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This is BBC World News Today with me, Tom Donkin.


Great Britain will have a new Prime Minister on Wednesday.


Theresa May will take over after her last rival


After days of fighting in the capital of South Sudan,


that's left hundreds dead, the president and his rival


It's a hugely popular smart phone game, but is Pokemon Go


Portugal's football heroes celebrate in Lisbon after they beat France


The next British Prime Minister, Theresa May, will take up residence


in Downing Street within the next 48 hours, much earlier than expected.


He announced he was stepping down after British voters chose to LEAVE


the European Union in a historic referendum last month.


Although Mrs May also campaigned to stay in the EU,


she now says she'll honour the referendum result.


The sudden end to the Tory leadership contest came


when the only other candidate Andrea Leadsom, dropped out


It followed controversial remarks she'd made about Mrs May


David Cameron has been British prime minister for 6 years


and Conservative party leader for more than a decade.


His departure means Theresa May will now represent Britain


at the G20 summit in China in September.


Our Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg reports on another day


Our new Prime Minister, the Tories' new leader.


I am honoured and humbled to have been chosen by the Conservative


Party to become its leader. I would like to pay tribute to the other


candidates, during the election campaign, and I would like to page a


view to Andrea Leadsom for the dignity that she has shown today. --


pay tribute. After the anger and arguments of the


referendum campaign and its brutal aftermath, even to make her party


work will be quite a feat. Brexit means Brexit, and we are


going to make a success of it. Second, we need to unite our


country, and third, we need a strong new, positive vision for the future


of our country. A vision of a country that works not for the


privileged few, but which works for everyone of us, because we're going


to give people more over their lives, and that is how, together, we


will build a better Britain. Thank you.


Theresa May's in, because she walked out. Just before 11 this morning,


the rumour mill began to well. Was Andrea Leadsom, the Eurosceptics'


darling, about to quit? The grim faces of her supporters confirmed


it. For me, personally, to have


won the support of 84 of my colleagues last Thursday was a great


expression of confidence for which I am incredibly grateful.


Nevertheless, this is less than 25% of the parliamentary body, and after


careful consideration, I do not believe this is sufficient support


to lead a strong and stable government should I when the


leadership election. -- should I win. I have, however,


concluded that the interests of our country are best served by the


immediate appointment of a strong and well supported Prime Minister.


therefore withdrawing from the leadership election and I wish


Theresa May the very greatest success.


Why have you changed your mind,? There was disbelief in one of


Westminster's impossibly immaculate sidestreets.


Why is she withdrawing? was third at her, especially after


she suggested in an interview that she would be a good Prime Minister,


partly because she has children and Theresa May does not.


113 told me simply, the abuse was too much.


With 199 MPs supporting would be in the best interest of the


country to say now that we should withdraw.


Has she been bullied out of it, then? That sounds


like what you are suggesting. I would not want to put it in those


terms. We face very sophisticated opponents in this contest, and they


carefully positioned her something she is not. If we continue, the


damage would be too great. The level of personal abuse that was


directed at her in the last few weeks and days


has been something which I have been rather


appalled about. Even if


Mrs me was the overwhelming favourite, we should have had a


contest, and therefore, I am disappointed.


I am sure Andrea has made this decision for very good, Patriot


agrees on is, uniting the body, those sorts of things.


But I can't help denying that I'm disappointed.


It is 12:20pm now. Andrea Leadsom was not


a decision to move out of the leadership race means


next few days, to reason me could be a Number ten. Next stop after this


melee, over to the Tory party machine to decide what happens to


the government next. And they did not waste any time.


Following the decision of Mrs Andrea Leadsom to withdraw from the


Conservative leadership contest, The Right Honourable Mrs Theresa May is


the only remaining candidates.


Could Theresa May be Prime Minister by the end of this week?


There is now an internal process and the constitutional progress to be


gone through. -- constitutional process.


In the space of less than half an hour, Andrea Leadsom has quit the


race, and the Tory party have confirmed Theresa May


will be the next Prime Minister. Are you looking at the faces of some of


Theresa May's new cabinet? Tory MPs who had given overwhelming support,


and who were ready for a new campaign for Number ten. But they


don't need it now. He won't spend a moment


longer than is polite in Downing Street before leaving for the final


time. With these changes, we now don't


need to have a prolonged period of transition, and so, tomorrow, I will


share my last Cabinet meeting, and on Wednesday, I will attend the


House of Commons for Prime Minister's


Questions, and then after that, I expect to go to the palace and offer


my resignation, so we will have a new Prime Minister in that building


behind me by Wednesday evening. Thank you very much.


Toulouse office must be painful, but perhaps with it, some light relief.


A home, a tune from the Prime Minister.


HE HUMS. We won't call him that for long.


What do we know about a reason me? She has held


the position of Home Secretary for six years. It is one of the hardest


jobs in British politics. She supported David Cameron in


campaigning for the UK to remain within the EU. As she repeatedly


expressed her opposition to the European Convention on Human Rights,


wishing Britain to leave it. She failed to


deliver on a Conservative election pledge to reduce migration to the UK


during her time as Home Secretary. That was a


key point in the referendum debate. She's seen by many commentators as


being strong enough to unite the ruling Conservative Party as well as


being experienced enough to represent Britain in the world


stage. She was widely praised in 2013 when she succeeded in finally


deporting the radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada from the UK. That's total


our correspondent Rob Watson, who is in Westminster in central London


foreigners now. Let's speak to our correspondent


Rob Watson, who is in Westminster The UK has a new conservative


leader, soon to be Prime She was the most experienced


candidate, but is she the one to unite the party and country


as many are hoping? I certainly think she is the best


candidate for uniting the Conservative Party. 200 MPs, pretty


much come out of the 330 Conservative MPs voted for her,


so I think that really speak slowly is. I think that is why Andrea


Leadsom, her only rival, had dropped out in a way. Is she the right


person to unite the country? I guess the absolute honest answer, if


anyone was answering this question honestly, is, who knows? But what we


know is, the country is deeply divided. It is worth restating the


referendum had an electrifying effect on Britain. They revealed


that we were really two different countries, as we have said. Those


who voted Leave tend to think, at last, we are free of the European


Union. But 16 million people are thinking, oh, my goodness, what have


we done? So there is no doubt that Theresa May has a big, big challenge


ahead of her, both in the party, in the country, and, of course, in


dealing with the rest of the world. And the honeymoon period are


becoming Prime Minister might be short lived.


The first job she will have to do is go to Brussels and renegotiate


Britain's withdrawal from Europe? I think it could be short lived in two


regards. Firstly, a lot of economic forecasters think there may well be


a recession on its way in Britain as a result of the shock of leaving the


EU. So I think that may really lead to things souring at home here in


the UK. But absolutely, the negotiation with


the EU will not be easy. It will be curious to see whether


Theresa May mastermind it herself, or whether,


as many people think, she might actually give it to one of those


conservatives who campaigned so strongly for leave for two reasons.


Firstly, it is a way of saying to those in the Conservative Party who


were very much in favour of Brexit, look, I have put one of your own in


charge. But also, perhaps, to be saying, look, Leave campaigners have


made this mess. Let them clear it up.


So a degree of stability has returned to the Conservative Party,


but that is in stark contrast to what has happened to the opposition


Labour Party? Absolutely. If you think of


Brexit as having created this sort of earthquake across Britain. There


is a little bit of things settling back into place on the conservative


side. I don't want to overstate that. She has a huge task had of


her. But on the other side of the political spectrum, the opposition


Labour Party is in total turmoil. We now know there will


be a challenge to the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, so what we are seeing


in Parliament, as we are having what


seems like a protracted and existential


in the opposition Labour Party about what should a left of centre, modern


European party be? proper Socialist party, as Jeremy


Corbyn would like, or something more moderate. All of that


out as we chart are way ahead in Brexit.


Many thanks. It has been a marathon day. Get some sleep, and we


will do it again tomorrow. Rob Watson


in central London on a dramatic day in British politics.


You can find out more about Theresa May and what her


leadership victory means for Britain on our website.


Yet again, that is on the screen. You can get all the information from


today. There is a live page still going, and there will be more to


come. Yet again, the leaders of South


Sudan have failed their people. That is the


verdict of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who in a rare


for an arms embargo on South Sudan. For the


days, gunfire and large explosions rocked the capital. Forces


loyal to the president and his deputy have killed more than 200


people since Friday. Both men have called for an immediate ceasefire.


Explosions, gunfire and shelling could be heard sporadically


in Juba as forces loyal to the President Salva Kiir fought


against those who support the formal rebel leader and current vice


The US and UN have condemned attacks against their staff and civilians.


Chinese peacekeepers have taken several casualties as UN bases


hosting displaced people in the capital came under fire


prompting this stern message from the Security Council.


The Security Council members urge an immediate end to the fighting


by all concerned and demand that President Kiir and the first vice


president do their utmost to control their respective forces.


Questions have been raised over how much control the two leaders


The current violence erupted on Friday when their bodyguards


clashed outside as Kiir and Machar held a meeting.


They subsequently called for calm, but the city remains tense.


I call upon all our citizens not to panic but to go


Those who have vacated their homes should go back to their homes


The situation is normal and is under full control.


But civilians are choosing to hide where they are.


The streets and the sky remained too dangerous for now.


They can only hope that renewed mediation efforts


by their neighbours will bear fruit.


We have heard a conflict and reports of heavy gunfire. What are you


seeing, and where are you right now? Where we are located, we have been


hearing and also observing the heavy gunfire and


Today, there have been shelling around our clinic, and a number of


our patients have run away. Those who are critical have been


physically carried by our staff to another clinic.


I understand that you are in a compound there, a UN


compound. What are you hearing from your


superiors? Will you stay or evacuate, and is that the


We are evacuating our international staff. But we have had communication


with many of our international affiliates, and


soon as possible. Thank you very much.


That was live from the capital of South Sudan, Juba, despite ceasefire


is from the president and his deputy, there is still


gunfire. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. Opposition fighters in Syria


have launched an assault of government-held districts


in the northern city of Aleppo. The attack follows a failed attempt


to re-open the rebels' only supply Government forces have


responded with air strikes. The chief of police in Dallas,


Texas, has said he and his family have received death threats


in the aftermath of the shooting President Obama is cutting short


a visit to Europe, to travel India's government is sending a


hundred additional troops to Casimir, following the worst


violence are there in years. Police say 30 people have been killed and


more than 200 others injured in clashes between protesters and


government forces triggered by the shooting of a well-known militant


leader on Friday. Canadian Prime Minister


Justin Trudeau has signed a free trade agreement


with President Petro His two-day visit follows a NATO


summit which it was announced that the alliance will deploy 4,000


troops in Poland and the Baltic states in response to Russia's


involvement in the conflict It's caused people to fall over


in the street, end up in hospital, and even led to the discovery


of a dead body. Now, in the latest of a series


of strange incidents surrounding the new smartphone game,


Pokemon Go, police in Missouri have warned that armed robbers


are using it to lure victims The game


uses GPS and what's known as augmented reality


to allow users to hunt Players have to walk


around their real-life neighbourhoods while looking


for virtual Pokemon characters Joining us from New York


to explain a little bit more about this is Jason Schreier,


news editor of the gaming Jason, just explain to us by people


are walking around the streets with their smartphones, and why this game


is so addictive? Everybody is playing Pokemon Go. It


is just about everywhere. I think it is addictive because everyone is


playing it, and people just love Pokemon. There is a whole nostalgia


effect. People think back to their childhoods of catching P as they


were growing up. Better days. Just give is a sense of these incidents


that are happening. It caused some people to leave their


homes and walk around, which is obviously a bit of a dangerous


activity when you are looking down your phone?


It can be. You have to be cautious, as with all things when you're


walking around outside, especially in strange neighbourhoods. There


have been some cases where thieves, armed thieves, in the States, there


was one case in Missouri where armed thieves found victims by going to


one of the Pokemon centres on the map and they, I guess, got people


who were going over there. So if you're going to go to these strange


locations, you have to be careful, as always.


Give as a sense of why this game is popular now? The Pokemon franchise


is at least 20 years old, so it's a kids' game, but has it lowered the


attractive younger market? I think it has. It just launched


last Thursday in the US, and before that in Japan. It lured the US


market for a couple of factors. A lot of adults are getting their kids


into it, and they used to play Pokemon growing up and are now


showing their kids. And there are new Pokemon games coming out. Not


every year, but every other year, and this new generation might have


gotten into Pokemon games by playing some of the new ones on three DS.


Will we see more of these kind of games? The big thing in aiming right


now is augmented reality and virtual reality, with all these new


technologies. Is this just the start of a new wave of gaming use periods


is? It could be, but you have to keep in


mind that not every other game is Pokemon. Most franchises don't have


the law and the Stelzer and the kind of widespread poke popularity are


Pokemon. Having said that, because of the massive popularity of this


thing, you will see a lot of companies trying to copy it and


maybe not doing it so well, because they don't have all the characters


that people love so much. For the creators, this is an amazing


week, because their start has gone sky high on the back of this?


It is crazy, it is unbelievable. I think Nintendo might be looking at


this and saying, what else can we do with this? Why didn't we suddenly


miss a long time ago? Thank you bring much, Jason. Take


care. The Portuguese national team has


arrived home in Lisbon as European Champions


after an historic 1-0 win over Tens of thousands of fans gathered


at the airport, in front of the presidential palace,


and on the streets to cheer the country's first major


international success. The Portugal squad were received as


conquering heroes from the moment their plane landed at Les Bonn


airport. This was, after all, the country's first senior Trophy in


international football. Almost every street in highway was lined with


cheering fans, and outside the palace, there were thousands more.


Portugal's president, addressing the players directly, hailed them as


real role models after the tough economic times the country has faced


in recent years. TRANSLATION: An example that shows


how to win with courage, determination, ability to fight,


humility, and team spirit. That is the difference, the difference


between yesterday and today, that today, we have more reasons, thanks


to you guys, to believe in Portugal. Long live Portugal!


The president had already announced that all the squad and staff would


be receiving state decorations, but, as he put it in his speech, the


biggest decoration for them is the gratitude of the Portuguese people.


They soon had the chance to express their gratitude, as the squad


resumed their now much slower open topped bus journey, this time to the


capital's largest fan zone. Portugal had been the underdogs on Sunday's


final, but some fans claimed to have foreseen the results, even the


winning goal. TRANSLATION: Surprise? Never! I knew


it, I knew it. I had already spoken to my friends,


and said, Eder will score. This is the cup. This is the cup. I knew it!


I bought this three or four years ago. I can see the future!


It was a surprise, and there was a bit of luck.


France played very well, Portugal also play very well, and deserved to


win. We showed that we could win, fighting until the end, until the


last minute when the match ended. Long live Portugal! Long-lived god!


In this small nation, population of just over 10 million, the


celebrations have the feel of a family party, albeit a very big one.


They are sure to continue for quite some time yet.


Well, it may have been ecstasy for Portuguese fans,


but it was utter devastation for French supporters.


It was all a bit much for this one French fan brought


But he found support from the unlikeliest of places.


A young Portuguese boy approaches the man, offering some comfort.


That's before the appreciative Frenchman bends down


These pictures have been shared widely on social media,


with many describing it as one of the tournament's most


Very good of the young man to come up and office and consolation. Now,


a reminder of our main news. Theresa May has become the next


British Prime Minister. She will do so on Wednesday, succeeding David


Cameron. The Home Secretary has been confirmed as the leader of the


Conservative Party after her only rival for the post pulled out. Mrs


May said she would bring strong leadership, needed to negotiate the


best terms for Britain to X at the European union, forge a new role for


the country, and in the world, and to unite the nation. My case has


been based on three things. First, the need for strong, proven


leadership. To steer us through what will be difficult and uncertain


economic and political times. They need, of course, to negotiate the


best deal for Britain in leaving the EU, and of course, to forge a new


role for ourselves in the world. Brexit means Brexit, and we are


going to make a success of it. Second, we need to unite our


country, and third, we need a strong, new, positive vision for the


future of our country, a vision of a country that works not for the


privileged few, but that works for everyone of us, because we are going


to give people more control over their lives. That is how, together,


we will build a better Britain. Thank you.


The other main story today is the vice president of South Sudan, who


has joined his rival, the president, in ordering an immediate ceasefire


after days of fighting in the capital. That has left hundreds


dead. A spokesman for the president said, he was committed to working


with the Vice President to implement a peace deal signed last year. UN


Secretary-General banking and said the peace deal had to be fortified


to attack civilians. -- Ban Ki-moon. From me and all the team, a very


good buy for now. Goodbye. Good evening. It has been a spells


and blustery showers as we head to the day tomorrow. An improvement


across some


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