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You are watching continuing coverage here. There is a developing


situation in Munich in southern Germany where at around 430 GMT,


there was an incident at a shopping centre called the Olympia shopping


centre in the north-west of Munich and people reported that there was a


shooting. Police are saying that they believe they could be looking


for more than one gunmen and at the moment that person is at large and


the don't know where the person is. There were also reports and some of


them are at odds with each other suggesting that an assailant had


managed to escape from the shopping centre and get down underground,


into the subway. And as a consequence, the transit system has


been shut down to try to see whether they can locate the person or people


responsible. Various reports from different local broadcasters, being


quoted by the international news agencies, suggesting that there are


multiple casualties. Whether that means that they are the talent he


the moment it is not clear. -- the talent he is. If local broadcaster


has been quoted saying that the interior ministry has confirmed


there are three people who have died. But this is rather at arms


length at the moment so we are not able to verify that at the moment.


We have seen and I'm terrified video shot on a phone outside McDonald's


restaurant -- and I'm terrified video. It shows a man appearing to


take aim at people outside the McDonald's. The British Foreign


Office is investigating whether any British people are involved in the


incident and a spokesman said we are urgently investigating an incident


in Munich and stand ready to provide assistance. But the number of


casualties we are hearing has buried. -- varied. As many as 15


fatalities being talked about by one source. Another source saying it was


three. We are hearing rumours, unconfirmed as yet, of other


locations or another location in Munich, been the scene of a


shooting. That is unconfirmed but one journalist locally that we spoke


to a short while ago said the attacker travelled by underground


into the centre of Munich to a very popular to wrist destination, and


carried or continued and attack them. That is one journalist telling


us this. Nothing confirmed so far but police say they have not managed


to capture an attacker or attackers. One man who works at a nearby petrol


station has described what he saw. We saw ambulances, like, firemen and


police. But all this area, all the streets now... There are no cars.


All the streets are blocked. The people are scared.


Everyone is running around. That was an eyewitness from close to the


Olympia shopping centre, who described what he had been able to


see. Are corresponded to is following the story for us is here.


What are the latest developments? The latest information is from the


Munich police who said on Twitter within the last few minutes that the


whereabouts of the offender or offenders is unknown. So that


confirms these reports that there is at least one gunmen at loose in the


city. There are these unconfirmed reports of other incidences around


the city but certainly it is a situation that is not under control.


I have been able to have a close look at that video you have been


showing. Unverified as yet. A gunmen outside McDonald's. If you look at


it very closely, as I have done, you can see it is a man who walks up


very slowly and calmly, apparently, places himself outside McDonald's,


and then start shooting. And you hear a number of shots fired. He


appears to have a handgun in his left hand. He appears to have a long


barrelled gun of some sort in his other hand. She is dressed in black,


he has a black T-shirt with a logo of some sort on it. Which is


indecipherable. His ethnicity, you can't say. It appears to be one


gunmen. You mentioned those pictures and I


think we can watch and listen to them now.


That is some other footage as well. I think we can look and see if we


can bring you those that and he was talking about. Was it clear what you


were watching? Which direction he was shooting in? Into the McDonald's


store or away? Was it clear? He was outside the


McDonald's store. He stood outside the main entrance, facing outwards.


There were people just milling about in the the solidity, and it appears


he starts shooting away from the shopping mall. I've seen other


images of people inside them all heaving the shooting and taking


cover. But the shooting itself appears to be in the open air


outside the shopping mall. You might not notice, but Munich


police have a Facebook page and they're saying eyewitnesses have


told them there were three people who were armed with weapons,


firearms of some sort, and eyewitnesses are reporting that two


police. They are saying there was a shooting which then moved into


another area and the shopping centre, so it seems that these


Google were on the move, as you might expect. -- these people were


on the move. Let's look at these pictures you were talking about.


So it seems that the person who was filming this on a mobile phone had


spotted this person because they were dressed head to toe in black.


That's right. The interesting thing is you hear no shouts, no sound


before the firing starts. We know that sometimes on these occasions,


if it is an attack linked to Islamic terrorists, you hear shouts, but on


this occasion, as far as we can see and hear from that video, no


warning, nothing is said before that gunmen just opens fire. It seems


indiscriminately on people around him.


Yes, and at the moment we don't know exactly how many people we are given


with. The suggestion is that it is three. We don't know anything about


the motive of this person is born in Germany, we don't know any of those


details at the moment. What are you hearing about casualties?


There have been varied reports. Initially we heard from police


sources that there was one confirms death. And up to ten casualties. We


have since heard from various German media sources saying that they could


be up to the Dean deaths. I think the latest we have on the record is


that there are multiple casualties -- 15 deaths. Quite possibly


multiple deaths. The other interesting thing is, I am no


firearms expert, but it seems to be discreet, individual shots. It is


not the rattle of what you and I would know as a machine gun. It


seems to be a lot of shots but individual shots.


For the moment, thank you very much. Let's talk to a bar, who is in a


restaurant. -- lets talk to our correspondent.


What is happening there. Can you hear me?


I am afraid we have not got contact with her. Let's try to talk to a


freelance reporter at the scene in Munich.


Can you hear us? What is happening where you are?


I'm just in front of the Olympia shopping centre and it is the


closest place I can get. In front of the police. The police close all the


roads and it is deserted. In front of me there is a group of


inhabitants or shoppers, very quietly what going on. A great


number of police cars. I can hear the helicopters are bit far-away. At


the moment it is very, very calm. It is extraordinary that you say it


was calm. Housing did you get there after you became aware of what was


going on? -- how soon did you get there? I was


cycling here and most of the people were moving in the opposite


direction. So I was trying to get as close as possible. All the main


roads are closed. I went through some courtyards, as close as


possible. But finally I was in front of the entrance of the underground.


Where I am standing I can see from far-away. I can see searching cars


in front of the main entrance of the Olympia shopping centre.


As far as you know? Are there many people inside and locked down or has


everybody been moved? Well, it is difficult to judge, for


me to know. Because I am just an the spot. I'm not hearing the local


media but at the point I was leaving my place, the media advised


everybody to just get home. And leave the streets. Apparently also


the Metro stations are closing and so everything is deserted and empty.


Are you getting any reports where you are about any other incidences


in other parts of the city? Well, I was listening to the radio


and they had been talking about incidences in the main shopping area


of the city but apparently it was not confirmed.


It may be just wrong. And at the moment, we're hearing that please


still cannot say for sure if there is one or more attackers involved


but they suspect there are more than one cars of what eyewitnesses have


been saying. Apparently, it is very difficult to


judge from here. I'm on the street in a deserted calm place.


Tell us a bout the feeling in Germany. Has there been a heightened


sense of security, fear of a kind of attack like this because of what


they've seen in France and Belgium? Also what we saw earlier this week a


train? Exactly. I happened to be there but


earlier. It is a cute little city. My feeling is that the people are


getting more and more aware about the danger that might come to


Germany as well. Because we have been observing a bit from far-away


and now it is just moving closer. And obviously Munich used to be the


centre of the refugees coming last year, last summer here in thousands


and thousands. The inhabitants used to be very, very friendly and


helping a lot. Just going to the main station at helping people with


food and clothes but now, I am starting to get the feeling that the


people are less and less friendly to the Muslims. Obviously, women


dressed in traditional clothing. I think it is palpable how the mood is


changing. You are saying people are becoming


more fearful? We don't have anything at this stage about you is behind


this attack, what their motives are and who they are. But in terms of


security in a shopping centre like Olympia, is the Renault thing to


stop people going in with a firearm? Is there any kind of screening or


visit a relaxed western shopping centre like you would find in


London? This is a very relaxed shopping


centre. It is in the middle of Olympic village, the same as Olympic


Games in Munich. It used to be the housing of the Sportsman in the


1970s, I think. So it is a residential, quiet area. And


everywhere in Munich is very calm and relaxed, it is a very safe city.


A great presence of police. The city is famous as being a strong police


city. Right at the Olympia shopping


centre. Thank you very much for talking to us.


Just a few more lines to you and we'll recap on what has been


happening this evening in Munich. The city's police forces are saying


on social media that the suspects are still on the run and that people


should please Boyd public places. -- avoid public places. They're using


emergency services with the support of special forces. The federal


police and neighbouring councils as well. And a little while ago we were


just saying that the Bavarian Interior Ministry are quoted as


saying there were three casualties, three fatalities. They have now said


that the local reports are not true. We did heavily wrapped those up with


a note of caution. Our correspondence Richard has the


latest now on the event so far in Munich.


This and verified video apparently shows the moment a group of people


ran into a gunmen on the streets of Munich. Around the shopping centre,


there was panic as people tried to find their way to safety. Many armed


police officers including special forces were soon on the scene. But


from the roof of the car park, a gunmen carries on firing. The


emergency services poured into the area, telling people to get off the


streets and go home. The Metro has been closed down.


We see just ambulances, like, firemen and police. But all this


area is evacuated, all the streets, now, are... There are no cars. The


streets are blocked. The people are scared. Everyone is running around.


The police believe they are dealing with a shooting rampage and there


may be more than one gunmen involved. So far, no one has been


detained. There are reports of many casualties.


Still so many things that we don't know for sure what the police have


said. That report by Richard is that the suspects or suspect are still on


the run. Please avoid public places. That's part of it is still very much


an ongoing operation but in terms of casualties, that number, we've seen


many different sources quoting police, varying the figures, but we


know there have been fatalities, not completely confirmed just how many


people have been caught up in this. Let's stop to Damien beginners who


is in Berlin. What do you know for sure?


What we're hearing now in Germany is that there are three deaths, three


fatalities, according to officials in Germany. And it seems that


according to various sources now that there were a couple of people


involved in the attacks. But of course the situation is still very


fluid so the numbers have varied wildly between one and 16 so far.


This is the first concrete, official number that seems to have so far


come out from an official Government source. So, that should certainly be


taken seriously, but there is still a lot of confusion in Munich itself


because, as the area effectively shutdown, all public transport


within Munich or within the Centre has been effectively stopped. With


the underground is closed and with buses grounding to Horton passengers


told to get out and walk home, effectively. Police have issued


warnings for local residents to stay at home. And to get off the streets.


So, obviously, these are taking it extremely seriously indeed. --


police are taking it. There are reports that one of the perpetrators


shot wildly in a cafe or they can read and then fled the scene. And


some people said the perpetrator has not been caught. The question is, is


there a gunmen on the loose? Munich police say they suspect this


is a terrorist attack? Yes, and that is the big fear, of


course. What we have seen on Monday was an asylum seeker who attacked


five people or seriously injured five people and attacks more than


that in a train. It was a brutal attack with an axe and a knife and


it turned out that he in fact was an Islamist extremist who had links to


so-called Islamic State. And that has been the worry, that attacks are


caused by Islamist extremists rather than lone wolves of random people


who might be in some way disturbed. And that is the fear in this


particular case as well because, as you know across Europe, we have had


various Islamist extreme as attacks. Very varied in nature with very


little in common. Numerous attacks in France in the past year and that


is now the worry in Germany that this is starting to happen here


because for a long time now people have been very nervous that a


similar sort of attack such as the ones we have been seeing in France


will happen in Germany. We saw it on Monday on a lower level, if you


like. And that is the worry now, that if this turns out to be an


Islamist excuse attack, then that would seriously rattle people here


in Germany. This choice of target. A shopping


centre, Friday afternoon, really busy. No real defences security


specifically to stop something like this. Really, one of the softest


kinds of targets. Yes, that is right. I do think that


is the whole worry about all these individual attacks, because they are


also different in nature. We saw it in Nice, and that was a completely


different sort of attack. We saw the train attack on Monday. Here in


Bavaria as well, not far from Munich. And it seems that a lot of


these attacks are the ones that seem impossible to predict and impossible


to prevent and officials here and in Britain have said there is only so


much security you can provide because the problem is that if the


attacker is someone operating on their own, then it is really hard to


know how you can prevent that. With the attacker who launched that


attack on the train, in Bavaria on Monday, the problem there was he was


completely unknown by the authorities. The have not committed


any crime before. The authorities had no connections with them and the


police had not had any reason to suspect that he might have links to


so-called Islamic State and that is the issue, really. That there are so


many cases where these attackers are just not known to the police


already. And in that case it is almost impossible to predict or


prevent. For the moment, thank you very much.


A short time ago a police report of Bavarian radio in Munich explained


what was happening at the scene when she arrived.


Unfortunately we could not get very close to the shopping centre as


everything has totally closed down. We tried to get there. We had that


there were people screaming, running out of the shopping centre because


there was one or the police now told us there are apparently more than


one person involved. And there was a shooting right at the shopping


centre and abortion the, we could not get very close. -- and


unfortunately, we could not get very close.


What sort of police presence did you see?


The strongest one can imagine. In the case as this one, where there


has been a shooting at a really large shopping centre and maybe as


well at other places in Munich, we're not sure about that as there


is no official report. As you can imagine, all the police forces and


special forces, helicopters, or the police forces are at the shopping


centre and in Munich and the official places as well. And they


are calling out that no one is allowed to go to the official places


they're trying to close everything down because they do not know


whether those present that in doing the shooting is the moment.


We're just hearing via the news agency, they are quoting German TV,


saying that the Bavarian into rear Ministry has confirmed that three


people died. -- Interior Ministry. This is coming to us for pound but


that is the suggestion here from the Bavarian interior ministry that


there have been three fatalities. When you were at the scene, how many


people were around? We understand they are still trying to evacuate


the centre. As I already said I'm not at the


scene directly because it is closed down. There is nobody allowed to get


into the shopping centre, and the people out. So I cannot tell you how


many people there are and how many casualties exactly thereof. As you


said, three people have been killed. Yes, of course. It is very early


days and these reports could turn out to be incorrect. But did you see


members of the public trying to leave the centre?


Yes. A lot of them, actually. They were streaming out into the streets,


standing in the two groups, trying to call their loved ones. Everybody


is making sure they're getting out as quickly as possible. We had a


colleague who was in the shopping centre and she called us immediately


as she got out. She only heard shooting, she had the police calling


that everybody had to leave the building. Apparently there was a lot


of screaming and people running around but most of the people should


be evacuated by now but as we cannot get in and cannot get close to the


scene we're not sure right now. Munich police are now saying that


they suspect that they are announced seeing a terror attack unfolding in


Munich. but there will be some rain


tomorrow, particularly across north-western parts of the UK. That


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