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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


US-led coalition forces kill dozens of Syrian soldiers in an air


strike they mistakenly believed was targeting


This comes just hours after Russia said the situation in Syria


This comes just hours after Russia said the situation


in Syria was getting worse, with President Putin accusing rebels


A Belgian teenager has been helped to die.


It's the first case since a law was passed allowing terminally-ill


Hillary Clinton accuses her presidential rival Donald Trump


of inciting violence, after he says her armed protection


should be taken away to "see what happens".


And the World biggest beer festival the Oktoberfest opens in Munich,


but there's tight security because of terrorist fears.


The United States has admitted coalition warplanes fighting


the so-called Islamic State in Syria may have accidently bombed


government troops, killing many soldiers.


The incident happened in the east of the country near


There are conflicting reports about how many people


Let's go straight to the BBC's Laura Bicker who's in Washington.


At a time that the United States is trying to hold together a very


fragile ceasefire, it may have made a mistake. This statement from US


Central command admits they were carrying out the time they thought


they were targeting the so-called Islamic State at that


However, when they heard from their Russian counterparts that it was


possible they may be heading and striking Syrian forces, they put a


halt to those in strikes. No, it does say in this statement that they


would never intentionally strike Syrian forces and they would be


looking to see what lessons could be learned. To mitigate it, they said


they had been tracking this particular group of Islamic State


forces for some time. They say they have been carrying out strikes in


this area for some time and they had told their Russian could the parts


about these coalition strikes. As I said earlier, at this very time when


they are trying to negotiate and to hold together a ceasefire on a day


when Russia has been accusing the United States of not doing enough to


keep it together in Sevier, this happens.


What chance now of them coordinating an ear strikes?


That was a Russia's accusation all along. They said they really want to


negotiate with the United States, they want to know of the positions


and use their intelligence and it is something that yesterday during the


White House briefing, a number of reporters brought up that there was


disquiet in the Pentagon that if the spire holds, that position is known


to the Pentagon may be made known to the Russians. If the ceasefire


holds, that is what the Secretary of State, John Kerry, has promised the


Russians but only if the ceasefire holds. The United States position on


a ceasefire is that if the humanitarian aid needed in Sevier


does not get through, there will be no deal on negotiations to fate


Islamic State and share information. They are kind of at an impasse at


the moment. The statement has just come through and there are


developments continuing to happen, so it be interesting as we head into


the next few hours, to see will happen.


Getting aid through to where it's needed


has been made harder because of this twist.


Now, some believe accepting them would only provide


short term relief and not a long-term solution.


Aid has been promised but is yet to arrive in eastern Aleppo,


Here, people have taken to the streets to say it's not welcome.


They protest that opening a road for a few trucks


They want a long-term solution which will allow for the road


to remain open permanently so some sort of normal life can resume.


TRANSLATION: We're here to say no to the aid convoys that


The UN is in partnership with the regime.


Things are calmer now than before the ceasefire on the Costello Road,


the only road into rebel-held areas of the city.


Both the US and Russia say they want the truce to be extended,


but have accused each other of not doing enough to make it work.


Washington says Moscow must use its influence with the Syrian


government to allow aid convoys to reach Aleppo.


Moscow says they are not being transparent about the terms of the


ceasefire. The only reason they are not as because the international


community will immediately find out who is not abiding by the deal.


As the blame game continues, this is the reality of life for some.


This family is now living in a cemetery after their home


TRANSLATION: We have been here for three months and my son


When our house was hit, his head was hit hard


Ever since, he has had difficulties communicating.


The UN says it's still waiting for permits from the Syrian


government to allow aid trucks into opposition areas.


But this protest shows their arrival will not be welcomed by all.


A terminally ill teenager in Belgium has been allowed to die


in the first such case since a law was passed two years ago.


Belgium is the only country in the world that allows children


In a minute, we'll hear from a senator who's been one


of the driving forces behind the legalisation,


but first to speak to the local media was one of the country's


euthanasia experts, who also sits on a Federal Control Board.


It concerns a miner who was suffering pain from a terminal


illness. Fortunately, doesn't happen often that young people are


terminally ill. We have created this is that they can ask the question.


They don't necessarily need to ask it, but the fact that it is possible


mix a big difference to the lot of people.


Supporters of the Democratic Party candidate, Hillary Clinton,


have condemned her Republican rival, Donald Trump, for suggesting that


since she backs greater gun control, her bodyguards should disarm.


Let's take a minute to hear how he put it.


She is very much against the second Amendment, she wants to destroy your


second Amendment, guns, guns, guns, right? I think that what she would


do -- what she should do, she goes around with armed bodyguards like


you have never seen before. I think that her bodyguards drop all


weapons. They should disarm. Right? I think they should disarm,


immediately? What do you think? Yes? Take their guns away. She doesn't


want guns. Let's see what happens to her. Take their guns away. OK? It


would be very dangerous. Well, here's the statement from


Hillary Clinton's campaign manager. He says "Donald Trump has a pattern


of inciting people to violence. Whether this is done


to provoke protesters or casually or even as a joke


it is an unacceptable in anyone seeking the job


of Commander in Chief. He is unfit to be President


and it is time Republican leaders stand up to denounce this disturbing


behaviour in their nominee." Aaron Blake is a political


reporter with The Washington This is not the first time he has


made similar comments. How has this content? Reaction is a little bit


muted because it happened only faking it heading into the weekend


but this is a really -- this is really a continuation of the a lot


of rhetoric that comes on the border of talking about specific acts of


violence. He has previously talked about taking guns away from our


armed guards and he has also said at one point that he believed people


who supported the second Amendment, the right to have guns, they have


something to say about the Kent of judges that Halladay Clinton would


one day appointed to American courts, so she is right, not close


to the fine before and I think last night he got even closer than before


to projecting an image of violence against Hillary Clinton -- Hillary


Clinton. Once again we have seen her on the back foot trying to defend


these kinds of claims. Defender is one way of looking at it. One way is


saying that it adds to our case that Donald Trump is not a particularly


presidential candidate. She is saying that he cant be trusted, she


is too loose with his lips, that he says things that are outrageous and


not worthy of the United States president and that is why her


campaign put that statement last night. They see an advantage in


continuing to press this case that he is just not a serious and well


thought out candidate and I think the comment last night and the


reaction that we have seen to it in some ways play into the Clinton


campaign 's hands. He has a way of dominating what he called the news


cycle. What does this do for Americans that are watching? Does it


create apathy or are they excited by these sorts of contradictions and


these controversial remarks? Well, it is certainly a campaign unlike


anything we have seen before, with the kind of comments from a


candidate like we have never seen before. He is certainly an


unprecedented type of presidential candidate. But it doesn't seem to be


something that the American people are impressed with at this point.


Donald Trump and Helen the Clinton are both the most unpopular


president candidates in modern history. Donald Trump is even more


unpopular. There may be that there is some entertainment value share


but Americans are telling pollsters that they are simply not


entertained. Let's take a look at


some other stories now. French police have conducted


a huge security operation in the centre of Paris


for what turned out People were warned to stay away


from a busy shopping district in the city after reports of gunfire


and even a hostage situation The authorities say the situation


is now calm and there is no danger. Thousands of people


in cities across Germany have taken to the streets in protest


against a controversial trade agreement between the US


and the European Union. Opponents of the Transatlantic Trade


and Investment Partnership or T-TIP say it will lower


standards on food and They also fear it could


lead to job losses. President Obama says


he wants to wrap up the deal Thousands of people in Brazil have


attended the funeral of a famous actor who drowned in a river


where the crew had been recording scenes for the country's


most popular soap opera. The death of Domingos Montagner


on Thursday shocked the country. Stay with us on BBC


News, still to come. Nico Rosberg qualifies in pole


position for the Singapore Grand We'll have a full sport roundup


in the next few minutes. The headlines.


broadcasting in the UK US-led coalition forces kill dozens


of Syrian soldiers in an air strike they mistakenly


believed was targeting This comes just hours after Russia


said the situation in She's the bureau chief


there for the Washington Post It's an amazing development today


with a submission from the United States. What does this mean for the


ceasefire or any prospect of coordination between Russia and the


US going forward? It doesn't look very good for the ceasefire. It was


already in deep trouble and we hadn't seen any of the steps that


were supposed to happen happen and now we have these allegations that


the US has killed as many as 60 Syrian troops. The Russians are


saying that this proves the Americans had to coordinate air


strikes with them. This is something the US has said and on the happen


when the fighting stops and aid is delivered to Scythians. Those things


have not happened. This is putting the ceasefire and a difficult


position. Just today, President Obama has released a briefing and


the thought is that there was no other legitimate option but to work


with the Russians. Is that the view that will be held at the coming


days? It will certainly increase pressure on the Americans to work


with the Russians. The statement came out acknowledging that the dead


people. people.


you for joining us. Unfortunately, Joel Lane out of Biarritz has


deteriorated too much for us to stay with it. Thank you for staying


weathers and for your analysis. -- staying with us.


Colombia's Marxist FARC rebels say they will continue their fight


for social justice under a peace deal with the government.


The rebels are holding their final congress as an armed group,


before they transition into a political movement.


Representatives from FARC are expected to ratify


the deal at the gathering, the tenth congress to date,


but the first time they have allowed journalist to attend.


The BBC's Natalio Cosoy was one of the reporters there.


This is a road leading to the conference of far. -- -- FARC.


Everyone has to pass through here. They are sharing the space with


dozens of journalists who also stay here. Very basic buildings which are


reasonably comfortable. Of course, a restaurant. In the centre of the


conference area, this, a big stage on a huge field, as if this was


something like a pig in -- outdoor festival.


No they will discuss the agenda, to become a non-armed agenda and agree


on a peace deal reached in Havana. The world's biggest beer festival,


Oktoberfest, is underway in Munich but security has been


tightened this year. The authorities fear that the event


could be a target for terrorists, following deadly


attacks in the summer. For the first time, the Oktoberfest


site is completely fenced off as our Berlin correspondent


Jenny Hill reports. Balancing old traditions


with a new way of life. 6 million drinkers celebrate


Oktoberfest. This year they are searched


on the way in, rucksacks are banned Last year you are coming up


to Oktoberfest, you are going there, everybody is happy and this year


you are coming there, there is a fence, everybody


is telling you where to go and so, But it is not too bad,


I say. People can enjoy themselves


and the people that are here, I say Munich, Germany


is taking no chances. The Government acknowledges


that IS is using the refugee crisis It's been a year since ten


of thousands of refugees arrived at this station and were greeted


by crowds of cheering Germans. Angela Merkel is struggling


to reassure the German public, many of whom fear that


when she opened this country's Mrs Merkel doesn't impress


the Bavarian Government, either. The refugees are one


challenge for Europe So, we have to have more controlling


on the borders, the outset borders of the European Union


but in Germany, too. For the first time, Oktoberfest


is completely fenced in. A country that prided itself on open


borders is now putting up Let's get the latest sports


news from John Watson. We start in Rio on the penultimate


day of competition, a day which was marred by a serious


incident involving a para cyclist The 48-year-old was treated at the


scene but later died of his injuries. It is the first death at


any Olympic or Paralympic games since 1960.


There have been five matches in the Premier League today


The big story, Manchester City who stretched their lead at the top


of the table to five points after a hugely impressive 4-nil


Bournemouth's new star loanee Jack Wilshire couldn't


They were 2-0 up at half time after goals from in form Kevin De Bruyne


and Kelechi Iheanacho, the transformed Raheem Sterling


and Ilkay Gundogan scored the other two after the break.


So with eight wins out of eight in all competitions at City


I don't know what will happen in the future, I don't have a crystal ball


to know what will happen. You start to convince the players, and of


course, the results help, for example our performance today is


much better than our first performance against Sunderland. The


team are getting better and getting better but the result and the


beginning helpless to take confidence and in the last games we


played well. Everton moved up to second


following a 3-1 over Middlesbrough. Third-placed Arsenal were 4-1


winners at Hull. Alexis Sanchez scoring twice


and missing a penalty. Reigning champions Leicester


got their season back on track Now we play very, very well. I am


very satisfied with our performance after the national victory. It was


important to win in the Premier League. -- International. We played


well. I think our fans are very, very happy.


Lewis Hamilton has a real battle on his hands to retain his


World Championship title after his nearest rival Nico Rosberg


took a stunning pole position at the Singapore Grand Prix.


Rosberg was a massive 0.704 seconds ahead of his Mercedes team-mate


Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo will be second on the grid in Sunday's race


with Hamilton beginning the race in third.


Andy and Jamie Murray kept alive Great Britain's hopes of retaining


the Davis Cup with a four-set win over Argentina in


The Scottish brothers beat Juan Martin del Potro and Leonardo


mayor to cut Argentina's lead to 2-1 in the best-of-five tie in Glasgow.


Andy Murray and either Kyle Edmund or Dan Evans must win singles


matches on Sunday to give Britain victory.


After the doubles Juan Martin Del Portor said he might not play


The winners of the tie will face France or Croatia


The Canadian author whose book became the hit film Field


WP Kinsella published more than 30 works but his


baseball-themed fantasy novel is what he is best known for.


Shoeless Joe was adapted into the 1989 film


Agent says the writer's death was doctor-assisted,


The remainder of her remaining news this.


-- is remainder of our main news this hour.


US-led coalition forces kill dozens of Syrian soldiers in an air


strike they mistakenly believed was targeting


The Russian military said at least 60 soldiers had been killed and many


more injured in the air raids. From me and the rest


of the team, goodbye.


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