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Paris will open its first refugee camp next month.


It's a response to this - asylum seekers living


400 men will get health checks and advice.


TRANSLATION: We are taking action with a clear mind and without any


naivete but we are acting with humanity and that is our job.


Abstain from sex for half a year - official Zika advice to men


and women returning from affected areas is toughened.


Why does women's pay often lag behind men?


A new study says it's not for lack of asking.


Easy to construct but as strong as an Ox -


the flat-pack truck that could transform lives


It's a measure of how serious Europe's migration


Paris is to open a reception centre for refugees and migrants,


to cope with the dozens now arriving there every day.


It will be based here in Northern Paris near the railway


station and provide 400 men with health checks


The mayor of Paris says she hopes to prevent migrants from camping


in squalid places around the city and ease tensions in


A camp for women and children will follow by the end of the year.


It is at this disused railway yard in the north of the city


that the main migrant centre will be set up.


By the middle of next month, there will be


Four beds per room, with electricity, Wi-Fi,


Another smaller centre will take in families with children.


For the city authorities, the centres are a moral imperative.


It is impossible, they say, for things to go


TRANSLATION: This centre for refugees is a first in Europe


because we are in the heart of a dense city, the heart of Paris.


The centre for refugees corresponds to our values.


We are taking action with a clear mind and without any naivete


but we are acting with humanity and that is our job.


Humanity means putting an end to the makeshift encampments that


keep springing up on the streets across Paris, upsetting for local


people, unhealthy and squalid for the migrants.


Many of them are shocked and disappointed at what awaits them


I am feeling like animals, like that.


When I came from Italy, in my mind, I think there is some camp and some


A good place for sleeping and clean water, clean life like that,


clean toilets, something like that, but there is nothing.


In theory, migrants will spend only a few days at the new centres.


They will be able to clean up, take stock and, if they want,


A dignified welcome is all well and good but what if that acts


as encouragement for more migrants who, in their turn,


Leonard Doyle is from the International


What do you think when you look at this new scheme in Paris? It is not


perfect but it is an improvement because you have this issue of


homeless migrants and refugees, would asylum seekers, living on the


streets of Paris, many quite vulnerable, women, children, not a


good situation. We are seeing an honest attempt by the authorities in


Paris to get their hands around the situation and try to improve the


situation of the migrants. Will this be the first of many? Will it be the


first of many perhaps for many major European cities? You cannot have


people living rough through winter. The French have taken this seriously


and they want these people to be able to apply for asylum. Many of


them are English speakers and want to go to the UK. For whatever


reason, they think their future is in the UK. It is uncertain, the


extent to which this will work out as is hoped. There was the question


of encouragement, perhaps giving people motivation to travel to Paris


and other cities by setting up camps where they have some sort of dignity


rather than squalid camps. Not the most desperate people who are coming


but those who perhaps have some kind of choice in the matter. You have


9000 people living in Calais, hoping to get to the UK, and it is an


extraordinarily well organised set up in terms of a huge amount of NGO


aid and effort, but it is not solving the problem, which is people


are disrupting French life. They want to process them for asylum, and


many will be rejected in the long-term, deemed to be not from a


refugee producing situation. It is a tricky issue, the French have been


as welcoming as they can be, and there is a tricky political


situation there as well, all the while respecting the rights of the


migrants. From condoning the mass killing


of suspected drug pushers to hurling an insult at the world's most


powerful man, the new president of the Philippines is


certainly having an impact. But now Rodrigo Duterte


is having to make an apology, after his language led


to the cancellation of his scheduled meeting with President Obama


at the Asean summit in Laos. The Philippines President


Rodrigo Duterte was due to make his international


debut at Asean. It is his first foreign


trip as a new leader. But the focus shifted to dampening


down the controversy he created. President Duterte explained


that the press reports that the President Obama


would lecture him on extrajudicial killings led to his strong comments


which in turn elicited concern. He regrets that his


remarks to the press have The Philippines leader has


made offensive comments He has insulted the US ambassador


to his country, the Pope, He made the offensive remarks


after being asked what he would do if Mr Obama raised the issue


of extrajudicial killings with him. Do not just throwaway


questions and statements. More than 2,000 people have died


in raids in the Philippines He's been criticised


for the "shoot first, But Mr Obama didn't appear to be


bothered by the spat, not even publicly acknowledging it


in his first formal Instead, he spoke of the US's


long-term commitment to the region. The United States is more deeply


engaged across the Asian Pacific Our position is stronger and we have


sent a clear message that as a Pacific nation


we are here to stay. In good times and bad,


you can count on the Asean summits tend to be humdrum


events, perfectly stage-managed But this year has been different,


thanks to the debut of Mr Duterte. It has also possibly been a missed


opportunity for the Philippines. The two countries had


lots to talk about - Instead, Mr Duterte has spent


the first day of the summit repairing the damage


his comments created. Well, Rodrigo Duterte certainly


isn't the first politician to cause a diplomatic row


after hurling an insult. Here's a few more you


may have forgotten. Back in 1999, the Syrian government


triggered a huge row with Palestine, after describing its former leader


Yasser Arafat as the "son It led to major protests in Gaza


with thousands of Palestinians Former London Mayor and now UK


Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson raised eyebrows in 2007


when he described Hillary Clinton's appearance as that


of a "sadistic nurse". And who could forget this from UK


politician Nigel Farage? You have the charisma of a damp rag


and the appearance of a That was him describing European


Council President Herman Van Rompuy It was one of many run-ins he had


with the European Council. The World Health Organization has


updated its advice to people who are returning from parts


of the world affected Under the new guidance aimed


at stopping the virus from spreading, individuals


are advised to practise safe sex or even abstain from sex


for six months if needed. This latest advice applies to both


men and women. Previous advice was


mainly directed at men. The guidance applies to individuals


even if they are not displaying Zika-like symptoms,


and even to people who -- even to couples who are not


planning to start a family. The new advice comes amid mounting


evidence that sexual transmission of the Zika virus is more common


than previously thought. Let's speak to Isaac Bogoch,


an infectious disease specialist He's recently been involved


in new Zika research published Welcome back. What do you make of


this new advice? What the World Health Organisation is doing is


updating guidelines based on this evolving pattern of research which


is emerging. We are learning more about the Zika virus every day and


how it is transmitted and what the complications and there have been a


few cases which have been transmitted or detected in the semen


up to six months after infection so the WHO is taking a conservative


stance and changing their guidelines to avoid sexual transmission of the


virus between men and women. It seems that the sexual transmission


risk is becoming a bigger factor in the warnings we are hearing. By far


the primary means of transmission is from mosquitoes and the real war is


come to be an avoiding mosquito bites and controlling mosquito


populations. But as we know people have sex and lots of it and this can


be a section which ends in to infection as well and the real


concern is to ensure women who are pregnant or are considering becoming


pregnant in the future do not become infected because this can have


negative effects on the developing baby. These guidelines as a pretty


wide net to protect women who may be pregnant or becoming pregnant soon


from getting the infection and thus preventing abnormal side-effects in


the developing child. So the reason people who are not considering


starting a family are being told to abstain is just this wider net. Yes.


They also say if people are not considering becoming pregnant, they


might be in the next six months or so and we know that the virus can be


transmitted six months after infection, as the case where it was


transformed by one person who was well, did not feel unwell. People


change their minds about becoming pregnant so really this is a


protective mechanism to help avoid any complications in pregnancy. How


close are we to some kind of effective treatment? Right now most


of their efforts are focused on controlling the immediate threat,


the mosquito population. Further ahead on the horizon are vaccines


and there is a lot of effort, research and dollars going into


developing a vaccine. There are these one human trials. Cautiously


optimistic, maybe in 2018 something will be available, but there is a


tonne of research on that front because it is a sustainable and


scalable measure. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. Police in Italy have arrested 21


people across Europe on suspicion of smuggling refugees into Germany,


Austria and France in They said the suspects charged more


than $500 per passenger to ferry migrants north using a network


of vehicles registered Following the strong showing


for pro-democracy candidates in Hong Kong's regional elections,


China has given a warning that anyone who promotes independence


for the city could be punished. The fledgling pro-democracy movement


won enough seats to be able to veto constitutional changes


on Hong Kong's legislative council. One of Britain's most prominent


Islamist preachers has been sentenced to five and a half years


in prison for encouraging support Supporters of Anjem Choudary shouted


Allahu Akbar, or God is great, The judge described him


as "dangerous and calculating". A Frenchwoman who became the first


person in the world to receive a face transplant that included


the nose and mouth has died. A hospital in the northern French


city of Amiens said Isabelle Dinoire Isabelle Dinoire underwent


the pioneering 15-hour surgery in 2005, after she was


attacked by her pet dog. Despite a growing HIV epidemic


in Russia, groups working to prevent the spread of the virus


are running into difficulties. So far, the government has


classed four organisations as "foreign agents",


a blacklisting for those who receive funding from abroad and are engaged


in activity that's deemed Maxim Malyshev is an activist


with the Rylkov Foundation and explains how the group's


new status is affecting their work. The HIV workers blacklisted as


'foreign agents' in Russia. The United States National Hurricane


Center says Hurricane Newton has reached Mexico's west coast,


near a popular tourist destination. The powerful storm made landfall


before dawn at the southern tip The Center registered winds of 145


kilometres an hour. Despite its intensity there were no


immediate reports of major damage, although power cuts have been


reported in some areas. Homeowners and businesses took


precautions in advance with many people either


leaving their properties Major highways are


still operational. The hurricane is expected to lose


strength over the next 24 hours. The theory that women get paid less


than men because they are not sufficiently pushy in the workplace


is not true. That's according to a report


by Cass Business School and the universities


of Warwick and Wisconsin. The study compared the details


of 4,600 workers across more than 800 employers in Australia,


which is thought to be the only country to systematically record


whether employees had asked But they found men were 25% more


likely to get a pay rise, when they compared like-for-like


male and female workers. We managed to use data


which we controlled So we controlled for age,


whether they have children, whether they are married,


the kind of work that they did, and so we had a like-for-like


comparison, as you said, and that meant that, in a way,


it's a first time we've been able to do this proper test


so it was surprising. Another myth we have blown as well,


that is that women don't ask because they are worried


about upsetting their boss or But it was true that women


were asking but not getting Joining me now from Washington


is Ariane Hegewisch, a specialist in the gender wage gap


from the Institute for So unless it is just Australian


women being particularly confident in the workplace, what is going on?


They are still asking for pay rises but men are getting more? This is


such an interesting story and I which we -- I wish we had the same


data in the US. We are focused on women being less likely to negotiate


for wages. It is very welcome because a lot of women do not work


in workplaces where you can negotiate in the first place, and


negotiation is a very individualised approach. I am not sure what is


going on in Australia or whether we would have the same results in the


USA. I think it will be seen with a lot of interest here. One of the


authors in the report says they have to accept they think it is some


element of pure discrimination against women. I fully agree with


that. We know that the wage cap is partly due to women and men doing


different jobs but discrimination accounts for a big factor of what


seems to be not moving and the wage cap in the United States has stayed


more or less the same last 15 years even though women are more likely to


move into more professional jobs and get higher educational attainment.


We know from individual stories and from the statistics that there is


some discrimination but we know surprisingly little of what happens


in this wig box of companies when they negotiate and set pay. One


thing that became clear in the report was a very interesting


phenomenon with women under 40. There does not seem to be a


discernible pay gap. This goes back for a long time, and also in


Australia there is much more part-time work and there is here in


the USA so you get more of a differentiation between people


working full-time in the study and those who do not. We have always had


the case that women start out with a lower wage cap and then it grows


over time. Given that women are now more educated than men, younger


women specifically, there should be earning more than men and they are


not. He's the man who designed one


of the world's most coveted super cars and now he's turned his hand


to a vehicle designed to transform Gordon Murray, who built


the McLaren F1, was asked to come up with a small truck that can be built


from a flat-pack, is cheap, and easy to build, yet tough enough


to cope with conditions across many It doesn't look like it could tackle


some of the worst roads on Earth. On the surface, the Ox


could be any other truck, This vehicle sort of doesn't make


sense when you look at it. It's just an ordinary looking van,


it's got these tiny, little wheels, it's two-wheel drive,


and yet I'm driving it over what could easily be


a dry riverbed in Africa, Frankly, it's doing it


as well as a 4x4 would do it. In some ways, it is actually more


comfortable. Believe it or not, the man


who designed it also made this. The McLaren F1 is a supercar


for the super-rich. Ox drivers have very


different needs. When we studied the requirements,


for where this vehicle was going to end up,


there is a requirement ..loading livestock


and barrels of fuel and water. You have designed what some people


think is the best You had all those years


in Formula 1. How does this rank, in terms of how


hard it was to design, I know it's probably difficult


to believe, but, for me, this ranks above everything else


I've ever done. Designing expensive sports cars,


that reaches a few people. This thing will help,


if this goes into mass production, this will help thousands


of people with mobility. Was it harder than


designing the McLaren F1? I think in a way this is a much more


difficult challenge than the F1 was. Crucially, it flat packs


like furniture, so it's Three semiskilled people can


build it in under 12 Every part is designed to be easy


to fix, all essential requirements for the man who first dreamt


up the plan. For the next step, he now


hopes to make 1,000 Israeli archaeologists believe


they've managed to reconstitute the patterns used in tiles that


decorated the ancient Some 600 bits of stone flooring


were unearthed from the site that Jews know as the Temple Mount,


and Arabs call the Haram al-Shariff. The archaeologists say they have


identified seven potential designs They believe the 2,000-year-old tile


patterns, with their stars and squares and other shapes,


would have adorned the Temple's courtyards


in the days of King Herod. And the mayor of Paris says


the first refugee camp in the French capital will be


opened in mid-October. Anne Hidalgo said the centre,


which will have an initial capacity It will followed by a second camp


for women and children. The aim is for them to replace


makeshift camps that have sprung up around the city,


and will be housed in an old railway If you want to get in touch with us


here at BBC World News,


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