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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


I'm Alpa Patel. The headlines -


The man who tried to assassinate President Reagan three


and a half decades ago, has been released from


John Hinckley's expected to return home to his elderly mother.


Dozens of people are killed and wounded in airstrikes in Syria,


less than two days before a ceasefire is due


Hillary Clinton apologises after describing half


of Donald Trump's supporters as a "basket of deplorables".


And we have premier league drama as Manchester City beats rivals


We start with breaking news from the United States.


The man who tried to assassinate the US President Ronald Reagan


35 years ago has been released from a


John Hinckley Junior was found not guilty


by reason of insanity following the shooting in 1981.


In July, a federal judge ruled that he is not a danger


He will be permitted to live full-time at his mother's


home in Williamsburg, Virginia under supervision.


Our correspondent Peter Bowes has more.


This news has been emerging over the past few hours.


Has there been any reaction? The only reaction we have hard and this


echoes what people have been saying locally to where he will spend the


rest of his life, living with his elderly mother at her home in


Virginia, local people have been expressing concern that this man who


attempted to assassinate President Reagan all of those years ago will


be living in their neighbourhood. The authorities and the judge who


released a statement a couple of months ago, giving the go-ahead for


his release, has said he has gone through this long process of


rehabilitation and they are convinced he is no longer a danger


to other people and to himself. There are strict conditions of his


release out of their? What are they? He has to have no contact with the


press and that applies to his family as well. They can't give interviews.


He can't have any contact with any of his victims. He is not allowed to


attempt to contact the actress Jodie Foster and that goes back to the


reasoning we had at the time for this attack on the president. He was


apparently obsessed with Jodie Foster and the film, taxi driver.


This was an attempt to impress her. He was a very disturbed young man at


the age of 25. He can't attempt to contact her. There are restrictions


of his travel. He can't travel more than 25 miles from his home. He has


to carry a GPS enabled mobile phone on him. He has to work for three


days a week and we are told he has been offered a job by a local


church. He has been making visits to his mother 's house, some lasting


for several days, over the last few months. He has been beginning this


process of rehabilitation. Tell us more about the assassination


attempt itself. It not only injured President Reagan but also those


around him. Three other people were injured, a


police officer, a Secret Service officer and James Brodie, the press


secretary at the time. He was seriously injured. He was shot in


the head, suffered brain damage and spent the rest of his life in a


wheelchair. He did to an extent and he managed to campaign strongly


campaign for changes to the gun laws. It resulted in the Brady Bill,


the Brady role which imposed restrictions on people wanting to


buy handguns. Thank you very much. Joining us now is Allan Lichtman,


a political historian Thank you for being with us. You


followed this story for many years for step what is the impact on the


Reagan presidency? The impact was enormous. This was a


terrible tragedy. Ironically, it saved the Reagan presidency and


saved the Reagan legacy. He became a model alert after this. He handed


that with grace. He was the death but when a car to the hospital he


said my doctors are Republicans. I forgot to duck. His approval ratings


shot up to 68% and he was able to put into effect the policies that


have become known as Reaganomics. By the end of the year, the economy was


so bad, his approval rating dipped below 50%. But for those critical


few months after this attempt, Ronald Reagan put his stamp on


America. John Hinckley was found not guilty


by reason of insanity but not everyone agreed with that sentence


did they? Someone said the death penalty.


There was a widespread reaction against this idea that this person


who came so close to assassinating a president should not be placed in


prison but should be placed in a psychiatric hospital. This also led


to some changes but that the federal level and the state level, they


tightened that the requirement for an insanity defence. It had been


rarely used even before and in that case very rarely successful but


nonetheless, there were changes in the laws and changes in public


attitudes. Do you think there's attempted


assassination continues to have reverberations in the politics that


use see today? Absolutely correct. Obviously, James


Brady who was so injured in this attack led the movement for gun


control. That bore fruit is not immediately put in the 1990s with


the Brady Bill. And also the assault weapons ban. The assault weapons ban


has since not been renewed and the Congress has been unable to distort


it or to extend the Brady Bill to reasonable background checks at gun


shows not just that licensed gun dealers. The overwhelming majority


of American people want these but that gun control debate has been


controlled by the National Rifle Association. A small, determined,


wealthy, politically connected group has thwarted the will of the


majority in America. Not the massacre of children at Sandy Hook


or any other mass murders. Some of them committed with assault weapons


has moved people towards gun control.


Thank you very much for your time. The Syrian government


has in the last hour approved the ceasefire deal


due to start on Monday and which should allow


humanitarian aid to the northern But on the ground


the violence continues, at least 25 people have


been killed in an airstrike on a vegetable market


in the rebel-held city of Idlib. The ceasefire deal, hammered


out between Washington Under the plan a "cessation


of hostilities" will begin at sunset on Monday,


the start of the Muslim festival Our diplomatic correspondent


James Landale has more The hours before a ceasefire


can often be deadly. Today in Eastern Alepo,


government forces sought to consolidate their position


in a city left A city where, tomorrow


night, these guns And that is because of


an agreement announced by the Americans and Russians in


the early hours of this morning in A deal that they hope


could stop the fighting. If this arrangement


holds, then we will see Under the deal, a nationwide


ceasefire would begin tomorrow Humanitarian aid would be allowed


into besieged areas. The Syrian air force


would stop attacking opposition groups


in designated areas and if that


happens, then Russia the United States would for the first time,


take joint military action against But for that to happen,


this has to stop. Today, some 25 people were said


to have died in an air strike in the rebel


held town here. Russians succeed in getting their


allies to end this kind of bombing. This evening, reports


suggested the Syrian TRANSLATION: The Syrian Government


has been informed by us about these arrangements, and it is


ready to fulfill them. It supports the initiative


on which we agreed with the United States, so we will do everything


which depends on us. But it is understandable


that not everything Much depends on the


opposition groups, too. They gave a cautious welcome


to the deal but they will have to break from the


Al-Qaeda linked factions who have The key to bringing


about a disentanglement between the moderate groups


and the extremists is to force Assad to stop bombing and force it


away from starving populations. This is not the first


ceasefire agreed in February there fell


apart within weeks. Deals negotiated in Geneva


do not always survive


the reality on the ground. Let's get more on this. Thank you


for your time. There has been reports of violence across the


country, air strikes in particular in Aleppo. What is your feeling on


disk as Mike will we see an escalation in violence in the run-up


to this pause? The next 48 hours will be bloodier than usual. Fewer


Madness. Both sides are trying to against city jig advantage. A few


lessons have learned. They have been fighting for five years. Before


Monday, we will see an escalation in fighting. We have reports of fierce


fighting right across Syria. In Aleppo, in the south and other


places. Some rebel groups are saying they haven't seen the text of this


truth. Do you think it is manageable? Do you think it will be


able to be put in place by Monday? I hope so. I think the odds are


against an effective ceasefire. For a variety of reasons. We have to


wait and see if Russia can re-exercise is influence on the


Assad government. The Syrian government says it accepts the


ceasefire. The government is gambling on the fact the Americans


can't... One of the basic elements in this particular deal between the


Americans and Russians is the Americans will be able to convince


the moderate armed rebels to cut the umbilical cord with the Al-Qaeda


affiliation. There is an umbilical cord. The most affluent is one of


the most effective armed groups against Assad. If they do separate,


they will be left the mercy of the Assad regime. There are many ifs and


question marks there are many unknown variables. John Kerry kept


saying, we hope the combat is with play by the laws of the game. We


know in the past five years and a half we have gone past all hope in


Syria. Thank you very much for your time. Apologies for the dodgy line.


Hillary Clinton says she regrets describing half the supporters


of her Republican rival, Donald Trump, as belonging


In a statement, the US Democratic presidential


nominee said many were hard-working Americans who felt let down


But she said she would continue to condemn bigotry


Mr Trump's campaign manager had accused Mrs Clinton of insulting


millions of Americans when she said that many of those backing her rival


were racist, sexist, xenophobic and Islamophobic.


British business has grown 'too fat and lazy' to fully


exploit new markets abroad, according to the minister in charge


of building new international economic links as Britain prepares


Liam Fox's remarks have drawn heavy criticism.


He also said some business executives would rather play golf


Here's our Political Correspondent Alex Forsyth.


Two months ago, he was given the job of promoting UK business across


A Brexit backer, now in charge of negotiating trade deals.


But at a Conservative drinks reception in Parliament,


Liam Fox was recorded by a newspaper saying this -


This country is not the free trading nation that it once was.


We have become too lazy and too fat on our successes in previous


Business, he said, should consider exporting an opportunity.


Companies who could be contributing to our national prosperity


but choose not to because it might be too difficult or


too time-consuming, or that they can't play golf


We've got be saying to them, if you want to share


in the prosperity of our country you have a duty to contribute


Himself no stranger to the golf course, his wing at UK business


raised important points for some but also attracted anger.


His comments about British business leaders sloping off to the golf


course on a Friday afternoon are unhelpful and quite frankly,


British business leaders work hard in developing their


businesses, and innovating, and indeed trying to export.


In his speech, Liam Fox did say he had never felt more confident


or optimistic about the country's future.


And in a statement today, a spokesman said Mr Fox,


whose new department for International Trade is based


here, was committed to supporting UK business


so they could take advantage of the opportunities


Nonetheless, his comments, which Downing Street said


were his private opinions, are for some an unwelcome message


to the world from the man whose job is to boost trade.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come:


A huge fire at a factory in Bangladesh kills at least 25 people.


This is BBC World News Today. The latest headlines -


The man who tried to assassinate President Reagan three


and a half decades ago, has been released from


John Hinckley's expected to return home to his elderly mother.


Airstrikes on rebel held towns in Syria continue.


Dozens of people are killed or wounded just two days ahead


of the start of a US-Russia brokered ceasefire which is


At least 25 people have been killed in Bangladesh in a huge fire


was triggered by an explosion in a boiler room at


It happened in a four-storey building in Tongi,


a northern suburb of the capital Dhaka.


Police said as many as 150 people were working


The BBC's Akbar Hossain has been to the scene of the fire.


He says the explosion destroyed the building within seconds.


This factory is in a town located some 30 miles north of the capital.


You can see the building collapsed immediately


The boiler explosion took place in the early


morning when the factory workers were working inside.


It is not clear yet how many people are inside the


But some sources said more than 100 factory workers were inside


It was such a powerful explosion which


Some local people thought it was, the vibrating


was so powerful they thought it was a powerful earthquake.


Immediately, they realised that a boiler


explosion took place and the


Many people are believed to be still trapped inside.


I have talked to the relatives who are still searching for their near


Some 100 firefighters have joined the rescue operation.


Police also said after six hours, they have


somehow successfully managed to control


the fire but you can still


see the flames going high up from the building and some


It will take a few more hours to tackle the whole situation


These factory workers, many people have


been admitted to local hospitals and are being treated.


Well, I spoke to MK Aaref, who is from the NGO SAFE


It campaigns for better structural and fire safety


He says the new regulations are focussed on the country's top


revenue earning industry the textile sector.


We focus on the biggest export industry which is the garment


industry. Today's accident was, I am assuming it is the packaging


industry, that is overlooked. The safety precautions in the garment


industry was spearheaded by the European Union and the USA. Because


of the consumer demand for safety things have improved drastically, I


have to admit. Things have happened on the positive sense in the last


three years for the better. The textile industries haven't been on


board yet. There are two things going on. There is enough flaws in


the book that ensure the safety of the factories but there isn't enough


manpower to enforce, inspect and to make sure all the factories are in


compliance. The second thing is, there is a lack of full political


will, you might say, to enforce these laws to the book. The


industrial sector and the private sector is quite strong over here.


They do get away with a lot of lapses. In terms of maintenance it


isn't a tradition we are used to yet. We build something, the fact


these things have to be maintained and inspected, that is something we


are just learning for the last couple of years. That is one sector


that needs to be worked on and has to be enforced.


Thank you. Day three of the Paralympic games as well and truly


underway in real. China said Tip of the medal table with Great Britain


second on 29. Para triathlon made its debut. Andrew Lewis won the


inaugural event. The 33-year-old means he has a hat-trick of major


titles. He's ready world and champion.


Brazilian poster boy will be in action in the next hour. He is


competing in nine events in what is his third Olympics. He will be


racing in the butterfly final. Also the next hour, phenomenal athletes,


Dame Sarah Storey goes in the velodrome. She won 12 gold medal on


the opening day of the games. She was a swimmer before she became a


cyclist with five of her tally coming of the pool. She goes in the


time trial final. The football, in the Manchester derby, it was city


who took the points against United winning 2-1. Manchester City sit top


of the Premier League table maintaining their 100% winning


start. It is the first Manchester derby for Jersey mourinho and Pep


Guardiola. The Portuguese manager admitted his side didn't make it. We


were below the level. To play these matches you have to be completely


ready to do it in terms of the speed of your sinking, the


decision-making. We had a few players who were not at that level.


We lost easy bowls, we left them press us. We made mistakes. We paid


for those mistakes. We are happy for the Victor D. I


think the spectators around the world enjoy it because the game was


open until the end. We were better. They pushed a lot in the second half


and it was more difficult. But when they opened the game we had them


counterattacks. For us, when we go to old Trafford, won the best


stadiums in the world and the game it is good.


Liverpool were impressive in their first home game of the season


beating reigning champions Leicester at Anfield, 4-1. Adam Lallana's


goal, the pick of the bunch. We had to come here early to watch is


because it is so impressive. It is so different to the stand before. We


came here on Thursday first training. Tonight, we wanted to be


the reason people are enjoying it. It was a very tough game against a


tough opponent. It was a good game. Elsewhere, a late penalty helped


Arsenal to a 2- Win against Southampton. Tottenham were


comfortable winners at Stoke, Watford came from behind to beat


West Ham 4-2. It has been derby day in Scotland as


well as Rangers face Celtic in the league for the first time in four


years following their promotion to the Scottish Premiership. They were


beaten 5-1 at Celtic Park as the hosts made its four out of four this


season. Hearts were 3- winners over Hamilton and move second. Aberdeen


drew 1-1 with Inverness. That is all the sports for now.


Just before we go, how's this for a bit of bad parking?


The man who tried to assassinate the US President Ronald Reagan


35 years ago has been released from a psychiatric hospital.


John Hinckley Junior was found not guilty by reason of insanity


In July, a federal judge ruled that he is not a danger


From me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


The West has fed bestial sunshine but


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