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Hello and welcome to BBC World News today.


The Headlines: French religious leaders call for more security


at places of worship following the brutal murder


Fresh pictures emerge of the siege at the Normandy church


where Islamists carried out the killing on Tuesday.


Pope Francis has said the recent spate of jihadist attacks in Europe


is proof that the world is, as he put it, at war,


but he said he didn't mean it was a "war of religions."


A big explosion in a mainly Kurdish city in northeastern Syria has


caused massive destruction - at least 40 people have died


On patrol ahead of the Rio games - the head of security tells the BBC


the threat of a terror attack is one of his biggest concerns.


The head of France's Muslim community has described yesterday's


murder by Islamists of an elderly priest as "blasphemous


sacrilege which goes against all the teachings of our religion".


Dalil Boubakeur joined representatives of Christian,


Jewish and Buddhist faiths in a show of unity with President Hollande.


They called for more security at places of worship.


The priest, Father Jacques Hamel, was killed while conducting


morning mass in his church in a suburb of Rouen.


His killer, 19 year old Adel Kermiche, had twice


previously tried to join the so-called Islamic State group -


also known as Daesh - in Syria.


Our correspondent Lucy Williamson reports.


The words that follow these attacks have lost their power to console.


They used to give France strength, now they highlight its betrayal.


In the streets where he grew up, Adel Kermiche is remembered


as a troubled man whose radical views had already alerted his


TRANSLATION: He was clearly pro-Daesh.


Once his parents took him to the police station,


they said, lock him up, he's going to commit a crime.


The police said they were already monitoring him, but couldn't


Last year, he was arrested in Germany while trying to reach Syria.


Two months later, he was caught again in Turkey and


In March this year he was released with an electronic tag,


which allowed him to leave his house between 8:30


During that window yesterday morning, he came here


and together with an accomplice, carried out his assault while elite


The moment filmed by a local resident who was woken by the noise.


With every new target and every new location,


So that the death of a local priest in this small suburban church


becomes a test of national resilience, an attack


In Paris, the government was left defending itself against


the charge that its defence of France had failed.


But was this a failure of intelligence, security or judgment?


Or simply the result of freedoms the country wants to protect?


TRANSLATION: Everything that can be done under the rule of law


There can still be some changes, discussions.


We are open to suggestions from the opposition.


But you cannot protect the rule of law by rejecting the rule of law.


And on a visit to Italy today, the Prime Minister said


In the Church of Notre Dame tonight, prayers have begun to honour


Father Jacques Hamel and the hostages of Saint Etienne.


But faith in France's protectors is harder now,


with the country divided over what protection means.


Pope Francis has said the recent series of jihadist attacks in Europe


is proof that the world is, as he put it, at war.


The pope was careful to stress he did not mean


it was a "war of religions", but rather a conflict between


He made the comments to journalists on board his plane to Poland


TRANSLATION: The world is at war, in pieces. There was the war of 1914


with its methods, then the big war of 1939-1945, and now this. It is


not organic. Organised, yes, but not organic. But it is war.


This holy priest who died at the very moment in which he offered the


prayer for peace is one, but how many Christians, how many more


innocent people, how many more children will die?


Let's take you to Krakow and speak to our correspondent Tom Burridge.


- Adam Easton. Strong words from a very sombre Pope Francis but she was


very keen to point out that he did not mean it was a war between


religions. I think what he wanted to point out was to actually call a


spade a spade. He said often terror attacks, the word used is insecurity


and he said that is not the correct word. The word we should be using is


war. So I think he wanted to highlight the severity, the gravity


of the situation that the world is facing. He later came back


afterwards and said that he wasn't referring about a religious war. He


said that all world religions want peace, so the assumption would be


that the people who carry out these terror attacks are not true


believers of their faiths, and as you said and in the clip we just


heard, he talked about some of the more general causes of conflict such


as competition for scarce resources, competition for land, the domination


and also for power. A little bit later, he gave a speech in front of


the Polish president and the Polish bishops in the beautiful Gothic


castle. He did not refer to terror attacks there, but he did refer to


consequences of conflict, of war, and she meets a rather pointed


comment to the Polish host and said that not only society and churches


but states should do more to welcome refugees, asylum seekers, people


fleeing war and hunger, and to say that in front of the Polish


authorities is quite something, of course, because the Polish


authorities have made it clear that they are not interested in taking


any Muslim refugees or asylum seekers. That is also pretty much


the opinion of the majority of Polish society so a rather pointed


remark to be made by the Pope in his first speech after he arrived in his


host country. Adam, thank you very much. Adam Easton in crack of in


Poland. -- Krakow in Poland. There was another reminder today


that most of so-called Islamic State's victims


are in the Middle East Around 50 people were killed


after a truck bomb, which IS says it planted, exploded


in the predominantly Kurdish town The BBC's Yogita Limaye reports


from Beirut. Even before they understand what's


hit them, another explosion. A fuel tank blows up,


triggered by the bomb that went off near a Kurdish military


government building. There used to be shops, homes,


and a busy street here. Dozens have been killed in the worst


terrorist attack this city has seen. Two of them are doctors and like


most of the family they are living here, most of the family


have lost members here. Not just here, I'm living far


from here about 700 metres, all the windows in my house


are destroyed completely because of So-called Islamic state has


said it was behind the This woman was in her house when the


explosion occurred. TRANSLATION: When I looked at myself, I saw blood


on my hands. Then my son came rushing out of the bathroom and


asked me how I was. I said, I don't know. And I wasn't sure if his wife


had been killed. As for the rest, they were being pulled out by


others. I don't know if they are dead or alive.


So-called Islamic state has said it was behind the


Qamishli is a mainly Kurdish city near the border with Turkey.


The Kurds are battling Islamic state across northern Syria.


Backed by the US, and along with some Arab forces,


a major offensive has been underway to regain the town of Manbij.


And IS say the attack in Qamishli is retaliation for that.


Freelance journalist Basheer Talate is in Qamishli.


And looked at this officer, they told me they could not stop it. The


attacks happen everywhere. Not just here but also in Europe. There is a


lot of sadness but because a lot of the people you can see that they are


used to this but at the same time they are saying that ices cannot


kill the lights inside us. -- ices. -- Isis.


Police in the East of England investigating the attempted


abduction of a Royal Air Force serviceman last week have released


e-fits of the two men they suspect were involved.


The victim fought off the attackers who tried


to bundle him into a vehicle, as he was jogging


Police said both attackers were of "Middle Eastern appearance."


Our correspondent Robert Hall reports.


Were you in this area between 1pm and 4pm?


It was an instant which lasted less than a minute, but which has led


to another day of intense activity on the lanes of Norfolk.


The focus has been on these faces, created from the memories


of the young serviceman who ran for his life a week ago.


Investigators believe someone from the RAF community may have seen


the men as they prepared or fled from their attempted abduction.


The serviceman had told police that he became aware of a dark


vehicle, possibly a people carrier on the other side of the road.


He said in a matter of seconds a man had jumped out of that vehicle,


If he had not reacted as he did by head-butting that man


and knocking him to the ground the outcome would have


The landscape here illustrates the challenge of tracing that


Empty farmland, quiet roads and little CCTV.


Last week's incident has added to concerns over security


Police say that the motive for this attempted abduction


We said last week that there was no credible evidence of it


being a terrorist-related incident but we couldn't discount it,


But if it is not a terrorist related abduction, attempted abduction,


I am looking at other possibilities, could this be a case of mistaken


identity, could this be something entirely unconnected?


Norfolk police are in close touch with anti-terrorism specialists


but they believe key information will emerge locally.


They have warned anyone spotting the suspects


Robert Hall, BBC News, at RAF Marham.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


The man who tried to assassinate the former US president


Ronald Reagan is to be released from a psychiatric hospital


John Hinckley Junior injured Mr Reagan and three others


when he opened fire on them outside the Washington Hilton hotel in 1981.


Hinckley was found not guilty on grounds of insanity.


The judge said Hinckley no longer poses a danger.


Prosecutors in the US city of Baltimore have dropped charges


against three police officers still facing trial over the death


last year of Freddie Gray - a black man who was critically


Freddie Gray's death fuelled perceptions of police brutality


towards African Americans and sparked the worst protests seen


Former French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier has been appointed


by the European Commission to negotiate with


In a tweet, Mr Barnier said he was honoured to be


The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said he "wanted


an experienced politician for this difficult job".


In November, American voters are going to make a choice.


Some are choosing between Republican and Democratic.


Others are choosing between what they've described


Hillary Clinton may have made history as the first woman to be


the presidential nominee for a major party, but many Democrats backing


Bernie Sanders have told us they think Clinton is part


On the Republican side some have told us they want anyone but Trump.


It's left a large share of American voters feeling disappointed,


if not angry, at the options for their next leader.


I'm probably going to vote for Hillary,


but I'd rather not have to


because I want more optionsthat are actually more representative


of what people want and not a lesser than


If the best that we can do for people that are


going to represent usis Donald J Trump


and Hillary Rodham Clinton, I


Maybe being involved within the Washington world


for so long I think that can kind of have a bit of a


dehumanising effect after a while in that it doesn't


seem like she really has the ability or feels like she


has the ability to think for herself as a person


and so I think that when


she's trying to cater to what can and cannot be


done that there isn't going


to be any of the real change that we need


I guess she's really the only person to vote


I mean, once the Republican Party chose Trump, I mean who else


I mean, as a woman, it's definitely a step


I truly believe it's anything but Trump, but


I think Hillary Clinton is a better choice, for sure.


The Democrats convention in Philadelphia is about to


I'm joined now by Michael Scherer, the Washington


I hope you can hear me. I hear it is quite noisy there. I just wanted to


ask you how much of a problem for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are


these people who do not see anything they particularly want to vote for


in either of these candidates? It could be a big problem but polls


show that about 90% of Bernie Sanders voters in the primary


support Hillary. What is different about this primary is that the real


die-hard activists, the people who work all year to get Bernie Sanders


elected, our year and it is not even representatives. That said, if this


sort of anger at Hillary Clinton continues, it will be really


problematic, not just the people who voted for Bernie Sanders, but for


young people and minority people who Hillary has to find a way to


motivate and she has not been able to so far. How unified or otherwise


would you say the Democratic party is right now? We heard jeers at the


name of Hillary Clinton in this convention. That is right. Both


parties are not very unified. But been surprised by how un-unified the


Democratic party is. It is too soon to know what consequences that will


have. If you're watching the Republicans in Cleveland, you would


see a similar disunity so it is bubbly going to hurt both candidates


and we have a long way to go before we know who will turn up at the


polls. But what this will come down to is turnout. It is about


motivating people who are not your regular voters and a lot of young


people are listening to their friends and they are saying that


Hillary is just part of some giant machine of corruption, even if they


are progressives, that will be a big problem for her. I want to ask you


about a story that is beginning to really get some traction now. This


row breaking out Clinton's campaign spokesman saying it is the first


time a major presidential candidate had encouraged a foreign power to


conduct espionage against a political opponent. I am talking


about Donald Trump and what he has apparently said about Russia. Yeah.


It was a remarkable press conference this morning. I think it is not as


the Clinton campaign. I think a lot of Republicans and political


observers are sort of still getting their bearings after he said it.


What he said was that he has nothing to do with the hack of the


Democratic National committee and does not know if Russia was behind


it but then he added that if Russian hackers could find the 30,000


e-mails that Hillary Clinton says she deleted because they were


personal correspondence not work correspondence, they should put them


out quick. It was essentially the Republican nominee for president


asking for a crime to be committed by a foreign power against the US.


It was quite a remarkable statement. And reduce the damaging? You know,


Donald Trump has been making remarkable statements for six months


now. -- who do you see a damaging? And in a lot of cases this has not


damaged him. I do not know if it will change the race dramatically. I


think it will remind people who are not yet on board list on why they


have concerns and it will play into Hillary Clinton's message on trumpet


which is that he is just not prepared for the job. At the same


time, I think that Trump has shown that there is an anger, a


frustration, a fury with the way the rules and politics are set up in


this country and that breaking them helps him. It motivates his


supporters and then again he may be able to pull other people into the


process by speaking like this that he has not been able to before. The


other thing to mention is that Trump often says the things we're sort of


a glint in his height, almost as if he's kidding when he says that. It


is interesting because with the whole campaign he has gotten away


with a lot of things that other candidates would never be able to


get away with. He said a day after the Republican convention to the


National Enquirer that John McCain, the former Republican nominee, is


not the kind of war hero he likes because he got captured. These are


things that just would not be acceptable in any other year but


this is not any other year. It certainly isn't. Only a day after


history was made, we have the first female President candidate, it is


not even really top of the agenda. Where are we? What is going on? You


was asked about Hillary been the first female nominee in his press


conference today and we will hear a lot more about that tonight with


President Obama and Joe Biden and her vice presidential pick Tim Kane


speeding so I do not think that will go away but it is certainly a


strange time. Thank you. As we mentioned there Barack Obama,


Vice President Joe Biden and Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine


will speak in the coming hours. As always we will have live


updates and analysis There will also be plenty of content


on our smart phone app. The Russian Olympic Committee chief,


Alexander Zhukov, says international federations have approved more


than 250 Russian competitors to take This comes after a report


into state sponsored doping. 108 Russians have been banned so far


- including all but one The Russian President Vladimir Putin


has once again criticised the decision to barr


some competitors, saying medals won at Rio 2016


will be devalued and that the Games He made the comments at an event


with Russian athletes, Here's some of what President Putin


had to say. TRANSLATION: I think that your


colleagues would understand that the quality of their medals will be


different now because it is one thing to win against strong, equal


competitors and it is a different thing when you compete with someone


so obviously lower in class. Such a victory has a completely different


taste, if any. Meanwhile, the man in charge


of security at the Rio Olympics has told the BBC the threat


of a terrorist attack An extra 80,000 security personnel


have been brought in to patrol the streets of Rio de Janeiro


and the Olympic venues. As our Brazil Correspondent,


Wyre Davies reports, there's concern the country


is a soft target for criminals. Rio has a reputation


as one of the world's Within sight of the beaches where


Olympic volleyball and triathlon events will take place, armed police


patrol narrow alleyways which by night revert to the control


of violent drugs gangs. They let off fireworks to let us


know they're watching. After a quiet couple of years,


violence has returned to many Rio is a much safer


place today than it was 20 years ago, but even in the last


year or so, in these pacified favelas, the drugs gangs


have moved back in. There have been more


murders and more attacks. And with the Olympic games taking


place down in the tourist areas


on Copacabana beach, there is a real concern


that some of this violence could spill


over during the games themselves. In this Olympic city,


shocking numbers of innocent victims are killed


in crossfire, often by police. Children are taught to dive


for cover at the And petty crime invades


the tourist beaches below. Police officers warned


they might not be able to guarantee Welcome to hell,


their stark message to visitors at Rio's


International Airport. We police officers are hiding our


badges, our wallets, our guns because they


are being hunted. But city and state officials say


that with an extra 80,000 security personnel on the streets,


Rio will be safe during the games. But says Rio's security chief,


there is one overriding concern. TRANSLATION: For me,


the biggest threat is terrorism. Brazil is not an obvious


target, but we have a weakness and it is


our immense borders. The BBC recently saw evidence


showing just how easy it More than 70 Syrian nationals were


able to acquire genuine Brazilian passports from crime gangs


and corrupt officials. Training exercises are designed


to ease concerns, but with 10,000 miles


of often porous land borders, Brazil would be a soft target for anyone


seeking to disrupt the games. Rio de Janeiro is still


one of the world's most beguiling cities


and will provide a stunning backdrop


for the Olympics, but it has


an ominously dark side too. Stunning aerial video has


been released showing what is believed to be the world's


deepest underwater sinkhole. Researchers in China studying


the so-called Blue Hole - in the South China Sea -


believe that it's 300 metres deep. The team says it looked at things


like tidal water levels and temperature to


work out the depth. Until now, the deepest known


Blue Hole was Dean's Blue Hole, which is two hundred


and two metres deep, We end on an object lesson on how


not to invest your money. A man from Georgia in


the United States who won three million dollars in a lottery


has pleaded guilty to using the money to invest


in a crystal meth ring. 45-year-old Ronnie Music Junior


used his windfall to buy the drugs, then supply them


to others who could The local Attorney described it


as an "unsound investment strategy". Mr Music is expected to serve years


in a federal prison. If you want to get in touch with us


here at BBC World News, But for now from me and the rest


of the team, goodbye. Hello there. If your gardens didn't


get enough rain today, you could be in luck tomorrow, when the next


batch of rain pushes


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