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Hello and welcome to BBC World News with me Karin Giannone.


In two hours' time Rio's Paralympic Opening Ceremony gets underway.


It's been a difficult run-up, beset by problems, but athletes


and organisers are now confident they'll be a success.


It seems like years ago now but it is about four weeks ago, or five


weeks ago, that we started to realise the mess they were in. I


will be live in Rio with all the latest on the mood amongst the


Paralympians, with just hours to go until the start of these games.


In other news, residents of the besieged Syrian city


of Aleppo are bombed again, just hours after


It comes as opposition groups meet in London


Apple unveils its latest iPhone 7, so does it have that headphone port?


Fears for the future of London's nightclubs after one of its best


known venues, Fabric, is closed amid claims


The countdown is on to the Opening Ceremony


Over the next 12 days, 4,300 athletes will be taking part,


from 161 countries, competing in 23 sports with 528 gold


New heroes will emerge and memorable performances will take place.


The organisers will be hoping the ceremony in a few hours' time


will draw a line under a chaotic build-up.


There's been controversy over a lack of funding, poor ticket sales,


the Russian team being banned over the doping scandal,


and questions over the way athletes are classified.


From Rio, our correspondent Nikki Fox reports.


Just over two weeks since the flame was put out on South America 's


first ever Olympic games, the city 's most iconic landmark has been lit


up once more. This time it is in the colours of the Paralympics.


Expectations were high following London 2012, undoubtedly the most


successful Paralympic games to date. There were a record number of


tickets sold and more people tuned in than ever before and the


Paralympic movement was as strong as it has ever been. The build-up to


Rio has been beset with serious problems. One month ago, when the


International Paralympic Committee revealed there was no money, many


fear the Paralympic movement was about to take a backwards step. We


should not be taking out our begging bowls. We understand that people are


living in difficult times but what we don't understand is why we have


to be an afterthought every time, why should this games be staged on a


shoestring? Despite emergency measures like moving events and


removing transport facilities, ticket sales are on the up, and the


athletes are ready. The British team and their famous faces, their one


and only concern now is winning. People might be looking negatively


but I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised and when they


see the performances of British athletes especially, going out and


get a gold medals, I think it will be forgotten about. Over 4000


athletes from 161 countries will join thousands of volunteers. The


games are about to begin, but perhaps here in Rio, the Paralympic


movement has already passed its hardest test.


Well, Nikki has also been speaking to the President


of the International Paralympic Committee, Sir Philip Craven,


about the troubled build-up to the games in Rio.


It seems like years ago now but it's about four weeks or five weeks ago


when we started to realise the mess that they were in,


particularly from a financial point of view, no money.


I think the organising committee in Rio were in a state of hyper


stress and we had to get hold of some of the facts.


And once we got some of the facts, we could get to work.


And we made close contact with the acting federal government,


of course, at that time and the city authorities through the mayor,


I've just been to the village now and the athletes are all pretty


happy with where they are at, and we're going to have great games.


There was a real sense, wasn't there, that it was dire,


Did the IPC have any warning signs that this was happening,


that this money was being diverted to the Olympics?


Well, those are your words, actually.


I think what happened was the organising committee ran out


of money and therefore the consequence was pretty serious


for the Olympics but absolutely dire for the Paralympics.


And so, I'm not talking about whether money


Sir Philip Craven, who is present on the International Paralympic


Committee. Let's go live to Rio now


and our correspondent Kate Grey. What is the atmosphere like?


Well, as I stand here, looking over the newly relaying to Paralympic


part, I can hear final reparations taking place with drums in the


background, and that feels real sense that the Paralympic spirit has


arrived, despite all of the problems there has been in the lead up with


overspends at the Olympic Games and wondering whether they would be able


to finish their news and bring the teams to these games, it feels now


that all of that has been put to bed and they are ready to put on a great


show. I went for a wander along Copacabana beach yesterday at the


Olympic rings have been replaced and the public were taking photos and


they are starting to embrace these games and the increase in ticket


sets sales has shown that the Brazilian people are ready to


support the Paralympics and fill up the stands.


So the opening ceremony, what are we looking out for?


There are over 4300 athletes competing here across 528 gold medal


events, so there is so much action to look out for. I had to mention


the poster boy of these Paralympic games for Rio, Daniel Diaz, he is


competing in the aquatic centre behind me in nine events and he is


Brazil's most successful Paralympian so he has nothing to prove that he


will go out there and give his home crowd something to cheer about. He


is one of the most hunted down in the swimming pool because no one can


touch, he is a bit like Michael Phelps. As we move into the


athletics Stadium we have the likes of the German long jumper who was a


Paralympic champion and in recent years he has been jumping distance


that would allow him to compete against able-bodied athletes


although he has not been allowed to compete


in an Games so he will be one to watch because he is hoping to


qualify at the World Championships able-bodied competition next year.


Finally I have to mention Tatiana McFadden, one of the great Olympic


-- great American hopes who wants to add another gold to the three she


won at London 2012. Kate Grey there is herself a former


Paralympic swimmer. Well, you'll remember Russia


received a blanket ban on attending the Paralympics


because of a state-sponsored So Russia has decided


to hold its own event. An opening ceremony has already


taken place in Moscow for a Russian competition described


as the Alternative Paralympics. The BBC's Oleg Boldyrev


was at the ceremony. As the Paralympic games are about to


open in Rio here in Moscow we have something we call the competent --


compensation games, special event for the squad that was banned from


Rio. A ceremony here is greeting all the teams in track and field,


fencing, archery, rowing and other sports. It is a three-day event


which will involve 260 Paralympic athletes from Russia. Of course they


are disappointed. This thing is bigger than Rio. Of course the mood


is ruined, we were preparing for a sporting battle and now we have two


weight. We prepared for four years and for some this is a shock that is


enough to make them consider quitting sport. What will Russian


Paralympians do now there was no sporting schedule? Most of them say


they will stay on and fight on and they are hoping a decision and a


solution will be found soon but at the moment all they have is this


three-day event in Russia. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. Philippine officials say


President Rodrigo Duterte and President Barack Obama have met


informally at the gala dinner Relations between the two men had


soured after President Duterte used rude language


when referring to Obama. It led to the US president


cancelling a formal meeting Denmark will buy data leaked


from the law firm at the heart of the Panama Papers scandal,


the country's taxation Over 11 million documents


previously leaked from Mossack Fonseca to international media


revealed huge offshore tax evasion. In this latest development,


an anonymous offer to sell data involving up to 600 Danish citizens


was made over the summer There are reports of a bomb attack


on the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo a day after dozens


were hospitalised following It comes as Syria's main opposition


groups meet in London to try to find Our Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen


sends this report from You may find some of


the images distressing. Another air attack on East Aleppo,


which is held by an assortment of rebels. Civil defence workers pulled


out casualties, as they have done countless times before. The attack


was close to the place where local reports say the bombs containing


poisonous chlorine gas were dropped on Tuesday. The Syrian government


always denies using chemical weapons, despite many accusations.


This side of the city is at the moment the government 's biggest


target. The Syrian army is trying to surround eastern Aleppo and seal it


off, an attempt to impose a siege to starve out the anti-government


forces that oppose it. Casualties were taken to a makeshift hospital


and the fighting and the attempts to impose a total siege mean they are


short of medical supplies. The regime blames the bloodshed on


foreign companies -- countries intervening to destroy Syria. It


denies accusations that it writs of election skier and says that


President Assad has no plans to leave office. We elected our


President and our Parliament and our local administration units, but


these Western countries will recognise only what they want or the


results that they want. We have a very strong government, we have


sustained a six-year war against Syria and I assure you we shall


continue as long as the intervention takes place. In London, backed by


Britain, the Saudis and others, a Syrian -- coalition has produced the


most detailed blueprint for power, including President Assad and his


clique leaving. They don't expect to get any time soon from Damascus. If


Asharq Al Asad continues to drag his feet and refuse to engage seriously


then obviously there will have to be a plan B that will involve more


stepped-up military activity. This is the centre of Damascus and this


part of the capital could not look any more different to the east side


of Aleppo. There is huge war damage a few miles away and across the


country but this is the regime 's showcase. Now, if the demand to step


down had been delivered by a victorious army at the gates of his


palace then President Assad in Syria


appears to be far from over. Hair raising rescue journeys have been


happening every day in this country for more than five years. These were


civil defence workers in rebel held eastern Aleppo, racing to save


casualties in the attack on Tuesday that local experts say contained


chlorine gas. One Syrian general I have spoken to set the war could get


much longer, perhaps another ten years.


Our Chief International Correspondent, Lyse Doucet,


is at the Foreign Office in central London where the talks


We heard the Syrian government view on foreign intervention, what is the


opposition perspective on outside involvement?


You can see behind me that a briefing is going on as the French


Foreign Minister is talking two French journalists who attended and


were on the sidelines of these talks, hosted by the British Foreign


Secretary, Boris Johnson with the Syrian opposition. They believe this


is the best plan for looking forward to a future for Syria, the most


detail they have ever presented for Security and political transition


that would ensure a stable transfer of power that would avoid the kind


of collapse that has been seen in neighbouring states like Iraq and


Libya. Yet again, you can see the French Foreign Minister is here and


there were more foreign in -- foreign ministers from the West and


the Arab world inside the Foreign Office today, this is a conflict


that draws in more outside powers than any other conflict anywhere in


the world and we have been hearing reports today that the Turkish


president has been speaking to the US president and possibly Turkish


troops moving further into northern Syria and helping in the attack


against one of the last places held by so-called Islamic State in Raqqa,


that would be a controversial move despite it being a priority for the


West to get rid of the remains of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.


We have had so many years searching for a police -- peace process, what


is different this time? No one expects Syria to go to a


negotiating table any time soon but what is new about this plan is the


kind of detail it improves and it is meant to be an answer to those,


including the Russians and the Iranians, who say that if President


Assad goes then Syria would collapse. Now they are saying we


have a plan to keep the institutions in place and we have a plan that


will include some members of the Syrian regime, but not all, and not


president Assad. I have been speaking to the Syrian opposition


spokesperson. No ,we don't expect Assad


to come to us and say, yes, I'm moving out,


but that's why we are here. We want to hear


from our friends, that really in this war are


decision-makers and they can really Russia is playing a big


role there, Iran is playing a big role,


but unfortunately negative, they are Russia is taking advantage


of this situation because they know that Mr Obama only


has another few months and he wants to do something, and we don't want


them to do anything against our You don't want to trust the talks


now taking place between the Secretary of State, John Kerry,


and the Russian Foreign It is not the American side


we don't trust, but we fear that they will listen to


the Russians and agree on what the The Russians, they work


for the regime and they want to do anything for this regime,


not the Syrian people. That is our fear, but we hope


that the Americans will be aware of that, because you know,


things will not end when this administration leaves


the White House and there is a new administration, but in


the end it's American policy, foreign policy,


and they really have to do things right


and not trust the Russians when it The opposition spokesman expressed


some concerns about those talks between Lovegrove and Kerry but now


we have heard there is some progress and there was talk about a deal by


Friday which would mean a temporary truce across all of Syria. If that


happens then it would provide a small speck of light in a very dark


war. Thank you very much.


There are concerns over the future of London's status as a global


centre for nightlife after one of its biggest clubs,


It had its licence revoked following the deaths


of two teenagers from suspected drug overdoses.


Half of London's nightclubs have closed in the last eight years.


For nearly 17 years it's been at the forefront


of London's clubbing scene, hosting the biggest DJs, attracting


international crowds, but the party is over at Fabric nightclub.


Today there were flowers outside of the news is that its


licence had been revoked over concerns about drug use at the club.


Its owners have called the decision a travesty.


Yes, it's a shock, and we are absolutely devastated


for the people involved, devastated for the consequences of it but more


than anything we are frustrated and angry.


Airports aren't held responsible for drug mules coming


The Calais ferry isn't responsible for people trafficking


and the hundreds of tonnes contraband they transport


No one is held responsible and they just pick


on nightclubs because we are just a soft target.


The club was already temporarily closed after the


deaths of two teenagers over the summer and decided to shut it


permanently Islington Council said there was a culture of drug use


which the management and security seemed to be


The Metropolitan Police argued that keeping Fabric open could cause more


There have been six here in the last four years and


Supporters of the club says Fabric does all it can to prevent drug use


and they will probably now just move elsewhere.


Shutting the doors of this club isn't going to stop those


young people going and doing drugs, they will just go and do it in the


In this club there are four medics and a resuscitation team.


Many people's lives have been saved by Fabric's professionalism.


They will now be in a park or a pub that doesn't have


50% of nightclubs have closed in London in the last eight years.


The city's mayor Sadiq Khan says he is disappointed by the Fabric


decision at a time when he is trying to promote the night-time economy.


A fund has already been started to help the nightclub launch


It's the best iPhone that we have ever created! This is iPhone seven.


Yes, Apple has unveiled its latest handheld device, which it hopes


will again dominate the smartphone market.


With me is our technology reporter, Chris Foxx.


They are just announcing everything now, they let some details slip on


Twitter earlier today and release details they may not have been ready


to do. The phone is going to be water resistant so you can take it


into the bath tub of that is your thing and it looks as though the


headphone socket will disappear so your old headphones that you are


used to using will not fit in the phone because it had to go to make


the phone water resistant. It also has a new dual camera on the phone


with two cameras on the back instead of one so they can do clever things


like have one that is wide angle so you can take pictures of all of your


friends with all of the main or the other camera will give you a


close-up. They are new features on the phone.


They are new features for Apple, but has anyone else done this before?


Well, yes, they are billing it as revolutionary but Samsung 's top


handsets have been water resistant for some time and the dual camera


function, there are already phones out there with dual camera


functions. LG have a phone with a dual selfie mode and there is


another phone that has a dual camera in the back which lets you refocus a


picture once you have taken it, so if you took a picture and you


weren't happy with the bit that was in focus, it can calculate a


work-out the depth and refocus things a little bit. Apple have just


said that Sony 's revolutionary because it can do that blur the


background and keep you in focus, but not so revolutionary, it is


already out there on other android handsets.


We will let you get back to listening what Tim Clark -- Tim Cook


Barely a day goes by without Russia's Vladimir Putin


being mentioned in the contest for the American presidency.


On Tuesday Donald Trump claimed the Russian leader looks


The day before, Hillary Clinton accused Mr Trump of having a bizarre


attraction to dictators, including Putin.


So, is Donald Trump the Kremlin's man?


Who would Russia like to see in the White House next year?


Our Moscow correspondent Steve Rosenberg reports.


Outside the US Embassy in Moscow, it's a modern version


She's a pro-Putin activist, and, as you can see,


And just to prove it she has brought along her Donald Doves.


TRANSLATION: As Secretary of State,


Hillary Clinton caused a new Cold War.


Maria says, Trump as president brings hope of a new world order.


And from the sound effects, Moscow stands to benefit.


Wouldn't it be nice if we actually did get along with Russia,


And a President Trump may recognise Crimea as part of Russia.


I'm going to take a look at it but the people of Crimea


from what I've heard would rather be with Russia than where they are.


We are not involved anyhow in this campaign, we are not supporting


Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or others.


Politicians are people, in American policy, in any sort


And yet if you take a look back over the last 100 years or so of Russian


history you would be hard pressed to find a Russian leader and a US


presidential candidate who have more in common,


than Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.


And since Trump says nice things about Russia and its leader,


while Hillary Clinton is more hardline on Moscow,


it's not surprising that polls here show more Russians want him


No one sings Donald Trump's praises louder than Russia's


Philipp Kirkorov has known Donald Trump for more than 20 years.


He was one of the judges at Trump's


If Donald Trump would-be president then their relationship


between our country will be much, much better,


closer and I pray for that


because I miss something very special between Russia and America


I missed this because it's too big nations, two big countries,


Donald Trump called him Russia's Michael Jackson


and he's hoping to call Trump America's president.


The controversial trip by Donald Trump last week to Mexico has


brought about the resignation of the Finance minister in Mexico who is


widely seen as the politician who coordinated the meeting with the


president which has angered Mexicans and the Republican president has


vowed to build a wall along the Mexican-American border and make


Mexico paid for it. If you want to get in touch with us


here at BBC World News,


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