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This is BBC World News Today with Geeta Guru Murthy.


The International Olympic Committee is taking legal advice


on whether it can ban the entire Russia team from the Rio Games.


Will the Russian flag be flying at the Games after a damning report


into widespread state-sponsored doping by Moscow?


Sounds familiar - claims that Donald Trump's wife


Melania lifted passages from Michelle Obama's


To know that your achievements with the Hyatt of your dreams and your


willingness to work hard from them. Also coming up, the German


train axe attack - the so-called Islamic State group


releases a video showing the teenager who carried out an axe


attack aboard a train in Germany. American actress and Ghostbusters


star Leslie Jones leaves Twitter after being flooded with racist


abuse. With just three weeks to go


until the Olympics in Rio, the International Olympic Committee


is seeking urgent legal advice on the possibility of banning


all Russian athletes from the games. It follows an independent report


detailing a comprehensive state-run doping programme at the Winter


olympics in Russia back in 2014. The IOC has ruled that all Russian


athletes who competed in Sochi must now have their samples


re-tested for doping. Russia's track and field athletes


are already barred Our Moscow correspondent


Steve Rosenberg has more. With little more than two


weeks to go until Rio, we still don't know if there will be


a Russian team at the Olympic Games. The world anti-doping agency says


Russia should be kept away for systematically cheating


in world sport through Today, the International


Olympic Committee met The IOC says it will now explore


legal options for a possible ban Not everyone outside


Russia supports the idea. I think what primarily has to happen


is we ought to look at those individual athletes who have been


caught, ban those athletes, redistribute the medals,


reorganise the medals table, but an outright ban of Russia,


I don't think is the most Here in Russia, people we spoke


to suspect foul play by the West. TRANSLATION: This is


a plot by the Americans. There are no facts in


the report, Tatiana says. Just trying to put pressure


on Russia. They are on their marks


and all set for Rio. But will any of these Russian


swimmers be allowed This event outside Moscow


was supposed to be a final run But right now, Rio was feeling


a long way off. We train hard and put in the effort


that the decision on whether we go to the Olympics


does not depend on us. It is interesting that


all around the swimming pool It is interesting that all around


the swimming pool are these This one says only you bear


responsibility for doping getting into your body and here it says


don't drink from unchecked sources, don't accept a glass of water,


even from one of your team members, and down at the bottom,


don't listen to all the advice, The decision to ban the entire


Russian Olympic team would be a personal blow to President Putin


who likes to be seen as the most sports-friendly leader


Russia has ever had. The Kremlin leader has brought major


international sporting events to Russia and achieving sporting


success has been a priority. Russia has been called a cheat


and risks being excluded from the biggest sporting


event in the world. It should all have been about him -


but it was Donald Trump's wife who took centre stage on the first


day of the Republican Mr Trump says he's "very proud"


of the speech given by his wife Melania,


despite claims the aspiring First Lady plagiarised whole


passages from one by Michelle Obama. Our North American Editor Jon Sopel


reports. The entrance of Donald Trump


was like something out of a sci-fi movie but by the end of the evening,


it had become a horror show. The next first lady


of the United States. Mr John's only role


was to introduced his Slovenian born But some of it, well,


had a bit of a familiar ring to a speech Michelle Obama gave


when she was hoping to be First Your word is your bond and you do


what you say and keep your promise. That you will treat


people with respect. That your word is your bond,


that you do what you say you are going to do,


that you treat people The only limit to your achievements


is the strength of your dreams and your willingness


to work for them. The only limit to the height


of your achievements as they reach of your dreams and your willingness


to work hard for them. Last night's convention


hall triumph is today's public With Melania Trump the butt of


Walsall 's of jokes on social media. You know the sort of thing,


I'd like to thank my speech But this isn't about Melania Trump,


it is about the perception of a Trump campaign


that is chaotic and dysfunctional. And as a result, the


recriminations are flying. A question I put to Dr Ben Carson,


former presidential hopeful and now If they were verbatim,


then the speech Not kicked but perhaps


re-educated. First of all, you have


to prove they were verbatim. But let's end with a bit more


Melania Trump that definitely wasn't plagiarised, but now is seems


strangely prophetic. It would not be a Trump contest


without excitement and drama. But it was drama the Republican


party was hoping to do Britain's new Foreign Secretary,


Boris Johnson, has said it would take him too long to apologise


individually to every person he insulted before he took


up the post last week. At a joint press conference


with his US counterpart, John Kerry, aimed to hold a joint


face of diplomacy. Have you ever come across anybody


quite like Boris Johnson? Our ambassador to the EU in Brussels


who I just spent the evening with the other night had


the privilege of going to Oxford And, in fact, Boris Johnson got him


to come in to the Oxford union of which Boris was president


and talk to me about that they had together


there and he told me that this man That is the Boris Johnson I intend


to work with and we intend to make But the questions about Mt Johnson's


past undiplomatic comments on world leaders kept on coming,


particularly from American journalists regarding his past


comments on President Obama. You have accused the current US


President of harbouring a part Kenyan's ancestral dislike for the


British Empire. While claiming untruthfully at the time that he did


not want a Churchill bust in the White House. He described a possible


future US president Hillary Clinton, like a sadistic nurse in a mental


hospital. You have also likened her to Lady Macbeth. Do you take these


comments back? Thank you for giving me an opportunity to repeat a point


I made earlier on. I am afraid that there is such a rich thesaurus of


things I have said that have been one way or another through what


alchemy I do not know... The journalist and author Quentin


Letts is in Westminster now. It was extraordinary to watch. What


was it like to be there? For those of us who have been to lots of Boris


events, it was that extraordinary because that is the way he is. Epic


the world will have some fun getting to know them. -- know him. In


Britain he is regarded as not necessarily the most sombre at all


serious politician, he is a bit of a comedian and that is why it has been


rather electrifying that he has been given the job of Foreign Secretary


in charge of our diplomacy. A rude man in charge of diplomacy! Betting


it will work and this is why. Today, standing alongside John Kerry, Boris


Festival looked reasonably at home, but also be heeded the near


impossible and he made Mr Kerry look farm. Mr Kerry came to life in


Boris's company. He is not normally a man to be very exciting. Yet the


two of them had a certain chemistry and this is the answer with Boris,


he does at the certain of human outreach all of his own making. As a


result the press conference was quite interesting in a way you don't


often get in high diplomacy. He was also accused of telling lies. Do we


really want a Foreign Office minister very high office of State


at a time of mass global crisis who is seen as a joke? Don't be so


pompous. A politician who tells lies? This is no do happen! It is


not necessarily the first time a politician may have told a few


porkies, let's be honest. Boris is able to brush off these things in a


way perhaps other politicians cannot. That was true possibly when


he was mayor, when he frag did not have much power. But Foreign


Secretary at a time when we have Iraq, Syria, the Middle East, China


and Russia as potential rising powers, went other countries be


utterly baffled when they look at this and think what kind of message


is Theresa May is sending to the rest of the world? That she'd just


not take Britain's foreign policy positions seriously? I think you can


approach this with a surfeit of seriousness. These are jolly serious


issues but as Boris Johnson was able to stay when he was asked about


these things by reporters, he was able to say, look, I've said a few


things in the past but there are more serious things to talk about.


Syria, Yemen, and tonight he is having meetings with ministers from


the UEA and Saudi Arabia. He was able to play that more serious thing


you are trying to do, but do not discount the importance in diplomacy


and politics of the public in whatever country it is actually


plugging in an being interested by the person who is talking. Boris has


got away with a lot in the past because he is able to use is very


particular brand of humour. But we are at such a difficult time now. He


went straight into his job with the turkey Q and the Nice attacks. He


has to be able to carry very senior diplomats, carry messages that


governments will trust and we're doing deals. Is he really the man


for the job? Is Theresa May giving him enough rope and hoping he will


hang? And think that is a rather trite misreading of it. If you look


at how he responded to that terrible attack in Nice. I thought he respond


with dignity. The words he used words sufficiently interesting to


make his comments sound genuine. There is a danger with politicians


that they trot out the old cliches and people switch off and say, yeah,


we've heard it all before. But Boris is able to use words in an


interesting way and he does it with sufficient novelty that people look


at it and may connect their bit. This is rather radical, this is a


new approach to international diplomacy. Which other foreign


leaders may be interesting to see him alongside in the coming months


and what are your thoughts about tomorrow's meeting after Reza may


and Angela Merkel? Theresa May. Both very serious women. I was thinking


what would happen when Boris goes to the Vatican to meet the Pope. That


will be a whole new scenario and will be joyous to behold!


The so-called Islamic State group has released a video that shows


the teenager who carried out an axe attack in Germany yesterday.


The 17 year old Afghan immigrant who carried it out was shot dead


Four people were injured, three seriously.


This is where the 17-year-old decided to strike, there were around


30 passengers on board the train when he pulled out


The scene was so gruesome that one passenger likened the inside of


Among the injured, four members of the same family from Hong Kong.


The emergency services spent hours at the scene, many passengers


The attacker ran from the train when it stopped.


He was still using his weapons when the police shot him.


TRANSLATION: We were lucky that by chance we had some special police


forces in the area who then chased the perpetrator.


He was stopped and then he attacked a policeman.


There was no other option but to shoot.


After recovering his body, officials described him as an Afghan


asylum seeker who came to Germany two years ago.


He was living with a foster family nearby.


Police say they found a hand-painted of flag of the so-called


TRANSLATION: Naturally, given the background


of what the attacker said yesterday on the train and when getting off


the carriage, calling 'Allahu Akbar', this is the first


suggestion that it could be a politically motivated deed.


The prosecutor said the attack could have been prompted


TRANSLATION: On Saturday before the attack, he received the news


that a friend of his had been killed in Afghanistan.


IS has released a video in which it names the man as Mohammed Riyadh.


Brandishing a knife, he describes himself


as an IS soldier preparing for a suicide mission.


Last year, Germany welcomed more than 1 million migrants,


The fact the attack in Bavaria was carried out by a young


unaccompanied refugee has triggered further


debate on how best to deal with the migrant crisis.


As his home is searched, the police are trying to find out


more information that would help explain what shaped


How to keep people safe is the big challenge because it is hard to stop


one person who is hell bent on causing bloodshed.


Now a look at some of the days other news.


Here in the UK, Angela Eagle has pulled out of the Labour


She has stepped aside in favour of the only other candidate standing


against the current leader Jeremy Corbyn.


Owen Smith is Labour's former work and pensions secretary and now hopes


A Brazilian judge has ordered wireless phone carriers to block


access to WhatsApp indefinitely, starting on Tuesday.


It's the third such incident against the popular phone messaging


The reason for the order was is not known due to legal secrecy


The International Monetary Fund says the British referendum vote to leave


the European Union has depressed the world economic outlook.


In a new report, the IMF has downgraded its forecast for global


growth to three point one per cent this year and three


point four in 2017 - a slight reduction -


but admits it's still early to be certain.


Well the repercussions of Brexit are being felt in other areas.


It appears the vote to leave is already having a negative


Scientists have told the BBC they are now being excluded


from research projects paid for by the EU and are having to cut


Our Science Correspondent Pallab Ghosh takes a closer look.


British science was one of the biggest winners from member


ownership of the European Union - receiving ?850 million a year.


Now within weeks of the referendum, there is evidence that the money


Nick Wright had planned to work alongside other European scientists


on a number of projects to discover how stars form.


Now, they don't want to include him because they think


they won't get European funding if a British academic is involved.


We are going to start to be frozen out of big projects,


We will find that our collaborative in Europe are looking elsewhere


for people to collaborate with them that might mean we're not


at the table when big discoveries are made.


This small engineering company depends on European Union money.


Their latest project is to improve rocket thrusters for


The firm has received grants from the European Union


scientific research fund, called Horizon 2020, for decades.


But following the referendum, they will have to cut two jobs.


There is no more money in the pipeline.


Interest from partners, European partners, for involving us


Well, scientific research creates hundreds of thousands of jobs,


but what is more important is that highly skilled workforce attracts


some of the biggest and best companies in the world


and they employ millions of people all across the country.


The European Research Council which funds projects throughout


And that until then European law still applied, meaning British


The message today from all seven of the UK's national scientific,


engineering and medical academies is that Brexit is already


I think there is a danger that the scientific enterprise here


will suffer and if that does happen, then it will affect our future


The government says it will do all it can to ensure that grant


applications are considered fairly, but until there is a clear post


Brexit plan, British scientists are likely to lose out.


The crackdown against supposed opponents of the Turkish president


has now engulfed the education establishment in Turkey.


Thousands of soldiers, police and judiciary have


Today the purge moved to the education sector,


with 21 thousand teachers suspended and 15 hundred university


TV and radio stations reported to have connections


with the movement founded by the US-based preacher,


Fethullah Gulen have also had their licenses revoked.


The BBC's Selin Girit says the scale of the crackdown has raised


One, whether the coup attempt had actually


bureaucracy, within the police force, the army, than initially


Secondly, if these people are all supporting Gulenist


movement, as the government suggests, how in the first place


they were able to infiltrate in such numbers into such significant


positions within the state bureaucracy and police force, and


the army, and thirdly, the question is whether Mr Erdogan and the


government is using this oppression of the coup attempt as an


opportunity to further enhance their powers.


American actress Leslie Jones, says she is leaving Twitter


with 'tears and a sad heart' after being flooded


The star of the new Ghostbusters film has shared some of the abusive


tweets she's been sent, following the release of the film.


She's accused Twitter of not doing enough to deal with online trolls.


With me now is our entertainment reporter Steve Holden


What is this a film? She is in a remake of Ghostbusters that was made


in the 80s. The difference is that it is an all female cast. In the


run-up to the film being released there was already some hate towards


the film because the rules have been filled by women. She has outlined


the scale of racist and misogynistic abuse she has received since


appearing in the film. What tweets has she received? She has been


compared to a gorilla, abusive tweets left right and centre and she


is very personally explained how she is feeling talking about her


personal hell, how she has tears in her eyes, how Twitter is not doing


enough to report and block these people that are sending her the


abuse. I'm astonished this is happening now in this day and age.


It is absolutely incredible. The scale of it is amazing. It really


is. Abuse on Twitter has been going on for years but she seems to have


taken it to another level and so much so that the CEO of twitter sent


her a message personally saying can you direct message me? And Twitter


put out a statement saying they have taken down some of the accounts that


had abused Leslie Jones, but ultimately, Twitter is a service


that relies on a community. They urged people to report accounts that


put forward this abuse because they can't monitor however many million


accounts every day. There is a call, and urgency, for Twitter to do more.


It says it is investing in more to prevent abuse from happening in the


first place. Leslie Jones has really kicked the starting gun to escalate


this and make twitter sit up and take notice and do something very


soon. Have other actors and actresses face similar problems? She


has come off twitter, she says. Yes, gay actors, female actors, black


actors, any kind of famous person gets abuse on twitter because the


person who is abusing does not have to reveal their name or face and it


is all very secretive. Lena Dunn, the star of a TV show called Girls


has highlighted the abuse she received in the past. With Leslie


Jones, it has been taken up a notch because it is horrific. Anyone who


has any kind of abusive message, it can be very upsetting, but can the


social media agencies do more? Because it seems like so many of our


countries are becoming ungovernable, never mind all this abuse simply


because of social media. I know it is a massive question! I think that


is the million dollar question. You can text off twitter but then they


get a new e-mail address and set up a new account and the abuse


continues. Is very difficult. Anti-social media, as my


ten-year-old Dub said. I am on twitter, but send me


Today has easily been the hottest day of


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