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Broadcasting in the UK and around the world. The headlines...


Three police officers have been shot dead in the US city


All we do know it at this particular time is that there was a shooting.


We believe We have some officers that have


been believe killed. Turkey's President vows to remove


what he calls the "virus" behind Grief and politics are mixing here.


A special church service in Nice Cathedral to remove the victims of


the attack on Bastille Day. A major police operation


is underway in the US state of Louisiana, after three


officers were killed The police say one suspect has been


shot dead, but they believe two The attack happened less than a mile


from police headquarters in the state capital,


Baton Rouge. The shooting happened


on Airline Highway, in Louisiana's state capital,


Baton Rouge, about a mile from Three police officers are dead,


three others wounded. One is thought to be


in a critical condition. Witnesses report a man dressed


in black with his face covered, shooting in what is believed


to be a targeted attack. All we do know at this particular


time is that there was a shooting, Multiple officers were shot,


and we have some that That is what I know


for sure right now. We are securing the area


with the deceased suspect, the suspect that has been killed,


making sure there are not any Local residents have spoken well


what Then my mum came in and said, did


you hear something? All of a sudden, my phone started


lighting up from the neighbourhood message board, where


community activities "About 30 shots just happened


at a convenience store called Be Baton Rouge was already under


scrutiny and tensions high, after the fatal shooting by police


almost two weeks ago of the black Family and friends gathered


on Friday to honour him - so far today's shooting has not been


connected to his death. But earlier this month in Dallas,


a gunman fatally shot five police officers as a protest


over his killing. The mayor has called


for common sense to prevail. The police department, who have lost


three of their colleagues, have warned people to stay


inside until they are able to trace Let's take you now to a press


conference that is happening in Baton Rouge to to do with those


police shootings. Let's have a listen.


It is an active ongoing investigation with a lot of moving


parts right now. Louisiana State police is the lead agency with


regard to the investigation itself. We will be working very closely with


the Baton Rouge Sheriff 's office and police department from a local


perspective and we will be joined with all our federal partners as we


look at the many leads that have taken place right now. We will give


a 1-800 number for the public to have as we move forward. Let me make


something clear. You're interviewing a lot of people. If it does not come


from myself, the chief of police, the Baton Rouge head Sheriff, if it


does not come from these individuals we cannot confirm it as being


factual. Just know that upfront. We will have another press conference


tomorrow at 1pm Central standard Time. We will have updates. We're


going to allow our investigators... It is a very large crime scene. We


will tell people in the Baton Rouge area, if you do not need to be in


that area of Airline Highway and that area, please stay away from


that area because we will be working through that area throughout the


night as we work out specifics. Police also note -- please also note


that there is not and activists -- not an active shooters in aria in


Baton Rouge. We believe, based on the information we have, this is


ongoing... We believe that the person that shot and killed our


officers, that he is a person that was shot and killed at the scene.


That's what we know right now. We do not believe that we do not have any


other shooter held up in the Baton Rouge area but understand that this


investigation has a lot of moving parts and pieces and we will be


going over each one of those, but right now there is no active


shooters scenario going on in Baton Rouge. "Today At approximately


8:40am, several Louisiana law enforcement officers were shot near


Airline Highway. A call came into Central dispatch at the Baton Rouge


police department saying there was a guy carrying a rifle walking in that


particular area, at Airline and Goodwood. That was the call that


came into us. I will tell you that three officers have died from


injuries, two from the Baton Rouge police department and one from East


Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff 's Department. One Baton Rouge Sheriff


's deputy is in critical condition. Two radish and officers suffered


life-threatening wounds but they are in stable condition at the hospital


right now. At approximately 8:40am, Baton Rouge police officers at the


convenience store observed an individual wearing All Black stand


behind a beauty supply store holding a rifle. At Rob Smedley 8:42am,


reports received of shots fired. At approximately 8:44am, reports


received of officers down on the scene. At 8:45am, reports received


more shots being fired. 8:46am, reports received of the suspect


wearing All Black standing next to a car wash is near the convenience


store. At 8:48am, units started arriving at the scene. They started


getting the bodies to render first aid at the scene. Officers engaged


the suspect at that particular time and heals medley died at the scene.


State police and multiple agencies responded to the scene in an attempt


to secure the area and identify possible potential suspects and


further threads in the area. We are asking the public to stay vigilant.


If you see something suspicious and you know it is suspicious and out of


the ordinary in your particular area, call your local police


department. If you know that number, call that number. We ask that if you


see suspicious activity and you do not know the number, it is 1-800


CALLFBI. 1-800 2255324. We do not have an active shooters scenario in


the city Baton Rouge. It will take as in multiple directions. You can


help us if you see something out of the ordinary, please call us. We


will have a 1pm press conference tomorrow afternoon and we will


completely update you on anything that is going on.


Thank you, Carl. As Carl was just stating, we have had six officers


shot today in Baton Rouge, three of which are Baton Rouge police


officers, two of which are deceased. We have had two Sheriff's deputies


shot. One is deceased, 45-year-old. One is in critical condition,


fighting for his life as we speak, 41-year-old, and one with nonlife


threatening injuries. He is in surgery. He is 51 years old. Each


one of these individuals is married, each one of these individuals have


family. We are grieving as a law enforcement community. We are


grieving for each other, grieving for our loss and grieving for our


families. We ask for your prayers. Not only for us, like I say, the


deputies, but for the families and the co-workers. We are a family, as


law enforcement, and we stand here together as you can see. Our number


one priority is the safety of our community, the safety of the people


who live here, the save the law enforcement. -- the safety of law


enforcement. Avril fellow sheriffs are here. We want to assure you that


we are having a coordinated effort that is going to ensure that we


continue to provide the services necessary to protect the citizens of


this parish. With God's help, we will get through this. To me, this


is not so much about gun control as it is about what is in men's hearts.


And until we come together as a nation, as a people, to heal as a


people. If we don't do that and this madness continues, we will surely


perish as a people. So I would just ask for your prayers and your


support for all of the families of all those involved here today and


continue to pray for this parish of this city, this state and this


nation. As the others have said, we have had


six officers shot today. Three of those officers were BRPD officers.


Two of those have died. One has nonlife threatening injuries. We


would ask for prayers from this community for our officers, for our


families, for the families that have been affected by today's


senseless... Senseless shooting that went on this morning. Our prayers


for all law-enforcement. We stand united, and this is a united front,


make no mistake about that. This is very united. Public safety remains


our priority and we will continue to do our job in the light of what has


happened. We have several agencies from outside that are coming in to


lend support and help. Our officers have been depleted for the last 12,


14 days. There are other agencies that have come in to help us out and


back us up. That is for this community's safety. As this Sheriff


said, we have activated the Sheriff's task force, and it is a


coordinated effort going forward. We will get through this as a family.


We will get through this as a community. All in all, I want the


BRPD officers to know that I support you. Every single one of you. I


stand beside you and we're going to get through this. We're going to get


through this together. This is not going to tarnish this city or this


department. We're going to move forward. Thank U.


This is indeed a tragic day for the city of Baton Rouge. When we have


the Attorney General of the United States and myself, I want to offer


my condolences to the families of those involved in this shooting. All


federal law-enforcement assets that are needed will be given to this


investigation. We will go wherever it takes us to conclude this


investigation. I will tell you that our continuing support and the


continuing support of federal law enforcement in this matter has been


great. We have the agents from the FBI as well as the Marshall office


and people in my office continuing to assist with the investigation and


we will continue to do so until justice is served. Tank you.


-- thank you. This is truly a sad day in Baton Rouge as we now meet


again behind senseless killings. We continue to ask the question and we


continue to make the statement, "Let peace prevail in Baton Rouge and


this parish". We must look ahead. The president has acknowledged this


violence and we will reiterate those things at around 3:30pm our time.


But again, the people that you see here today, let me say


unequivocally, the president has responded to the needs of Baton


Rouge. Not only that, the agencies you see here have always been


partners, but the state police, the Sheriff's office and the city's


police, we are one family all seeking justice for all of our


people. And so, let me thank the president and others for their calls


and the governor will elaborate on the call he got from the president.


But we must say that we ask you now for your prayers. We also pray for


those who were killed or injured today. We want you to pray for their


families and be with them not only today but in the future. They are


our first responders. Now we pledge to them that we will be their first


responders. We must strive to be one nation under God, indivisible for


liberty and justice for all. We thank our officers who have fallen


in the line of duty. We pray for their families, we pray for peace


everywhere. God bless you. Today has been a very tough day here


in Baton Rouge and in Louisiana and in our country. And absolutely


unspeakable heinous attack on law enforcement here in Baton Rouge


claimed the lives of two Baton Rouge police officers, one Sheriff's


deputy and injured three others, one of whom right now, as we speak, is


absolutely fighting for his life. It's unjustified, it's


unjustifiable. The violence, the hatred just has to stop. It's at


times like this I wish the command of the English language that I have


would be more adequate to the task to convey the full range of emotions


that I'm feeling for the state of Louisiana. Earlier today, I along


with the mayor and the law-enforcement community here


gathered with family members of the victims at the hospital. When I tell


you unspeakable tragedy, it's unspeakable. That these men, risking


their lives to protect and serve this community, were taken out the


way that they were. They are real life, everyday heroes. As you've


been told by Carl Edmondson, this is an ongoing investigation, a lot of


moving parts in multiple agencies. I want to reassure everyone here in


Baton Rouge and around the state that we're doing everything humanly


possible to make sure that everyone is protected. Every resource is


going to be available to be used to bring these perpetrators, if that


art more than one, to justice. Obviously that means federal, state


and local. You just heard from the US attorney but we are being aided


by the FBI and other agencies as well. I also spoke with the


president of the United States a couple of hours ago, who called to


express on the half of himself and the first Lady but also the United


States, their condolences, their best wishes for those wishing for a


full and speedy recovery but also prayers for the people here in Baton


Rouge and around the country. We have to do better. An attack on one


of us is an attack on all of us. And the people who carried out this act,


the individuals, they do not represent the people of Baton Rouge


or the state of Louisiana. Or what is best about our country. They


don't represent the values we stand for. Obviously our community is


hurting but only through peace and unity can we heal. That is going to


take constructive dialogue. There simply is no place for more


violence. It doesn't help anyone, it doesn't further the conversation, it


doesn't address any injustice perceived or real. It is just an


injustice in and of itself. We're not going to tolerate more hate and


violence tearing apart the communities and families of


Louisiana. Just a few days ago, and as I do now, I'm inviting the people


around the country is to join their prayers to mind that our nation,


that our community here can heal and we can get past this, and certainly


pray for the recovery of those officers who were injured today but


pray for all of our officers, here in Baton Rouge and around the state


and around the country and our family members who everyday expose


themselves to great risk of harm simply so they can protect and


serve, as they have sworn to do. As you were told by Carl Edmondson,


we're not going to take questions at this point. There will be another


press briefing tomorrow at 1pm. We will then update you with any


additional information that we gather between now and then. So I


want to thank you for covering this press conference. Again, ask


everyone to join with the folks of Louisiana in solidarity so that as a


nation, we can heal, we can get past this and we can be what we're


supposed to be in the United States of America. Because we're not there


today. God bless you. 1pm tomorrow we will have a


briefing. If anything significant happens before then, we will make


sure you an to fight of it. You were watching a live press conference


there in Baton Rouge with police officials as well as the Louisiana


governor and the police officials said very clearly that there is not


an active shooter scenario. We did believe that police were looking for


other suspects but they had said repeatedly that they believe the


suspect that died at the scene was the suspect that shot the officers.


They also went through a lot of the timings of events and it appears


that everything happened extremely quickly. They did say there is no


active shooter scenario. We heard from Governor John Bell Edwards who


was extremely sombre and described it as a tough day, and unspeakable


act. He said he had spent time with family members of the and said that


"An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. We will hear a lot


more I'm sure in the coming hours and days of the event. President


Obama has also issued a statement about the shootings after condemning


the killings as "Attacks on civilised society".


We believe the president is due to speak in the next half-hour. We will


bring that live to you as soon as we get it. The Republican national


convention also begins on Monday amid intense security in Cleveland,


Ohio. Thousands of people are expected to come to the city to


witness Donald Trump formally being announced as the Republican


candidate. A large number of protests and rallies are expected


throughout the four-day long event. We have already seen some reaction


from Donald Trump about these shootings. Can you tell as a bit


more about that? Yes. Donald Trump posted a series of messages on


social media in response to what has happened in Baton Rouge. I will just


share them with you. He said, "We grieve for officers killed in Baton


Rouge". He asked how many enforcement people have to die


because of a lack of leadership in this country. A dig at President


Obama in the way he sees he has handled the relationship between


minority communities and the police. Mr Trump issued another tweet, a


much more politically charged one. "Trying To fight Isis, now our own


people are killing the police. The country is divided and out of


control. The world is watching". Tapping into something that will be


a theme of this convention and a theme of the election, the divided


America. Donald Trump is trying to tap into a river people, a section


of the American population who he feels have been left behind by the


political classes. Also tapping into some of those divisions now, we are


seeing across America in protests across the country. There are also


protests that are planned for here in Cleveland. There is one which is


already under way. It is called the Shut Down Trump Rally. There are


only expected to be about 100-200 people at that rally but there are a


number of different protests planned this week. Some will be pro-Trump


but the vast majority of them are in the order of the Shut Down Trump


Rally today. Although the Black Lives Matter movement will not be


protesting here, they say they do not see the point as Donald Trump


does not CI to eye with them on the issues they are campaigning on, but


they will be at the meeting next week.


We are hearing that the head of the police union is asking for a


suspension of the open carry firearms at the convention. That is


quite extraordinary, isn't it? Given everything in terms of the


challenges the police are facing here and huge security, it is


perhaps unsurprising he might have been asking for that. Especially in


the wake of the Dallas police shootings, where we even had the


Dallas police chief saying that actually open carry laws which are


the case in Texas sometimes make it difficult for police to work out who


is potentially an attacker and police chief Brown said that it made


it challenging to have open carry. Indeed, the police union here has


called for the open carry laws here in Ohio to be suspended. A statement


from the Governor of Ohio, Jon Kay sick, basically said that is not in


his power and would not be in his power, it would be up to state


politicians to deal with that. Many people here feel strongly about the


right to openly carry a firearm. Governor Kasick said that what is


important is restoring the bonds between the community and police.


Thank you very much for that. I'm sure we will be keeping an eye on


the convention as closely as possible.


Thousands of mourners in Turkey have attended funerals for those killed


The foreign ministry put the number of dead at almost 300,


John is a security adviser in the Washington -based think tank. He


formerly worked as security adviser to Dick Cheney. First of all, what


is your reaction to this attempted coup? It seems quite extraordinary.


Yes, but not completely unexpected. I think the coup was less a cause of


instability in Turkey's problems than it was really a symptom of it.


This is something that has been building for quite some time.


President Erdogan has been engaged on a multi-year effort to


consolidate power and to attack his opponents, to move Turkey in a more


Islamist direction. I think it's increasingly polarised Turkish


society and particularly an institution like the Turkish


military that at least previously had been constitutionally charged


with protecting the secular nature of the Turkish state. John,


President Erdogan has now gone about arresting judges, which seems to me


that he is using this failed coup as a reason to go after his enemies. Is


that the conclusion you would reach? I'm afraid it is the predictable


conclusion that we would have to reach. That's President Erdogan,


everything we know about him is that we will -- he will not let this kind


of license go to waste. He will in fact seize upon it not only to


attack those who may in fact be responsible for this attack but to


go against all of his opponents and try to complete the job that he has


been engaged in for several years now, to essentially eliminate all


opposition to his rule and to his efforts to build a real imperial


presidency, including calling for very controversial constitutional


changes that would in fact make him the equivalent of Russia's President


Putin. Just briefly, John, could President Erdogan be right? Could


others be seeking to unseat him and there could be this massive


conspiracy? We have seen a major coup, there are forces moving


against him. Well, it is hard for me to believe that this ageing cleric,


however popular he may be, has been able from several thousand miles to


engineer this kind of coup. I have no love lost for him. The irony is


that him and his followers were entirely in the hoots with President


Erdogan only a few years ago, when President Erdogan was staging show


trials to bring down the Turkish military and bring it to heal using


what has been admitted now has trumped up evidence. With that job


done, President Erdogan quickly moved against Gulen as an


independent source of power that could one day down the line


challenge him. This is a fight between two sorts of people who I


think the United States should have no love lost for either of them.


John, thank you very much for your time and analysis.


Three police officers have been shot dead in baton rude Chindit do I see


an hour. More coming up on BBC world News.


Jane Hill will be back with a full round-up of the day's news. First


our world. No agreement was better


than a bad agreement. These negotiations were essentially


about curbing Iran's nuclear programme in return for suspension


and then later on lifting of international


sanctions against Iran. I think it's certainly made doing


business much more difficult to have Those times of eating together,


breaking bread together, always are useful in building


the relationships you need when you're in the midst of such


a tough, tough negotiation. I asked everyone to put their iPhone


in the fridge. I think from the outset,


most people were rather sceptical and thought that the chances to get


a deal were below 50% Enormous technical difficulties,


complicated technical questions. On the other hand, the political


framework, which was also So we had to deal with two


challenges, a technical one It is about centrifuges,


stockpiles, stabiliser tubs. Rather quickly, you need people


who are experts. I became a little more


knowledgeable. In all of the negotiations, it


is not only a negotiation with Iran, It is negotiating with each


of the partners sitting at the table, and then


with the P5+1, the permanent members of the Security Council,


plus Germany and the EU, who have to come to an agreement,


and then an agreement with Iran. When talks were going on like that,


it was a logistical Every time there was an extension


or they missed a deadline. As soon as our live broadcast


was over, we would all rush to the hotel reception,


extending our rooms or booking I don't think any of us knew how


this process would evolve, but over the two years,


the number of people of course grew that were directly involved


in the process, because we had to expand the team according


to the needs. But it is also part of our daily


bread in terms of host country, policy and good offices that


Switzerland has provided for the past 150 years, so in a way,


it is also in our genes. Each time a minister arrived


in Geneva, the chief of protocol of Geneva and myself


were at the airport greeting the Minister, and our foreign


minister always welcomed him with a personal letter


and some Swiss chocolate. Obviously when you start to welcome


these dignitaries, the amount of security and the amount of cars


that arrived when I was standing in front of the hotel,


for some minutes you feel like you are looking at a Hollywood


movie but being part of it. It all started with,


at the beginning around 70 rooms, bearing in mind that


the hotel counts 168 rooms. At the end of the talks,


the hotel was fully booked. This room was the working room,


the heart of operations, but also my personal room,


because from the Swiss foreign ministry, one person had to stay


all of the time, 24 So I had to transform this room


and the working room There were about ten persons in this


room for the meetings, but also my team during for the day,


and they worked day It was not a luxury life we led,


and it was a relatively small room for a relatively


big group of people, with many computer


screens on the table, At the end of the day,


it felt more like a student's home We weren't surprised


at all that we were the target We used to joke that the number


of bugs in a room probably Everybody wants to learn


about the other side's playbook before they enter a game,


as well as countries interested We knew about the sensitivity


of these negotiations, so for example, when I had my


pre-meetings with my own team, which we had every morning,


I asked everyone to put Allegations were made, and these


allegations are investigated And these investigations


are still ongoing, so I cannot I think it certainly made doing


business much more difficult to have social media everywhere,


and to have our every movement My wife was always e-mailing me


to ask why I was eating pizza on a random Friday night and not


getting on a plane home. In Lausanne, the talks


were dragging on and on, so once when a European diplomat


was coming back to the hotel, I grabbed him and said,


"For heaven's sake and for that of my planning, please


tell me how many more days He was coming back


with a bag of shopping. He didn't say much, just opened that


bag and showed me what was inside. There was a sack of


new, fresh underwear. People have asked whether I got


And whether we started to really understand each other,


I have no doubt we understand each other better.


You can't spend that many hours with each other and not.


We certainly got to know each other's lives.


Abbas Araghchi and I both became grandparents during this time.


And so we shared videos of our grandchildren.


That did not change how tough we were with each other


in the negotiations, because he had a responsibility


to the national interest of his country, and I had


a responsibility to the national interest of my country.


I got a tipoff from a source that told me the Iranian Foreign Minister


had arranged for the US counterpart to go and dine in this


Persian restaurant and experience Iranian food.


So I rushed to that restaurant and sneaked into the place,


The top brass of the US negotiating team in that restaurant dining


We had the phone calls, they said John Kerry


and his delegation were coming to our place.


So we received them and they had dinner here.


I asked him the population of Iran, they are waiting for this


negotiation, I hope you will get success from this negotiation.


He told me, "Did you say this to Mr Zarif?


I said I didn't, I'm telling it to you.


So he said, "I will call him and tell him what you told me."


There were two dining rooms, one for the P5+1 and the European Union,


That was in part because our dining room had alcohol and the Persian


But as the talks went on, Minister Zarif invited several of us


to dine with the Iranian team, which was a very good thing to do,


And those times of eating together, breaking bread together,


always are useful in building the relationships you need


when you're in the midst of such a tough, tough negotiation.


In Lausanne, the talks broke for a few days


because the Iranian President's mother passed away.


The President's brother was a key member of the Iranian


negotiating team all throughout the negotiations.


On the morning of that day, the US team went to the Iranian


counterparts, headed by John Kerry, to console the President's brother.


March 2015 was a turning point because it was now or never.


We had, you know, the framework agreement.


But I think Lausanne, where the agreement was in a way


crystallised, framed, and then negotiations


I think what was the hardest part of Lausanne were those last two days


when we were trying to drive to a conclusion,


We thought we were close, so we all agreed to stay one more day.


And indeed we then got to the parameters that


became the basis for the final 27 days in Vienna.


I will never forget the moment where the EU told me that we can


organise and go ahead with the press conference.


We were waiting for 72 hours for this moment.


It was a very emotional moment behind the curtain.


And then it came the moment when they asked me to


Today, we have taken a decisive step.


We have reached solutions on key parameters of a joint


We have made progress and we will make progress.


Progress was made on the way forward.


We hope to make substantial further progress then.


When Federica Mogherini was chairing a round with the ministers


in Vienna during the endgame, when she had a heated argument


with the Iranian Foreign Minister and he said, "Never


And the Russian Foreign Minister came in, "Nor a Russian!"


Then things calmed down very easily, but we had similar


We also had walkouts when I stood up and said, "I'm not going to continue


for the day," but then we resumed early the next day.


REPORTER: Minister Zarif, are we going to have a deal?


We're making progress, we need to make more progress


In Vienna, the talks were dragging on and on.


They had to write the text of the final deal.


And it was proving to be far more difficult than they had anticipated.


So they missed the deadline of July 1, then they extended it


They ended up on a rolling deadline basically.


Just before midnight when the top Iranian negotiator, Abbas Araqchi,


posted something on his Instagram, the picture of the Iranian supreme


leader's hand as if he's signing off something.


There is no commentary, but that picture was speaking for itself.


That's when we thought there might be a deal.


Later on, our cameraman caught the Iranian negotiating team late


They were very relaxed, happy and smiley, going through that


I knew for sure that the deal was done 3am in the morning


This is actually when we finalised the texts.


I felt tremendously relieved at that moment.


It was just so overwhelming that I can't even say I was happy,


I think that the Iranian nuclear deal made a huge contribution


to solve the nuclear problem in a peaceful way.


I'm strongly convinced if we had not reached this


solution in summer of 2015, we would have been confronted


with a very difficult situation, including a discussion


When we reached success and it was a private moment


for everyone to reflect on what we had done,


and each of the ministers made a statement, and every statement


And Secretary Kerry was the last person to speak.


And he recounted that when he was 21, he went


He made a commitment that he would do whatever


he could in his life to make sure that there was never war ever again.


And that's what he was about in this negotiation.


And then everyone, including the Iranians, applauded.


Because I think for all of us, we understood that what we had done


was to try to ensure peace, not war.


You may have heard news there is a heatwave on the way. Certainly over


the next few days, the weather will bear no resemblance to what we saw


during the first half of July. That was cloudy, dollar than average and


in the first 14 days, nowhere reached 25 Celsius. That changed at


the weekend. Hotspots got up to the upper 20s. Some places will get up


to the 30s. The heat building as high-pressure nudges northwards


across the UK and that means for many on Monday, some very warm to


hot sunshine. Coastal parts, along with the English channel run the


risk of poor visibility and northern Scotland, close to a weather front


so outbreaks of rain for one more day. Maybe just 15 or 16 Celsius.


Elsewhere, low to mid 20s. By Tuesday, we are importing extra heat


from the continent. In France they may get around 40 Celsius. We will


not be that hot but the hotspots breaking 30 Celsius, particularly in


an area from Birmingham to London. The hottest places, upper 20s and


low 30s. Across the beaches it will be a bit more refreshing. Some


places will get higher. Not everyone's cup of tea. It comes with


high to very high UV levels, high pollen, briefly deteriorating air


quality and some stifling nights. These are temperatures on Tuesday


night, Wednesday morning. If it is not your cup of see, when will a


thunderstorm,? You will not wait too long. A major disturbance coming


Tuesday night and into Wednesday. Disruptive downpours from the end of


Tuesday and on through Wednesday, particularly across western and


northern parts of the UK, but nowhere in new from catching a


thundery downpours. Watch this space. But the heat is still very


much about across south-eastern parts. As we go into Thursday, the


cut-off that flow of hot air from the continent. We are starting to


look to the Atlantic once again. A tramps issuing Day on Thursday. --


transition. Temperatures come down a few degrees and then very much by


Friday, Gaitlin take weather taking over once again. No potent weapon


systems coming our way. Bits of energy coming in producing more


showers. Some heavy ones but not as heavy on Tuesday night. Going into


the weekend, the airflow earlier from the hot continent, by the


weekend, very much coming in from the Atlantique. It is changeable


weather taking over once again. Occasionally dry, occasionally


sunny, showery. Temperatures in the high teens, low 20s. Summer heat at


last but because this forecast looks further head, you can already see


the return to summer mediocrity.


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