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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


It's 15 years since the 9/11 attacks - memorials have been held


to remembers the people who lost their lives.


But Hillary Clinton has to leave the New York memorial early -


after she stumbles and is helped into a car.


She later recovers, and says she's fine.


More than a million Muslims - gather on Mount Arafat


in Saudi Arabia, to perform the most important ritual of the Hajj.


A Belgian paralympics medalist denies having plans for assisted


I am still alive, and will enjoy every little, little moment in my


life. Memorial services to commemorate


the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 Almost three thousand


people were killed - when al-Qaeda militants


hijacked four planes. A third targeted the Pentagon -


and the fourth crashed Here's a look back at


how the day unfolded. The most enduring memorial to those


we lost is ensuring the America That we stay true to


what is best in us. Well Democratic presidential


candidate Hillary Clinton - had to make an early departure


from the ceremony after feeling "overheated",


but was later doing "much better," But it raises concerns about her


health, with the presidential vote Our correspondent Nick Bryant


reports from New York. A lot of people are wondering what


the big deal is, hot day in New York, Hillary Clinton emerged from


her daughter's apartment, looking fine. Donald Trump trying to make


our stamina and issue in the campaign, many people thinking it is


sexist. Right wing commentators and tabloids focusing on the


69-year-old's health. Donald Trump is 70. Hillary Clinton making light


of these rumours. On a late-night TV show offering a host to take her


pulse, to prove she was alive. These pictures are more damaging. They


will be harder to laugh. Rebel groups in Syria are still


considering whether to join a ceasefire due to take effect


on Monday. There are reports that one


of the most influential rebel forces, may reject


the agreement altogether. Meanwhile aid agencies -


are getting ready to take emergency supplies to besieged towns


and villages, if the Our immediate priority to bring in


life-saving assistance, food and medical supplies. That is what is


needed. Then we look at the mental health and emotional well-being and


children. You cannot do that by dropping off the basket. You need to


stay in there, deliver the kinds of programmes that can help people


recover from being under siege for years.


Well BBC Arabic's - Assaf Aboud, has gained rare access


to the government-held side of Aleppo Citadel.


A 5000 year old fortress - which has become a key battle ground


We're getting reports from Thailand that the 88-year-old king


is recovering from a respiratory infection.


A statement from the palace said Bhumibol Adulyadej


is the world's longest serving monarch, does NOT have a fever.


It also said an x-ray showed there was no inflammation


The king who was last seen in public in January has been receiving


hospital treatment for various conditions for the past year.


Gunmen in north-west Pakistan have shot dead Doctor Zaka-ullah Khan -


a leading figure in the country's drive to eradicate polio.


More than 80 people have been killed in recent years in attacks on polio


immunisation campaigns by Islamists who oppose them.


Three women who attacked a police station in


the Kenyan city of Mombasa - have been shot dead.


Police say they stabbed two officers and threw petrol bombs.


There have been a number of attacks in Kenya's coastal region in recent


years, many carried out by the Islamist group Al Shabaab.


At least eighteen civilians are reported killed in northern


Yemen after air-strikes by the Saudi-led coalition.


Residents in the Ar-hab district, north of Sanaa, said that warplanes


Apparently mistaking their machinery for a rocket-launcher.


When local people rushed to the scene, the aircraft returned


One of Britain's oldest Asian theatres has reopened


Tara Arts in South London began in the 1970s and gave many


Asian actors a platform to launch their careers.


goes up once again next week -


One of India's best-known poets, like I never heard before. Putting a


new twist to the traditional, that is what this place is all about.


They have applied the same formula to their new home. In Britain, there


is no theatre which has an earth page flow. I wanted to have that


here in our space. For me, that is the condition by which all theatre


lives, everywhere in the world it started on the earth. To have the


sense of being modern, into Dave's life, but having a dialogue with the


cast, really important. Local boy, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London


officially opened the theatre. Really pleased and proud to be here


today. This theatre is our country's first dedicated multicultural


theatre. I was born and raised up the road in a council estate, I have


long links with the theatre. Including volunteering, stuffing


envelopes, sending out promotional leaflets. Really important we have a


theatre we can be really proud of. The place literally means star, in


Gujarati. It represents the coming together of many cultures in


tooting, in London. With a new and improved building, high-profile


launch, it promises to tell stories from the Indian subcontinent, with a


very British twist. Stay with us on BBC News, still to


come dart all the latest action from Rio, on Dave four of the


Paralympics. -- day. Freedom was attacked to day, and freedom will be


defended. The United States will hunt down and punish those


responsible. Bishop Tutu becomes the leader of 100,000 Anglicans there.


The blacks in Soweto township as well as the rich whites. We say to


you today, in a loud and clear voice, and laugh of blood and fears.


Enough. The difficult decision be reached together, was one that


required great and exceptional courage.


It is an exodus of up to 60,000 people caused by the uneven pace of


political change in Eastern Europe. It's 15 years since the 9/11 attacks


- memorials have been held to remember the people


who lost their lives. But Hillary Clinton has to leave


the New York memorial early - after she stumbles and


is helped into a car. She later recovers,


and says she's fine. A million-and-a-half Muslims


from around the world have gathered in Mount Arafat to perform the most


important ritual of Arafat Day is the highlight of the


Hajj season. The most important ritual, pilgrims are estimated to


make a two-man Arafat before Sunset otherwise their Hajj will be


invalid. They spend most of the time praying, they believe all their


prayers will be answered on this day. They have two bears such hot


weather, more than 40 degrees, humidity quite high. On our way to


Arafat, we noticed how heavy security is, we passed by a number


of checkpoints, helicopters hovering in the sky every now and then.


Police forces all around trying to manage the huge crowds. Controlling


the massive numbers proves to be a challenging task for the Saudi


authorities. Last year was a disastrous season. Hundreds and


possibly thousands killed in a deadly stampede. Many of those from


Iran. Terry Brown not sending any pilgrims this year blaming Saudi


mismanagement of the Hajj. Saudi Arabia hit back saying Iran was to


politicise this ritual, they will not allow it. We talked to the


people to see what they think. TRANSLATION: Stampedes can happen,


not because of a lack of security, because of the people's behaviour.


Pilgrims then follow the instructions they are given. This


creates chaos. TRANSLATION: I cannot put my feelings into words. I am so


happy being gay, as if I am going to meet God, it feels like heaven.


Muslims who come to Hajj shed all signs of wealth, luxury and social


distinction. Men all dressed the same, wearing two sheets of


unstretched class. Women have to be covered up, uncovered faces, no


jewellery, or perfume. All about equality, humidity and emotion. --


devotion. They are forecast to win 58


seats in parliament - one more than the nationalist HDZ


party. The last administration,


led by the HDZ collapsed after only five months -


over allegations of corruption. Police have arrested


55 men on suspicion of aggravated trespass -


following an incident at a Sikh Temple in the central


English town of Leamington Spa. Officers were called


to the Gurdwara in the early hours of Sunday morning,


where they said they seized a significant number


of knives from the scene. Hundreds of thousands of people took


to the streets across Catalonia on Sunday to support a break


from Spain - which local leaders They gathered despite the legal


blocks by the central government and waved yellow


banners in time to music, symbolising the rhythm


of a beating heart uniting A Brazilian sprinter has won gold in


the T47 sprint in Rio. He pleaded two time world champion. Meanwhile


Britain's Rovers dominated. Rachel Morris winning gold, there was a


mixed doubles sculls gold, and the mixed coxed four goal made it


another one. Triathlon making its debut at the Paralympics. Grace


Norman beat the favourite, Lauren Steadman. A Belgian who won a bronze


medal denied press reports she intends to use her legal right to


die after the games. She has an incurable spinal the Jon Ashton


disease, she says she signed papers in 2008 allowing doctors to end her


life at the time of their choosing. She planned to enjoy life with


friends and families, offering inspirational talks to schools. This


is totally out of the question. Yes, this is my last Paralympic games. I


have a progressive disease. I signed my euthanasia papers already in


2008. Because it was really hard to handle, and to suffer with this


disease. Euthanasia, I can leave with a good feeling. Whatever


happened, I have my papers in my hands. But I am still enjoying every


little moment. When the moment comes, then I have more bad days


than good days, then I have my euthanasia papers. The time is not


there yet. Chelsea could not maintain their winning start to the


Premier League season, drawing 2-2 with Chelsea. Diego Costa scoring


early and late, never far from the action at the Liberty Stadium.


Swansea's goals coming from Gylfi Sigurdsson and Leroy Fer. I'm happy


because my team played the second half with more aggression and


energy. Against a very strong team. I am happy, Chelsea did not deserve


to lose this game. That we had a good reaction in the second half.


After 90 minutes of fighting. For us, a good result. The Chelsea


defender Gary Cahill aired his frustrations in the build-up to


Chelsea's second goal. I know how hard it is to win this league, how


many errors you can have, in terms of dropping points. It has killed us


unfairly. For me, you can see the look on my face, incredible. The


worrying thing for me, which I said, there are three of you. Three of you


that can see that. One or two, two fouls in that situation. You can see


that. They cannot, between the three of them. They said they did not see


that. For me, incredible. Frustrated Gary Cahill. The final of the men's


singles at the US Open about to get under way at Flushing Meadows. Novak


Djokovic looking to win his 13th Grand Slam title. Up against the


number three seed, Stan Wawrinka. Nairo Quintana winning the Tour of


Spain. Completing the largely processional final stage into Madrid


comfortably. Winning ever Chris Froome by one minute, 23 seconds. In


the Tour of Britain, Caleb Ewan winning the final stage in London,


Steve Cummings safely negotiating the course to be crowned overall


champion. The two time runner-up finishing 26 seconds ahead of Rome


and Venice. That is all the sport for now.


Well let's return to the memorial events being held in New York,


to mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.


The worst terrorist attack on US soil.


I've been speaking to two people - who were in New York


at the time of the attack, a Muslim-American activist


who was a student a the time, but first here's the thoughts


of George Faller, a firefighter who rushed into danger


Well, it was one of the worst days of my life, for sure. I was off


duty, called into the fire house. We commandeered a bus, we drove it


down, arriving just after the second collapse. It was like looking at


another planet, nothing I have seen before. What impacted your decision


to enter the towers? Your son was born just a few days before. Yes, we


make about when we join, we leave no one behind. I know if I was in


there, someone will be doing the same for me. So many firefighters


died helping people in the towers. How is the forced to date? Have they


recovered from that awful day? There are a bunch of guys who have not


recovered, a lot of health issues. Broken up families, post-traumatic


stress disorder 's. The vast majority, they have faced dramatic


growth. Creating new meaning, changing their lives for the better.


I look at my own life, in a very different place because of those


events. You have talked about the trauma. What did you see when you


enter the tower? What we saw, hard to see, or the dust and the smoke.


Doing searches, crawling through voids. No idea if it was going to be


another attack, another building collapsing, hours later. It was


chaos, the Fire Department has great leadership, but that they so much of


the leadership had perished. We did not have radios, a lot of chaos. It


made for a very confusing and scary day. Do you still have memories of


that day? Do you still have the trauma of the day, 15 years on?


Absolutely, I can still smell the smoke, the bodies, all the things we


have seen. It is imprinted in my brain.


I remember being in a chemistry class at a local community college


in Brooklyn. When we heard my professor's cell phone ringing, he


walked out and never came back. We went out of the campus outside, we


felt was little pieces of the paper falling from the sky. Our college


campus was on the beach, right across from Manhattan. The burned


paper came directly to us. We did not know what was coming on, it was


disturbing and concerning to the students. No Twitter, Facebook, live


television, no way of knowing what was happening. When Al-Qaeda took


responsibility, what was your reaction? I was horrified, to know


that anyone would dare or consider to call themselves Muslims, would


choose to kill innocent people from anywhere around the world,


especially my home city, New York. I was horrified from a very scary


time, continues to be a very scary time for Muslims, not just in New


York, but the United States. 15 years on, you have spoken of your


experiences of being in American Muslim. What is it like to date?


Being in American Muslim, it is very hard. In the United States of


America, our country has not healed since 9/11. Harder being a Muslim to


date, that it was weeks, days, months after 9/11. We have seen a


rise in hate crimes, opposition mosques. The laws being passed in


states to limit the way Muslims can worship in this country, the country


of religious freedom. Living in one of the most politically charged


environments. We have recently two women attacked right here in


Brooklyn, ten minutes from my house, pushing babies. This is United


States of America right now, scary times. We are dealing with it by


building allies building the Jewish-American, Christian American,


African American sisters and brothers. We will not affect


communities on our own, we allies to stand with us in saying and


Americans are part of the fabric of our society that they have always


been part of the fabric of America. That is it from me in the team,


goodbye for now.


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