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This is BBC World News Today with me, Karin Gianonne.


No compromise on her stance on immigration.


Angela Merkel promises to do everything to protect Germany


from attackers acting in the name of the Islamic State group,


but insists stopping migrants entering the country


TRANSLATION: They want to spread hatred and fear between the


cultures, and they want to spread hatred between the religions. We


stand this I simply against this. -- decisively against this.


President Barack Obama delivers a stirring speech at the Democratic


convention as Hillary Clinton prepares to address supporters


and officially accept the party's nomination.


Scientists discover a new type of antibiotic,


literally under - or UP - their noses.


Also coming up: We meet a Syrian teenager who swam part of the way


to Greece and now wants to swim in the Olympics.


We start in Germany, where despite a string of recent


terror attacks linked to asylum-seekers, German Chancellor


Angela Merkel has insisted she won't abandon her policy


It follows Germany's promise last year to provide shelter to thousands


The country has now taken in more than a million people.


The Chancellor has come under increasing pressure since then,


after claims of sex attacks in Cologne at New Year,


and most recently, the fatal terror attacks linked to asylum-seekers.


But Angela Merkel is standing firm on her migrant policy.


Well, the BBC's Chris Buckler has been in the Bavarian town


TRANSLATION: The terrorists want us to lose the focus on the things that


are necessary. They want to undermine our solidarity and our


togetherness. They want to damage our way of life, our openness, and


yes, our readiness to take in people in distress. Our correspondent has


been in the Bavarian town of Landshut, which has seen a


significant influx of refugees. Bavaria prides itself


on being a welcoming place, but in Germany's largest state,


there is increasing unease about Angela Merkel's so-called


open-door policy towards those not coming for


a holiday, but to make a new life. The two English words


within Landshut's name might give There are people who want tighter


controls on who enters this land. TRANSLATION: I'm in favour


of an integration law that has more controls and gives people


opportunities for the future. That must be a requirement,


and that's why we as Bavarians differ somewhat from


the government in Berlin. Earlier this year, in protest


at the pressure on resources here, this region's mayor loaded up a bus


of refugees and send them to Chancellor Merkel's official


residence in Berlin. While the flow of people has eased,


there are still many in this town waiting to be given asylum status,


and therefore, still This man asks for his face not to be


shown, because he has relatives But the process of approving


asylum takes time. It's struggling to cope,


like some of the families Our fears, you are


in the same place. There's clear frustration,


and after recent attacks involving There are a lot of people that have


criminal records in their country before they come here,


so what do you expect of them? When they come here,


they become idle, they possess that There are many who feel


there should be more checks, particularly with so many headlines


about terror, and today, Chancellor Merkel did propose


measures to improve security. But to the frustration of right-wing


parties, she said her asylum TRANSLATION: The events of the last


week are a wake-up call to people. The warnings our party have


given our proven to be true. The warnings our party have given


have proven to be true. It's an incredibly small number


who threaten this society. The vast majority simply


want to be a part of it. But there's a growing distance


between Berlin and Bavaria about how to deal with the worries


over fear and finances, and that could leave


this country less open. It's the final day of


the Democratic National Convention and Hillary Clinton's big chance


to convince delegates and voters Barack Obama has already


given his seal of approval for Hillary Clinton as the best


person to replace him He told the convention


in Philadelphia that there has never been anyone more qualified


to serve as president. Let's head over to Philadelphia now


and talk to Carlos Watson who is the CEO of ozy.com,


a daily digital magazine. Carlos Watson, welcome. It is going


to be a tough act to follow, having Barack Obama make that speech last


night? I think indeed. In fact, I think it was President Obama's best


speech ever, which is saying a lark, given his skills as an orator. That


good? I think it was that good. You should have seen the crowd here. It


was quite impressive. He was both able to elevate Secretary Clinton,


and also, I think, really painted a picture of Donald Trump but I think


could end up being helpful to Clinton as she appeals to


independently macro and maybe even disaffected Republicans.


What exactly is she going to have to sell to night? What is she going to


focus on? What are her selling points?


I think she also has a very similar job, in some ways, which again, as


many of the speakers have done, she has got to go after Donald Trump


head on, and whether she calls him a demagogue or says he has no clue or


says he is not very conservative, I think she has got to do that. But I


think the other important piece is a vision, or as George HW Bush once


put it, "The vision thing". And I think laying out a compelling agenda


for what the years of the Clinton presidency, or 2-term presidency,


would mean, is going to be really critical, give people something to


hold onto. I think we will also get a bit more of her biography, though


she may allow their daughter, along with her husband a few nights ago,


to do the bulk of that. Interesting. And we saw bringing in the rest of


the family at the Republican convention as well. How the


effective you think that is only tactic?


I think it was certainly helpful and the polls are Donald Trump. I think


not only his daughter M, but even the love that his wife Melania made,


so I think for Secretary Clinton, it is important that the people who are


speaking, maybe the most important family member, someone who is no


longer with us, is her mother. I think a mother is so much of the


reason she has been involved in politics. It has been a guiding


light fire, and yet I don't think that people know enough about a


mother or her mother's story. I would not be surprised if Secretary


Clinton spend a lot of time on that family member in the course of


headline speech. That is interesting. You mentioned a


Republican bounce. How much is that worrying the Democratic party, and


how much will that feed into the negativity, trying to talk Trump


down, how much will they balance that with positivity about what they


should vote for in Hillary Clinton? I think there is no doubt, even the


Democrats won't say it out loud, they are worried. Many looked at the


convention last week in Cleveland and thought, as opposed to getting a


bounce, in fact, trump might receive a little bit, given the flock that


Melania had, given some of the other drama, including Ted Cruz. So I


think they were frankly caught off guard, even though most of them will


now say, that is what you would expect. So let's see what Secretary


Clinton walked away with from this convention. You will remember back


in 9080, one of the best convention bounces we have ever seen when to be


Democratic nominee, Michael Dukakis, who exited up 17 points. I don't


bite back, but I think it Secretary Clinton in some of the unusual swing


states, places like Georgia, where she is within five points right now,


North Carolina, where she is closer, and Missouri, where she is better


back then we would expect, if she can help results in some of those


places, they would be wildly excited.


Carlos Watson, thank you very much. We appreciate your time.


Might later, thank you. There is a lot more on the Democratic national


convention. It is all on our website, and there is the latest in


what has been going on, all the speeches and reactions of those


speeches. Two of Turkey's highest ranking


generals are reported to have resigned, following the coup attempt


earlier this month. It comes a day after more than 1,500


military personnel were sacked for their alleged roles


in the failed uprising. More than 130 media outlets


were ordered to be shut down on Wednesday as the Turkish


government continues its crackdown. Our correspondent Mark


Lowen is in Istanbul. Mark, how far reaching are we seeing


this latest crackdown is? It is staggeringly widespread,


really, when you look at most every sector of society that is being


affected. From media, as you say, 131 media outlets will be closed


down, to the military. Almost half the generals and admirals in the


country have been discharged. To the police, the judiciary, civil


society, NGOs, even Turkish Airlines, 250 cabin crew dismissed.


All of these people, tens of thousands now, either detained,


dismissed or suspended, suspected of either backing the coup or backing


the alleged mastermind, Fetullah Gulen, this cleric who has been


living in self-imposed exile in the US since 1999. He denied any


complicity or involvement at all in this clue, but it is clearly showing


that the government is trying to root out what it calls a virus, and


really, the Gulenist implements, the movement of him and his followers in


every part of society, is very well known here. It has spread its


tentacles throughout Turkish society. The evening says it is a


peaceful, interfaith movement, but critics and the government say it is


a dangerous sect. A dangerous cult that needs to be rooted out.


So many dismissals and detentions that you mentioned. One wonders how


much further might president to do and be prepared to go?


Bat President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Reports night that he wants to bring


the military and intelligence under his direct control, moving from the


Prime Minister to the presidency. That would certainly enhance his


control and command on the country, and it has long been his aim to


create a sort of executive presidency here, a much more


powerful presidency, but that would require constitutional amendments,


so he would need to go to Parliament and at the opposition supporters


well. The government insists that the operation is only against those


who have proven connections to the coup attempt to weeks ago, but the


critics say that actually, this is an attempt by the government to


round up all opponents, all enemies, and group them together and detain


or dismiss them. So the criticism from Western governments continues,


but the government here says, look, this is as going after those who


tried to murder their way into power, and it is really the


repercussions of the most traumatic two weeks in Turkey's modern


history. Nearly two weeks in deed. What


difference has is made to daily life in Turkey? Howlers does it feel


different? Well, on the surface, cities like


Istanbul continue as normal. This is a bustling, vibrant, cosmopolitan


city where people go around and drink their espressos in the


morning, go shopping in the afternoon, and might go to one of


the five times that they pray as well. But of course, this is


absolutely rooted every element of society here. So many arrests at,


detentions and dismissals, and also a fear among those who feel they are


targeted, that they could be next. That said, Turks have united against


the coup, so even though they are still divided over their president,


they largely feel that a president who has his faults, in the eyes of


some critics, is better, certainly, than a military takeover of Turkey


in 2016. Thank you, Mark. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. French investigators have used DNA


to formally identify the second of the two young men who killed


an elderly priest on Tuesday. Police had received a tip-off


from a foreign agency warning that 19-year-old Abdelmalik Petitjean


was preparing an attack. At least 75 people have been killed


and several others are still missing after heavy monsoon rains triggered


floods and landslides in Nepal. Thousands of people have been


displaced with many houses swept There has also been severe


flooding in parts of India, Health officials in Florida


are investigating four new cases of Zika infection that do not appear


to be linked to travel This has raised the possibility


that the virus is being spread The virus can cause severe


brain defects in newborns. The UK's Lloyds Banking Group has


announced it's going to cut 3,000 Pope Francis has suffered a minor


fall as he celebrated mass before huge crowds at Poland's holiest


Catholic site, the The Pontiff was helped quickly


to his feet and didn't appear hurt. Later, about half a million people


attended an open air ceremony The UK's Lloyds Banking Group has


announced it's going to cut 3,000 jobs and shut 200 branches


by the end of 2017. The bank has justified the move,


saying it now expects interest rates Lloyds, which is part state-owned,


also warned that uncertainty after the UK's vote to leave


the European Union could affect In Syria, one of the country's most


powerful rebel groups, the al-Nusra Front, has announced it is breaking


its linked with Al-Qaeda and changing its name. In a recorded


message, the group's leader said it would now be known as "The front for


the conquest of Syria". It is understood the group hopes to form


closer alliances with other Islamist organisations fighting within Syria.


Analysts say they decided to rebrand themselves after Russia and the US


decided to step up their military efforts against them.


Scientists have discovered a new type of antibiotic,


It's found INSIDE the human nose, potentially useful


against harmful bacteria - including the superbug MRSA.


New antibiotics are urgently needed to battle drug resistant infections,


and scientists say the human body could be an untapped


Our Science Editor David Shukman has the story.


Over billions of years, bacteria have kept evolving,


and recently, some have adapted to resist antibiotics.


They have become virtually unstoppable, and the infection


The life-saving drug that has revolutionised medical science.


Penicillin was the first antibiotic, an invention that save millions


of lives, but since then, researchers struggled


to come up with new weapons against the most dangerous bacteria.


It is very significant, because when we have been looking


for antibiotics in the past, we have either been trained to make


these in the laboratory using chemistry, all we've gone out


these in the laboratory using chemistry, or we've gone out


into the environment, particularly to look


So this is really the first report, or one of the early reports,


of finding antibiotics actually in our bodies.


Superbugs that can be defeated by antibiotics


are a growing threat, so this discovery could in future


It starts, rather bizarrely, inside the nose.


Now, this isn't a pleasant thought, but lots of different bacteria exist


One of them can cause MRSA, but it turns out another kind


That's the key finding from the scientists in Germany.


They also found that one gene in that microbe produces a substance


that they have called lugdunin, and when they gave that in mice,


they swore that it actually helps to resist infections.


So this really does create what could become


Developing new drugs is never a rapid process.


It may be at least a decade before this discovery


is actually turned into a real medicine.


Whee! Well done!


But for Emily Morris, top can't come soon enough.


She's well now, but keeps getting serious infections that


put her in hospital, and options are running out.


There will be a time, and I am expecting the time


when they say that they can't treat this one, and it's what happens


then, really, so that's why me and my family are really worried.


But yeah, hopefully, the new technologies


and things like that will look at more positive things.


The real surprise is where this new antibiotic has been found.


Until now, no one thought the human nose would be harbouring


useful bacteria that could defeat the dangerous ones.


But given the emerging threat of superbugs,


all that matters is that we find something that does beat them.


A year ago, the Dominican Republic passed a controversial law over


the deportation of undocumented Haitians and their families.


More than 100,000 people have either been forcibly removed or returned


voluntarily from the country, including many who were born


in the DR itself, and have spent months living in refugee camps along


the border in harrowing conditions. Will Grant visited one of the camps.


Weekly mass at Park Kado is a simple affair.


A handful of migrants make of the congregation, celebrating


A handful of migrants make up the congregation, celebrating


But when you look around a refugee camp, it seems they have


This is one of the poorest places in Latin America.


At the height of the crisis a year ago, Park Kado was home to thousands


of Haitian refugees who'd returned from the Dominican Republic


Today, hundreds of families still remain here, trapped


This man and his family lived in the Dominican Republic the 22


Two of his children were left behind when he was deported last year,


and now, even the youngest must pitch in for their


The only way to survive is by cutting down trees


on the other side of the border to make charcoal, he says.


He then sells the fuel to traders for a couple


This is the world's forgotten migrant crisis.


Many of the Haitians who were forced back here under the new policy say


they or their children were actually born on the other side


of the border, and they say the NGOs who turned out in their droves


after the 2010 earthquake today are nowhere to be seen.


The one local figure taking a lead in helping the returnees


Father Luke has distributed food provided by the International


Organisation for Migration, and helped re-house


TRANSLATION: This is a racist policy promoted by powerful


man in Santo Domingo, and rarely do powerful men work


In the capital, Port-au-Prince, the political situation


Fresh elections are due in October, but in the meantime,


the interim leadership have no solutions to the refugee crisis.


TRANSLATION: Haitians leave Haiti because the country can't offer them


opportunities, access to work, or decent living conditions.


Over the last 30 years, we have been living


through political crisis, and after each election,


He takes me to the border between Haiti and the DR,


He explains how they cross at night to avoid detection,


in order to gather the firewood needed for charcoal.


The name Park Kado means "gift ranch" in Creole,


a reference to the once fertile land.


But today, the conditions awaiting the returnees to Haiti


All this week on the BBC, we've been following refugees


who are aiming to compete at the Rio Olympics as members


18-year-old Yusra Mardini fled Syria for Turkey, and as she was trying


to reach Europe, the small dinghy she was in started to sink,


so she and her sister had to swim part of the way to Greece.


After several months in Germany, she's now hoping to


When you are in the water, you don't think about anything. You just throw


all your problems or anything that is happening over the water. It is a


completely different world, to me. Sometimes, the water was cold. We


didn't have anything to warm it up, or there was pumping or something


like that, or the streets are dangerous, so sometimes, you could


not train. The boat was... I think it was not


good. The motor stopped. Then they said someone would have to go into


the water. My sister jumped in. She did not let me go to the water, but


after that, I jumped from the other side. Of course, we were scared, but


we had to try. It is the same, maybe I am going to die on the way, but I


am almost dead in my country. My life was just passing through my


eyes. Yes, it was cold. We said that it would be a shame


that we would die in the water, and we are swimmers.


In the camp, there was a really nice man who was the translator. He was


from Egypt, actually. I told him that I am a swimmer. I did that, I


went there, and he was like, really? You will be a good swimmer. And I


said, yes, I swim, just find me a club. He found me a club, they saw


our technique, and it was good, so they accepted us.


Yes, first they came here, the language was hard, and I didn't know


anyone. After that, I learned people, slowly, slowly.


You look much more nice than the! For the short time she is learning


German, she is smart! Sometimes, it is hard for her to pronounce some


words, like a famous shopping street. It is called Schlossstrasse.


I have friends, my school, I am going out, I have my family tambien.


They will never be like my home country, but it is amazing as well.


I want to be an inspiration for everyone, and I want to help


refugees. Life will move on, life will not stop for you because you


have pain. You have to move on and worked on everything.


18-year-old Yusra Mardini, from Syria, now living in Germany.


Now, just some pictures to finish with.


A rocket carrying a US spy satellite has blasted off from Florida.


The Atlas FIVE rocket lifted off in perfect weather conditions


from Cape Canaveral and headed into space without incident.


The satellite is owned by the National Reconnaissance Office,


which is a US government agency in charge of supporting


the intelligence community and Department of Defence.


If you want to get in touch with us here at BBC World News,


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But for now, from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


Hello there. We have a weather system moving southwards and


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