. Both of its compounds in


Juba, where hundreds of displaced people live, have been hit by heavy


weapons fire. It says it is concerned by reports that armed


groups are preventing civilians from seeking protection. The UN


Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, says the violence is senseless and


unacceptable. He has urged Salva Kiir and Riek Machar to urge their


troops to disengage and withdraw to their bases, but South Sudan's


leaders seem impervious to the suffering of their people, and tend


to seek military solutions to the country's many problems. South Sudan


are its fifth anniversary of independence on Saturday, but there


was little to celebrate. Let's take a look at some


other stories now. Japan's governing Liberal Democratic


Party looks set to secure an increased majority


in the the upper Exit polls suggest the coalition


of Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, is likely to win most


of the 121 seats contested. If he achieves a two-thirds


majority in the upper house, to match that in the lower house,


Mr Abe could hold a referendum on amending Japan's


pacifist constitution. At least two people are dead and 17


others missing after the remnants of typhoon Nepartak made landfall


in China's eastern Fujian province, More than 400,000 people


were relocated and many areas Heavy rain has pounded southern


China in recent months, triggering severe flooding;


the government says more than 160 people have died since


the 30th of June. The death toll from a weekend


of clashes in Indian-administered Many of the casualties were shot


by the security forces after angry crowds attacked police


and army posts. The unrest was sparked


by the killing on Friday of a young, Here's our South Asia


Editor Jill McGivering. There was tight security


across the Kashmir Valley on Sunday. But again, for a second


day, violence erupted. Police used tear gas,


but also opened fire on protesters. And angry young men


defied restrictions They showed their anger by attacking


checkpoints and pelting Many hospitals are


overwhelmed with casualties. Many of the dead and injured


suffered gunshot wounds. That has raised questions


about the tactics used Especially the decision


to shoot at the crowds. They are distressing


scenes repeated many times On Saturday, tens of thousands of


people shouted anti-India slogans. We want freedom, they cried,


and, go back India. They gathered for the funeral


of the iconic young militant who was shot dead by


the security forces. In life, he called on fellow


Kashmiris to take up arms Now his death is barking some


of the worst violence Now, there's the little


matter of a football It's the final of Euro 2016


between France and Portugal. Ros Atkins is in the fan zone


by the Eiffel Tower. And what do you make of the match?


It has been a bit scrappy. The French have had the best of it.


Ronaldo was injured in the first half and had to go off. Beyond that,


even Stevens at half-time. Still 0-0 as we go into the second half. We


are getting reports that tear gas was fired, from the other side of


the big screen directly under the Eiffel Tower. We think this was


because a group of young men tried to get into the fan zone after the


authorities decided it was full. This fan zone is massive, that I


have been here all afternoon and it started filling up fast. By 7:30pm,


the authorities decided to shut it. Police started using tear gas on the


frustrated people trying to get in. There have been over 90,000 people


inside the fan zone, and I haven't seen any trouble. Everyone is


getting on very well. This couple are on each side of the match today.


Everyone is quite calm in here, aren't they? I think the French will


win 2-1. Are people calm because they are confident that France are


going to win? It is quite a strange atmosphere, buried pleasant with


lots of fans mixing with each other. -- very pleasant. My English is bad.


You are doing very well. We have not seen many Portuguese fans here. I


have seen you, but not many others. Are there lots of Portuguese here?


1- 04 Portugal. Thanks very much. Good to speak to you. The game could


go into extra time and penalties, so we could be pushing on into


midnight, although people behind me, the French people, will be hoping it


gets wrapped up in 90 minutes. Despite having chances, France


haven't managed to take the lead. We are approaching the halfway part of


the second half. Most people are quite relaxed, but if we reach that


point, they may start to get a little bit more tense.


Andy Murray celebrates with the fans as he claims his second title


Less than a year after Jeremy Corbyn was elected, the Labour Party leader


will face a leadership challenge tomorrow from the former Shadow


Labour's ruling National Executive Committee will decide


whether he must seek MPs' nominations to run again.


Mr Corbyn says he is expecting to be on the ballot paper,


and has suggested he would go to court should the NEC


Despite losing a "no confidence" motion among Labour MPs,


he is standing firm and asking party colleagues to respect the mandate


If, at the end of the day, and election results in a different


leader, then so be it, but I would be irresponsible if I walked away


from a mandate I was given and a responsibility I was given. I ask


colleagues to respect that as well. the gunman who killed five officers


on Thursday had been planning Tensions continue in Baton Rouge,


Louisiana, where protests taking to the streets have been met


with dozens of arrests. Meanwhile community leaders


are attempting to bring about dialogue to


find a way through. Dr Joe Connelly is from


the Baton Rouge Together organisation and pastor


of the Wesley United He'll address the youth


of Baton Rouge in a short while in attempts to


heal community divisions. What do you make of the mood where


you are at the moment? Right now, firstly, thank you for having us on


your programme. Being together and outside, it's a great sense of


excitement and hopefulness. The youth have said that throughout the


protests and marches in our city, their voice hasn't been heard. This


is a completely organised group of the youth, 18 and under, who


organised this process. We are expecting over 800 here, and then we


will march on to our state capital. It is a mood of excitement, joy and


hope. This obviously comes during a very painful time for your town and


your state. What has the reaction been after the two shootings of


those two black men last week? We've had anger, we've had frustration,


there have been over 150 arrests. But as far as Baton Rouge residents


are concerned, we had 72 hours of protest in Baton Rouge without one


single incident. Friday night is when it escalated. Tomorrow, there


should be a higher escalation even. It is not just Baton Rouge. All


across the United States, there is a sense of no more. People's emotions,


what they have accept it and dealt with for generations, the younger


generations are saying that they will not let it continue. Emotions


have reached a boiling point. It has reached every city, Houston,


Chicago, New York, New Jersey, at an rouge, New Orleans, Minnesota,


California... It isn't just one pocket. There was a sense that


people are fed up. You have spoken of a boiling point. Is there a


danger of race riots here? I think we continue to press and emphasise


peaceful protests. There are groups who have a different agenda than


others, and there could be some potential things going forward. But


as far as the faith community is concerned, we are pushing peaceful


protests. I have had conversations with the district attorney and the


governor, and the chief of police, they have all said it. It is your


constitutional right to protest. We are just asking that you do it


within the confines of the law. Thank you very much for being with


us. A week of political paralysis


in Australia seems to be over after the country's Prime Minister,


Malcolm Turnbull, finally declared victory following


a cliffhanger general election. Votes are still being counted,


but his conservative National-Liberal coalition


is expected to win Malcolm Turnbull said it was a great


day after declaring victory His centre-right coalition hovered


just short of a majority The question now is what sort


of government will Mr Turnbull lead? The millionaire former merchant


banker is confident he will win a slim majority in the lower


house of Parliament. But if he doesn't,


he will have to rely on minor Despite the uncertainty,


he remains upbeat. But the most important people


to thank are the Australian people because we have resolved this


election, we have gone through this election with fiercely fought


arguments, issues of policy, issues of principle, and we have done


so peacefully and constructively. Counting is continuing


in a handful of seats, where some candidates have been


separated by less than ten votes. Earlier, the opposition


leader Bill Shorten, a former trade unionist,


had conceded defeat. He has promised to work


with the Conservatives to find common ground and make


the Parliament work. I understand that we have


an opportunity here. The Australian people expect


all sides of politics to work in the national interest,


the interest of the people Despite these assurances,


Mr Shorten has predicted the new government will be unstable


and short-lived, and believes Australia will return


to the polls within a year. The Prime Minister called this


election promising stability, but it has in the short-term


at least delivered anything but. What a net achievement -- what an


achievement for Andy Murray today. As you've been hearing,


the final of Euro 2016 between France and Portugal


is into the second half in Paris. And Portugal are having to manage


without their talismanic The Real Madrid man limped off


injured in the first half. The match has been going


for just over an hour. And as you can see,


the latest score is 0-0. Andy Murray has won


Wimbledon for a second time. The world number two beat


Canadian Milos Raonic in three sets to clinch his second title at


The All-England Club, Bearing the hopes of


a nation, a feeling now The focus and expectation


on him are unique but then he is no ordinary player,


this is no ordinary match. Behind him were plenty


of familiar faces. This is the first time Murray has


faced anyone except the great Djokovic or Roger Federer


in a grand slam final. Now time for Milos Raonic


to make his presence felt. The Canadian has the most


fearsome serve in tennis. To win, Murray would have to find


a way to counter. He found that, taking


the first set with a roar. Now, no letup, you saved


his best for the moment The artistry on the backhand


side from Andy Murray, The Milos Raonic serve would always


be his most dangerous weapon that COMMENTATOR: The quickest serve


of the tournament by far. The second set decided


on the tie-break, the British number From a crowd that had expected


so much, Murray demanding more. But here, as always,


he was doing things his own way. On the game's greatest stage,


Murray's moment came again. Wimbledon champion again,


supreme performance, a first-class Few have ever felt expectation quite


like Andy Murray, few have ever delivered like this


Wimbledon champion. The most important one and for me


every year. I've had some great moments here, and also some tough


losses. The winds feel extra special because of the top losses. I'm proud


to get my hands on the trophy again. It was so emotional back in 2013


after being the first British man to win after 77 years. Will you enjoy


this one more? I will make sure I do. Last time, I was under so much


stress and pressure, I didn't get the chance to enjoy it as much. I


will make sure I will enjoy this one tonight, for sure!


Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix For the third year in a row,


and is now just four points behind the championship leader and Mercedes


The race started in wet conditions, and behind


a safety car for the first five laps.


Hamilton was on pole, and was unchallenged all afternoon


to take victory ahead Rosberg and Max Verstappen.


Rosberg was later penalised for receiving technical advice over


the team radio due to a gearbox problem and demoted


For the second day, there's a British one-two at the front


Chris Froome still leads Adam Yates by 16 seconds after Stage Nine.


But a bad day for two-time champion Alberto Contador.


The Spaniard had to pull out, suffering from a fever and injuries


caused by a crash on stage one. Dutch rider Tom Dumoulin,


who's well down in the overall standings, broke away to win


the stage in murky conditions in Andorra.


While Adam Yates, in the white jersey for best young rider


in the race, led the leading contenders including Froome


Ireland's Dan Martin has moved up to third.


Midway through the second half in France in the Euros, and it is still


0-0. More on the sport on our website. That's all for now.


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