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This is BBC World News Today with me, Geeta Guru-Murthy.


The headlines: rare unity among world leaders in condemning


North Korea's fifth and most powerful nuclear test to date.


The country's leader is described as a reckless maniac by South Korea,


while the UN chief urges the Security Council


This is another brazen breach of the resolutions of the Security Council.


The US Congress passes a law allowing families of 9/11 victims


to sue the Saudi government for damages, despite


At least four people are killed as a passenger train derails


and hits a bridge in north-western Spain.


And the groundbreaking surgery restoring sight where it


World leaders have reacted with anger to North Korea's


latest nuclear test - which created a blast so large


it was initially thought to have been an earthquake.


South Korea has accused North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un,


Even China, long an ally of the isolated communist nation,


The North Korean newsreader says the nuclear test will protect


main square they thought was record as from a script. In South Korea


they monitored the tremors. Each test has been bigger than the one


before. The device detonated this time was just short of the power of


the Hiroshima bomb. Planes took off to gather a samples to try to


determine what kind of device was exploded. Condemnation has been


swift. We are trying to monitor to find out precisely what to place.


The Security Council sent this message very strongly. The


underground blast happened at this site in North Korea only nine months


after the last remark last nuclear test. Yesterday in Pyongyang, the


leaders collapsed in unison as they celebrated the founding of the


country in 1945. For them the bomb is the icing on the cake. Here


tonight in Seoul in South Korea, life goes on. The assumed Kim


Jong-un bloodthirsty quest will not happen. Even though he claims it was


a nuclear warhead smaller enough to go on a rocket. North Korea is just


50 kilometres from here, 30 miles. It could be another world. They


resume their are celebrating a great triumph tonight. Nobody knows what


the people think but there is no sign of that regime being close to


collapse. In recent months, North Korea has been launching missiles


every ten days in defiance of the United Nations. North Korea does not


have nuclear tipped missiles yet, but it is working steadily towards


getting them. United Nations Secretary General Ban


Ki-Moon has condemned North Korea's nuclear test and described


it as a brazen breach of His statement comes shortly


before the Security Council I would strongly appreciate


the Security Council to unite The Security Council has met eight


times this year only on DPRK issues. We are deeply concerned


by continuing the act of provocation by the DPRK regimes,


this time the fifth, I hope the United Nations security


council will act in solidarity and unity for the international


peace and security and give a strong Our correspondent Gary O'Donoghue


is following it all from Washington We are getting lines through from


the secretary of state saying the US are prepared to take any measures


needed. What does that mean? I think that is a good question because beer


in mind the UN Security Council has passed a bunch of sanctions against


North Korea in the last ten years. Five sets of resolutions and


sanctions and what has happened is North Korea's nuclear programme has


accelerated. Two nuclear tests this year, a total of five. The testing


of ballistic missile 's and the delivery mechanism potentially for


those nuclear warheads. It is tricky. I think there will be


pressure. The British ambassador to the UN talked about putting more


people on the travel ban list and tightening sanctions and


implementing sanctions. There is not a lot left. North Korea does export


a lot of call, one of it's only exports. It exports them to China


and there will be pressure on China to ensure the funds from that are


not being used in the nuclear programme. The international


community options are running out in diplomatic terms. Thank you very


much indeed, Gary. Long-time Korea specialist


and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Leeds University,


Aidan Foster-Carter, Thanks for joining us. Why do you


think North Korea is pursuing this policy on nuclear testing? The South


Korean president has attacked the leaders saying he is uncontrollable.


Is that the correct analysis? Uncontrollable may well be true. The


bit about being a maniac I would dispute. The north Koreans know


exactly what they are doing and Kim Jong-un and under his grandfather


and father, they played what the objective of the weak hand very


well. What they are doing right now? The other posting themselves at


home. He is still a young and new leader and untried. He is showing


that he can do the stuff like his father died. He is taking advantage


of the electoral window. There is a paralysis in the United States and


nothing much will be done now until the next president, whoever it is.


Donald Trump has said that he would talk to Kim Jong-un. South Rio has


an election coming next year. I do the direct see this as defensive,


the sort the fate of Iraq and they were put on the axis of evil and we


want to make sure that'll never happen. What about the role of


China? I think again it is naive that sometimes some people in


Washington and the west expect China to do our bidding and see it our


way. There is overlap with how China sees it and Western powers, but it


is not identical. The strategic equation, is that there is something


worse than this nasty and uncontrollable North Korea letting


off bombs on their doorstep and that is in North Korea collapse. They


would hit the process of that and we would hate the consequence, the


German style unified Korea and that is worse, as seen from China. I do


not see why some people in the west do not grasp that. China holds all


the cards, if they enforce sanctions, they are in trouble.


There was a row at the moment with South Korea about the missile


defence system that the Chinese do not like. I think China will


continue to have and, North Korea, I will continue to see it will get


away with it. It is destabilising in the region but global array, how


much of a threat is North Korea's -- globally. You have to rank your


threats, don't you? I wish we lived in a safer world. I am exercised by


the huge grip of the Islamic world. I am exercised by the Islamic State,


which attracts young people and turns them into rivers. North Korea


is isolated. No one is going there and surely that way lies a solution


which means back to diplomacy. It is a shame we dropped the diplomatic


ball this year. Thank you for your time. We appreciate it. On the


question of Islamist attacks, the biggest was 9/11. It is almost 15


years since the 911 attacks in New York.


families of the victims have won the right to sue the Saudi Arabian


The House of Representatives has passed the bill -


the "Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act" -


despite a threat by President Obama to veto the measure.


15 of the 19 hijackers were 9/11 nationals.


With me now from Washington is our reporter Laura Bicker.


What does this bill allow? 15 out of those 19 attackers were Saudi


citizens. Saudi Arabia has denied any involvement in the 911 attacks


and no direct link has ever been found. This bill would allow the


victim's families to sue members of the Saudi Government or any element


of the attack and leaders of this bill say this is about fighting


terrorism and it is a bout a fight for justice. What this bill would do


is overturn long-standing international law, which grants


nation 's immunity from civil and criminal prosecutions. That law


certainty is something President Obama is concerned about. He said he


would veto it. He is concerned it would strain relations between Saudi


Arabia and the United States and he fears a backlash. Saudi Arabia could


take out their own civil or criminal cases against US citizens or


companies. The bill now lands on President Obama's desk and it is a


very difficult decision to make. He is not in office for that long. He


is not and this will have a time limit on it the minute he beat was


it. He has the Senate and Congress would have ten days after any


potential veto to override it. Two thirds of the vote would do that for


them. Congress believes this has bipartisan support and Hillary


Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, support it also.


President Obama finds himself isolated. Not only does he have his


own party supporting this bill, he also has two way up the geopolitical


consequences if he beat was it. There will be a lot of political


horse trading over the next couple of weeks. Thank you very much.


Four people have died in a train crash in north-west Spain.


The train left the rails as it was coming


into a station before veering into an electricity pylon.


Looking at the wreckage, it's hard to imagine how anyone


On Friday morning this train derailed in north-western Spain.


Its front carriage flipped onto its side and hit an electricity


Among the dead, the driver who was Portuguese.


Dozens of passengers were also injured.


The train breaked suitcases fell on top of us.


My mother knocked into my father and hurt him.


A man fell on the floor, coming out of the carriage, we saw


The train had set off from the Spanish town of Vigo


and was heading towards Porto in Portugal.


The crash happened near the town of O Porrino about 20 minutes into


The passenger train belonged to Portuguese state rail


Spanish authorities have launched an investigation, but for


now because of the accident remains unclear.


Now a look at some of the days other news.


Facebook has been accused of abusing its power by deleting one


of the most famous images of the Vietnam war -


a picture of a naked girl fleeing a napalm attack.


The Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten, led the criticism


after the social network suspended a Norwegian writer's account


because he'd used the image in a shortlist of the world's most


Customs officials in Germany have confiscated 1.2 tonnes


US prosecutors have charged a Volkswagen engineer


over his role in developing illegal emissions-cheating software.


A year ago, VW admitted installing pollution-control software in some


diesel cars and vans to falsify emissions test results.


The engineer, James Liang, pleaded guilty to


conspiring to defraud US regulators and customers.


The second day of the Paralympic Games in Rio is just


There are 50 gold medals up for grabs.


The first day saw Kenyan athlete Samwel Mushai Kimani winning


the first Paralympic gold medal for his country and cyclist


Sarah Storey becoming Britain's most successful female Paralympian


Well, for the latest action lets head to the BBC's Julia Carniero


Has it been a good day so far? Lots more to come. Lots of action here. I


would like to bring you a highlight from yesterday. Resilient starting


out well and there's Paralympic games. -- Brazil. It has golds to


come. Yesterday, one of the biggest stars in the team got his first gold


in these Paralympics. He is often compared referred to as the


Brazilian Michael Phelps. He got gold in the 200 meter freestyle race


and fifth category. He still has another eight competitions that he


will take part in and saw another eight chances of winning Weddle 's.


He is the most successful Paralympic athlete. In Brazil. We had golds won


by Ireland, Argentina and also another one for Brazil. That went to


this man. He not only won the race, he also beat his own world record


and came in at 47 point 23 seconds. In that same race, bronze went to


Cape Verde. There were unexpected turns today. In the 100 meter


women's find out. The category for women who are totally blind, Libby


Clegg from Great Britain, she got the best time out of all the


athletes and made it into the final. She was later disqualified and that


was because the guide who was accompanying horror was understood


to have pooled her during the race and that is against the rules of the


Paralympics. -- accompanying her. We have lots of action to come today


and action in the stadium and in the swimming pool. Enjoy it. Thank you.


Let's take a look at the medal table as it stands on day two.


China has top spot with eight golds, nine silvers and four bronzes.


Great Britain is in second place and hosts Brazil have also had


a successful start - currently in fourth.


And you can get the latest from the Paralympics Games.


For detailed analysis and a sport by sport


Surgeons in Britain have used a robot to


operate inside the eye in a world first.


The milestone for robotic technology should mean that in future surgeons


will be able to do more complex procedures than are


Our medical correspondent Fergus Walsh has this exclusive report.


Deterioration of sight in my right eye is progressive.


Bill Beaver is going blind in one eye.


If, for example, I take a book, and I cover my left eye,


which is still good, all I see is Marsh.


His central vision is completely gone.


In theatre, the surgeon uses a joystick to move to the robot arm,


Robot assisted surgery is now commonplace, especially


Never before has a robot been used to operate inside the eye.


This is delicate surgery, involving tiny, precise movements


to remove a membrane which is causing sight loss.


Crucially, the robot can filter out the surgeon's hand tremors.


The robot has to pivot around a tiny hole in the wall of the eye.


Inside, it removes a membrane just 100th of a millimetre thick,


shown in blue, which is covering the retina.


That allows the hole in the retina to close.


A few days later, the results are clear.


Before long, his distance vision will return to normal.


It is almost the world of fairy tales but it is true.


It is the difference between being active and doing


the things I need to do and enjoying art and enjoying life.


The surgeon says that the robot was more accurate than the human hand.


We are going into a new era of eye surgery where we will be placing


things at the back of the eye, under the retina, very much more


accurately and with greater precision than at the moment.


We can certainly improve on current operations but I hope we can do


new operations that currently we cannot do with a human hand,


Retinal disease is the main cause of blindness in the developed world.


Robots should allow many more patients to have their site saved.


They were stuck all night in cable cars thousands of metres


But a few hours ago, more than 30 people were finally rescued.


Technicians managed to restart the service at first light and those


stranded above the glaciers of Mont Blanc have now been brought


Suspended 12,000 feet above the highest mountain


in the Alps, over 100 tourists, including a ten-year-old child,


The cars had become stuck after their cables became tangled.


You can just see rescuers suspended from helicopters.


One of those involved said it was like "performing surgery


By night fall, 80 people had been rescued, some by helicopter,


others in cabins a little nearer the ground were


TRANSLATION: While the day was sunny and not foggy, they


They couldn't use helicopters any more.


And they lowered people on to the glacier on the places


When dark arrived, they decided to stop the rescue operation


But 33 people had to be left dangling overnight,


In the morning, the helicopters came back, but there was still no


clear idea about how to get the people down.


Their ordeal finally ended when engineers managed to free


the tangled cables and get the cars going again.


Terrifying. A film about Edward Snowden has been polarising


audiences. He is the man behind the largest


leak in an as a history. In the film Snowden comes across as a decent


whistle-blower, not the traitor many see him as.


When I first met him in January 2014, the situation was still


uncertain in Moscow and I was aware of the situation was current and


dangerous and could blow up in my face. He was weary of the movie. We


went ahead. What has emerged is a story very


sympathetic to Snowden's cause. The screenplay,


co-written by Oliver Stone, Joseph Gordon-Levitt maintains


it's a drama which brings audiences a picture of Snowden that's more


complete than what can be gleaned Because there are a lot


of people who do view But not much weight is given to that


viewpoint in this film, is it? I'm not sure there is a lot


of weight to that point of view, I mean, I actually


haven't really heard any specific ways in which something


that he did harmed the country. Not so, say Snowden's critics,


of which there are many. After seeing the trailer


for the film, Rebecca Heinrichs, a fellow at the conservative


Hudson Institute, became convinced that Oliver Stone


had got it all wrong. There are very real,


real-life consequences, in which lives, we believe,


were lost because of the sort He really is a shameful individual


and so, it is too bad that this film is most likely going to have a large


audience and people are going to come away thinking that he's some


sort of American hero, It's been reported that the film


is a component of of a bigger strategy to advance an appeal


for clemency for Snowden. I don't think the government's


claims about harm to national So, one of these days,


we're going to see Edward Snowden return home and be broadly accepted


as the whistle-blower that he is. I do think that this film


will help ease on that day. But Snowden will find little


support from the two major Hillary Clinton has said


that he will have to face the music And Donald Trump has


called him "a total traitor". Tom Brook,


BBC News, Toronto. Facebook has reversed its position.


It will let that iconic photo from the Vietnam War. Thanks for




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