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This is BBC World News Today with me Kasia Madera.


The headlines, Europe contemplates its future


As the remaining 27 members have been holding a day long summit,


Germany's Angela Merkel says the EU's situation is


critical and illegal migration must be stopped.


I am live at the summit in Russia's lover. I have just come from a press


conference where they were talking about being confident and happy


about the European Union's future. Setting the record straight


on the birther theory: Donald Trump finally accepts that Barack Obama


was born in the US - Hillary Clinton says he owes


the nation an apology. President or Obama was born in the


United States. I was pretty confident about where I was born. I


think most people were as well. The US government has reportedly


agreed to pay more than $1 million to the family of this man,


who was killed in a drone And the legacy of Rio -


we find out how the Paralympics is helping injured ex-servicemen


who've sustained The German chancellor,


Angela Merkel, has said that the 27 European Union leaders meeting


in Slovakia have reached an agreement


on reinvigorating the union. Mrs Merkel told reporters


that they had agreed that illegal migration must be stopped


or at least significantly reduced. At the first major summit


since Britain voted in June to leave the EU, the German chancellor said


that the leaders had agreed that there should be more


co-operation on issues Security, migration, protection of


external borders where very prominently discussed on our agenda.


We said that we want, if possible, to stop illegal migration, at least


reduce it significantly, we want to tackle the root causes of flight.


Turkey agreement goes a long way to serving the purpose but we also


agreed between the EU and Africa, we want to conclude agreements with


countries than so far help them to improve the situation on the ground


so people have no need to flee. Ros Atkins joins me


from the summit in Bratislava. It looks like we have agreement,


talk is through what we have here. I will be honest with you, I think we


were always going to end up at this point. The EU is desperate to


present a unified face to the world and desperate to change the dynamic


that has been going on since that Brexit built. The spat between


Luxembourg and Hungary earlier in the week about how hungry is


approaching the migrant crisis did not help and 27 leaders here


understood this was a moment to strike a unified, more positive note


and they have just about manage that. It has proved easier to do


because they never really thought to find any policy commitments. That


was not what the summit was about, this is the beginning of a process


that leads to a major EU gathering in Rome in March. This was always


going to be about starting something, not finishing it and as


such, it has been easier for a Francoise Hollande, anger Michael --


Angela Merkel, where they are all striking a very similar note. One of


confidence, one of being happy that they have managed to work together


and one of commitment to the processes that they have now begun.


We know that Donald Tusk is speaking at the moment. It is obvious that


the UK was not there. This was a really important summit to show


agreement because this was the first one since Brexit? Yes and lots of


our viewers have been getting in touch with me on social media


saying, how did this happen, is it legal? This has been an amicable


agreement. The UK understands that remaining 27 members of the European


Union have the right to discuss what will happen beyond Brexit. The


European union leaders who have been here, they have been privately


respectable about the UK saying, believe it or not, they are not


talking about Brexit in detail because until the UK says it is off,


we are in their strange limbo where we note the UK will leave but the EU


and the UK are not yet talking about it. The expectation was perhaps that


Brexit would dominate but that was not the case. The three issues


dominating are the migrant crisis, security and the EU's economy. They


have been discussed more than Brexit. We are just getting some


more details with Donald Tusk saying that the EU are well prepared and


could start Brexit negotiations tomorrow but respect the EU -- the


UK's wishes to delay. In terms of migration, bring us up to date about


what has been agreed? To be honest, not much. We have a situation where


the EU adopted a plan, a quarter system whereby different member


states would take on different amounts of migrants. The only


problem was, despite this being adopted by the EU, a number of


countries, including Slovakia, said, we are not doing it. The Prime


Minister of Slovakia said, we will not take one single migrants.


Listening to EU officials here, all they have said is, they are working


hard on finding a solution and they won't talk to Turkey further to see


if there are more deals or more areas of cooperation to be found but


if you ask them if there is a different plan to the quota system


but at the moment isn't working, the short answer is, there is not.


Donald Tusk saying negotiations must be run in the interests of the EU,


not Britain. For the first time Donald Trump has


personally acknowledged that President Obama was born


in the United States. The Republican candidate


accused his Democratic Party rival, Hillary Clinton, of first raising


the issue eight years ago. President Obama said he hoped


that the election campaign Mr Trump first questioned


the president's place of birth five years ago when Mr Obama was running


for a second term in office. Let's cross to Washington and speak


to our reporter, Anthony Zurcher. This is a complete reversal of what


Donald Trump was saying in the first place. What do you make of all this?


It is a pretty extraordinary moment here in Washington this morning. I


was at the Donald Trump hotel in downtown Washington, DC where he had


a campaign event. We waited for about an hour and he finally started


and then we all expected a big announcement, all these rumours of a


reversal started. Yesterday when told Trump denied backing away from


his belief that President Obama was born somewhere besides the US but


then the campaign sent out a press release and Donald Trump said he had


a major announcement. He finally took the stage and brought some


military advisers about his book for a while and finally, finally, he had


his big announcement. Here it is. Hillary Clinton, and her campaign of


2008 started with the birth controversy. I finished it. I


finished it. You know what I mean. President Barack Obama was born in


the United States, period. Now we all want to get back to making


America strong and great again. Thank you. Thank you very much. So,


there it is. Donald Trump said that Barack Obama was born in America.


This was supposed to be a press conference where he would take media


questions. He didn't. After he finished that line, he walked out


with the media shouting questions after him about why he changed his


position and what he was going to do now. If he thinks he can put this


issue behind him and it does seem to be hurting him in the polls a bit,


particularly with black voters, I think that will be difficult. He


said Hillary Clinton was responsible in this interpersonal and get which


people have found not to be true. Some of her supporters may have then


raised those questions but her campaign never did. Hillary Clinton


doesn't seem that she is going to let this drop. Earlier today she had


her own comments about what Ultram has said.


For five years, he has led the birth movement to D legitimise our first


black President. His campaign was founded on this outrageous lie.


There is no raising it in history. Just yesterday, Donald Trump again


refused to say with his own words that the President was born in the


United States. Now, Donald's advisers had the temerity to say he


is doing the service -- the country a service by pushing these lies.


Now. He is not. He is feeding in to the worst impulses, the bigotry and


bias that looks in our country. So, Hillary Clinton obviously is not


willing to let this go. She tweeted last night, calling Donald trump the


birth in chief. Her campaign released a statement that said they


are not going to let anyone forget about Donald Trump's role in this


and his ongoing from 2011 to this year raising the spectre of Barack


Obama may be not being born on US soil so I think we will see this


play out in the campaign running forward and I would not be surprised


to see a key exchange between the two campaign candidates in a debate


later this month. Barack Obama was his usual relaxed self about this


saying he was confident where he was born but you have already mentioned


that this is damaging Donald Trump in the polls? It is, it is hurting


him, not among black voters only but also among moderates and swing


borders in places like Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia suburbs who are


traditionally Republican. They look at Donald Trump embracing what is


pretty clearly a fringe conspiracy theory and that puts him outside the


political mainstream in this country. The irony also is that even


if Barack Obama was born in tenure as some people allege, he would


still be qualified to be US President. All it takes is being a


natural born citizen and that requires one parent being a US


citizen. His mother was born in Kansas. He is a US citizen.


Remarkable that we are still speaking about this!


In other news: Russia has said it is ready to extend the Syria


ceasefire set to run out Friday evening for another 72 hours,


despite accusing the US and rebels of not fulfilling the deal.


Numerous ceasefire breaches by both sides have been reported,


with UN aid workers saying they are unable to secure safe


A suicide bomber has attacked a mosque in north-west Pakistan


killing at least 23 people and wounding dozens of others.


According to local officials, the bomber struck during Friday


prayers in the village of Butmana in Mohmand district bordering


July and August were the joint hottest months ever recorded


across the planet, according to the UN weather agency.


2016 is on course to be the hottest year since temperatures


were first recorded in the nineteenth century.


The World Meteorological Organisation describe it


as the planet sending out distress signals.


A judge in London has ruled that an autistic man accused of hacking


into government computers in the United States can be


Lauri Love is accused of breaking into the computer systems


of various agencies, including the US Federal Reserve,


Mr Love has previously said he fears dying in a US prison.


The US government has agreed to pay $1.2 million to the family


of an Italian aid worker killed in a drone strike in Pakistan.


Giovanni Lo Porto and American aid worker, Warren Weinstein,


were being held hostage by al-Qaeda when they died in a US


counter-terrorism operation on the Pakistan-Afghan


The White House has confirmed that payments were made to both families,


But the Guardian's Stephanie Kirshgaysner has seen the documents


and broke the news on the settlement together with the Italian


The US have not outlined the details but you have seen the initial


reports. Ring us up-to-date. What details? They obtained the details


of this extraordinary payment by the US government. The reason is such an


important moment is that it is the first time the US government made a


document payment to a victim of a drone strike that was killed outside


a declared war zone, in this case Pakistan. The document is pretty


standard legal document. A representative of the US embassy


here in Rome met with some other officials and agreed to make a


payment of 1.2 million euros to the parents of Giovanni Lo Porto and


there was no acceptance of responsibility or apology in this


document but it said that it was made as a donation in the memory of


Giovanni Lo Porto. They describe the money as a condolence payment,


adding that no figure would bring back the families of loved ones. I


know that you have been in conversation previously with the


brother of Giovanni Lo Porto, have you had a chance to talk to the


family? It is really an extremely development also because when we


spoke to Giovanni Lo Porto's brother earlier this year, it became clear


that the family felt abandoned both by the US government and the Italian


government, even though President Obama did accept responsibility for


the accidental killing of both aid workers. They had never heard from


the US government again. In fact they had trouble transferring


Giovanni Lo Porto's body from Rome to his home. We have gone from bad


to suddenly this extraordinary payment of 1.2 million euros. I did


have an e-mail chat with his mother who was really just talking about


her grief and loss of her son and didn't the payment at all. His


brother did confirm the payment. The United Nations is still waiting


to deliver aid to the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo four days


after a ceasefire came into effect. At least 250,000 people


are in desperate need of food and medicine, but the UN says


the Syrian government has failed to provide permits to trucks


into rebel-held east Aleppo. The BBC's Middle East Editor Jeremy


Bowen filed this report from a university campus


in government-controlled This is the campus of Aleppo


University and since 2012 it has been used as a shelter for displaced


people. I am told that around 20,000 people live here. It could be worse.


They can go out and work and come and go as they please. It is very


different from the situation in eastern Aleppo where they do not get


the supplies in the way that places like this are supplied. This was


student accommodation. The rooms that used to hold a single student,


maybe two, now hold one family, maybe two. It is overcrowded but the


people who live here are keeping it as clean as they can. The


humanitarian side of things is a big component to the ceasefire


agreement. It was how they got a lot of the rebel groups who did not like


the agreement because they felt it let the Assad regime off the hook,


the way they got involved in it. The idea is, that humanitarian aid will


flow into areas that the government had deliberately cut off from food


supplies. Now, so far, that has not happened. By now, the hope was that


convoys of relief aid be moving along the highway. The road runs


into the north-western sector of Aleppo. The UN has blamed the Syrian


government for not giving the relevant permissions to let the


lorries in. Now, if the humanitarian part of the ceasefire does not work,


the rest of it probably won't stand either. The longer this road stays


empty, the more likely it is that the ceasefire will collapse.


The Italian Prime Minister says the state cannot intervene


to prevent people posting intimate or salacious material online.


Matteo Renzi was speaking in response to the suicide


of a woman who fought for months to have her sex video


removed from the internet, after being mocked


Her funeral procession was broadcast live on television.


She was 31 and she killed herself on Tuesday.


1 million people viewed an explicit video of her on the internet.


She sent it to her ex-boyfriend and three others.


After it went viral she left her job, moved home


and was in the process of changing her name,


In court she won the right to be forgotten.


Websites and search engines including Facebook were ordered


Four men are now being investigated for defamation.


Campaigners say this is a global problem and people who post these


kind of images and those who share and copy them have to be tackled


There are no boundaries and borders to the internet.


What happens online certainly affects us offline.


And that can be no more clear than with revenge porn.


Recently need criminal laws which are prohibitive.


The dissemination of someone else's private images,


there needs to be an expectation of privacy around the world.


International model Leomie Anderson spoke out earlier this year.


She experienced pressure from boys to take intimate pictures of herself


and she now campaigns to warn other women of the dangers of sending


Sending these pictures to your partner or whoever,


I think they feel it shows that your relationship is more grown


And they are devastated when they receive a backlash,


Many countries are time to take action on these crimes.


There has been an outpouring of support for Tiziana


The very thing that destroyed her life.


Tiziana's family have called the justice system in Italy to act


At the Paralympic Games, the athletes' impairments


may reflect disease, lack of prenatal care and high


rates of car accidents - but they also mirror the harsh


reality of armed conflicts around the world.


Soldiers wounded in wars, civilians injured by land mines


and now refugees are part of the Paralympics and testament


Arms open to real and picture taken for the US football squad, a first


day off after the seven aside competition at the games. Four


members of the team, from the US military. Three suffered dramatic


brain injuries at wars overseas. The co-captain was injured in


Afghanistan. 29-year-old Joshua dedicated a third of his life to the


Army until a helicopter crash and explosions in Afghanistan took him


out of action for good. There is now returning to work so I had


difficulty deciding what I wanted to do after that and I found this team


and I found a new purpose in life and now I get to play soccer every


day. I get to meet all these great people. The US was one of several


teams in real with athletes who were wounded in the battlefield. The


Paralympic movement has its roots in war. Veterans from World War II


competed in Stoke Mandeville in England in 1948, the birthplace of


the games. The link to war is remembered in this international Red


Cross exhibition to provoke thought and at this Swiss hospitality house.


These pictures reflect the lasting impact of conflict around the world


and the power of sport to help overcome the traumas and injuries of


war. These athletes have had a difficult journey. This is the


Paralympics response to the world's most decent crisis, the first ever


refugee team. Syrian swimmer Abraham had his leg blown off in 2012 and


paste the risky crossing agrees. He says 2016 has been the best year of


his life. TRANSLATION: our presence in the Paralympic games is very,


very important. It brings awareness to the refugee crisis and shows that


sport can help put an end to the bloodshed. I hope that each ethnic


can compete in his own flag. Tony was moved when I asked about his new


role leading refugee team. I was the chef to mission of the British team


and I was very proud to do that but this is on a different scale. As


these athletes prepare to leave real, it is with a renewed sense of


ambition. You don't just get on the couch and do the job were not happy


with, we can find another direction and make our families proud.


Violence has changed the course of their lives but sport is helping


them move forward. Let's return to the presidential


campaign. Until his Donald Trump could have been argued as being


famous for his hairstyle as his success. Can I mess your hair up? I


will be gentle! The answer is yes but the people in New Hampshire


where I will be in one hour, I hope they'll understand! Did you say yes?


Go-ahead. Temperatures or where they should be


for this time of year.


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