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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


I'm Alpa Patel. Here are the headlines.


There's no blanket ban on Russia's athletes going to the Rio Games.


Russia welcomes the International Olympic Committee's decision


but the US anti-doping agency says it is a "blow to clean athletes."


As the people of Munich mourn the victims killed


in Friday's shooting, investigators say the teenage gunman


had been planning the attack for more than a year.


Funerals have been taking place in the Afghan capital, Kabul,


for more than eighty people killed in a suicide attack on Saturday


A parade into Paris for Chris Froome who's made history winning his third


The International Olympic Committee has decided not to ban all Russian


That's despite finding that Russia was involved in a state-sponsored


The IOC said it would be up to individual sports' governing


bodies to decide if Russian competitors are clean and should be


The US Anti-Doping agency condemned the ruling saying the IOC had


"refused to take decisive leadership" and had left


But the International Tennis Federation said it welcomed


the decision allowing clean athletes to go to Rio.


It said Russia's seven nominated tennis players would be competing.


Russian state organised doping, which has brought its much


success in recent years, has been exposed.


But with just 12 days until the start of the Rio Olympics


the IOC today resisted calls for a blanket ban on its team.


No Russian athlete can compete unless he or she meets some


The International sports federations will carry out an individual


analysis of each athlete's anti-doping record, taking


into account only reliable international tests.


Russia wanted to send a 386 strong team to Rio,


but that number has already been reduced by 68 following a failed


appeal against an existing ban on its track and field team.


Now 27 remaining sports federations must now decide which Russians can


go but they are facing a race against time.


Despite outward appearances, Russian ministers are tonight


We take the investigation very seriously and we are waiting to work


With the Olympics looming, given the weight of evidence


against Russia, many feel that this has damaged people's trust in Russia


I think they have affected the Olympic movement.


I worry about the future of clean sport.


I worry about the future of clean athletes the Olympic Games.


The IOC has also decided that the whistle-blower cannot go


Having failed what it calls ethical criteria.


In central London today before the IOC made its announcement


British athletes celebrated their Rio selection while insisting


Mo Farah may be preparing to leave for Brazil in his quest


But the row about Russia's participation is going to overshadow


You feel sorry for the clean athletes who are a part of it,


but at the same time it is the whole country.


We will let the right authority deal with it.


But at the same time concentrate on what we are doing


With days to go until the Olympics gets underway this should be a times


But the decision leaves many Russian competitors in limbo


BBC's Sarah Rainsford joined us from Moscow a short time ago


and I started by asking her how the IOC decision had


As far as Russia was concerned, it was a campaign they had to win. They


had to try to persuade the IOC not to make individual athletes who


argue that they are clean paid the price that those who have been


doping and they believe they have won that argument, the proof of it


being there will be no blanket ban. That would have been a humiliating


decision for Russia. This is a country that sees itself as a


sporting superpower and the idea that all Russian athletes will be


banned from the Olympics, that a Russian flag would not fly there is


something that Russia did not want to see happen. They have avoided the


worst possible outcome, but what we have now is the decision is left to


individual sporting federations. Decisions that will take place less


than two weeks before the games begin. 12 days to go, is that enough


time? We have heard from the International tennis Federation


which has said that as far as it is concerned, Russian players should be


cleared to compete. They are subjected to rigorous testing abroad


and therefore the suggestion they are cheating is not there. As far as


the Federation is concerned, they should be clear, but there are other


new procedures they will have to go through for those players to make it


to Rio. Each federation was at its own criteria. It is very complex, we


don't know how it will play out, and other athletes who are clean and


have not been doping, it is an extremely nervous wait. Russia's


federation has been damaged. What has been the reaction where you are


to state-sponsored doping? That is right and Russia continues to insist


there is no programme of state-sponsored doping. We have


heard that from the sports minister over the past few days. He has told


us there was no programme to cheat in sport. He has talked about


individuals being copper bowl and therefore argued that the whole


Russian team should not be penalised for that. -- been culpable. However,


there is a devastating picture of cheating in Russian sport.


On the line is the former British Olympic Swimmer


She won her olympic medal at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow,


and two gold medals at the 1978 Commonwealth Games.


Thank you very much for being with us. Firstly, what is your reaction


to this decision? Just disappointment really. This was a


prime opportunity for the IOC to make a stand for clean sport. The


ruling was made behind the IAAF. It may be legally viable for them to


make this roof chilly-macro move, but I am disappointed. The report is


damning. The fiasco two years ago makes a mockery of the Winter


Olympics. I find it extraordinary that this is what the IOC has done.


Russia argues that a blanket ban would punish clean athletes. What is


your view on that? Who are these clean athletes? Are they athletes


that have not been caught? Thousands of samples were thrown down the


toilet. Who are these clean athletes? Sadly, they will go to Rio


and people will not cheer when they walk into the Olympic Stadium or


when they win a medal because they will think they have won them


because they are doping. There will be instances over the next months,


maybe years, where we find out that they have been doping and medals


will be taken away from them and given to the people that deserve


them. It is not fair. What is your experience of this? We have been


through this once before and it is difficult to deal with. I strongly


believe there are two sections of society that the IOC should be


protecting. First and foremost, the clean athletes because that is the


job, but they should we protecting the young co-worst Russians who are


being given these drugs that could have long-term effects on the


health. I did a documentary for Channel five and one of the athletes


I met is seriously ill because of the drugs she was given. It is


important that these two sections of society are looked after by the IOC


and they are shirking their responsibilities by passing this


over to the sporting federations. Thank you very much for your


thoughts. Meanwhile, questions have been


raised about the state refused to move its athletes


into the the accommodation, Athletes are staying in nearby


hotels while cleaners and maintenance staff try to fix


issues including blocked toilets, exposed wiring, leaking pipes


and unlit stairwells. Some apartments have water running


down the walls and a strong The head of the Australian


delegation Kitty Chiller says while other areas in the village


are among the best she's seen, athletes won't move


in until the accommodation We will reassess at the end


of the day and again tomorrow, but at this stage, seeing


the progress that has been made this morning already, I am


reasonably confident that we will be able to enter the


village on Wednesday. I certainly hope that


that is the case so we can all get on and enjoy a positive


and successful Olympic sporting experience which is what


we are all here for. To Germany where thousands of people


have gathered outside the Munich Olympia Shopping Mall


where nine people were Police say they are building


a clearer picture of what drove Our correspondent Chris Buckler


is in Munich. The fear and even shock


is starting to fade in Munich, but the grief is obvious


in the street where people For some it is also


an understandable sense of relief. TRANSLATION: I heard the shooting,


I heard the sirens, I knew my sister In the beginning I didn't know


what was going on with her. She wanted to take the subway to get


there and I had no idea The images of the attack show a


teenager targeting other teenagers. It is clear that David Sonboly had


some mental health problems and detectives are believed to have


found information about mass shootings when they searched


the flat where he lived Neighbours say he was quiet, alone,


but they never imagined How he got this gun,


that is the main problem. There have been calls


here in Germany for tighter controls on the sale of weapons,


but this country already has relatively strict gun laws and that


legislation has been tightened in the last ten or 15 years


as a result of two school shootings. Much of the investigation will focus


on how an 18-year-old living There has been some speculation


that he may have bought it off TRANSLATION: There is a chat log


on the dark net which indicates he got the weapon from the dark net,


but we are only at the beginning The police believe this attack had


been planned for a year, but the families of the victims can


in no way have been prepared Also in Germany, a man armed


with a machete has killed one woman and wounded two others in the city


of Reutlingen in the Police say the man is a Syrian


asylum-seeker, and has The motive for the attack is not


clear, but police say there is no indication


it is linked to terrorism. Let's take a look at


some other stories now. Four Chinese officials have been


suspended following devastating floods that left more than 200


dead or missing. Torrential rains hit


the north of the country, forcing more than 300,000 people


from their homes and leaving many Thousands of people have protested


about the lack of warning Thousands of homes remain under


threat in the US state of California with two massive wildfires continue


to raze the dry hills. The fires have been


burning since Friday. Local police are investigating


the discovery of a body inside a burned car in one


of the fire damaged areas. A big rally has been taking place


in Istanbul's Taksim Square, to celebrate the failure of the coup


against the government on July 15th. In a rare show of unity,


supporters of the opposition Republican People's Party have come


together with those from the wake


of the government's crackdown The BBC's Nick Thorpe reports


from the rally in Taksim Square. We have seen the rally after rally


in Turkey in the past week celebrating the survival of


democracy. The difference here is that the two main parties are


celebrating as well. Speak up after speaker has been talking about the


value of unity in Turkey at the moment. Top officials from the


governing party were also invited here. It is not just an opposition


event. The speakers have also been emphasising human rights and the


freedom of press. Not just the survival of democracy, but


inequality as well. Stay with us on BBC World News,


still to come: The US Democratic party gathers in Philadelphia


to officially nominate We'll be live at the convention


centre with the latest. A decade later, Yugoslavia has been


able to open the bridge that was damaged. Thousands of households are


quite this lunchtime as children bury their noses in the final


instalment of Harry Potter. there will be no anklet bland for


Russian athletes. Individual sporting federations will have to


make the decision instead. in Friday's shooting,


investigators say the teenage gunman had been planning the attack


for more than a year. The Democratic National Convention


begins on Monday in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,


a couple of days after hopeful US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton


revealed her running mate to be Rajini Vaidyanathan


is in Philadelphia now, on the eve Tell us what we can expect from this


convention. We are going into the convention with a scandal at the top


of the Democratic party because it emerged at the weekend that e-mails


have been linked to the WikiLeaks organisation which suggested that


the Democratic National committee had favoured Hillary Clinton during


those presidential primaries over Bernie Sanders and as you may


remember, it was a bruising campaign between the two candidates. There


were e-mails which suggested that the Democratic party had tried to


smear Bernie Sanders as well. We have just heard a lot of the now


that the chair of the Democratic National committee is going to step


down at the end of this week, but it is an embarrassment for the party


because this week was all about presenting a show of unity, not


division. Bernie Sanders will be appearing at the convention. This


could get uncomfortable, couldn't it? Yes, he's going to address the


convention stage behind me on Monday night. Aides close to him say he


will attack Donald Trump and broaden his message for a political


revolution. We can expect a lot of anger from the Bernie Sanders


supporters who will be here this week in light of those e-mails. Of


course this all leads up to Thursday night when Hillary Clinton will


formally accept the Democratic party's nomination as presidential


candidate. The first woman in the United States to ever do so. An


interesting week ahead. Thank you. In Afghanistan, the first funerals


are being held after 80 people were killed in a suicide attack


in Kabul on Saturday. The bombing, one of the worst


in many years, targeted crowds The so-called Islamic State has


claimed responsibility, marking the first time the group


have carried out an attack The Afghan government assigned


a team to investigate this incident, yet there is not much more


information and officials say the It is expected that the Health


Minister will release the final figures at a press conference


later this evening, but so far it is confirmed more than 80 people


were killed and more than 230 Until this afternoon some


people were searching One person told a BBC reporter that


still there are three family members missing that they did not find


in hospital and they did not find the remains


at the scene of the attack. Sport now and a full round-up


from the BBC Sports Centre. Chris Froome has won the Tour de


France for the third time becoming the first Briton successfully


to defend the title. Froome crossed the finishing line


on the Champs Elysees in Paris arm The Kenyan born British rider


finished safely at the back He had held a lead of over four


minutes going into the largely ceremonial race climax


through the streets It feels amazing. It really could be


the first one over again. It is special. The combination of months


and months of hard work, my team-mates, such support. Standing


here is monumental. Russia will not receive a blanket


ban from the Rio Olympics following The International Olympic Committee


will leave it up to individual sports' governing bodies to decide


if competitors are clean and should President Thomas Bach has defended


the decision in an interview Every human being is entitled to


individual justice. There we have set the bar to the absolute limit


for how Russian athletes can achieve to compete in Rio. All of them have


to meet individually these number of very strict criteria we have


established today. Adam Pengilly is an IOC


member from Great Britain, He's told us he's disappointed


by the decision taken today. I think my initial reaction is one


of disappointment and of embarrassment in some ways, to be


honest. I would've hoped that the leadership at the IOC, the


organisation I am a member of, would have taken a principled stance that


helped the long-term cleanliness of sport to rid us of the scourge of


doping. I am not sure I believe there would be a blanket ban. That


is the position though I thought was the correct one, that the Russian


team should be excluded. I said it is not an easy decision because in


that situation there would be in this and athletes who would miss


out, but there are innocent athletes who have missed out in the past and


there will be in the future. I think if this situation is not tackled


really hard, and I am not sure we have taken the right decision here.


Britain's Lewis Hamilton leads the Formula One championship


for the first time this season after victory at the


The reigning world champion didn't start on pole position,


but soon got the better of his Mercedes team mate


Nico Rosberg - with his record fifth race win at the Hungaroring.


So Hamilton is now six points clear of teammate Rosberg at the top


The Mercedes pair are comfortably ahead of Daniel Ricciardo,


who is third in his Red Bull, as well as the Ferrari duo


of Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel


and Max Verstappen, who is in sixth.


Venus Williams is aiming to win her 50th WTA title in a little less


She faces Britain's Johanna Konta in the Bank of the West


Classic in California - Konta is aiming for her


Williams - who turned 36 last month - beat Alison Riske


She sailed through the first set but struggled with her


Despite missing match points at 5-4 she eventually went on to win


To get to the final Konta beat the second-seeded Slovakian Dominika


Unlike Venus Konta dropped just six points on her serve.


The British number one is rising through the world rankings having


reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open in January.


Now, if you are uncomfortable with height you might want to look away


because the world cliff diving Championships have been taking race


in France. The winning jump came from Britain's Gary Hunt who jumped


off of a platform made this tower. Pretty good. The technical


description for that is a back three somersaults. If you missed it the


first time, here it is in slow motion. That is it from me. Goodbye


for now.


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