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Still trying to free passengers from the wreckage. China reacts after an


international tribunal ruled against it in the South China Sea dispute.


President Obama intends to heal racial tensions as he joins Dallas


in remembering the police officers who were killed. We will be live at


the service. Follow my leader. Bernie Sanders gives his support to


Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate for the White House. I


intend to do anything I can to make sure she will be the next president


of the United States. It all ends like this. Furniture removal for


David Cameron on his last day as British-born Mr hello and welcome.


Investigators have tried to find out what caused trains declared in


southern Italy killing 23 people and injuring dozens more. Pictures of


the crash site show the extent of the damage with the front of the


carriages completely destroyed. The emergency services are still trying


to free passengers from the wreckage. Some of the injured are in


critical condition. The two trains crashed on a single stretch of


training. Our World Affairs Correspondent now reports. The two


local trains smashed into each other this morning. They carriages which


took the full impact ripped apart. They breed scattered through the


olive groves. A massive rescue operation has been underway for


hours. Teams picking their way through the mangled carriages in


search of survivors. Finding many who had been injured. Others are in


a state of complete shock. I was thrown forward. It all happened so


quickly. I saw my mum on the ground, my mother and sister bleeding. The


people on the train helpers. I am eight months pregnant. The trains


are owned by a local private company. They collided on a section


of single-track. There are reports that an automatic braking system


failed. The train drivers were unable to see each other because of


a dent in the track. A field hospital has been set up nearby.


There have been happy lives for local people to donate blood. This


has been one of the worst train crashes in Italy over the past


decade and the government has pledged that investigators will find


out what caused it. In the last few minutes, the BBC has arrived at the


crash site. This is the location of the crash happened this morning in


southern Italy. We think that at least 23 people died. Two trains


were travelling on this single real track line. They came into a head-on


collision which destroyed a different carriages of both trains.


The rescue operation is ongoing. The recovery of the wreckage is ongoing.


The Italian government have said they will do everything they can to


investigate how this will happen in such a quiet stretch of Italian


countryside, that these trains crash against each other and created so


much tragedy. This area has been turned into a risky operation. There


is a medical centre treating the injured. Some have been taken to


hospitals in the region and some relatives of the victims are also


here, waiting for news. What did cause a train crash in Italy? You'll


find the latest details on our website, including more from


reporter. All the information is on the BBC website. China has lost its


legal battle to be granted ownership of almost all the South China Sea.


An international tribunal found there is no legal basis for China to


claim rights within the so-called 9- line. It foundation had no


entitlement to the economic zone around the site. The ruling has said


China violated the Philippines's exclusive economic zone by creating


artificial islands. Beijing says it doesn't accept the ruling. This is


how China prepared for the ruling. A week of war games. In and around the


disputed area of the South China Sea.


It was of strength. All part of strength. All-party propaganda push


in the run-up to a ruling that China had already dismissed as a farce.


The BBC to over some of the disputed area last year. They are barely


specs on a map. This is near the Philippines. The rocky outposts that


China has transformed into military bases. Years of huge dredging


operations and costly construction, new landing strips and harbours


built. All that now ruled illegal. For the Philippines,


this is like a David Chinese state media instantly


dismissed it as null and void. The Philippines strongly


affirms its respect for this milestone decision as an important


contribution to ongoing efforts in addressing disputes


in the South China Sea. This is the worst possible outcome


for the Chinese government. Now, we know that Beijing is not


going to abide by this ruling. But what we don't know


is what comes next. How strongly will the


government here react? China's President Xi Jinping didn't


look like an angry man as he attended to other business -


meeting the EU's top two officials in Beijing just


after the ruling was made public. There is no doubt it


matters, though. It is a complete rejection


of China's historic claims. But it won't stop the increased


assertiveness, as China looks to expand its influence way


beyond fishing boats. Let's talk more on this. Douglas


Bader is an adviser on Asian affairs. He is now vice president at


a Washington -based fallen piracy think tank. Thank you for joining


us. China have publicly stood firm saying they would not be bound by


this ruling. RB on a course for get my attention or will China, behind


the scenes, use this as an opportunity to de-escalate? That is


the big question. I think Chinese use of military exercises and strong


propaganda push over the last few weeks could very well be an effort


to show the people of China that, whatever the outcome of the panel


review, that China had done what it could to stand up for the


traditionally understood interests in the South China Sea. Then move on


to a more constructive path. Alternatively, we could see tensions


mount a game and the hardline choice being made by the Chinese leaders.


This is a turning point. It is a time when the other concerned


governments ought to do what the Philippine president and Foreign


Secretary have done which is talk down the tensions and talk of


cooperation. Chinese media said the country would be open to join


developments for a win - win scenario. What would that look like?


There is a tremendous amount of fishing going on depleting


resources. Finding a way to governing fishing, having the rules


for fishermen with traditional right to fish there would be a good start.


There is also reputed to be oil and gas, enough to be worth recovery and


they could find ways to deal with that. They have just had a huge


clearing away by the panel in the cake of some of the things that were


complicating the potential for negotiations. We no longer have


conflicting economic zones. We no longer have islands with special


characteristics. They are all rocks now. They have less entitlement. The


US have warships in the area. They welcomed this ruling. Is this all


about, for them, regain balance of power in the Pacific? It is good for


the US. It is a good idea to keep a low profile when we go about our


normal security, economic and other diplomatic business in the region.


For China, it is a chance to take stock. They have watched the tough


measures in the region drive the neighbours into the arms of


Washington. It would be smart for China to say to itself, OK, is this


the Way we want to go or find a more constructive way to stabilise


relations with our nearby neighbours and reduce the incentives for the


years to get more involved militarily. Thank you for shedding


light on the South China Sea dispute. That is Douglas Powell over


in Washington. President Obama is due to speak at a memorial service


for five policemen covered -- killed by a sniper in Dallas. The president


and his wife will meet the families of the officers. Let's take you live


now to those memorial service is well underway and we can listen in


on matter. Policing can both be strong and smart. Men die for the


rights that this country was built on. In short, I have never been more


proud of my city. Our city. While we did nothing wrong, there is a reason


this happened here, this pace, this time in American history. This is


our chance to lead and build a new model for a community, for a city,


for our country. To do that there will be tough times ahead. We will


mourn together. Together is the key word here. We may be sad, but we


will not dwell in self pity. We may weep, but we will never whine. We


have too much work to be done. We have too many bridges to build that


we will cross together. This I know. This I know will happen. Thank you.


You are listening to Mayor Michael Rawlins of Dallas in Texas. A


memorial service for the five slain police officers who were killed by


sniper fire last week. We are expecting President Obama to address


this crowd. He cut short a trip to Europe to be here. A log of racial


tensions have heightened in recent weeks around America and this


memorial service 95 officers who lost their lives on Thursday. God,


you are uniquely qualified. Let's look at some of the other news.


Italy faces two decades of stagnant economic growth.


That's the warning from the International Monetary fund.


It would mean Italy wouldn't return to its pre-financial crisis state


By that point, the report says, its economy would be outstripped


The international airport has re-opened in the capital


of South Sudan, where a ceasefire appears to be holding.


The UN says almost forty-thousand people have been displaced


by several days of fighting between rival factions supporting


Aid workers say the humanitarian situation


"Hang on a minute, I'm busy".Is this a new way to deter


Well, it worked for this kebab shop owner in New Zealand.


Surveillance footage shows the man, armed with a gun, demand


money from Said Ahmed, who continues serving a customer


until the would - be robber - obviously confused - leaves.


It seemed like it would never happen but Bernie Sanders has FINALLY


endorsed Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee


The former rivals stood side-by-side in New Hampshire


as the Vermont Senator pledged his support.


Despite their differences, Mr Sanders said it was important


that Mrs Clinton defeats Donald Trump in November.


This campaign is not really about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or


Bernie Sanders or any other candidate who sought the presidency.


This campaign is about the needs of the American people and addressing


the very serious crises that we face. There is no doubt in my mind


that, as we head into November, Hillary Clinton is far and away the


best candidate to do that. Mrs Clinton meanwhile paid


tribute to Bernie Sanders As Bernie will tell you, talk is


cheap. We need to keep fighting to make sure everything we have stood


for Israel in the lives of people across America. This amazing country


of ours is worthy of our best efforts. This election, let's send


the message in America. In America, we don't enter each other down, we


left each other up. We build bridges, not wars. We put common


interests ahead of self-interest. We stand together because we are


stronger together. Our correspondent Gary


O'Donoghue is in Washington. He took a long time. Why did he take


so long? It did take a long time, particularly because they have been


fighting one another since the middle of last year. Bernie Sanders


went right to the end of the primary process, even though,


mathematically, he lost some time before that. He had the money to go


right through to the end. Even at the end, 27 days ago, we were


waiting to see when he was dead. Now, he has and he has used the E


word. The endorsement. That will be a relief to the Clinton campaign.


She had to stand 3/2 an hour of Bernie Sanders's speech, modelling


and agreeing all the way through and he has extracted some changes to the


Democratic platform, the party document on which they are supposed


to fight elections, namely things like an extended minimum wage,


opposition to certain trade deals and changes to health and education


care. The question will be now gone forward, just to what extent he goes


out and campaigns for and, more importantly, enthuse those young


people who turned out to rally. He did endorse, but it was a complete


love in. He used much of the rhetoric he has used for the past


few months, implying it was nothing more than a numbers game. He did say


that and he also said it is a bigger thing than about any one candidate,


white sheets did the clapping and Nottingham. It was a pretty awkward


affair, to be honest. It is probably the best they could hope for. There


clearly isn't some warm chemistry between them. They have only sat


down 1's face to face on their own and that was just on the end of the


primary process. It is a very awkward thing. He believes he has


built this revolution, political revolution, she has developed a huge


donor base, a huge activist base. Those things are really important to


Hillary Clinton. She has been around in the political sphere for two


decades. She is good to win an election on the promise of the


future. She will want to have those young people going out and


campaigning and arguing for her. Thank you for shedding light on the


nomination race as we head to the White House, 2016.


As Britain's Conservatives unite around a new leader


and Prime Minister - the opposition LABOUR party


Officials are ruling on whether the current leader


Jeremy Corby needs fresh nominations to stand again.


Meanwhile, his challenger Angela Eagle has seen


Here's our political editor Laura Kuenssberg.


A bit of politeness, please, can you all make way?


Jeremy Corbyn fought through the Labour establishment to


Can you guys be really kind for once and let


His refusal to make way, though most MPs want


him gone, mean Labour is stuck in a stalemate.


It's not about luck but the meaning of


MPs who want Mr Corbyn to quit believe that under the rules he


does not have an automatic right to stand again as leader.


But his supporters have had legal advice


It's cut and dried and eventually, we will


sort this matter out and Jeremy will remain.


Most MPs believe his useful time as leader is over, and the


rules say he would need the support of more than 50 of them to run


After dozens of resignations, that's just not likely to happen.


So in effect, this meeting could kick him out.


We have now got a new Prime Minister coming in tomorrow.


think that will concentrate everyone's minds very carefully.


Does that mean Jeremy Corbyn must go soon, if you're saying that?


Jeremy Corbyn is the elected Labour Party leader.


The build-up to the meeting has been frantic.


Mr Corbyn's allies even tried to shove one MP off


the crucial committee in


What happened to you in the middle of the


I was asleep in the middle of the night.


They went in for hours of


discussion and one big decision at the party HQ.


There is a leadership contest in Labour, so should Jeremy


Corbyn, the current leader, be allowed to stand


without getting dozens of


This isn't just some strange fuss outside


an anonymous London office block on a wet Tuesday afternoon.


The NEC is a mix of Labour MPs, union officials,


ordinary party members, and they are roughly split


between those who want Jeremy Corbyn to stay and those who


A brick was hurled through the Merseyside


office of the MP who wants to be Labour's next leader.


Then Angela Eagle had to switch venues on a


campaign tour in Luton because of threats.


T-shirt of the Corbyn-backing Momentum group, still tracked her


The leader condemned any abuse but Angela Eagle, who wants to


replace him so badly, says it's not enough.


They are being done in his name, and he needs to get control of


the people who are supporting him and make certain


this behaviour stops and


It is bullying and has absolutely no place in politics in


But Mr Corbyn does still have the muscle of


most of the unions on his side, and, it's thought, most of the party's


An attempt to kind of keep Jeremy off the paper


And I'm desperately hoping that that doesn't


I hope common sense and a bit of decency prevails at the NEC


Disquiet about Jeremy Corbyn's leadership spilled


out from Westminster's backrooms into public view long ago,


but the charge against him maybe far from over.


Laura Kuenssberg, BBC News, Westminster.


And drama of another sort in Downing Street.


David Cameron , the outgoing British Prime Minister,


The harsh reality of politics.the removal vans are in -


and Mr Cameron and his family are moving out of their home


of the last six years - just one day after he announced


he was stepping down to allow his successor,


On Wednesday, she officially becomes Prime Minister once


Mr Cameron has handed in his resignation to the Queen.


It is quite an ordeal getting our bearings. There she goes, back


again. More photographs outside her new home, number ten Downing St.


Let's take you back to the memorial for the five police officers killed


on Thursday. Our correspondent, David Willis, is in Dallas. David,


it is an emotional day. An important day. What is the mood like in


Dallas? The mood is one of great sorrow and reflectiveness. It is an


indication, perhaps, of the fine line that President Obama is


attempting to work when police on the one hand and protesters on the


other, between white and black. On the way here, on Air Force One, he


placed phone calls to the relatives of golden sterling and the Landrieu


Castillo, the two black men who died at the hands of white police


officers last week, sparking protest we haven't seen across America over


the last egos. The interfaith service got underway a short while


ago. President Obama is there. So to former President George W Bush and


the vice president. We heard from the Mayor of Dallas, Mark Rowlands,


saying we will not whine. We have too many bridges to build. I wonder


how people are reconciling the emotions today? The police officers


were slain protecting people are being commemorated here, but the


police force is intertwined with the issue of racial tensions in the


country. Absolutely. We may well see a reflection of that in the remarks


that President Obama makes today here. It is likely as well that he


will return to a theme he has on before, making the point that this


is not just an of policing, of police brutality, but a wider issue


of economic disparities, of the lack of access in certain communities


here in America to such things as basic education, health care, even


healthy food, for example. The president perhaps making the point


that the one thing that people in certain communities in America,


certain disadvantaged communities here, can be assured of his robust


law enforcement. Clearly, the whole picture has to change if America is


to change. People desperately wanting leadership. Many people


argue that President Obama would have been the best person to offer


that he is now leading -- leaving the White House. There was so much


hope. That was the motif of the Obama administration, the Obama


candidacy for president, that message of hope. With just a few


months left in the White House he has got some way to go towards


bringing that hope back to some sense of reality. David Willis in


Dallas. As we leave David Wiese returning to the pictures of the


memorial service for those five officers killed on Thursday.


President Obama, there he is, due to speak very shortly. We will bring


you all of that on BBC world News. Stay with us for now. It is goodbye


from the end of that on BBC world News. Stay with us for now. It is


goodbye from me and the team. Tuesday afternoon was a wash-out


across some parts of the country, especially the Midlands and the


south-east. Wednesday, more showers on


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