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This is BBC World News Today, with me, Matthew Amroliwala live


from Westminster as Theresa May becomes Britain's


She's now officially the new occupant at 10


As we leave the European Union, we will forge a bold, new, positive


The formal handover came at Buckingham Palace,


when the Queen invited Mrs May to form a government.


Her predecessor, David Cameron, said his farewell to the House


of Commons as Prime Minister with a wry joke at his own expense.


Nothing is really impossible if you put your mind to it.


After all, as I once said, I was the future once.


And then time for the family to also say goodbye.


A wave, a hug - as the Camerons and their three children leave


Hello and welcome live to Westminster.


So, Britain has a new Prime Minister.


She arrived in Downing Street less than one hour ago. On the steps


outside she pledged to lead for all the country and not just the


privileged few. At the same lecture in just a few moments before, David


Cameron spoke about the honour it had been, the greatest honour of his


life, to lead this country. Our Political Editor looks at another


extraordinary day at Westminster. Always a politician,


ready with a line. But with his family beside him


in front of the cameras like this


for the first time, there was just Of course we've not got


every decision right. But I do believe today our country


is much Above all, it was about turning


around the economy. With a deficit cut by two thirds,


two-and-a-half million more people in work and one million more


businesses, there can be no doubt our economy is


immeasurably stronger. David Cameron wanted a different


Tory Party and a different But he leaves the same way


they all do, so many fights forgotten, failure remembered among


some success but the family remains. I want to thank my children for whom


Downing Street has been a lovely They sometimes kicked


the red boxes full Florence, you once climbed into one


before a foreign trip and Above all, I want to thank Samantha,


the love of my life. You have kept me


vaguely sane and, as well as being an amazing wife,


mother and businesswoman, you have done something every


week in that building behind me to celebrate


the best of voluntary


service in our country. It has been the greatest honour


of my life to serve our country as Prime Minister


over these last six years and to serve


as leader of my party years and to serve


for almost 11 years. As we leave for the last time,


my only wish is continued success for this great country that


I love so very much. farewell, a journey started when he


promised the public a vote and the European Union.


The last word from the Queen at the palace to her Prime Minister.


Who knows what comfort she was able to give.


But before the regal sign-off, there had


been time for a show of support.


Even after all the rancour from the beating heart of


CHEERING Normally a raucous bear pit.


THE SPEAKER: Questions to the Prime Minister.


It was Prime Minister's comedy stand-up rather than Prime


Mr Speaker, this morning I had meetings with


Other than one meeting this afternoon with Her Majesty the


Queen, the diary for the rest of my day is remarkably light.


MPs from nearly all sides offering good humour.


I'm told there are lots of leadership roles out there


And a joke from the opposition leader at David


I was talking of the economy, the Home Secretary


again, she said, many people find themselves exploited


I can't imagine who she was referring to!


Then the last of David Cameron at the dispatch box.


I will miss the barbs from the opposition.


People come here with huge passion for the


They come here with great love for the


The last thing I'd say is that you can


That, in the end, the public service,


the national interest, is what it is all about.


Nothing is really impossible if you put your mind to.


After all, I once said, I was the future once!


And a wave to his family watching on.


At Downing Street, they watched on a day


Preparations were well underway for the next occupant.


Today is not really about David Cameron at all.


Gathering up the family, leaving their way of life.


Samantha Cameron alongside the departing Prime


Minister with the three children all part of


the grandest leaving do in town.


Cheered out but living a country divided over the European Union.


Out before he intended to go and his party divided too.


But almost as speedily as the motorcycle outriders,


the new Prime Minister swept into her job.


Not elected by her party, not elected by you or me,


the last few weeks have propelled Theresa May far quicker


than she'd ever expected to achieve the ambition


But as the nation's leader, this is a big


I have just been to Buckingham Palace where Her


Majesty, the Queen, has asked me to form a new Government and I


In David Cameron, I follow in the footsteps of a great modern


Under David's leadership, the Government


stabilised the economy, reduced the budget deficit and helped more


But David's true legacy is not about the economy


From the introduction of same-sex marriage to taking people


on low wages out of income tax altogether,


David Cameron's led a one-nation Government


Because not everybody knows this but the full title of my party


is the Conservative and Unionist party.


And that word unionist is very important to me.


The precious bond between England, Scotland,


But it means something else that is just as


It means we believe in a union not just between the nations


of the United Kingdom but between all of our citizens.


Every one of us, whoever we are and wherever we're from.


That means fighting against the burning injustice that


if you're born poor you will die on average nine years earlier


If you're black, you're treated more harshly by the criminal


If you are's a white working class boy,


you're less likely to go to university.


It you're at a state school, you're less likely to reach


the top professions thaven if you're educated privately.


If you're a woman, you'll earn less than a man.


If you're young, you'll find it harder than ever before to own your


But the mission to make Britain a country that works for


everyone means more than fighting these injustices.


If you're from an ordinary working class family, life is harder


than many people in Westminster realise.


You have a job but don't always have job security.


You have your own home but you worry about paying the mortgage.


You can just about manage, but you worry


about the cost of living and getting your kids into a good school.


If you're one of those families, if you're just managing, I want to


I know you're working around the clock, I know


I know that sometimes life can be a struggle.


The Government I lead will be driven not by the interests of the


We will do everything we can to give you more control over your lives.


We are living through an important moment in our country's history.


Following the referendum, we face a time of great national change.


I know, because we're Great Britain, that we will rise to the challenge.


As we leave the European Union, we will forge a bold new positive role


And we will make Britain a country that


works not for a privileged few but for every one of us.


That will be the mission of the Government I lead and


together, we will build a better Britain.


A leader who hopes for calm but might well surprise.


Events will no doubt surprise Theresa May.


But sometimes politicians find a moment,


sometimes, it is the moment that finds them.


Will you heard Theresa May talking their, mapping out the sort of


country she wants to lead and the sort of Prime Minister she wants to


be. She makes clear that there will be no backing down from Brexit and


she was a better economy and she wants a government at the service of


ordinary people. Let's hear this report from our economy editor.


She'll remember this moment when things get tough


Theresa May was only embraced as Tory Leader on Monday.


Now she's on a journey as tough as any leader in peacetime.


Remember her telling Tories people just didn't like them anymore.


You know what some people call us, the nasty party.


She came down against uncontrolled migration.


There is no case in the national interest for immigration


of the scale we've experienced over the last decade.


The next Prime Minister of this great country,


May's Britain will somehow have to be tough and tender.


Moments before she knew she would be PM she mapped out


To steer us through this political uncertainty and negotiate the best


deal for Britain and forge a new role for ourselves


Remaking relations between Britain and the world, a huge task.


In talks in Brussels curbing EU migration and getting


Dozens of deals need doing worldwide.


Britain's global influence has to be protected in NATO and the UN.


Britain's can't become an inward focussed nation.


We'll carry on playing the role we play on an international stage.


In NATO, our security relations with other countries.


There will be a big focus to stay part of the international community.


Our decision on the European Union is not about Britain becoming


When it comes to the Brexit economy, business and finances outside


The Prime Minister wants business more productive, that needs


Foreign takeovers of firms vital to Britain could be blocked.


George Osborne wanted more productive business.


To get more homes built, they're needed badly.


As for public spending, he tried to cut welfare and failed.


Rebel Tory MPs can block any toll Si easily.


We have to build on the strong economic legacy Theresa May's


We need to encourage business to take advantage of the challenges


and opportunities that Brexit throws up.


She has the negotiating experience to make sure


Since her early days as a shadow minister,


Theresa May's job's been about policy supporting women.


So we bring people back together, rich and poor, young and old,


male and female, black and white, sick and healthy.


That sounded like David Cameron's vision for equal opportunity.


The aim to cool resentment and deep division between haves and have


Today, it is a mission that will take time,


How much of this mission making Britain a fairer place in every way


can you realistically expect her to manage?


You will not do it in one Parliament.


It is something you'll have to keep doing.


All too often, it has been put in the too difficult pile.


Britain's new Prime Minister will not lack from


The political honeymoon won't last long.


The awkward international negotiations.


Pushing through plans and reforms with a tiny majority in the Commons.


If she wants to know how hard it is to be premised, she knows who to


ask. For Theresa May it is in the Number ten and after the welcoming


and meeting team inside number ten it is straight down to work. Already


we have seen activity with comings and goings. Putting together our


team is the first priority. Rob Watson is here with me. She is


famous for being detailed and hard-working. She said that about


herself. It is straight down to work. Absolutely and I think that is


entirely consistent with the image of her sales pitch to the country


and her party, to say, we have had an awful lot of excitement, we have


had enough excitement, down to a safe pair of hands getting on with


the job. A radical do you think the change, the Cabinet, the reshuffle


is likely to be with her team? I think we will see big changes and we


have seen Boris Johnson go in, a prominent Leave campaigner. What I


would stress is continuity. There is. In common between the prison


between David Cameron and Theresa May. They are one nation


Conservatives. That leaves you try to make a more equal country. As he


finished that sentence I am hearing that Philip Hammond has been


appointed as the new Chancellor of the Exchequer. A lot of people had


tipped him for that post but confirmation in the last few


moments. I think that will be welcome news for most businesses. If


I continue my point, it is interesting, people will talk about


change, the big change between Theresa May and David Cameron is


personality, style and character. They have a lot in common. They both


believe in sound finances, both pretty Eurosceptic. Even though they


both campaigned for Remain. They want to stop the Conservative Party


being seen as the party of the rich and powerful. Philip Hammond and


interesting appointment but it is what happens to Boris Johnson but


will be interesting. Will they or someone like him be the Minister for


Brexit, the person responsible for doing that? Or will he be cast


aside? It is one of the options because it is very difficult to


imagine two work politicians more dissimilar than Theresa May and


Boris Johnson. It is all plants and flair and Theresa May is of roles


and no spills. It is ethical to know but how quickly does this phase


pass? How quickly will it be for Theresa May is in place ready to


talk to some of those global partners? It will be quick. Britain


after Brexit is like a play. We have had the dramatic opening acts,


surprise result in the referendum, the departure of David Cameron, now


it is maybe a bit more complicated and difficult. British politics will


settle down a bit but only a bit. The renegotiation and healing the


divisions in Britain. Thank you for that. The Cabinet reshuffle already


underway. Brexit, the negotiations will be the absolute priority. Some


of those EU bosses who will eventually sit down opposite Theresa


May have been speaking to date. Our Europe editor has this report from


Brussels. The rest of Europe, the significance of Theresa May becoming


UK Prime Minister is this. She will be the figure head leading Briton's


exit from the European Union. She will need to negotiate the details


with all of these EU leaders. In an awkward situation, maintaining


cordial relations will be key. Today on an official visit to China, the


EU tone sounded positive. I will not negotiate with Britain in a hostile


mood. We are. I not giving public advice to the incoming British Prime


want to talk about her before having talked with her.


It is here in Brussels that Theresa May will need


all EU leaders for the very first time at a summit any couple of


months and she will be anxious to grab that


opportunity to talk to


them off the record, perhaps over a cup of


coffee, about the of deal the UK


She will have her work cut out for her because some of those


leaders don't want to talk a word about Brexit


until the formal process of the UK leaving has started.


It's going to be quite some juggling act.


It wants tough negotiations to put others of pushing to leave the EU.


Italy wants to send a strong message, too.


With its own economic and political problems, it needs the


While Eastern and Baltic Europe don't want to


They need UK backing to keep a hard line against Russia.


But this arguably is Theresa May's most important negotiating


Like Theresa May, steely, wiley, determined.


Of course Theresa May is no stranger to Brussels.


She has been here many times for EU minister meetings.


Officials here warn she shouldn't underestimate them.


She will find people who know her who will negotiate on equal fitting


with her but I repeat, on equal footing.


Not even for someone with the reputation as a tough


Theresa May is a tough negotiator, I can assure


you, here in the European Parliament we are tough negotiators as well.


The EU-UK relationship has never been easy.


Theresa May now represents a Britain that has voted to leave.


She will find safeguarding UK interests here even more complex in


Let's go live to Brussels and speak to our correspondence. Interesting,


some of those comments a little earlier from Donald Tusk and


Jean-Claude Juncker about being positive as they started this


process in the coming weeks with Britain and the Brexit negotiations.


Yes, certainly compared to some of those cold and frosty comments that


were coming out of European leaders here in Brussels almost three weeks


ago now after Britain voted to leave the European Union. Things do seem,


judging by the language used today, to fall slightly. Two of the leaders


here, Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker have been in China for a


prearranged summit where they were supposed to have been talking mainly


about political deals, close economic ties and also deals on


climate change, creating a low cost and low carbon economy but


inevitably their press conference is they finished that summit was


hijacked with journalists wanting to know their opinions about what was


going on thousands of miles away over in London today. Some of the


things they were saying subtly suggested a more positive


relationship or at least a start to the new Prime Minister's tenure in


Downing Street. They said things like they wouldn't be trying to


punish Britain by its decision to leave the EU, that they would be


negotiating -- wouldn't be negotiating in anger or hostility,


they also said that they and the UK had been many close friends for many


decades and would continue to be so even after the Brexit talks began.


That will be crucial here. As we have been hearing today, Theresa May


will perhaps create a new Brexit Department, certainly appointing a


new Brexit minister. Someone to go through those negotiations or at


least begin them when she decides to formally announce Briton's departure


from the EU triggering article 50. They will need to see what happens


there, and wait to see who she points to lead us negotiations. Then


they will know who they are dealing with and what the way forward might


be. Just two sentences because we are nearly at the time. How quickly


to actually getting going? That is anybody's guess. There have been


seven years quoted in the papers that apparently came from Philip


Hammond who has been appointed to it very top job in government. That


depends whether they have to negotiate with all 27 member states


ought some sort of short cut. We should find out more when Theresa


May make the Cabinet perhaps this evening or tomorrow morning.


Thank you very much for that. Let me just re-what we have learnt in


Downing Street in the last few minutes. Philip Hammond becomes the


Chancellor of the Exchequer. George Osborne the previous Chancellor has


resigned from the Government and goes back to the backbenches. The


work has already started in terms of Theresa May, she is the new Prime


Minister and she is now putting together her new team.


Good evening. It promises to be a fine day tomorrow. Sunshine on the




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