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This is BBC world News today. Rare unity in condemning North Korea's


fifth and most powerful nuclear test to date. The country's leader is


described The US Congress backs legislation


allowing families of 9-11 victims to sue the Saudi government


for damages, despite the threat Success for hosts Brazil


on the track on day two The ground-breaking surgery


restoring sight where it The United Nations security council


has begun an emergency meeting following North Korea's latest


and largest nuclear test. World leaders have reacted


with anger to the test, which created a blast so large


it was initially thought Even China, a long-time ally


of the isolated communist nation, The North Korean newsreader says


the nuclear test will protect On the main square, the thought was


echoed, as if through a script. In South Korea, they


monitor the tremors. Each test has been bigger


than the one before. The device detonated this time


is just short of the power From Japan today, planes took off


to gather air samples to try to determine what kind


of device was exploded. We try to still to monitor to find


out to find out what has taken place.


We are very much concerned and the resolutions


of the Security Council must be implemented and they will send this


The underground blast happened at this site in North Korea,


only nine months after the last nuclear test.


Kim Jong Un is in a rush to fulfil his nuclear ambition.


Yesterday in Pyongyang, the regime's leaders clapped


in unison as the country celebrated the anniversary


For them, the bomb is the icing on the cake.


Here tonight in Seoul in South Korea, life goes on.


People assume Kim Jong Un's bloodthirsty threats to turn


the place into a heap of ashes will not happen.


Even though he's appeared alongside what he claimed was a nuclear


warhead small enough to go on a rocket.


North Korea is just 50 kilometres from here, 30 miles,


The regime there is celebrating a great triumph tonight.


But there is no sign of that regime being close to collapse.


In recent months, North Korea has been launching missiles every ten


days, in defiance of the United Nations.


North Korea does not have nuclear-tipped missiles yet.


But it's working steadily towards getting them.


United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has condemned North Korea's


nuclear test and described it as a brazen breach of


Speaking ahead of the emergency meeting of the Security Council


I would strongly appreciate the Security Council to unite and take


urgent action. The Security Council has met eight times this year only


on DPRK issues. We are deeply concerned by continuing acts of


provocation by the regime, this time, the fifth, the biggest nuclear


test. And I sincerely hope that the United Nations Security Council will


act in solidarity and unity for the international peace and security and


give a strong warning to the DPRK authorities.


Long time Korea watcher Aidan Foster Carter says


South Korea's description of Kim Jong-Un as uncontrollable


and a reckless maniac may not be a fair analysis.


Uncontrollable may well be true, the bit about being a maniac, I would


dispute. The North Koreans know exactly what they are doing and Kim


Jong-un, as under his father and his grandfather, they have played what


we might think of objectively as a weak hand very well. What are they


doing now? Kim Jong-un is both boosting himself at home, as a young


and untried leader, showing that he can do the stuff that his father


did. He is also taking advantage of the electoral window, there is a


social paralysis in the United States, nothing much will be done


now until the next president and Donald Trump said he would talk to


Kim Jong-un! And South Korea has an election coming up. I do see this as


merely defensive although the rhetoric is offensive. They saw the


fate of Iraq, they will put on an axis of evil by George W bush and


they want to make sure that will never happen and they have


succeeded. What about the role of China? Again, I think it is naive


that sometimes people in Washington and the West expect China to do our


bidding and see things our way. There is overlap between how they


see it and Western powers, but not identical. China, this is how I see


the -- China see that there is something worse than North Korea


setting off bombs on their doorstep and that is then collapsing. They


would hate the consequences of a unified Korea with US bases. That is


worse, as seen from China. I do know why simply -- some people in the


West don't grasp that. I want to take you over to Geneva.


We have been expecting a news conference. It is between John Kerry


and Sergei Lavrov. They have been in long talks on Syria. And in the last


few minutes, Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, appeared


in the room journalists have been waiting and urged them to be


patient. He said that the process had been dragged out because of


Washington, saying that the Russians had been waiting for five hours for


a response from Washington, DC to the latest text. He said that things


moved slowly in the vertical power of democracy and added that he was


thinking about calling it a day and continuing with the talks next week.


So the Russian Foreign Minister suggesting that there has been


progress but they are waiting, he said. He said, I don't know where


our friends are, but it is important for them to check with Washington.


The US administration have been asked about those comments and they


say that John Kerry is continuing to discuss the proposals with


colleagues in Washington. Those discussions are ongoing and when


they have more, they will tell us. I wanted to let you know that was


happening. We saw a flurry of activity in Geneva, and we will go


back there when we know not what -- when we know more.


Almost 15 years after the 9/11 attacks in New York,


families of the victims have won the right to sue the Saudi Arabian


The House of Representatives has passed the bill -


the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act -


despite a threat by President Obama to veto the measure.


15 of the 19 hijackers were 9/11 nationals.


With me now from Washington is our reporter Laura Bicker.


What does this mean? As you heard, 15 of the attackers were Saudi


citizens and the Saudi government has always denied any involvement.


No links have been found. But this bill would allow the victim's --


victims' families to do is to sue any member of the Saudi government


for any element of the attack, even if they believe it was funded by the


Saudi Arabian government. President Obama has in the past as concerns.


He believes that this would overturn a long-standing international law


which grants nations immunity from prosecution 's, criminal


prosecutions and several cases. The White House has also voiced concern


it would put further strain on US - Saudi Arabia relations and they say


it could prompt a backlash, Saudi Arabia might decide to take out


suits against US National 's or US companies. So that is where the


concern of the White House lies. And when it comes to President Obama,


that Bill is not his desk and he has a different -- that Bill is on his


desk and he has a typical decision to make. There has been growing


pressure and concern about the funding. He well have this difficult


decision to make. He doesn't have to make a decision before he leaves


office, but the pressure is on him to make some kind of response, some


kind of decision because it's not just coming from the victims


families, it is coming from within own party. Presidential candidate


Hillary Clinton is for this bill. Leading Democrats for this bill. It


has broad support across Congress and that is very rare. If he decides


to veto it, he could find on some quite isolated in politics in this


country and Congress could override it. A two thirds vote in Congress is


required to overturn a presidential veto and that is quite likely to


happen. So he have to weigh up the consequences of politics in his


country against the geopolitics with Saudi Arabia.


Now a look at some of the days other news.


At least four people have been killed in a train crash


49 others were injured when the passenger service


Spain's Acting Prime Minister expressed his condolences and


thanked the emergency services on a visit to the scene.


Facebook has reversed its decision to censor one of the most famous


images of the Vietnam War - a naked girl escaping


a napalm attack - after the move caused outrage.


The 1972 image was removed after a Norwegian newspaper,


Aftenposten, published the photograph as part


Facebook originally said the photo violated its nudity rules.


But it's now decided to allow users to share it.


US prosecutors have charged a Volkswagen engineer


over his role in developing illegal emissions-cheating software.


A year ago, VW admitted installing pollution-control software in some


diesel cars and vans to falsify emissions test results.


The engineer, James Liang, pleaded guilty to conspiring to


The second day of the Paralympic Games in Rio is underway in Rio


and there are fifty gold medals up for grabs.


And hosts Brazil got off to winning start -


How is it going today, Julia? In a lot of action. Not good weather but


the shine is coming from inside the athletic Stadium. Lots of medals


were given out this morning. Goldman to Ireland, Tunisia and Argentina


and also Brazil. The third goal for Brazil in the 400 metres T20 race.


That is the race for athletes with intellectual impairment. He not only


won the race, but beaches own world record, coming in at 47.23 seconds.


And right now, the fans are streaming in for the night's round


of finals that are just starting. I can hear the sound from inside the


stadium. Lots of excitement. We had strong emotions earlier in the


morning with some unexpected terms. I would like to mention what


happened in the women's T11 100 metre race where Jeannie's Libby


Clegg got disqualified. She had had her best result ever in her life,


racing at 91 seconds. But the judges disqualified her on the


understanding that the guide accompanying her had pulled her. She


appealed that decision and was successful in that. So she will take


part in the finals of the T11100 metres race that will happen here


later tonight. And we will have lots of action here tonight including the


participation of one of the Paralympic stars from the US team,


Tatyana McFadden. She got three goals in London back in 2012 and she


is now trying to get a total of seven golds here in Rio. She will


try to snatch the first one in the 254 100 metres final. -- T54. Lots


of action in the field of. While sprinting on blades, the T51 final.


Jonnie Peacock will defend his gold that he won in London. Lots of


action in Rio with the athletic stadium filling up quickly. Thanks


very much. I know you will keep us across it all.


Let's take a look at the medal table as it stands on day two.


China has top spot with eight golds, ten silvers and four bronzes -


Great Britain is in second place - and hosts Brazil have also had


a successful start - currently in fourth.


And you can get the latest from the Paralympics


For detailed analysis and a sport by sport guide just go


Stay with us, surgeons have used a robot to operate inside the eye in


what is a real world first. A British-Iranian woman who has been


detained in Iran for more than 150 days has now been jailed for five


years, according to I think she's a political football


in internal battles and battles with Britain as well. We have had


messages saying if the British government agrees, we will release


her but different messages contradict that and now she has been


sentenced to five years. They have not released any charges. If there


was a crime there, they have not said what it was. When we have X --


explored all the possibilities bring them together, then we are looking


at do I find a way to get Gabriella back. It is difficult and dangerous,


but this can't go on for ever. Global condemnation as North Korea


carries out a fifth nuclear test - The US Congress backs legislation


allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue the Saudi government


for damages, despite the threat Techie's E, Mick Vista is said that


Turkey is willing -- Turkey's economic minister said that Turkey


is willing to negotiate a quick trade deal with Britain it is


Britain's biggest export partner and said that Britain must be ready. He


said that working on the deal it would set -- would work on the same


time as Turkey seeks to improve its current deal with the EU. In the


same time, while we are discussing this with the European Union. It's a


case, it's in SSSC now. We need to start the bigger stations with the


UK -- it's a necessity now. In two years because time, Brexit will be


completed. Everything must be ready in the same time, simultaneously. We


cannot lose time, we cannot lose the opportunities. We cannot miss this


season. When the season of the European Union finishes, then a new


rule between Turkey and the UK must be ready there.


Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes has all the sport.


Novak Djokovic has taken the first set of his US open semifinal against


Gayle Monfils. He started but still won 6-3. He is up in the second set


and he is fresh after having only played two matches after his


opponents retired. The serving as going for a 13th grand slam title.


-- the Serbian player. Froome is trying to become the first


man for 38 years to win the Tour de France and the Vuelta


in the same season. The countdown is on to tomorrow's


much awaited Manchester derby. It's being billed as the highest


profile game in British league history where Jose Mourinho


and Pep Guardiola go head-to-head. David Ornstein looks ahead to the


match. Manchester, home to some of


football, is fiercest rivals. Red versus blue, United versus city, now


Jose Mourinho against pep Guardiola. Now the battles will be as tents in


the dugout as on the pitch. Before the match comes the media. This is


where many of their fights have been fought. But on the eve of the first


derby, it was best behaviour. To me, it is just a game against a very


good opponent. If you want to be successful, if you want to win the


game, we have to be at the top of our qualities. The last game Real


Madrid, Barcelona, was not easy for either or both. But we met each


other a few weeks ago at the managers Premier League meeting and


we spoke fluently. Their relationship dates back to 1996 when


Guardiola was playing for Barcelona and Mourinho joined the closing step


-- coaching staff. But years later, Mourinho lost out to Guardiola for


the coaching job and friends became foes. And then Mourinho was


appointed to Real Madrid manager and his mission was to not Guardiola of


its perch. That poisoned season. The relationship was very poisonous --


aggressive at the end because they were the two best teams managed by


the two best coaches. United and city have been led by many great


managers and tomorrow, two more will take centre stage. But what makes it


significant is that it could be the most expensive match in football


history. The previous record was set in last season's El Classico with


Real Madrid against first -- Barcelona. It is estimated that the


players starting at Old Trafford was cost ?600 million. Among them is


Paul Pogba, at a world ?89 million. The last derby was settled by eight


moment of brilliance from Marcus Rashford. But that was a sideshow as


Leicester City stole the limelight. But the limelight is firmly back on


Manchester City thanks to Guardiola. That all the sport for now.


Surgeons have used a robot to operate inside the eye in a world


first. The robot means that surgeons can do more delicate procedures and


could otherwise have been done. Fergus Walsh reports.


Deterioration of sight in my right eye is progressive.


Bill Beaver is going blind in one eye.


If, for example, I take a book, and I cover my left eye,


which is still good, all I see is mush.


His central vision is completely gone.


In theatre, the surgeon uses a joystick to move to the robot arm,


Robot assisted surgery is now commonplace, especially


Never before has a robot been used to operate inside the eye.


This is delicate surgery, involving tiny, precise movements


to remove a membrane which is causing sight loss.


Crucially, the robot can filter out the surgeon's hand tremors.


The robot has to pivot around a tiny hole in the wall of the eye.


Inside, it removes a membrane just 100th of a millimetre thick,


shown in blue, which is covering the retina.


That allows the hole in the retina to close.


A few days later, the results are clear.


Before long, his distance vision will return to normal.


It is almost the world of fairy tales but it is true.


It is the difference between being active and doing


the things I need to do and enjoying art and enjoying life.


The surgeon says that the robot was more accurate than the human hand.


We are going into a new era of eye surgery where we will be placing


things at the back of the eye, under the retina, very much more


accurately and with greater precision than at the moment.


We can certainly improve on current operations but I hope we can do


new operations that currently we cannot do with a human hand,


Retinal disease is the main cause of blindness in the developed world.


Robots should allow many more patients to have their site saved.


President Obama has been honoured by scientists, they have named a


parasite after him! The professor responsible say it reminds them of


President Obama because it is long, thin, and cool as hell!


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