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Reporting from Washington, I'm Jane O'Brien.


US police reveal the gunman who shot dead three officers


in Baton Rouge on Sunday had specifically targeted them.


Republicans open their Cleveland convention to nominate


Security issues will dominate the opening night.


Russian President Vladimir Putin says that the World Anti-Doping


Agency's report on doping among Russian athletes could lead


Turkey's state news agency says a former Turkish air force commander


confesses to planning last week's attempted coup.


Authorities in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, here


in the United States, say that a former Marine set out


to specifically target members of law enforcement ahead


The gunman, who has been identified as 29-year-old Gavin Long,


posted videos online in which he criticised the police


treatment of African-Americans and urged people to "fight back".


Long, who is himself black, was killed in the shootout that left


From Baton Rouge, Nick Bryant has more.


Shots fired, officer down! Shots fired, officer down!


The volley of gunfire as police were lured into an ambush


after responding to a call that a man dressed all in black


Unknown where the subject is shooting from.


"Shots fired, officer down," says a policeman in panic,


as the gunman deliberately targeted his colleagues.


The attack unfolded just yards from the police


headquarters in Baton Rouge, the focus of angry protests


for the past two weeks - after the police shot dead a black


The lone gunman has been identified as Gavin Eugene Long,


a 29-year-old former Marine who'd served a six-month


He also had an online alias, Cosmo, and posted video


messages on the internet complaining about the treatment


of African-Americans at the hands of police.


He had apparently recorded this one in Dallas, days after the killing


These were his three victims - Matthew Gerald, Brad Garafola


Officer Jackson had posted an emotional message


on Facebook just days before, describing how hard it was to be


a black police officer in Baton Rouge.


"I swear to God, I love this city, but I wonder if this city


"In uniform, I get nasty, hateful looks, and out of uniform,


Race relations in America haven't been this tense for 20 years,


since the Los Angeles riots of the early 1990s,


and many people are asking, when will this


Preventing the sort of violence we've seen in Baton Rouge


and elsewhere across the US is the main theme on day one at


the Republican National Convention, now getting underway in Cleveland,


Under the banner of "Make America Safe Again",


a number of speakers are due to appear from across the world


of politics, business, defence, and even entertainment.


Jay Newton-Small is Washington correspondent for TIME Magazine,


She joins me now live from Cleveland.


Jay, the Donald Trump is positioning himself as the candidate for law and


order, why do you think that he thinks that message will resonate


with voters? Given violence that jersey Nat Baton Rouge and in and in


Dallas in recent weeks and how terrible race relations are in the


US, it is a message that is resonating with the lot of Americans


who unsafe. I spent the morning at a pro-Donald Trump rally and he have


said they are here to support the police and to protect the police and


they have thousands of bikers here in Cleveland just here in case


someone wants to do violence against the police or against any trump


supporters because they believe strongly that Donald Trump is the


man to make America safe again. It is also a very divisive atmosphere


and the a lot of his own rhetoric has divided his party. What can he


do to try to unified Republicans? It is striking, there was an


anti-Donald Trump rally held across town and police carefully separated


it. It is a very divided country and the rhetoric of Donald Trump has not


helped at all. He talks about immigrants in negative ways as


rapists and murderers. He speaks about banning Muslims or suspending


their emigration from the US. A lot at the anti-Donald Trump rally have


used that as reasons as to why they think Donald Trump is not the man to


make America safe, but in fact, that he would make it more dangerous. A


lot of Republicans here hope to hear from Donald Trump and especially


some sort of bridging that rhetoric, not necessarily dining it back, that


is not his style, but reaching out to love the Americans so that they


do public party can be perceived to be at least more inclusive. All eyes


will be on his wife who is not used to taking the spotlight but will be


onstage later. What can we expect from her? She is there too soft in


the image of Donald Trump. To talk about how she is obviously his wife


and how he empowers women and has empowered our business. She has a


business and the fashion industry and is a former model. And how he


empowers his daughters to run his company. She will present a feast


specifically to women and female voters, an area in which Donald


Trump has failed to make a real connection. It is to show that he


has power and support and that he will appoint lots into his


government. What about his new running mate, Mike pence. That was a


bit of a controversial decision to appoint him. Do they expect a few


much from him? Not until later in the week, traditionally the Vice


President speaks on night three of the convention, we will probably


hear from them on Wednesday night. Most establishment Republicans are


pleased with him as the choice. Much more of a mainstream choice than


they thought that Donald Trump would make. They were afraid he would make


something like two pirates, that was suggested by a former House Speaker


that he be put to Pirates on the ticket, Donald Trump and another


pirate. It does not look -- it does not do him a lot of good when he has


struggled with minority areas. Mike Henze has had a long track record


that is not great with women either. Especially on social and


conservative issues. In some ways it does not do him that badly. It


bolsters his case with other areas of the Republican Party. But he does


not help in other areas. An interesting few days ahead. Jay


Newton-Small, thank you for joining me.


So that's what's happening in the convention hall,


but what about outside the political bubble?


What are the issues that are hitting home for regular Americans?


I took a drive to Winchester, a historic city in Virginia with


And as I discovered, views there are strongly held and diverse.


The city of Winchester, population around 27,000,


a place where history meets modern America.


George Washington surveyed the land this city was built


on and held his first elected office here.


During the Civil War, because of its strategic position,


it changed hands around 70 times and more recently, while remaining


deeply conservative, voters in Winchester helped put


Barack Obama in the White House twice.


At the Winchester Brew Works they are concocting WincGriddle,


a maple-sage ale to complement more traditional tipples.


The business only opened a few months ago and the owners fret


about anything that might harm the local economy.


One of the concerns that is being brought up now


is the minimum wage increase, which is awesome on a personal


level and I love that, but as a business owner,


that is a really hard thing to manage, it is a hardship for us


to be able to come up with that kind of money and I think it would put


us at a disadvantage because we will not be able to take


In Winchester's revitalised city centre, you can find pork butt


smoking outside bars and restaurants.


The pedestrian mall has certainly been a boon to local


businesses and some have also benefited from Obamacare.


Julie Napier is a wedding photographer and used to pay $1000


Now, since the affordable care has been passed,


I am looking at $350 each month, which is still a considerable amount


of money, but it is affordable and that's really important to me.


This is one of Winchester's newest additions.


A cafe where gay, lesbian and transgender people can feel safe.


LGBT issues have become hot button topics on the campaign trail


after the mass shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando and a raft


of state legislation that has widened social divides.


We do not, in this state, have LGBT people as a protected


class, so you can be married because we have marriage equality,


you can be married on a Saturday and fired on a Monday


You can be discriminated against in housing for being openly gay.


These are everyday implications outside of the bubble of Washington,


so to speak, that impacts my friends and my family and my customers.


In the Republican primary, Winchester voted overwhelmingly


But for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders


Neither candidate is well liked in America and that could affect


turnout in November, here and across the country.


Now, let's look at some of the day's other news.


The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has addressed


Parliament, saying it would be "irresponsible" for the UK


to abandon its nuclear weapons programme.


Her comments came as lawmakers prepared to vote on renewing


the country's Trident nuclear weapons system.


Mrs May said threats from states like Russia and North Korea


The head of the United Nations children's agency says HIV-AIDs


remains the leading cause of death among Africans between


Speaking at the start of an international AIDS


conference in South Africa, he said the mortality rate had more


Turkey is continuing its extensive purge of government institutions,


today suspending nearly 8,000 police officers suspected of being involved


6,000 members of the military and the judiciary have


Our correspondent Mark Lowen reports from Istanbul.


This was Turkey's slide into chaos - chilling new pictures of war planes


flown by rebel soldiers attacking the intelligence agency


The authorities opened fire to try to down the jets.


Within hours, the takeover had been crushed.


But now the backlash - thousands of officials


have been rounded up, accused of plotting a coup


the government says was led by an exile Islamic cleric.


President Erdogan says this was a gift from God


One of this man's relatives, a judge, has been detained,


How can a judge overturn a government?


He doesn't have a gun, he doesn't have anything in his hand.


But did he support the military overthrew?


Of course not, who could support the military?


My family is really devastated by the news.


This has brought Turks together in support of their nation,


but not their president - on that, they are still profoundly divided.


His supporters feel emboldened, his critics fearful


One side of this fragile country set against the other.


The government has spoken of restoring the death penalty.


That, says Brussels, would end Turkey's talks to join


the EU, but the ex-prime minister told the BBC criticism


Those who have concerns regarding Turkey, they should


raise their concerns regarding the coup d'etat,


rather than the attempts to stop the coup d'etat.


The European Union has failed in this sense, in Egypt,


in Syria, in other places, to defend democracy.


Turkey is on alert, and there is now a palpable hunger for revenge.


For the latest we can cross now to Yalda Hakim who is in Istanbul.


Yalda Hakim, the situation is moving love the time, what is actually


happening at the moment? At the moment, I am in Taksim Square. It


really is the heart of Istanbul. All the today it has been unusually


quiet. Usually there are thousands of tourists here, the bill passing


through this very busy thoroughfare. There are hardly any people here and


just as night started to fall, the pro-testers, thousands of them,


began to emerge. You can probably hear the music behind me, they are


singing patriarch takes songs. There is a feeling of jubilation as though


democracy has prevailed. But there is also a feeling of a vengeful


atmosphere. As Mark said in his piece, people want revenge, they are


calling for the death penalty to be torn so that they can punish these


people who were behind the coup. It is not clear as to what the motives


were behind this coup. Why it took place, many unanswered questions,


but one name that has emerged today is that of an ex-air force chief, a


4-star general that the card last year, very popular amongst military


circles, but not necessarily known amongst the ordinary Turks. Media


said that he has confessed to being the key plot behind this actual


coup. But other media have said that he was simply one of the people who


were not necessarily the key person behind it but he contributed to it.


So it remains unclear as to what his role was. Still a lot of uncertainty


here in Turkey, but this country does remain very tense and divided.


Given the atmosphere you are talking about, who can you actually believe


that the moment? It is very difficult to know. I


mean, the 2013 pro-democracy protest that took place in this very place


are a different a lot of people. The people who have come out here


tonight are hard-core storage Recep Tayyip Erdogan supporters. The night


that they coup took place Omagh Friday night, he came out and he


called upon his people, his supporters, to come out onto this


cheats and show their support and defiance, show the military that


they cannot take over this country. So the people who are appearing and


you can see behind me are pro-supporters of Recep Tayyip


Erdogan. They have said they are not just here for home but here for


democracy as well. It is really difficult to know at this page who


to believe and whether these people who are confessing to the two are


being forced under interrogation. We must not forget that more than 300


people were killed as the events unfolded on Friday night and


Saturday morning. Up to 8000 people have now been arrested from the


military and the police. The situation is still very unclear and


people are still asking many questions.


Well, Yalda Hakim, with the very latest from Istanbul, thank you very


much indeed. The French Prime Minister has been


booed by crowds in Nice at the end of a memorial service


for the victims of the attack in Hecklers called on


Manuel Valls to resign. The French Government has been


accused of not doing enough Our Paris correspondent


Lucy Williamson reports. He came to show respect,


not to get it - just as well. France's Prime Minister stood


on Nice's promenade, excluded from the brotherhood


of grief, alone in But just listen to the response


the emergency services get. When his turn came,


Mr Valls bore the jeers, laying his wreath to


the chants of "resign". Mehdi and Bilal lost their sister


on Thursday night. Despite the rhetoric


of right-wing parties, her death, they say,


had nothing to do with Islam. TRANSLATION: Its political,


I'm angry with the media. My sister was not


killed by a Muslim. With 13 victims still unidentified,


investigators say their killer's computer revealed a fascination


with violence and radical Islam, TRANSLATION: The investigation does


not show that the attacker had pledged allegiance to Isis,


or that he was in touch with members of the organisation,


but the analysis of his computer shows a clear interest


in the jihadist movement. After last year's attacks,


people packed the square France's national motto -


liberty, equality, brotherhood - has been inscribed here


for more than a century. Now, in the shadow of presidential


elections, people are asking, And when they gathered


on the promenade today, the mood had changed -


what once looked like solidarity Lucy Williamson, BBC News,


Paris. The president of the International


Olympic Committee has delivered a scathing response


to an independent report that finds official Russian involvement


in a doping scandal that's shocked There's growing pressure


for the current ban on Russian track-and-field athletes


at the Rio Olympics to be extended The report was led by Canadian law


professor and sports lawyer Our commission in the investigation


undercover the following. The Moscow laboratory operated for the


protection of Russian athletes within a state directive fail-safe


system. The Russian Ministry of sport directive controlled and


oversaw the manipulation of athletes and results, Sample swapping.


Some officials will be suspended. We have heard that this was based on


the testimony of one man. You can see the battle lines being drawn.


The World Anti-Doping Agency has said that it will recommend to the


ideal seat that they consider a full ban of all Russia's athletes, not


just the track and field athletes who have already been banned. They


were banned last year at the result of a report into state-sponsored


doping. It was the New York Times that broke


the story that confirmed Rebecca Ruiz secured an exclusive


interview with the man responsible - Grigory Rodchenkov -


who ran the laboratory that handled testing for thousands


of Russian athletes. He admitted developing a cocktail


of banned substances and providing Rebecca Ruiz joins


us now from Toronto. Rebecca, why did he decide to speak


to you? That is a good question. He fled Russia in November just after


the first report that Dan Roan referenced was published. That


accused Russia of widespread state-sponsored doping, focused upon


track and field and athletics. Grigory Rodchenkov said that he


feared for his life, he fled to Los Angeles and the said he felt better


protected after his account had been made public. He wanted to talk.


Certainly, he had been named in the initial report last November as a


person who would be in a position to have a lot of knowledge that the


investigators had not uncovered, they knew they had not uncovered the


lot information and knew that if arrested him. So, how far does the


scandal go? Grigory Rodchenkov has a ledger that extends across the board


and Dr McLaren and his team of investigators today who worked upon


what they called an incredibly tight timetable, 57 days, nonetheless,


they said they have the utmost confidence in their findings. They


can from that this touched every sport for which doping samples were


tested in the Moscow labour today. So those sports certainly extended


and include Winter Olympic sports, Summer Olympics boards, track and


field, athletics as we already know. Winter sports like skeleton and


bobsleigh. -- Moscow laboratory. The whole range,.


Rebecca Ruiz, in Toronto, thank you very much for joining us.


A bit of English maritime history has been dredged from the depths


and will soon be on display in its original glory.


King Henry VIII's flagship - the Mary Rose - will finally be


unveiled to the public on Tuesday, after three decades


Duncan Kennedy is in Portsmouth and has this report.


It takes just a few seconds to fully reveal five centuries of history.


Now, the pipes, the spray and the barriers have gone.


This is the Mary Rose like you've never seen her before -


There is the wreck of the Mary Rose, she has come to the surface.


It was 34 years ago her ancient timbers first appeared


above the Solent, but she's always been obscured,


first by a giant cradle, then by water and chemical


sprays, and finally by glass and black pipes.


Now, 471 years on, you can see her as clearly as Henry VIII


You really feel like you're treading on board the ship,


And you can really get a sense of what it felt like to be one


of those 500 sailors and soldiers squashed onto this ship,


and what life really must have been like.


Without the glass and pipework, you could almost be on deck


We were also given access behind the ship.


This side has never been seen on television before.


The hull here is almost pristine, thanks to the white preserving


Is that it for the Mary Rose in terms of preservation?


The main bulk of the conservation is now done.


There are compounds within the wood that we know could be problematic.


We will always need to maintain the conditions around the ship,


and we will need to look at how our conservation


Until today, we have had to rely on paintings to see her clearly,


now in all her splintered, salvaged, spartan state,


programme to a close. Thank you for watching. Goodbye.


If you like your summer weather to be hot, well,


make the most of tomorrow because there is some more hot


That is the peak of our mini heatwave because the middle part


of the week will bring thunderstorms and then it will turn much cooler


High pressure has been dominating the scene.


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