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This is BBC World News Today with me Tom Donkin.


Another day of high drama in Downing Street, as Theresa May


decides who's in and who's out of her cabinet.


Several big hitters are out - including one of her rivals


But it's the decision to put Boris Johnson in charge of foreign


policy in the wake of the Brexit referendum, which is still sending


Reports from the US say Donald Trump has chosen his running mate.


We'll be live in Washington, as rumours build about


And - we get a glimpse of David Bowie's private art


collection, as it comes up for auction in London.


Another busy day for Britain's new Prime Minister, Theresa May,


as she puts her new Government together.


She's received a telephone from President Obama,


who told her he looked forward to deepening the special


relationship between the US and the UK for the rest of his term.


Two other leading Brexiteers enjoyed contrasting fates.


Michael Gove who ran against Mrs May for the leadership is sacked


as Justice Secretary, but Andrea Leadsom, who also


ran for the top job, is promoted to


Reaction's been coming in from around the world


to the appointment of Mr Johnson as Britain's top diplomat.


Our political correspondent Vicki Young is at Westminster.


The new Prime Minister Theresa May has completed form and her new


cabinets. This surprises keep on coming. There are some jobs for


those who challenged her for the leadership but some big names have


been booted out. There are jobs for Brexiteer 's and those who voted for


Remain in that EU referendum. Former Justice Secretary Michael Gove who


ran for the leadership has gone and been replaced by former Environment


Secretary Liz truss. Andrea Leadsom new Environment Secretary who also


challenge Theresa May for leadership. Jeremy Hunt, Health


Secretary, currently embroiled in a dispute with junior doctors, stays


where he is. Our Political Editor reports.


Flowers on 80 of congratulation that commiserations also. The busiest


people in Westminster where the florists.


But the Prime Minister was cracking on. Arriving for perhaps her biggest


job, getting her team right. It is not like they even get a job


interview. They turn up to find out what they have got. Articles each


chat in number ten? In her case she walked out as Secretary of State for


Justice. Just didn't beginning, -- Justin Keeling walked in with one


cabinet post and what about with another, -- Justine Greening what


end with one cabinet post and what about with another. Imagine being


Damian Green. He senior MP opening but not knowing if he is heading for


the Cabinet. 30 minutes later in charge of Department for Work and


Pensions. It has been a very busy first day


for me here at the Foreign Office. It began with a speech to about 700


of our staff. I set out what I think we need to be doing and focusing on.


That is reshaping Britain's global profile and identity as a great


global player. Who else is in? Philip Hammond as the Chancellor,


essentially the number two. Amber Rudd is the new secretary.


Eurosceptic Andrea Leadsom moves into the Cabinet in charge of brutal


fears. After confusion over his role Jeremy Hunt stays at health.


Today's losers did not have too faced the Downing Street walk of


shame. Theresa May told some people fear services were not required.


George Osborne, Chancellor for six years, is out. Michael Gove his


controversial friend was also shown the door. Nicky Morgan who backed


him to be the leader met the same feat. Oliver Letwin, one of David


Cameron's thinkers, is out as well. And Stephen Clark, who also ran for


a leader. This is more than the usual comings


and goings. -- Stephen Crabb who also run for


leader. There are some of the same faces and


some of the same controversies and problems also. But the Government


looks different, very different and under Theresa May what some


ministers do will be different. There will not be a budget within


weeks as George Osborne had claimed they would. We do not see any need


for an emergency budget at the moment. I expect to become to


statement in the usual we having spent the summer studying the effect


on the economy so far, looking at our plan for the future, consulting


with the experts, starting with the Governor of the Bank of England this


morning. Remember these changes are all within the same political party.


The same side is still in charge. But the new Prime Minister wants a


clean break, maybe clearing all the resentments and Rogers also. Do not


forget, these jobs really do matter. Politics is personal to.


The new Conservative Government has not been entirely welcomed renewed.


The President of the European Parliament said its composition was


an attempt to keep the Tory party together rather than focus on the


future of the country. There was criticism of the new Foreign


Secretary Boris Johnson who is accused by his French counterpart of


lying are a lot during the referendum campaign.


A deputy editor has more. It was not just as he was surprised.


Boris Johnson has been put in charge of quiet British diplomacy after a


career strewn with colourful outbursts. Reaction has been mixed


around the world. On Twitter the former Swedish leader thought it was


a joke. The former Belgian Prime Minister thought so also. Australia


sent good wishes but others in France and Germany were less


friendly. The President of the European Parliament has described


the Cabinet reshuffle which meet Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary as


part of the dangerously vicious cycle since the votes to quit the


EU. Criticism from the French Foreign Minister, he said in an


interview the new Foreign Secretary had told a lot of lies about EU.


After a vote like the referendum result on June 23 at this inevitable


there will be plaster coming off the ceiling in the chancelleries of


Europe. It was not the result they were expecting and clearly they are


making their views known in a frank and 3-way. The gentleman that you


mentioned, the French Foreign Minister said the eight charming


letter just couple of hours ago. -- need there are views known in a


frank and free way. They have just made him Foreign Secretary. In


America they ignore about Boris Johnson's Way with words. He can


appeared at Hillary Clinton to a sadistic nurse.


He wrote about ancestral dislike of the British Empire.


In Washington State Department spokesman's face spoke volumes. It


has been announced as Boris Johnson. That is better. We are always good


to be able to work with the British and matter who is occupying the rule


of Foreign Secretary. Boris Johnson addressed his new staff to deal


looking the part. That is what the policy is about sometimes.


Colleagues say he has the talent and blamed for the job but he will have


to get used to being a little less interesting.


Well, it's fair to say there's been less than positive reaction in some


parts of Europe to that decision to make Boris Johnson


To talk about it let's go to Brussels and our


A lot of dismay and anger about his appointment in Brussels. Do you


think when he gets down to business those feelings might subside?


With all these things there is going to be an element of reality. Once he


comes here on Monday he is sitting in a room with the other 27 EU


Foreign Minister 's and the US Secretary of State, John Kerry,


there will have to beat some kind of cordial and constructive


relationship. But throughout the course of today across the continent


and in Brussels there has been a lot of supplies and scepticism. Boris


Johnson will have his work cut out to try to construct that


relationship. That is key. It is a sentiment echoed by the outgoing UK


EU Commissioner, Lord Hill, he said the British Government cannot cut


off its nose to spite its face in these negotiations.


Ministers might not have long to wait to see Boris Johnson. We need


to see if his belief will clash with the Brexit minister that Theresa May


has installed, David Davis. Negotiators over there will want to


know who they are dealing with in terms of British except stop.


His deadly job title suggests David Davis will be the main player in


negotiations but clearly there are other big issues on the table.


Syria, Libya. It is hard to think Boris Johnson will come to Brussels


and not discuss the Brexit 's negotiation is a winner that will


take place in eight more informal sense, of course that European Union


is insisting that no formal negotiations will happen until the


British Government invoked article 50. Then there will be a two-year


timescale and in our time since that is in favour of the rest of the


European Union because it puts the pressure on the Europe -- pressure


on the British Government to get a good deal by the end of those two


years and that will be in testing. Looking at the reverberations of


Boris Johnson entering their world stage of politics.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


A station master in southern Italy has admitted he allowed a train


to go on a single track minutes before it collided head


He and another station master have both been suspended as part


of an investigation into multiple manslaughter.


23 people died in the crash earlier this week.


The rail line relies on an old phone alert system dating


The European Union has expanded its investigation


into whether Google is breaking EU competition rules.


It now includes the company's advertising business.


It alleges that adverts provided by Google are given unfair


prominence by the internet giant to the detriment of its competitors.


Google says it will respond to the complaint in the coming weeks.


The United Nations says dozens of summary executions in Eastern


The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights says some


of the cases could amount to war crimes.


It's looked into the disappearances and deaths of at least 47


people in areas held by Russian-backed separatists.


The report also lists 29 cases in government-controlled territory.


Overall the UN says, there's a culture of pervasive


Joining me from Kiev is Fiona Frazer.


She's in charge of the team that wrote the report.


It is very hard to gather information in an ongoing war zone


like this but in a protracted conflict like you clean the wheels


of international justice will need to move swiftly.


We have been documenting with the European human rights office since


March 2014, documenting cases where we have seen the arbitrary loss of


life through abductions, cases of torture, and so forth. This report


looks at killings and the deaths of individuals as a result of


hostilities but it also looks at cases that stem from 2013 and 2014


as well as the violence in deaths on the 2nd of May. It is looking at the


past two years, the increase in the number of deaths arbitrarily and


through other acts and we feel there needs to be more accountability, for


people to be held responsible, for perpetrators to be held to account,


and for victims to feel they are able to obtain justice.


The line is dodgy but they will persist and see if it gets better.


Give as a sense of who you team gathers information. Difficult to


get there on the ground and see what is actually happening.


In Eastern Ukraine in a conflict area the UN office works on both


sides of the contact line. We are present there working daily, working


with individuals, speaking to them. I will be view there. The line has


deteriorated too much to understand what you are saying but thank you


for joining us. And that is the person that wrote


the report onto serious allegations of what is happening there.


The Hang deviant Government has rejected accusations of using


excessive force to expel migrants. -- the Government of Hungary has


rejected accusations. The toughening up of what were


already strict controls has led to a rise in the numbers stack in camps


on the Serbian side. He entrusts the leader of the


migrantss with a list of which provokes a polite scrum.


The document gives the names of 15 migrants who will be allowed to


cross into Hungary that day. This is one of the most nervous times of day


at the camp. Families want to get a close look at the lists provided by


Hungary. They want to see if they have moved up the line and are


closer to getting out of here. The 15 on the list do not have much


time to pack or say goodbye. This person who is from Afghanistan


is taking her four-year-old son with her.


We are so happy. After one month staying here and now we are going.


You are happy as well. Yes. This turnstile as their front door into


Hungary. They are called in one by one, they step into the European


Union. Trying to breakthrough is much more


dangerous. Aid workers say that Hungary has been brutal in its


treatment of migrants who cut through the border fence.


Testimonies from refugees in the last couple of weeks, and medical


evidence, to show that there has been in some weak use of excessive


force on the refugees. I Hungary? Yes. This person from


Afghanistan does not want to show his face. He got through the fence


twice and says he was pushed back with boards each time. They took me


to the border. At the border? Yes and they opened the door and pushed


me inside. They said to me, go to Serbia. Hungary insists that it


simply escorts migrants back across the border. More people end up


meeting at this camp hoping to get a place on the daily list. The door to


Central Europe only opens a bit at a time.


US media are reporting that the presumptive Republican


presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has decided on his


The New York Times says his advisers are signalling that it will be


the governor of Indiana, Mike Pence.


The BBC has no independent confirmation.


The decision is due to be announced in New York on Friday just before


next week's Republican Party convention.


This is American media saying this. How certain are they?


They seem to be increasingly certain. Several wire services are


saying that Donald Trump has told Republican leaders, Republican


insiders, at Mike Pence is the choice. We will not know for certain


until Donald Trump stands next to the man tomorrow at the unveiling


and Manhattan but I think we can be fairly confident that is the


direction it is heading. Who is Mike Pence and how will he


help Donald Trump get to the White House?


He is the governor of Indiana, a Midwestern state, a key electoral


battle ground. Prior to that he was a senior member of the House of


representatives in the US Congress. He was also one of the Conservative


leaders in the US Congress. He was one of the true believers in what is


considered a movement of conservatives, rigid conservative


orthodoxy. For Donald Trump it shows up his conservative base. He hopes


it can make conservative voters and tea party voters who may have doubts


about Donald Trump more comfortably with him. It is a move to shore up


the base, not try to broaden his appeal to women or minorities. But


it is a solid choice, he has got experience. Donald Trump does not


have elected office experience of this is a way of having somebody on


his team who knows the ropes in Washington.


These annexes are usually made before the convention. Who is


Hillary Clinton likely to announce going into her Democratic


convention? She is about to take the stage with


a senator from Virginia. Prior to that he was governor of Virginia. He


is probably odds-on favourite. He is a safe choice from a key swing


state. There are other options. The secretary of health and human


services is considered a choice that might expand her appeal.


And the Senator from Massachusetts, a liberal firebrand, that would be


like the choice of Mike Pence, to solidify the base, generate


enthusiasm within the party. Thank you. Interesting stuff. Almost


as interesting as what is happening in British politics right now.


David Bowie's private art collection is going on display in London.


Nearly 300 works which hung in the musician's


multiple homes are going on display in London before being sold


The collection includes works by Damien Hirst and Henry Moore.


It's valued at more than $18 million.


It is a collection which reveals the tastes and personal passions


David Bowie loved this spin painting by Damien Hirst.


He really valued Damien Hirst's glamorous freakiness.


David Bowie was a fan of Frank Auerbach, and other modern


and contemporary British artists such as Peter Lanyon,


but as well as large works like this graffiti-style painting


by Jean-Michel Basquiat, he purchased more-modest pictures


like this by Harold Gilman, and they hung on the walls of his homes.


It is mostly emotional and art that somehow depicts the world,


and it does so from a bohemian, romantic point of view.


While the world knows all about his music, much less


is known about David Bowie's life as an art collector.


It was something he kept almost entirely hidden from public view,


The only thing I buy addictively and obsessively is art.


With his sketchbooks spread out in front of him,


the artist John Virtue then uses them to create his large


I got a phone call, "Hi, it's David, I am in St Ives,


Two hours later, he and a man arrived in the car park,


and the whole of that day we were in the studio.


I kept it on 22nd February 1994, the night I met David Bowie.


The novelist William Boyd was introduced to the musician


at an editorial meeting for an art magazine.


Up close his face looked quite lived in, baggy-eyed,


How important was art to David Bowie?


He was very serious about it, he was an artist, he painted


He wanted to learn more and discuss subjects with you.


It was not a hobby or a whim, it was a serious


These pictures are just a few of the hundreds of works


that David Bowie bought during his lifetime.


"Art," he once said, "can change the way I feel in the morning."


And now his intensely-private collection is going on public


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