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This is BBC World News Today reporting from


A powerful earthquake strikes Italy - killing at least 120 people


Rescue teams continue to scour the destruction for survivors.


There is a risky going on in the rubble here. -- rescue. You can see


right now they are bringing somebody out on a stretcher.


The American University in Kabul confirms that a militant attack


We'll get the latest from the Afghan capital.


Ukraine marks 25 years of independence from the Soviet Union


with a military parade in Kiev amid rising tensions


the US National Parks Service is 100 years old.


I visited an exhibition highlighting the splendour of America's


A massive rescue effort is underway in Italy after an earthquake


At least 120 people are dead and more than 150 others missing


The tremor was so strong it was felt 170 kilometres away in Rome.


A major rescue operation is still underway as the search


The epicentre was near the town of Norcia in Umbria,


The tremor was strong enough to be felt along the entire


Among the worst hit places were the towns of Amatrice


and Accumoli, and the village of Pescara del Tronto -


said by the local mayor to no longer exist -


Deep in the mountains, a piece of Italy has been destroyed.


The residents of were about to celebrate


a summer festival, and were hit as they slept.


Through piles of rubble, rescue workers tried


We have made it to the centre of Amatrice.


There is a rescue going on in the rubble there.


You can see, right now they are bringing out someone


It looks like she is, which will be a huge relief


The woman is being escorted down to an ambulance


We also saw rescuers carry away a number of dead bodies,


Many survivors were barely able to talk.


It is hard to comprehend how your town can fall


TRANSLATION: There is nothing left standing.


I am so sorry for so many people that are under the rubble.


And here, an official talks to a woman who is trapped.


Stay calm, he tells her, we will come to get you.


In Amatrice, Sister Marianna told us she was pulled from


Some of her fellow sisters are still trapped.


When I realised what happened I tried to hide myself


This region is vulnerable to earthquakes, but no


From above, the devastation of Amatrice is clear.


It is too dangerous to take them inside Amatrice's damaged hospital.


Their homes, their lives have collapsed around them.


Let's talk to the Italian Red Cross. They are currently in the centre of


Amatrice. These pictures show total ever station. The death toll is


rising. How big is this operation? -- ever devastation. It reminds me


of an apocalypse. There is destruction everywhere. It is very


difficult in terms of logistics. We are still working around the clock


in terms of the teams and we have now deployed a support team but


there is still a lot of challenges. How quickly do you have to work?


Presumably people are trapped under many layers of rubble. Actually as


fast as possible. As Red Cross and the Italian protection umbrella, we


respond to this type of emergency. Unfortunately, we have worked on a


lot of earthquakes in the past. I am thinking in 2009, for instance. We


knew the first hour after the earthquake was fundamental. This is


why we have deployed hours after the first earthquake. You said you know


people in Amatrice. Do you have any word about how they are doing and


how are people coping in general? Actually, one of my best friends was


here. I am thanking God he is alive. He ran away with his family from his


apartment right after the building collapsed. The point is people are


shocked. Shocked because this was under 42 seconds, really a, not


really a long earthquake. You can imagine how difficult it is to live


after an earthquake like this. The important thing I want to underline


is that we have got a queue of people we are ready to help, ready


to do something for their own community. In this tragedy there is


a beautiful picture. Our thoughts are with you. Thank you very much.


And we can go to Jenny Hill, who is also at the scene in Amatrice. With


the latest death toll, we have 120. What are you hearing? Is there any


update? Yes, in Amatrice itself we have been told 75 people have been


killed and at least 100 are reported missing. Some are thought to be in


this building behind me. This is a convent. It is thought nuns were


inside when the earthquake hit in the early hours of the morning. A


delicate operation is under way here. They are trying to make this


building safe. Because just minutes ago, the rescue teams, who have


tried to get into this building for most of the day, they think they


heard some sign of life inside. The town fell silent every so often as


rescue teams ask people to be quite as they shout into buildings were


sniffer dogs indicate people might still be alive and they are asking


if anyone is there. I would like to show you this. It has pretty much


been destroyed, the end of the building, this is still the convent.


A number of rescue teams were up here and the sniffer dogs were


inside. We all fell quiet and somebody shouted, are you in there?


If you can hear me, knock. Everyone was silent for a few moments and it


sounded as though there is somebody inside. The rescue team is trying to


work out how best to get to them. You can imagine the difficulty of


the task ahead. This building is in a tricky state. We can only assume


they are trying to shore it up and make it safe and take down the parts


in danger of toppling. After the shocks, the ground shakes. These


very precarious buildings will shake with it. The task ahead for the


rescuers is not only challenging, but very dangerous. Still tonight,


the light is fading. They hope they can still find people alive. Most of


the people who live in the town have moved away down to a nearby sports


centre where they can get some rest and sit and wait for news of loved


ones. But a number of people are stood here, dazed, exhausted,


watching as the emergency teams go about their very difficult job. They


had just removed that window. Look at what is inside. That was once a


room. Now it is filled with rubble. It was in their people were sleeping


when the earthquake struck at half past three this morning. Very hard


to imagine anybody is still alive. But we are told there is still hope.


Jenny Hill with the latest in Amatrice. Horrific pictures here.


Another earthquake, measuring six-point-eight,


has struck the central region of Myanmar.


The tremor was felt as far away as Bangkok in Thailand


At least three people are reported to have died in the quake,


Dozens of buildings have suffered damage, including some


of the country's celebrated temples in the ancient city of Bagan.


Photos posted online show clouds of dust and the tops


A militant attack has been launched against the American University


in the Afghan capital, Kabul.


Attackers are said to have stormed the compound and accounts


from the site say there's been at least one explosion


Police are describing it as a "complex attack" and special


Several students and professors, including Pulitzer Prize-winning


photographer Massoud Hossain, are trapped inside and appealing


Harun Najafizada of the BBC's Persian Service joins me


What is the very latest? The situation is still developing. We


know after 20 minutes of silence this series of sporadic gunshots


restarted at the University in western Kabul. We know from sources


at least 19 people have been wounded. They have been transferred


to local hospitals, some here in the city. Afghanistan -- special forces


are trying to carry out operations under the cover of the night. We


know some American special advisers are here, a small number of them are


advising on the operation to protect the campus from the militants. We do


not know who they are because nobody has taken responsibility for the


attack. This is the second attack this month. Two faculty were


abducted this month. How vulnerable is this university? The security


protocol and measures for the American University of Afghanistan


is quite tight. Despite that, as you say, we had a report of abduction a


couple of weeks ago of two officers, one American and one Australian. The


gate to get to the Americans is quite tight and other security. But


explosions like this we heard from police is a suicide bomb and it is


difficult to defend. In spite of a tall wall of about five metres.


There were so many students who tried to escape from the attack.


Some climbing the wall. And as we speak some of them are still stuck


in the situation. The ongoing situation there, the latest from


Kabul. Thank you for joining us. Turkish-backed Syrian


rebels say they've entered the Islamic State-held


town of Jarablus. The attack began when Turkish tanks


crossed the border at dawn - US planes carried out airstrikes


supporting the operation. This


footage from inside Jarablus shows through deserted streets -


and bomb-damaged buildings. Rebel commanders say most


of the IS fighters retreated, Meanwhile, US Vice President Joe


Biden has become the highest-ranking Western official to visit Turkey


since last month's failed coup. Mr Biden pledged unwavering support


for Ankara and emphatically denied reports that Washington had


supported the treasonous military. Mr Biden said the US


was Turkey's greatest friend. The people of Turkey have no greater


friends than the united states of America. I offer my personal


condolences and those of the President to the people of Turkey.


Not only for what they went through in the coup attempt, but shortly


after that. Over 50 people murdered, apparently from what we are told, by


Isis, suicide bombing. 28 or 29 young people under the age of 18


were killed. The suffering of your people at the hands of Isis and PKK


in the of your country is beyond what any people should have to


sustain. For more I'm joined


by Soner Cagaptay. He's the director of the Turkish


program at the Washington Institute Emphatic words of support from Joe


Biden for Turkey. Will the Turks be convinced? Relations are very


strained. Better late than never, I think. I think the visit was


delayed. The Turks wanted him there earlier, right after the coup. The


mood in Turkey is very dark. They survived the coup plot. This was a


bloodied coup. It was a factional uprising of the military. They not


only went after the president and tried to assassinate him but also


their own military and bombing the capital of the country. The last


time the country came under attack was in 1402 when the armies occupied


it. It is a big shock in Turkey. Turkey wanted to feel the American


love and care and embrace. I'm happy to see Joe Biden is their hand is


giving a warm embrace. One big sticking point is the Turkish


government blames someone living in America. Joe Biden directly referred


to that. He said the authorities were working together to look at


excavation. -- extraditing. How much do they want him back? They both


believe that he is 100% behind this coup plot. They have not yet


presented evidence linking into it. But many Turkish analysts say


officers aligned with the movement from the core were perhaps the


backbone of the coup plot. Evidence to linking directly to the plot has


not yet been presented. Where Joe Biden's visit comes in handy, he


will explain to the Turkish president, the US has an independent


court, unlike the Turkish one which is authoritarian. Turkey has to


present a waterproof case to get the exhibition process. The best he can


offer in Ankara is to convince him the White House is going to give a


swift and thorough review to their request for extradition. And the


Turkish operation inside Syria right now, how much more difficult this


situation get? This is good news because Bagan -- Jarablus is a major


crossing point into Syria with fighters in and out. This is really


good news it has been captured by Turkey. I think this will really


cripple Isis. Maybe it is the beginning of the end for this group.


Turkey need good news right now to latch onto this and the capture of


Jarablus with US backing is extremely good news. They certainly


need that. Thank you. Ukraine has marked 25


years of independence from the Soviet Union


with its biggest ever Tanks, artillery, and other military


hardware were on full display by Ukrainian troops


in Kiev's Independence Square. The day carried added meaning


because of the ongoing battles with rebels in the east


of the country and Russia's Celebrations to mark 25


years of independence from the Soviet Union


are particularly poignant, given the fact Ukraine is undergoing a battle,


if you like, for its sovereignty today, with the war in the east


of the country and of course the First 20-something


years, we were not totally independent,


but kind of a satellite of Russia, While the last years, we are truly


independent and we fight I think what we saw here


today is that Ukraine is But we do need the world


to recognise the sacrifice we are doing


and the sacrifice really If Russia is permitted to take over


Ukraine again, this is like World War II,


it is appeasement all over again. The Ukrainian military was rebuilt


after 2014, it was suffering back then


from decades of neglect. Over the course of


the past two years, Today is about putting that


on display, sending a signal of And part of the intended audience


is of course Moscow. Russia has got its own little


problems, why don't Apart from spreading influence


and empire building? Those days should have been


gone by now. In my opinion Ukrainians


became independent Up to then there was no


movement in this country, no Since then, albeit


slow, it is happening. We were brought up to want


to realise a dream like the independence


of Ukraine. We never thought we would see


it in our lifetime. Now a look at some of


the day's other news... Severe monsoon floods in northern


and central India have now caused more than 150 deaths,


according to the government. It says 2.4 million people


are affected in the state The level of the river Ganges


is continuing to rise. Tens of thousands of people


are being sheltered in camps. One person has been killed and 30


injured in two bomb explosions in the southern resort


of Pattani in Thailand. The first blast, which


was in a parking lot behind the Southern Hotel,


didn't cause any casualties. The second explosion


was near the hotel entrance, opposite a karaoke bar


and a massage parlour. The world's largest aircraft has


crashed during its second test flight since Boeing


revamped in the UK. At 302 feet long, the Airlander


10 is part plane, part It was damaged at its base


in Bedfordshire this morning. Our transport correspondent


Richard Westcott reports. The world's largest aircraft takes


a long time to crash. Almost in slow motion,


the pilot can't stop it The cockpit with the crew up front


is clearly smashed up. For Angela, an enthusiast


who shot this footage, Because you know, well you don't


know if the people in there have If the ground crew are OK,


just didn't know. Very shaken afterwards, I mean,


I did shake when I was holding the camera trying to get


the pictures of them, And I did say if anyone can hold


it steadier than me, It went very quiet, the other people


stood here went very quiet. Eyewitnesses here told me they saw


sparks coming from the mooring rope But I understand that's not


connected to the crash. There was no chance of a fireball


because the Airlander is full of inert helium gas,


not the explosive hydrogen gas of the famous old airships,


like the Hindenburg. You might think airships


are old technology, but many believe Using a third less fuel


than a normal aeroplane, and able to stay in the air for days,


they can carry huge cargoes This accident is an embarrassing


setback on just its second test flight, but the company says


Airlander should fly again soon. marks the 100th anniversary


of the US National Parks Service. Some of the most famous sites


include Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and of


course the National Mall I went to the Smithsonian's


Natural History Museum to visit a photo exhibition


to celebrate the occasion. These are the gems in


America's jewel box. The unrivalled landscapes


from across the States that attract But this exhibition reveals another


side of the National Parks. More than two-thirds of the system


consists of cultural and historic sites that recount


the nation's history. The Edmund Pettus Bridge


is the story of one of the bloodiest The civil right marchers clashed


with the police and the resulting violence actually was a shift


in the civil rights movement because those images started


to change the narrative in this country about civil rights,


and about what was going on. The Edmund Pettus Bridge is part


of the National Historic Trail. The National Parks also offer


scientists a vast laboratory to study the nation's


natural diversity. It is a partnership that dates


from the 19th century when explorers of the American West brought back


rocks from the volcanic The specimens that they carried back


helped influence Congress to establish Yellowstone


as the first national They were volcanic, they indicated


that this land was not going to be good for agriculture


or for mining, or for any So they set it aside


for preservation. The National Parks even


extend under water. There are diving trails


in Florida's Biscayne Bay. But climate change is threatening


many of these natural havens. We are seeing shifts in animal


migratory patterns and habitats. In Fort Jefferson, for example,


it sits right on the island and, as the sea-level rises,


it is slowly going underwater. And funding remains


another challenge. Investment is needed


to preserve the existing parks, whilst securing new ones to keep


pace with America's constantly Really stunning pictures. A powerful


earthquake has struck central Italy, leaving at least 120 people dead and


hundreds more injured. It had a magnitude of 6.2. The epicentre was


between Rome and Marussia.


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