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The Turkish government moves against those it suspects of having


Around 3,000 soldiers are under arrest and over 2,500 judges


crowd had taken to the streets in support of their president after the


violence, which left 265 dead. Five people are arrested


in connection with The French President has called


for "national unity". The Interior Ministry calls of


thousands of police reserve list to help bolster interior security.


The Prime Minister of Turkey has described an attempted


coup as a "black stain" on Turkish democracy.


addressing large crowds of supporters.


He claimed the country is now under control and that nearly


many of them civilians, were killed during the violence


In London, the Foreign Office is advising British people in Turkey


It's estimated there are currently 50,000 Britons on holiday there.


Our correspondent Katy Watson reports from Istanbul.


Less than 12 hours after the attempted coup began,


walking from tanks with their hands above their heads.


Last night, the parliament building in Ankara became the focal


The country's President took the video messaging,


urging people to come out onto the streets to oppose


This was the Bosphorous Bridge in Istanbul.


The rebel soldiers stood firm against protesters


Some mounted the tanks, grabbing guns from soldiers's hands.


This man went down to the bridge with his pregnant wife.


He showed me the photos of the tanks and the crowds.


Army members were brutal, they were sending bombs


to people from tanks, passing by people, my friends


who were on the bridge, on Bosphorous Bridge,


This morning the bridge was reopened.


The reminders of last night's action removed from sight.


Life here may be starting to return to normal, and the government says


they have things under control, but they are still asking people


to remain on the streets the protest until all of this is over.


The Prime Minister has condemned what happened.


TRANSLATION: What happened on July 15th was a black stain


The people who attacked the civilians with the bombs, tanks,


planes and helicopters of the state are worse than the PKK terrorists.


More than 2.5 million Brits visit Turkey every year.


Those currently in the country have been told to stay indoors.


The new Foreign Secretary said the UK remains very concerned


They're working very hard, as you can imagine, to do the best


for the many Brits that are there, and who are there on holiday.


They should follow the travel advice and we will do our best to update


Meanwhile, flights in and out of the country are still chaotic.


Some have been cancelled, others diverted, until


Well, as we've been reporting, for several hours last night


hundreds of Turkish soldiers appeared to have taken control


of key areas of the main cities of Ankara and Istanbul.


There was little sign of Turkey's political leaders


as the plotters took over buildings and media outlets.


But crucially, they needed to secure the support of the public


and especially the majority of the military


Zira Meral from the Centre for Historical Analysis


and Conflict Research examines for us now why the coup failed.


Turkey's Armed Forces have Turkey's Armed Forces have


interfered in politics. They have taken control of the country several


times in the last 50 years, forcing governments to step down twice. This


is why this coup did not work. No public support. Others started with


media campaigns and organised protest. That did not happen here.


Even the government's faces critics have come out against the


attack. Two, number bashed macro not enough soldiers. They had not nearly


enough and their actions were quickly condemned by other parts of


the armed service. No bureaucratic support. Physically


taking control of a building does not mean you are in control of the


state. You need the support of the judiciary and the bureaucracy. The


government has suspended people to prevent that.


No international support. All governments have expressed their


condemnation. And the biggest problem was the


contradiction in their aims and methods. They claim they were


supporting democracy. Given the thousands of people out on


the street, waving the Turkish flag as celebration over -- for the


ritual democracy. Not just supporters of President Erdogan,


also people who support various opposition parties have been


celebrating the defeat of this coup attempt. Those were pictures from


Istanbul and this is Ankara now. This is the scene live there. As you


can see, people out in force, and celebrating what has been seen by


some commentators as a victory for people power. And a victory for


democracy in Turkey. But clearly, huge questions ahead for political


stability in Turkey and for the nature of President Erdogan's rule.


It was a huge challenge to his authority, this coup attempt. But


some commentators say you might have been strengthened by the fact that


the coup attempt was put down. And as we are hearing, the country now


under control of the authorities. Almost 3000 soldiers arrested and a


death toll of around 265. Many of them civilians, killed during the


violence in Istanbul and Ankara. The Turkish President has called


on the United States to extradite a Muslim cleric he accuses


of being behind the country's President Erdogan said US should


hand over Fethullah Gulen, because the segments of the army


which had carried out the attempted President Erdogan's government


officially designated Gulen's religious movement a terrorist


group in May. Fethullah Gulen, who lives


in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, has


denied any involvement. Speaking from the United States,


he said he condemned the attempted The two men were once allies,


but President Erdogan has frequently accused the cleric of trying


to seize power from Dr Henri Barkey is the Director


of the Middle East programme at the Woodrow Wilson International


Center for Scholars in Washington. He's currently in Istanbul


and he joined me a short time ago. He told me that those behind the


coup took a huge gamble. They thought that if they started


a coup, that the rest And unfortunately


for them, they did not know their history -


there were two such coups in 1962 and 1963


where junior officers tried thing and in both of these


cases they lost. In Turkey, if you are going to have


a successful coup, it is the top generals who have to take


the initiative and control So junior officers do not


have a successful track record. We are looking at the rebel soldiers


surrendering. What motivated them, what was it


about President Erdogan's government that made these soldiers


want to try and overthrow him Look, the military, given


the institutional prerogatives, given its history, has always been


posed to Islamic tide leaders. -- has always been opposed to


Islamic type leaders. To the extent that President Erdogan


has won elections but still pursues what they think is a very


religious agenda. That has always been


problematic for them. The fact that he has consolidated


power and trying to change the constitution, there are a lot


of people that are upset about this but they don't try to mount


a coup, they fight it The problem is that when you have


officers and soldiers and they have access to guns,


they think they can do things This is a humiliating


defeat for them in a way. Because, as I said, things that have


happened in the past in Turkey, you realise that they don't


learn their lessons. Let's turn our attention to the


aftermath in Nice. France's interior minister has called up 12,000 police


reservists to boost security over the summer. Let's show you some of


the pictures from one of the makeshift shrines that has grown up


there. You can see people lighting candles in memory of the dead and


injured. In memory of the 84 people killed. President Hollande has


declared three days of mourning from Saturday to remember the people


killed. Flags at half-mast. Let's get our report from Lucy Williamson


with the latest. What makes a local man turn


on his community and kill? This is where Mohamed Bouhlel


planned his attack. This quiet block of flats


on the outskirts of Nice. A blue patterned towel


still hanging form the railing. Inside a neighbour showed us


where he lived, alone, French officials say


he was probably radicalised, but Jasmine told us that she had


seen no sign of it. I saw him during Ramadan,


with a young woman cuddling him. Jasmine's 14-year-old daughter


rang her from the promenade on Thursday, weeping


terrified into the phone, not knowing that she was running


from the man who lived upstairs. The promenade has now reopened


and the brutal reminders of what happened are fading under


the buzz of normal life. But this attack left France


with some uncomfortable questions, Committed jihadists,


or just isolated, angry residents Police are questioning five people,


and so-called Islamic state has claimed responsibility


for the attack, but France's interior minister says this appears


to be a new, much looser kind of affiliation, much harder


for the authorities to predict. The far-right leader Marine Le Pen


quickly took to social media, France is a great country,


she said, and it has the means to defend itself,


but because its leaders are puny they don't know how to do


this, or even want to. France's leaders say the country's


values are the target. Security, liberty, brotherhood -


how to honour them all? So 84 people died in the attack and


more than 50 others including five children are still in a critical


condition in hospital. My colleague has been speaking to the family of


one victim. A mother who was hit by the truck as she saved her children.


A devoted mother, a victim of the Bastille Day attack.


She leaves behind a family consumed with grief, including


She was killed trying to save the little one,


he says, she pulled him towards her but was hit


She died in ten minutes on the way to hospital.


The two boys, now motherless, are traumatised.


Many families take their children to the shrines to pay their respects.


It's a harrowing detail of the attack that the killer


could see that he was hitting youngsters -


Five children are still fighting for their lives in hospital.


It is of course the psychological trauma of the terrible events


of Bastille night that will be difficult heal.


For those children who survived, the work begins now to stop


We offer psychological reassurance, try a little to contain


the emotions, because I think we cannot completely stop them.


A mother just now asked me if I had some kind of magic pill.


Claire and her family, from eastern France, flew into Nice


They are on holiday, but the tragedy is a lesson in life


They must understand that our world is changing.


I hope that it will change for the best, but it is important


for them to be here to know that their world is changing


Bastille Day will always represent the moment the people


of France won their freedom, but for some it will now also


represent, because of the murderous actions of one man, fear


It's a big moment in the US Presidential race.


Donald Trump has been giving his first press conference


with the man he's chosen to be his Vice-Presidential running


mate - the Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence.


The two men have differed in the past on issues such


But Republican strategists are hoping the socially conservative


Mr Pence will help to broaden Mr Trump's appeal.


Speaking in New York, Donald Trump explained why he'd


chosen Mike Pence, before the Indiana Governor himself took


Governor Pence balanced the budget, produced a surplus, and maintains


a $2 billion reserve fund in the State of Indiana.


It's also rated AAA - their bonds are AAA.


The best, that's as good as you can get -


whether you're a company or a State - AAA.


Indiana was recently recognised by Chief Executive magazine


as the number one State in the Midwest for business - number


the frustrations and the hopes of the American people like no


We're tired of being told, we're tired of being told that this


We're tired of having politicians in both parties in Washington DC,


tell us we'll get to those problems tomorrow.


And as Ronald Reagan said, we're tired of being told that


a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can


plan our lives better for us than we can plan them for ourselves.


Donald Trump gets it, and he understands


That is Mike Pence. I have been asking Jane O'Brien what more we


know. The odd thing is that if you had


waited for Donald Trump to tell you, you would still be waiting. He spoke


for 30 minutes before finally introducing Mike Pence to the stage


which is really odd, because the whole idea of this form of highly


choreographed introduction is literally to do that, to introduce


the person who could become the vice president, to the nation. Mike Pence


isn't really well known by most Americans. But Donald Trump


effectively delivered his standard stump speech, taking sideswipes at


Hillary Clinton and seems to have to remind himself actually, he was


there to talk about Mike Pence. The reason that he once Mike Pence on


the ticket is because he is everything Donald Trump is not. He


has got great Conservative credentials, he is controlled, he's


disciplined, not a hothead. He certainly has good working


relationships with lawmakers on Capitol Hill and he is in effect an


insider. And Donald Trump made it very clear that that is the biggest


reason he wants him, because he is fed up with being an outsider. And


TV recognises that he needs to gain that credibility with wavering


Republicans who will be crucial in getting him into the White House. --


and he recognises. Allah is Donald Trump doing in the polls? Is it


possible to say how he's being viewed in America, not including


this announcement that Mike Pence is as running mate, it is he looking


like gaining ground across the country? The Pelz change -- the


polls change daily. The race is extremely close. But what is


significant is that in terms of general unpopularity, neither


Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump well liked by anybody. This is a campaign


when we are seeing the two least favoured now up for election. Which


makes the whole dynamic of this race very, very strange indeed and could


well affect turnout. If you are not enamoured by your Republican or


Democrat candidate, you might just stay home. So when picking Mike


Pence again, Donald Trump is hoping to boost its own figures and create


a ticket that appeals far more broadly to the disenfranchised


Americans who led the moment are throwing their weight behind Donald


Trump. Jane O'Brien reporting from Washington.


Now to check out all the sports news.


Sweden's Henrik Stenson leads American Phil Mickelson by one


stroke, heading into the final round of the Open Championship


The pair traded blows over 18 holes on day three,


as Stenson carded a three-under-par 68 for 12 under overall,


one shot clear of Mickelson, who shot 70.


American Bill Haas is six shots off the lead after a 69, one clear


of England's Andrew Johnston, who posted 70.


He is a great competitor, one of the finest to play the game in the last


15 or 20 years. I know he is not going to back down and I will try


not to, either. So it is going to be tough tomorrow and I will stick to


my plan and hit my shots, pick my spots and hopefully I will be good


enough by the end of the day. As well as his playing, it doesn't


matter what other guys are doing. I have got to go and play a good round


of golf, something in the mid-60s to have a good chance.


Pakistan have built a useful lead of 281 in the second innings


of the first test against England at Lord's.


The tourists finished off England's tail with the addition of just


12 runs this morning - Yasir Shah took six wickets.


And while England got wickets at regular intervals -


Chris Woakes has eleven for the match so far -


many more runs for Pakistan on Sunday could see England


The first innings, we didn't bat very well and we want to put that


right. There is a lot of us who want to school some runs and hopefully


win the game, but it is going to be tough. They have a good bowling


attack and a good leg-spinner who will cause us trouble.


Mark Cavendish has underlined his status as the fastest sprinter


at the Tour de France, racing to his fourth victory


After a processional 200 kilometres through the Rhone Valley,


Cavendish hit the front with 150 metres


to go to claim the win on stage 14 - his 30th of his Tour career.


Chris Froome retains the leader's yellow jersey finishing


Britain have restored their 2-1 lead in the Davis Cup against Serbia


after Jamie Murray and Dom Inglot won the doubles this


The British pair won in four sets meaning they need to win just one


of the remaining two singles fixtures to reach the semi finals.


The day had started with defeat for James Ward to Dusan Lajovic.


It's great to really feel that you have finally come out here and put a


rubber in for the team. And serving it out was obviously a little bit


nerve wracking, but with the likes of Jamie and the net, you know that


even if you might miss the served by little bit, he will help you out,


and he did massively. He deserves a lot of credit for making me feel


good. You started well as a pair, but it got interesting when they won


that second set on a tie-break? Yes, I think we were unlucky to lose that


set. We didn't quite return as well as we could have. We were holding


serve constantly throughout the match. Dominic was serving


incredibly well and I was serving pretty smart, too. It was


unfortunate that we could not capitalise at the end of the second


set. We were a little unlucky in a couple of points in the tie-break.


It felt like we sell to our guns and kept getting the ball back and took


a good chance to win and proved that in the second -- third and fourth


sets. Premier League Champions,


Leicester City, have sold N'Golo Kante, one of their most


influential players from last The midfielder has moved


to the London club on a five year deal after reaching the Euro 2016


final with France this month. The deal is believed to be


in the region of ?30 million - Thank you very much. Let's take you


back now to Turkey. The situation there, where the government say they


are in full control and that the coup attempt has failed. A dramatic


24 hours in the history of Turkey. This is the scene live this evening


in Ankara. Supporters of President Erdogan waving their flags, the


Turkish flags. Supporters of his ruling party, the Justice and


development party. They believe that it was people power that partly


helps to turn the tide and defeat this coup attempt. Coming out onto


the street, many people, to block the attempts to overthrow the regime


of President Erdogan. There have been similar scenes this evening in


Istanbul as well. And we know that around 3000 soldiers are now under


arrest. More than 2500 judges have been displaced and many commentators


say that President Erdogan will use this as an opportunity to carry out


a purge of the military and the judiciary as well. But this was


violence that left more than 265 people dead. -- 250 people dead. So


what the future holds for President Erdogan and democracy in Turkey,


many people debating that this evening. But these people


celebrating in Ankara. That's the latest on the situation there. Thank


you very much indeed for watching.


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