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I'm Karin Giannone, welcome to BBC World News Today.


Just two hours ago, a cease-fire has come into force in Syria.


Syria's President Assad says he has unfinished business


with what he calls "the terrorists" We report from inside


It's been a long, hot and dangerous summer


in Aleppo, and you can see it


in the fabric of the city, the damage that's been done.


The ceasefire's meant to stop all that.


A bout of pneumonia, and a stumble caught on camera.


Is Hillary Clinton's health now a major factor


Two months after the former British Prime Minister


left Downing Street, he's stepping down from Parliament.


And Britain's Will Bayley upsets the Brazilians by beating the host


nation to win gold in table tennis at the Paralympics in Rio.


A seven day ceasefire in Syria has come into effect,


with all sides expressing doubts about how long it can be observed.


The truce was brokered by the United States and Russia


to allow the two superpowers to carry out co-ordinated air


With a complicated split across the country between the government


forces and wide range of opposition groups,


there are reservations about how the truce will hold.


In Aleppo, the government has besieged the Eastern rebel-side


From the Western side of the city, our Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen


The further you drive north in Syria, the more intense the war


becomes. This road is a regime's fragile link between Damascus and


Aleppo. Rebels cut it this summer where it reaches Aleppo. They were


only driven back by Syrian troops at the weekend. Shelling was still


going on as we drove in. The government artillery is hitting


rebel positions. It's been a long, hot and dangerous summer. In Aleppo.


You can see it in the fabric of the city, the damage that's been done.


The ceasefire is meant to stop all of that. Since the fighting started


here in 2012, the west side of the city has been in government hands.


Armed opposition groups controlled the east. Four years of fighting


have devastated Aleppo. This gives an idea of the firepower of the


Syrian army and of its Russian backers who have been making gains


around Aleppo. One of the big questions about the ceasefire is


whether they are prepared to give their enemies a chance to rest and


regroup. On the rebel side there are also doubts, groups backed by the


Americans have been told they have two separate for more radical


militias, they regard them as allies. -- separate from. Another


more radical group backed by Saudi Arabia has already rejected the


ceasefire agreement. TRANSLATION: The deal was between US


and Russia to resolve the issue in Syria does not achieve in our view


is achieve the minimum goals. Their only sacrifices, not games. In


Damascus, president celebrated the Festival of Ede with praying. It was


in rebel hands by Billy Mack for five years until the surrender in


August, after an unrelenting siege. President Assad's government has


backed the ceasefire but says he has unfinished military business.


TRANSLATION: Seasoned aggro -- we want is to restore security, retake


ground, and restore infrastructure and restore what was destroyed. We


came here to delay to replace fake freedom at the beginning of the


crisis with real freedom. People are used to war here, and the holiday is


being celebrated even though there was a steady thunder of artillery


fire throughout the day. The ceasefire agreement is complicated,


potentially fragile, and all sides doubts whether it can work. But it's


all the diplomats have, and the very least it might be a respite for the


people who most. -- who need it most.


Edgard Jallad is the editor of BBC Arabic and he joins us now.


First of all, do we know how it's going? It is too soon to assess the


ceasefire, even with the first reports saying that the situation is


quieter than before but at the same time you can see snaps talking about


violations, on social media can and we expect to see that all the time,


especially that not all groups are all OK with the ceasefire, and they


accept that as we have seen in Jeremy's package. This ceasefire is


the most serious agreement to have happened so far this year in Syria


will stop it has been brokered by the two superpowers, and they have


their own plans and reasons why it should happen now. This was imposed


on all parties, and if we look at how it was communicated to them,


they were not part of it, they don't know much about it, and as


journalists we need to know more about this agreement. It is divided


into five chapters with lots of technical details from the military


aspects and other aspects that we don't know yet. The only thing that


was communicated to the parties was what is required from them on the


ground. You don't have to do this and that, and that's it. That's why


it still ambiguous a little bit for us, but we can see that the power


behind it, but on the ground is not the end of the war, we all know


that. If the political process and we are waiting for that. In terms of


reasons they be optimistic, the fact that this has been brokered by the


US and Russia, a very good point in its favour. But there are also


reasons or pessimism, some scepticism, about whether this will


work? Definitely comedy situation on the ground is very obligated. Now,


the Americans and Russians are going to regroup in a week time and attack


in a week. They will also attack other affiliated groups. They don't


know where they are. They tried to put some maps to define their areas,


but they might infiltrate some other areas. We will see a lot of


obligations on the ground and accusations, mutual accusations.


They have both interests to show that the other parties not


respecting the truce, but at the same time, there is a ceiling, and


it is clear to everyone that you can't go beyond this point till


further notice. When this is happening, we don't know. Thank you


very much. Well, another front has seen Turkish groups and others,


fighting on the border. The town has been recently freed.


For three years this town, Jarablus, was under the control


State, but three weeks ago, rebel soldiers from the free Syrian army


backed by Turkish troops came in here and we took the town and


in a lightening offensive, eating what seems to be


You can see there on the wall some of the vestiges of IS control,


their logos on their flags, and if you come over here you get


a sense of just how brutal the group was


Because on this main roundabout, in front of their


banner, here, are these three metal stands, and this is where Islamic


State used to execute those who defied it.


Those who were accused of crimes,


maybe who smoked or who cut their beard too short,


This is where punishment was meted out, and in the


space of a very short time, IS has been driven out of the town, but


also Kurdish fighters have been stopped from taking it, and that is


very important for Turkey because it sees Kurdish fighters as a threat,


so it has now created in a sense a kind of defacto safe zone


here in Jarablus, without IS and without Kurdish fighters,


and Turkey now feels emboldened by this


operation, to push on into other strongholds, as it moves further


south to, in its words, cleanse Syria from Islamic State.


The Turkish president says that is the duty of


Turkey, to free Syria from the military.


Donald Trump says health is now an issue in the race


for the White House, after it emerged that


Hillary Clinton is being treated for pneumonia.


Mrs Clinton has pulled out of a campaign trip to California


after appearing to collapse, as she left a 9/11


Mr Trump, her Republican rival who's catching up in the polls,


says he's going to release his own medical report.


From Washington, here's our North America Editor Jon Sopel:


There is only one subject of conversation in the US today,


Hillary Clinton and her health after apparently collapsing yesterday in


New York. I was serious condition is, what impact it will have on the


race, why not be more open about the diagnosis.


has received one get well soon card at least.


I hope she gets well soon, like you I see what I


Cleveland, though she did her best to make a joke of it. Every time I


think about Donald Trump I get a coughing fit. And yesterday after


her collapse she also tried to make light of it all. I am great. It is a


beautiful day in New York. It will be hours before her team would admit


she had pneumonia, even though the diagnosis had come days earlier. On


social media, even friends have been critical. This is David Axelrod, the


campaign manager for Barack Obama in 2008.


pneumonia, what is the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy


that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems? And a new twist in the


race for the White House, health is now a major issue. It may sound


trivial to speak of a lack of openness with which the illness was


communicated, it feeds into a narrative, whether it be about


her e-mail server, money raised by the Clinton


her e-mail server, money raised by the Clinton foundation...


that there is a lack of transparency and Hillary Clinton cannot afford to


give the voters new reasons to doubt her. Jon Sobel, BBC News,


Ken Vogel is a veteran follower of US politics for the website


Politico and joins me from its Washington offices.


Ken, welcome to you again. It's dominating the airwaves as you know


very well. How significant do you think this issue is of health for


the campaign overall? Well, unless the Clinton campaign voluntarily


releases some bombshell about Hillary Clinton's health which,


given the recent track record seems unlikely, because they have only


grudgingly released information and even then only when there has been


video evidence or something sort of forcing bandanna soaked barring


that, barring a major disclosure, I don't think it is particularly


significant, these are both senior citizens running for the highest


office in the land, and the voters are pretty well polarised, they are


well locked in, the folks who aren't, the very narrow slice of


swing voters in the middle, I don't see health as being a major issue in


their sort of deciding factors. But if the drum campaign wants to a


issue of it, what's to stop them? Yes, it was interesting. Trump and


his surrogates have been really hammering Hillary Clinton on


health-related issues, raising questions in kind of a murky way,


with a lot of innuendo. Now that they actually have some evidence


that things are potentially more serious, they have Kyle Dov dialled


it back, and taken this approach as you saw from Donald Trump in the


piece about wishing her well, not really commenting, probably the


smart political approach, because now you have the attention of the


nation was like political news media on Hillary, getting more information


on her health. There will keep it a story without Trump saying anything.


You mentioned more information, isn't that also what's behind this


question at the lack of information, or perceived lack from the Clinton


campaign can even coming from someone like Donald Trump who hasn't


said a great deal about his own affairs? Yes, that's right. It is


more than a perceived lack of information, this is very much


because an approach to everything. That is, a disclosure when it is


only when there is such a drumbeat of criticism as scrutiny towards


whatever the subject matter is. Donald Trump you're right, he has


not been particularly revelatory in a voluntary way, but he is much more


open in his conversations with the press. He deserves a lot more press


committees and front the voters a lot more than Hillary Clinton, whose


team has kept her secluded, so that all plays into this really mounting


scrutiny of Hillary Clinton and her health right now. Is there any way


this could potentially endeared the public to bury Clinton, this chink


of her armour. She is a mere human being with those moments of


weakness, and perhaps a little bit of sympathy might come out for her?


Yes, certainly that's possible. That is, if this is something to turn out


to be just pneumonia and she is able to overcome it and a payback on the


campaign trail with a lot of vim and vigour, she has a history of having


a tonne of stamina. I've travelled with her campaign before, I got sick


because of the schedule was so brutal and so gruelling, and she


didn't get sick, if she returns to form... Granted I was eight years --


that was eight years ago. But if you return the form, as she may be


vulnerable to a tough schedule, there might be these lingering


questions, there could be potentially some damage for Donald


Trump to cause there. Ken, thank you very much stop the


while inflicting a civil war on their struggling country.


So alleges a report commissioned by none other, than Hollywood actor


Clooney is a long time campaigner for human rights in south Sudan, and


investigative unit- "The Sentry"- spent two years


Civil war has torn the world's youngest country apart.


For nearly three years, a fall-out between


two of South Sudan's most powerful men,


former vice president Riek Machar and the president Salva Kiir,


and terrible atrocities committed by both sides.


2.5 million people have been forced from their homes.


Now an investigative unit, backed by George Clooney,


The simple fact is they're stealing the money to


The simple fact is they're stealing the money to fund their militias,


The evidence is thorough and it is detailed,


The report alleges dodgy business deals and nepotism.


President Salva Kiir's wife and at least seven of his children


are linked to a whole range of businesses.


It is said his 12-year-old son had a 25% share in a holding company,


and it claims his brother-in-law's company supplied fuel


to the military while he was a senior officer.


It appears that that Riek Machar has been has been involved in


He had been engaged in negotiations to sell the country's oil production


We also found evidence that a nephew of his was involved in a violent


and hostile takeover of a security company operating in South Sudan


in which several members of the security company were held


The report says that top politicians and generals and South Sudan,


despite their low salaries, have luxury villas in Uganda,


And here in Nairobi, both Salva Kiir and Riek Machar have homes


George Clooney and John Pendergrast, a human rights activist,


have taken a practical interest in Sudan


Their report says The Sentry endeavoured to contact


"In most cases, they did not respond."


This approach would there utilise precision guided financial policy


tools normally reserved for countering terrorism for fighting


organised crime, for halting the proliferation of nuclear


weapons, but this time we want to use these


tools, these policy tools in the service of human rights


and peace and good governance in south Sudan.


A larger peacekeeping force is due to help bring a peace deal back


on track, but there is little confidence the crisis affecting


so many millions of people will be resolved any time soon.


A look at some of the day's other news.


Facebook has failed to stop legal action by a 14-year-old girl


in Northern Ireland, who is suing it because a naked


photograph of her was posted on the social media site.


The girl is seeking damages in what is believed to be


The authorities in Florida are investigating a possible arson


attack on the mosque attended by Omar Mateen, the gunman


accused of the Orlando nightclub shooting in June.


The local Sheriff's Office said surveillance video showed someone


approaching the Islamic Centre of Fort Pierce moments


before a fire broke out in the early hours of Monday.


Austria's Interior Minister says a planned re-run of the presidential


election will now take place in December.


It's been postponed from next month after some postal voters complained


that the glue on their forms was not working properly, making


The former British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned his seat


Mr Cameron left Downing Street in July after losing the referendum


on Britain's membership of the European Union.


He says he fully supports the new Prime Minister Theresa May


and doesn't want to be a distraction from the work of her government.


Our political editor Laura Kuenssberg has more.


Not just out of Number Ten but out of politics too.


David Cameron is walking away from Westminster.


Friends say he doesn't want to be a back-seat driver and make life


With modern politics, with the circumstances


of my resignation, it isn't really possible to be a proper backbench MP


I think everything you do will become a big distraction


and a big diversion from what the government needs


No Tory leader had ever posed with Huskies before.


But no Tory leader had put such a premium on changing


And it took them back to power, albeit through the early


..before winning outright just last year.


I think he has provided outstanding leadership for this country.


I think he often made the job look very easy when actually


And I think he leaves behind a very strong legacy


chapter in history will be promising and then losing his referendum


The British people have spoken and the answer is, we are out.


Transforming the UK's place in the world, turning


Now he has done what he said he would not do and walked


away, leaving a huge mess to be cleared up.


So I do not think today is the day for tributes to his record.


I think he will be remembered as a bad Prime Minister.


Friends deny he flounced out because he does not


agree with the new boss but there is a danger


they admit that anything he said


could drive a wedge and David Cameron himself accepts that they


Obviously I will have my own views about different issues,


And that is the point, as a former Prime Minister it is


difficult to sit as a backbencher and not be an enormous diversion


and distraction from what the government is doing.


He was sometimes accused of believing his own hype.


Nothing is really impossible if you put


As I once said, I was the future once.


Such recent history fields already so much in the past.


David Cameron is not unusual among politicians


It's been another successful day for Britain's paralympians in Rio.


Will Bayley overcame disappointment in 2012 and a hostile crowd rooting


for his Brazilian opponent to win gold in the table tennis.


While Aled Davis set a record in his shot put category.


Our Sports correspondent, Andy Swiss reports.


if you've ever wondered what being Paralympic champion means, well here


is the answer. Will Bayley was born with a conviction that restricts his


movement in his limbs, but when he was having his grandmother bought


him a tennis table, and this is where it has led him. He was up


against the Brazilian, but after silver in London, it was gold. And


what a celebration! He clambers onto a table, earning him a yellow card,


but didn't seem to mind. I had for the umpire, followed by something


even more exuberant. A tearful winner later said he achieved the


impossible. Meanwhile, a sweltering day proved the sweetest for Aled


Davies, one of the stars of London 2012, with a new Paralympic record


in the shot put. Another goal is to add to Britain's ever expanding


collection. On Sunday, they won eight, their best day so far,


finished off by the flashing blade of Richard Whitehead, charging the


200 metres. Behind him, former Army captain Dave Henson, just five years


after losing his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan they barely


believable bronze. Another obvious that it was like champions told me


in this British team, success is inspiring success. I remember on


Friday night I came back from my event and there is a slow motion of


Johnny Peacock coming the line and stuff, and he's running and I saw


Richard Whitehead and a few others their Gunnarsson is doing it as


well, it just leads to more and more and more, and it used like you just


want to be part of the club. There was one rare disappointment, though,


does a day are becoming a dad, despite finished fifth in his race.


This woman however chased a next ordering feet, a medal at every


distance from the 100 metres to the marathon, and so far she is on track


for history. While it had been an airgun adds John Kerry, at US that


just eight, calls to all size to hold the ceasefire. Latest reports


say the worst public areas of -- are quiet. There are early reports of


fighting here and there, but it is far too early to draw any definitive


conclusions, and I shall not do so. Syrian observatories, the Syrian


observatories for human rights said that the major conflict zones in


Syria were calm after the ceasefire took effect at 7pm on Monday. They


quote is calm is prevailing. The director said, giving an early


assessment, I repeat, early assessment. That is a statement from


John Kerry 's Department after a few hours of their ceasefire truths. --


Well that's all truce from the programme.


But, for now, from me, Karin, and the rest of the team, goodbye.


hello there. These unseasonably high temperatures for this time of year


are not going to be bright across the


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