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A meeting of minds or clash of the titans?


The two women key to deciding on Brexit meet - as leaders -


Theresa May is in Berlin meeting Angela Merkel.


We are two women who have got on, have a had a very constructive


discussion and want to get on with the job, and both


want to deliver the best possible results.


Soldiers in the attempted coup in Turkey are brought to court -


as all academics are banned from leaving the country.


Also coming up, after several explanations why Melania Trump's


her speech writer says it was her fault


It was the hottest June around the world in modern history -


are we now close to dangerous levels of climate change?


The UK's new Prime Minister Theresa May has travelled to Berlin


for her first overseas trip since she took office


last week to meet Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel.


While official negotiations about Britain's withdrawal


from the European Union have been ruled out for now,


it is a significant meeting for the leaders to set the tone


for the difficult discussions that lie ahead.


Our Deputy Political Editor, John Pienaar reports.


VOICEOVER: She will have to get used to this,


meeting the German leader this afternoon, looks friendly,


but you would not argue with either of them,


you will probably lose, somehow they will work together


on a new relationship with Britain outside the EU.


Personal chemistry is important and there was plenty of goodwill.


I have been clear that Brexit means Brexit and the United Kingdom


will make a success of it but I also want to be clear,


across Europe, in the weeks ahead, that we are not walking away


from European friends, Britain will remain an outward


looking country and Germany will remain a vital partner


TRANSLATION: Irrespective of the decision that the people


of the United Kingdom have taken to leave the European Union,


we are linked by very close bonds of friendship, partnership,


our two countries have always acted on a basis of very clear


No Prime Minister heads into PMQs without jangling nerves,


she did not show it, making it look like a normal day


in the office, although around Westminster, normal seems


like a long time ago, started by teasing the other side


I have long heard the Labour Party asking what the Conservative Party


does for women, in my years in this house...


Went well enough, and got better, when a veteran Leave


We are leaving the EU and we are going to


He wanted free trade without too many conditions.


What we need to do in negotiating the deal is listen to what people


have said in regards to the controls on free movement but also negotiate


the right deal and the best deal of trade in goods and services


Wasshe backtracking on the Tory pledge to cut migration?


Can the Yorkshire be reassured that when we finally leave


the European Union, she will insist upon keeping her original promise


to get the immigration figures down in this country to


The vote taken in this country on June 23 sent a very clear


message about immigration, people want control of free


Reminded of a new Foreign Secretary's under promoted


His description of black people as picaninnies,


and why he questioned Barack Obama on his part Kenyan heritage.


Boris Johnson's past indiscretions the least of her problems,


she ignored it, the big post-referendum pledge.


The government I lead will be driven not by the interests


of the privileged few but by everyone in this country.


It was over, it had gone well, watch carefully,


But fairness for all will take decades, and the job of building


a new place for Britain in Europe and the world has barely begun.


A senior Number 10 staffer told me that everyone is beginning


to realise that Theresa is the one in charge,


setting policy on Brexit but the final outcome will not be


decided by Theresa May, it will emerge from hard political


graft and countless negotiations over coming months and years.


Getting these relationships off on the right foot is important,


but it is the easy bit, and just the start, this will be


a long march, it will not all be this harmonious.


With me is Roger Boyes, Diplomatic Editor of the Times


newspaper and former Berlin correspondent.


Thank you for joining us. What do you think having seen those two


formidable women together for the first time as leaders? There are


very similar. They are children of the manse, the daughter of Vickers.


Just as Gordon Brown was the son of a minister, there comes a certain


attitude to work and duty. And a certain boring this. It all comes


together into a certain attitude. It will work together well. It is


whether the German national incident -- interest coincides with ours.


Does it help the Theresa May initially was a remain candidate,


she was not the one pushing for Brexit? At the same time, both these


leaders want the best for their countries and ultimately that is the


most important thing, isn't it? Theresa May being a Remainer, she


ideology ice with the Germans and the rest of Europe. Dexit is only


one small ingredient as far as Angela Merkel's calculations go,


there will be the French presidential election which could


turn out to be a success for Marie Le Pen. And the migration deal with


Turkey could collapse. It is looking very vulnerable. And she has her own


election in September, 2017. All this will harden attitudes. Also


change attitudes towards immigration. The entire nation of


the discussion with Germany will change and it will change to reflect


generally's interests than hours. And this is going to be quite a


complex time. Many would say this referendum came to early. What about


the personality question and the women questioned, it is striking to


see two women leaders, they are both fought as getting down to business,


on top the detail? Theresa May showing her strength in the last


week, complete cabinet reshuffle. You have followed Angela Merkel


closely in Berlin, how will she play it? I do not remember one single


memorable press conference with Angela Merkel out of 50 or 55 that I


have gone too. She is absolutely capable of meandering, of fudging


and making decisions in her own time but not in the face of the press.


And that Theresa May has the same instincts then we are in for a


rather back door, behind closed 's style of government. This is not


going to be a very public diplomatic event. This renegotiation. Thank you


very much for your time. In the United States,


a member of Donald Trump's campaign staff says she is responsible


for passages in a speech by Melania Trump, which resembled


parts of an address given by the First Lady,


Michelle Obama, in 2008. She issued a statement apologising


for the entire row in the campaign. It's the latest development


in the Republican National Convention - which has officially


given Donald Trump its nomination The BBC's Gary O'Donoghue is there


for us. The twists and turns already in this


speech saga. Lanier come's appearance on Monday night would be


one of the highlights of this week and it has become so but not because


of the way that the trunk campaign wanted. As soon as she stepped off


the page sheet -- of the stage she was accused of plagiarising Michelle


Bama. Here is a comparison between the two. From a young age my parents


impressed on me the values that you work hard for what you want in life.


That your word is your bond. And you do what you see and keep your


promise. That you treat people with respect. They showed me values and


morals in the daily life. You work hard for what you want in life. That


your word is your bond, that you do what you say you will do. That you


treat people with dignity and respect even if you do not know them


and even if you do not agree with them. We want our children in this


nation to know that the only limit to your achievements is the strength


of your dreams and your willingness to work for them. We want our


children and all children in this nation to know that the only limit


to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your


willingness to work hard for them. The trunk campaign for 36 hours


trying to hold the line, rejecting any suggestions of plagiarism going


on. -- the Donald Trump campaign. The statement came from a speech


writer and she said what happened was that in talking to Lanier Trump,


she became aware she admired Mrs Obama and later for a long time. And


that Milan near Trump also read out some passages from Michelle Obama's


speech to heart which at a later stage became incorporated into the


speech. She did not check the words of Michelle Obama herself and she


apologise. She did for her resignation which the Trump campaign


would not accept. We are expecting to see Donald Trump, how much do you


think this entire affair has damaged his campaign? We were told that he


was furious when this came out. The Trump campaign spent the last day or


so time to push back on this story rather than talking about the


triumph of the speech which was a good speech, it was well delivered,


in an attempt to humanise Donald Trump and his candidacy, if you


like. They will be glad that there has been some line drawn under this.


It issued early embarrassing. It is not very professional for a start.


You expect people doing speech writing at that level, that effort


for the presidential campaign, to check out things properly. And


Donald Trump pitches that he is 1 million miles away from the Bamas


and the Clintons, he has not been in common with those people. The speech


was -- speech writer has been lifting passages from Michelle Obama


and it does not do him any favours. They will hope this is a flash in


the pan that other things will come along to overshadow it. Such as the


fact that Donald Trump is the nominee and lawmakers make his


formal acceptance tomorrow night in this arena here in very much.


We've got lots more on the Republican National


Just go to BBC.com/US2016 or download the BBC News App.


As well as all the latest updates there's also a look


at Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence who's speaking later


Turkey has charged 99 generals and admirals in connection


with Friday's attempted coup - just under a third of the country's


The government has now banned all academics


from travelling abroad, as the purge of state employees


suspected of being connected to the failed coup continues.


So far more than 50,000 people have been rounded up,


Mark Lowen reports from Istanbul - you may find some images at


street attempting to die for democracy. He threw stones and in


himself in front of a tank to stop it. Unbelievably, he picked himself


up and another rebel tank approaches. Again he is prepared to


sacrifice himself. Again, he survives. Injured but defiant. He


says it was a duty to defend his country and the president.


TRANSLATION: We heard the tanks were approaching while firing,


all I could do was respond with the three stones that I had,


God protected our president, without the 15 minute he had


to escape, it would have been a disaster.


Turkey almost slipped from President Erdogan's grasp.


Discussing urgent solutions with the Security Council.


Expected to widen the post coup crack down.


Dragged to court, the men who tried and failed to get


13 soldiers who raided his hotel minutes after he had fled.


The crowd shouts for the death penalty.


Victor's justice becoming dangerously close to mob violence.


Another 35,000 employees have been suspended.


It seems a Conservative government is classing with secular,


Every dean or university professor we have spoken to by phone has been


too afraid to go on camera, fearing that any critical comments


by an academic might be used to round them up.


Free speech and thought are cherished by these universities,


but the worry is that after the coup, Turkey


The students we found felt divided. Deflation Mac if it has infiltrated


within the university then the government would want to cleanse


them out as the dead in the army or the Interior Ministry. All students


will be concerned. The education system will collapse. Students will


be prejudiced against those new deans, they will see the


pro-government and will now give me a pro-government education.


Government supporters on the Bosphorus today.


But they mask the fear that an emboldened president


is using what could be a moment of reconciliation to


Professor Alpaslan Ozerdem is the Co-Director of Centre for Trust,


Peace and Social Relations at the University of Coventry.


He joins us via webcam from Mugla, in South-Western Turkey.


Thank you for joining us. Have you spoken to any academics who are


faced with this band? What is your reaction to what the government is


doing? I have spoken to academics. There is an overall feeling of


anxiety with academics. The country is going through a fast changing


process as you know since the failed military coup. There is a sense of


unknown at the moment. Over the next few days, they will be a better


understanding of what is waiting for Turkey.


There are private schools in Turkey for a number of years. I am sorry...


The line is breaking up. Can you still heroes? We will have to leave


it, we are having a break-up on that line. Thank you very much for


joining us. Seeing some pictures, a very fluid situation in Turkey and


we will keep you updated. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. Police in Brussels have arrested


a man accused of wearing a fake suicide vest,


in an incident that led The alert was triggered


when a security guard reported seeing a man wearing a long winter


coat with wires sticking out - on one of the hottest


days of the year so far. The US Justice Department is looking


to seize more than a billion dollars in assets as part


of its investigation It claims the money came from 1MDB,


a fund set up and overseen But he's not directly named


in the lawsuit and has Firefighters have put out a huge


fire that engulfed the middle of a 75 storey residential


tower in Dubai. Flames and smoke were seen billowing


from windows high up This is the fifth time in recent


years that a fire has broken out in a skyscraper in the


United Arab Emirates. Persistent heavy rain has disrupted


the Chinese capital, Beijing, with hundreds of flights cancelled


and some subway stations shut. All major rivers have reportedly


breached their banks and the government has issued


an orange alert, the second highest Large parts of central and eastern


China have been inundated with rain this summer,


killing more than 200 people. Russia's Olympic Committee has ruled


out a boycott of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio


following a report which accuses the Russian sports ministry


of overseeing a programme of doping. The International Olympic Committee


is considering whether to impose The head of Russia's committee went


ahead with confirming the squad while its ultimate fate is yet


to be decided. TRANSLATION: I am sure you have been


closely monitoring the events that It is in these circumstances


that the final line-up of the Russian Olympic team


is being confirmed. Even though the games start in less


than two weeks, quite a lot I am sure you were following


the Court of Arbitration meeting They are looking into the claims


against the Russian Olympic Committee and 68 individual


Russian athletes. The hearing was yesterday


and the decision will probably This decision will be crucial


in determining whether our athletes will be able to take part


in the Olympic Games. Sir Elton John has


spoken passionately at the International Aids Conference


in South Africa about the need to unite in the fight


against the disease. One thousand people are infected


every day in South Africa, Microsoft co-founder


and philanthropist Bill Gates was also among the high profile


speakers today, but let's listen If you give people love


and compassion and you include them like LGBT people,


like intravenous drug users, like sex workers,


like transgender people, You leave no one behind


in the human race. If you don't then this campaign


to end Aids will be a disaster. I am an optimist that we can bring


around the end of Aids. I am an optimist about


the incredible dedication All of those strengths, all of those


people who are committed to this. Only by doing that in the way


that it is proving more difficult than we expected,


but if we do that, then we can turn this promise of an Aids-free world


from an aspiration into a reality. It's the time of year when -


in the northern hemisphere summer months at least -


we often complain about how it is. And we all know there's


trend for temperatures Last month was the hottest June


around the world in modern history - a record that's been broken


for 14 consecutive months. Climate experts say it is part


of a worrying trend, as our Science Editor,


David Shukman, explains. This marked the end of our


very brief heatwave. And this comes as scientists reports


that the world as a whole is seeing a record rise in temperatures,


producing a wide range of impact. In California, firefighters


struggle with blazes pushing A heatwave has hit much


of continental Europe this week. This boy in Spain


tries to stay cool. And many tropical coral reefs have


turned white, what's called bleaching, as the waters


get too warm for them. So what do the latest figures


about rising temperatures tell us about a planet


that is getting hotter? This graph from the American weather


agency shows the period January Below average in the first-half


of the century, and then In the past six months


it was more than a degree If we take a closer look,


we can see why scientists are surprised at the scale


of the increase. They say this is partly driven


by the weather pattern El Nino, with warm water in the eastern


Pacific, but also by the greenhouse gases from our pollution,


which the Paris Agreement on climate Scientists researching the climate


say that they have been warning for years that unless those


greenhouse gases are cut, And the impacts are likely


to become more severe. I think we are scarily close


to dangerous levels We have a Paris Agreement now that


says we should not be exceeding 1.5 centigrade of climate change


but unless we start removing emissions over the next decade


or so, that is a threshold that The fear is of more scenes


like this, extreme weather It made this town


look like a war zone. Scientists say a warmer world is set


to see more violent rainfall and this year is on course to be


the hottest on record. We will show you a little bit from


the Republican convention. You can spot Donald Trump in the middle, he


has appeared and said some words with his newly announced running


mate. In the last hour or so, we've had an explanation about the speech


given by his wife. Speechwriter apparently that Mrs Trump had read


out some of Michelle Obama's speech from 2008. The speech writer had


copied down some of the phrases and put it into the final speech this


week. Nobody had realised in the team about the remarkable


similarities. The speech writer offered her resignation but the team


of Donald Trump did not accept that. Donald Trump been barrage by cameras


and hands. Everybody wanting a shot of the new Republican presidential


nominee. It is confirmed in the United States at the Republican


convention. We will hear from Mike pence later today at the convention.


And from Donald Trump himself. You can see the melee surrounding Donald


Trump. The start of this campaign has been overshadowed by the chaos


around the speech of Mrs Trump. They will want to put that behind them.


We will keep you up-to-date on BBC News.


Some places got into the low 30s again today and some of that humid


air lingering in eastern areas. By tomorrow, most people will have a


fresh appeal. A mixture of sunshine and showers. The weather


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