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This is BBC World News Today with me, Geeta Guru-Murthy.


Why the EU's policy on migration is not working.


We have a special report from the Greek island of Chios.


Wear the number of refugees and migrants is on the rise again.


One in ten of us will die from air pollution, according


Donald Trump claims Russia's Vladimir Putin is more of a


"He's unpatriotic," said Hillary Clinton.


If he says great things about me, I will say great things about him. I


have already said he is a great leader.


saying there's not just one species but four.


The number of refugees and migrants arriving on Greek islands


is starting to go up again, despite a deal between the EU


and Turkey earlier this year to reduce the flow of people


As most of the people arriving in Greece travel


through Turkey, the process of either returning them there,


or moving them elsewhere in the EU, has virtually ground to a halt


with some 60,000 now stuck in Greece.


Our Europe correspondent, Damian Grammaticas, reports


The tourists are here, indulging, enjoying their


In the background, the refugees linger, trapped as


Out at sea, the boats have slowed, Greek


Europe's deal with Turkey is having an effect.


Turkish patrols are deterring more crossings.


Arrivals now around 100 a day, not in the thousands.


So it is here on land where the crisis has shifted.


This man arrived from Homs in Syria two months ago.


We stayed in the gardens are 20 days and no one cared about us.


He is now stuck in a temporary shelter hoping for


refugee status but with no end to the process insight.


There are people here for six months and they are still waiting.


For me, I am two months so maybe we will wait two


Adding to their frustration, the refugees cannot work.


They are reliant on hand-outs and it is


charities, not the EU, that is feeding them.


For this lady, a Syrian Kurd, and her family


degrading - and not what they expected in Europe.


TRANSLATION: We escaped war, death, how can they reject us?


We are in Europe, which always talks about


Right in the heart of Chios, the refugees have made their own


shanty and islanders believe the EU is deliberately slowing the asylum


The EU would like to minimise the flow so they leave


the procedure to take months for the refugees.


The EU's policies have to an extent secured European borders


here for now, limiting the influx but they have left Greece and the


refugees already here in limbo, unclear when or to where they will


Well, the vast majority of people who are stranded in Greece


Five and a half years on and a political solution is still


America and Russia, who back opposing sides in the conflict,


have been discussing closer cooperation in the wider war,


aiming for local truces - particularly in areas besieged


One such community is the enclave of Muadhamiya,


where, today, displaced civilians were able to evacuate.


Our Middle East editor, Jeremy Bowen, watched them leave.


Now, this group of displaced people are on the bus and they will be


heading off pretty shortly to a camp and, by all accounts, that can is


well run. By all accounts, that can is well run. Or maybe manage varying


level, the fact that they are leaving their homes is not bad


because they have been stopped in this enclave in Muadhamiya for 4-5


years. On a strategic level, it is a good day for the regime because they


are removing sources of opposition run around the very strategically


important west side of the capital. If this is followed by another


agreement to take fighters out, up to the north, then again, it is


strategic gain for the regime. The buses going after now. Their


possessions, their lives are boiled down now to some bundles of old


clothes and they don't know what kind of future they are going into.


It's just one bus leaving but, for those people, it is a huge moment in


their lives. In just two months' time,


Americans will cast their vote in an election the whole world


is watching very closely. A Trump victory would


have huge ramifications Last night, Hillary Clinton said


Donald Trump was "not just unpatriotic" but also "scary"


because he praised the Russian President Vladimir Putin


over President Obama. Today, Mr Obama said Mr Trump


isn't fit for office. The music came with a thumping


marching. And aircraft carrier, the setting, with an ground zero.


Hillary Clinton entered wanting to express our thoughts on a post-9


1112 but instead found herself being interrogated. -- 9/11. It was a


mistake you have a personal account. I would not have it again and I'm


ignorant users for it. It is something that should not have been


done. Secretary Clinton, thank you very much. This was not good enough


for this battering in the audience who had handled classified material


himself. You clearly corrupted classified material. I communicated


a bad classified material on a separate system. I do get very


seriously. So, now, please welcome new Republican nominee for


president, President, -- Donald Trump. EBay questions about glad


Putin. If he faces -- if he said good things about me, I will say


good things about him. He has a very good, strong control over his


country. It is a different system which I don't like, but he has been


more of a leader than our president. He was also at about him or knowing


more about Islamic State that America was 's general. Under


President Obama and Hillary Clinton, they have been reduced to rubble. It


isn't harassing for our country. Obama seems to echo widespread


criticism over a journalist, he said this. You'll listen to what he said


and follow up on what are either contradictory, uninformed or


outright wanky ideas. And listen to this exchange with Gary Johnson.


Hull what would you do if you were elected, about Aleppo? What is


Aleppo? It is in Syria. It is the epicentre of the refugee crisis. OK,


got it. That is a side show, it is the two main candidates are vying to


become commander-in-chief. Hillary Clinton was land values of a private


e-mail server. Donald Trump praised the Vladimir Putin criticised the


generals he hopes to lead. A forum in which they are meant to state


their strengths as an arrogant's next commander-in-chief but they


highlighted their weaknesses. The first day of the Paralympic


games has been getting under way today and,


with 38 gold medals to be Julia Carneiro is there


for us with the latest on the day's action -


Julia Yes I am here where the day started


with a seven A-side football match. The first was a Paralympics GB


versus Brazil. Brazil did when in football. 2-1 against GB but there's


still plenty of action going on with Ukraine playing Ireland. Ukraine is


leading with at least six gals. The hearing screams from the inside cell


they might have an even stronger lead. Earlier today, Netherlands


there's the United States will also play. -- later today. We have had


the first medals handed out in athletics. We are having the first


final inswinging later on. More finals in athletics. -- in swimming.


They won so let's hear from Andy Swiss on how things are going.


After all the worries over ticket sales, thousands flocked


to the Paralympic Park hoping for a dramatic day.


Among the Opening Ceremony's highlights, Amy Purdie dancing the


The booing of the Brazilian president a reminder of


The torch bearer slipped on a rain-soaked


floor, but the stadium rose in support.


She picked herself up and


A determination to succeed which Rio will hope these


In the velodrome, Dame Sarah Storey in Christian history. Looking for a


possible 12 Paralympic medal. Born without a left hand, she has


excelled as a swimmer and a cyclist. It will take up as Baroness Grace


Thomson's 11 medals. Something she said she can scarcely believe. Your


mac I think the history is something to keep tabs on but it was unknown


to me when I was suddenly told that I was just as good as Tanya. Tanya


is my all-time hero. For the Brazilian fans


the seven aside football


proved a predictable draw. The competition for athletes


with cerebral palsy or athletes who have experienced brain


injuries pitted them against Great Despite David Porcher's goal, Brazil


won 2-1. In the visually impaired


long jump, Ricardo The result was Brazil's first goal


of the game after a difficult build-up. Already plenty to


celebrate. There will be plenty more to


celebrate but, as we had there, the president of Brazil was booed during


the opening ceremony. That is not the only political gesture in the


opening ceremony with an episode where an official from Belarus


waived the Russian flag during the parade of the delegation as the


athletes from Belarus paraded inside the stadium. He has now had his


accreditation withdrawn by the International Paralympic committee


in reprimand to that gesture. It was a gesture in support of Russia that


has been banned from the Taliban games because of the investigation


into a state sponsored doping scheme in the country. -- the Olympic


Games. He has been held as a hero from some officials in Russia but


Belarus have been reminded that political demonstrations have been


prohibited at the Olympics. Thank you.


I was watching the opening ceremony last night and it was amazing.


Let's take a quick look at the medal table.


Brazil are riding high on the top of the table with one goal in the men's


long jump and a silver in the men's 500 metres.


And you can get the latest from Paralympics games


For detailed analysis and a sport by sport guide just


It is all there for you over the next few days.


A new study by the World Bank shows that air pollution is now one


of the world's biggest causes of premature death.


the fourth biggest killer, and the vast majority of us


the report says one in ten deaths are now related to air pollution.


That's six times the number of people killed by malaria.


It's four times bigger than the number of deaths


the World Bank says it is 225 billion dollars each year.


where air pollution levels exceed guidelines for air quality.


The BBC's, Sanjoy Majumdar is in Delhi, where they've got


Revolution is one of the worst causes other premature death in


India. Nearly half a million people die every year because of it. There


are many reasons for causing the air pollution. Cars on the road, fossil


fuels but in particular, it is matter that is deadly. These tiny,


toxic particles of dust that are caused by fossil fuels or other


forms of pollution. You cannot even from the naked eye but they can have


deadly effect. It can lead to rest breakthrough problems or it can


cause heart disease. It can even lead to lung cancer. Now, it's not a


pricing that urban centres, such as cities, are the worst affected. --


surprising. The World Bank say six of the most polluted cities in the


world. Delhi, the capital has a dubious distinction of being the


worst of them all. That is why there is increasing pressure on the Dudek


and drastic measures to try and curb this massive problem. -- Judaic --


to take drastic measures. We can now speak to one of the lead


authors of that report - Urvashi Narain is Senior


Environmental Economist Where you shocked by the levels


here? It is extraordinary to say one in ten of other is that the


jewellery. How did you get that number? Yes, thank you for having


me. This is a joint report of the World Bank and the Institute for


health and evaluation. Our report shows that one in ten deaths is now


attribute it to air pollution. It is the fourth leading risk factor.


Almost as many people are dying from air pollution as from tobacco smoke.


It shows that it is also a drag on development. Not just a health risk.


Sorry sorry to interrupt, what exact conditions are caused by air


pollution? Is it clear that they are only caused by pollution and not


other factors? Now, so, revolution increases our exposure -- our


exposure to air pollution increase the risk of contracting deadly


diseases, like lung cancer, heart disease, chronic bronchitis. It is


also being now... There is evidence to show that air pollution exposure


is leading to premature births in developing countries as well. There


is a number of diseases now that are linked to exposure. Obviously, the


ads is this are complex. Realistically, do you think this


report will have an impact and what would you like from governors around


the world in both developing and developed nations? You'll agree --


reboot economic course on premature mortality because of an allusion to


be able to help resonate these numbers with policymakers. We want


to see policymakers increased investment in clean air. We want to


improve the air in those countries and cities. Countries are starting


to act but they want to tell the investment in favour of clean air.


Hill we want to see this being prioritised. What about people


watching? Is anything we can do? For example, lots of us live in cities


of food are gently mocking to schools because of the health


benefits of being outside -- should our children be walking? It is very


hard to escape from. We call it a silent killer because we don't know.


It is not a solution to spend time indoors. This is really an agenda


that the Government's actions are important on. It comes in very


different sectors. In Boston in the transport sector. Even dust. --


combustion. And you're going to say that the cost of not acting is


greater because of the health care costs than if governments actually


do something and be pressure on private companies, and so on.


Exactly. There are various studies to show the costs and benefits in


the US. Consider the estimates of the regulations are brought under


the clean their facts are that the costs by four - one. Thank you very


much joining us in Washington. Thank you. Thank you.


It's an iconic building with some pretty heavyweight residents -


the British Houses of Parliament though is crumbling


It's more than 150 years old and is at risk from fire,


collapsing roofs, crumbling walls, and leaking pipes.


Rodents are often seen in the canteen and I don't mean


But will the politicians agree to move out whilst


Beautiful from the outside but not so inside.


Parts of the palace of Westminster are dangerous to work


The roofs are leaking, stonework is rotting, in effect.


We need to do a great deal more in terms of fire


The Victorians left us lots of drawings of statues


and all the rest, but good plans so we know where the voids


But all the facilities - electricity, IT, comms, sewage,


fresh water, high pressure steam, central heating...


All of that have been laid one over the other.


I don't think I'm giving away any secrets.


Lots of wires, nobody's sure where they go.


To allow for extensive renovations, a parliamentary committee


is recommending all MPs and peers should vacate parliament


for at least six years in the early 2020s.


650 MPs would all pack their bags from the House of Commons


and move 350 yards across the road to Whitehall.


A temporary Commons would be based here.


At the moment this is the HQ for the Department of Health.


At the back of this building is a courtyard which could be used


as a temporary chamber, for debates, statements and Prime Minister's


It's on the parliamentary estate, which makes it safer,


and it's also within walking distance of many MP offices.


At the same time, all members of the House of Lords


would also be rehoused, down the road to the QE2


Right now, this is a commercial venue, with an abundance of large


rooms, but as it's owned by the Government, it wouldn't be


difficult to turn it into a second chamber,


to scrutinise laws and challenge the executive.


The PM spokeswoman says she'll respond in due course.


It's then up to both Houses to scrutinise and vote


It's not just convenience, it's important this world heritage


site is refurbished for modern working purposes.


After years of study, a concrete proposal that could lead


to MPs and Lords vacating parliament for the first time


Now, a high altitude rescue is underway in Frankfurt the moment


where 110 people are capped at a cable car in the Alps broke down. --


in France's. Helicopters are being used to evacuate passengers who are


capped. The cable runs between the two peaks in France and Italy. A lot


of cable cars up there. We were there early in the year and people


will be alarmed because of the safety of those cable cars being


absent be paramount for the real hope that rescue goes well.


Now - to most people a giraffe is a giraffe -


but scientists have discovered that in fact there are four


In genetic terms, it means the differences between some


African giraffes are as big as between a Polar


They're Africa's gentlest giants but these animals


are in decline as their natural habitat is shrinking.


That threat was the trigger for an investigation.


Geneticists and conservationists worked together to sample giraffe


DNA to find out more about these increasingly fragmented populations.


And this revealed a genetic surprise.


What these new results show is that there are actually four


All very tall and they look very similar.


But they are actually as genetically distinct from one another as a polar


here and the zoo just one of the four species.


The others are northern giraffes, southern giraffes


This might look like a very tricky game of spot the difference


but to conservationists, it's crucial information.


Understanding that they look different is just the start,


now understanding the real genetic differences helps us perhaps


to understand that there may be big differences in mating


Those, of course, are critical to conserving a species


and important understanding how threats might impact upon it


and how we can reduce them and save species from extinction.


The wild population of giraffes has declined by 40%


So, looking deep into their DNA could help conservationists work out


exactly what these animals need from their environment,


to protect the habitat that the world's tallest


consolidating his hold on the areas around the Syrian capital.


A suburb of Damascus which was a rebel stonghold


is currently being evacuated by Syrian government troops.


I am back to mark at the same time. Get in touch with me on Twitter as


Hello once again. I do think there is anything particularly settled


happily ever to have beset across the full British Isles. It is not a


right off by any means whatsoever but you can see a succession of


weather systems across


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