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This is BBC World News Today with me Lebo Diseko.


The headlines: Back on the campaign trail -


Hillary Clinton returns to the presidential race


She says she's "doing great" as she jumps on a plane jetting off


to the battleground state of North Carolina.


Meanwhile, Donald trump outlines his plans for the US economy,


Violence breaks out between far-right extremists


Britian finally gives the green light for a nuclear deal


in the country's ambitious space programme.


Hillary Clinton is back on the campaign trail in the race


for the White House - four days after her team revealed


She will appear at a rally in North Carolina later.


Meanwhile, her rival Donald Trump has just released results


from a recent medical examination with his doctor


and announced his plans for US economy.


Gary O'Donoghue is in Greensboro, North Carolina,


How did she look? Did she look in good health? How is she doing? She


got on her plane about half an hour ago, one hour ago. People who were


there said she may have looked a bit tired but otherwise looked pretty


fine. When she comes on to this stage in about two hours, she will


be heavily scrutinised. Everybody will be looking for signs of that


pneumonia and they will see what toll it has taken, if she has


properly recovered. They will want to know, especially this crowd, who


will largely be supporters of hers, they want to know she is back on the


front foot and ready to take on Donald Trump began. This has been a


big blow to her campaign. Four days of constant speculation about if she


is well enough, up to being president of the United States. A


forced four day hiatus in the campaign, which she can ill afford


less than eight weeks from the election. There is a lot of ground


for her to make up this afternoon. Her performance will be key to that


today. How does she do that? Kabashi did she take hold of it and turn it


into a positive story for her? -- how does she do that and take hold


of it. She will move the debate onto some of the policy issues where she


thinks she is strong and she will want to highlight, as she has tried


to do, the lack of governmental experience of Donald Trump, some of


the things he has said about the US military, for example. Which are


really damaging politically, in this country. Some of the things he has


said about women as a way of galvanising the female vote in this


country. There are things like that where she knows she can land some


punches. But she has been on the back foot for some time. I think you


are starting to see the effect of that. You have to be cautious about


opinion polls. But some of them have had the sampling dates within this


area where she was unwell, where there were questions about her


transparency again, and you are seeing a narrowing in the poll of


polls in terms of the national vote to 1.8% and crucially, crucially, in


some other swing states, like Ohio and Florida, neck and neck in


Florida, pretty much. Donald Trump in one recent poll ahead in Ohio.


What has Donald Trump been saying about the economy and also his


health record? Has he grabbed the narrative from Hillary Clinton even


on this day she returns on the campaign trail? I think the


publication of this summary of his health and physical from last week


was an attempt to keep the focus on that issue, as you would expect.


That is what political opposition does. Largely speaking, apart from


his weight, the doctors seemed to give him a reasonable bill of


health. It is not as much detail as we had from Hillary Clinton on her


help. Another batch of data was published by her doctor this week.


Donald Trump, his big speech on the economy this morning, he is hitting


some issues which play well for him, talking about jobs, creating more


jobs, bringing jobs home, as he said, from other parts of the world,


from Mexico, trying to create more growth in the country and higher


wages. They play right into the American heartlands and she has to


have an answer, as well. Thank you for bringing us up to date.


Far right extremists have clashed with asylum seekers in the town


About 20 migrants were set upon by around 80


people, forcing police to call in reinforcements.


Officers say they were hit by bottles as they tried to keep


The town attracted negative headlines earlier this year


when locals cheered as a fire burnt down migrant housing.


We can speak to an asylum seeker in the area. He told us what happened


last night. TRANSLATION: Last night, about 140-150 residents of Bauwesen


attacked a for refugee minors. Most of them come from Syria. They


attacked them and beat them up. They assaulted them with broken beer


bottles and smashed glass. In January, exactly on New Year's Day,


these neo-Nazis attacked the. They started throwing tone -- stones. --


attacked the campsite. They went to the street leading to the campsite


and sat and drank alcohol. They used alcohol as an excuse. They told


police that they were drunk it happened. I have a seven-year-old


daughter. She goes to school everyday. I am very concerned for


her safety. She walks alone for less than one mile on her way back. I am


always scared she might be assaulted physically, or sexually.


Let's cross to Berlin and speak to our correspondent


Damien McGuinness who's been following the story for us.


How have people been reacting where you are? It is interesting because


it seems quite unclear what started these clashes. A lotta people are


interpreted according to their own political beliefs, if you like.


Left-wing politicians and human rights activists across the board


have condemned what they see as right-wing extremism committed


against asylum seekers. But the police earlier today and some


politicians in the region were it happened has said the asylum seekers


started the violence. What appears to have happened is they were about


15-20 underaged asylum seekers gathered in the square. This has


become a meeting point for young people. Both asylum seekers and


local residents. At the same time and on the same square, there were


about 80 local residents. Police say young asylum seekers were the ones


that started throwing bottles at these residents, who reacted


violently and aggressively with xenophobic comments. Police at that


stage stepped in to try and separate the two groups and the scuffles got


even worse. Police say they have now imposed a curfew on the young asylum


seekers and have also imposed a ban on them drinking alcohol. But a


lotta people are saying the main problem is right-wing extremism.


Even in that region, the president of that region recently said Saxony,


the land, the state where this village is located, said it does


have a problem with right-wing extremism. The country is now


debating it and it is not only seen on the one hand as an issue of a lot


of asylum seekers, and possibly substandard accommodation, but also


an idea of right wing extremist behaviour and how you can deal with


that. Thank you. The British Prime Minister has given


the green light for Britain's first At a cost of ?18 billion pounds -


that's $24 billion. The reactor, Hinkley Point,


will be built by the French company EDF, with significant


investment from China. Supporters say the plant is vital


to reducing Britain's reliance on fossil fuels,


but critics argue the deal Here's our Political Editor Laura


Kuenssberg. Were they really going


to stop the engines, drive the diggers away


and give up on years of preparation,


chuck away millions already spent? Statement, the Secretary of State


for business energy and industrial Ministers did pause


and they are now pressing go. Hinckley unleashes a long overdue


new wave of investment in nuclear


engineering in the UK, creating 26,000 jobs


and apprenticeships, providing a huge


boost to the economy. Under the ?18 billion


deal the new Hinckley The Chinese plan to build another


nuclear plant at Bradwell in Essex. The government will take a special


share in that and any future projects, giving them some more


control over infrastructure The deal was first


signed last year amid a welcome for the Chinese leader that


could hardly have been more lavish. There were nerves around Westminster


about the huge cost, The Chinese involvement


in new nuclear But with a change of boss,


a change of heart. one of Theresa May's first acts


was to delay the decision to pour The government created a crisis,


they sent shock waves through the industry and unions


alike, risking a diplomatic dispute with one of our key future trading


partners and in the end, all they have done is pretend to give


themselves powers which they already Ministers say there will be


an important new framework to check up on all new big


projects, and they hope Hinckley will keep


the lights on at Big Ben


and everywhere else. The risk is controversial


and expensive. When Theresa May moved into number


ten, the National Security Council already been agreed


and those close at that


stage said there is no fundamental difference


between But imagine she had gone


ahead straightaway. The brand-new Prime


Minister would have been waiving through one of the most


controversial deals in history, There is no difference


and one has to wonder high diplomatic price,


potentially a high price in terms of cost and investment,


was it worth it? Now there is an official go-ahead


next stage on the ground can start, but no project like this has been


All the fuss and political hopes for Hinckley could


Now a look at some of the days other news...


An explosion on a tourist boat off the Indonesian island of Bali has


killed two people and injured at least 14 others.


Police say an Austrian woman was one of the dead.


The identity of the second victim is still unclear.


Officials have ruled out a bomb, saying a short circuit near the fuel


French riot police have fired teargas and stun grenades


Some of the protestors, who are angry about labour reforms,


At least one demonstrator and five police were injured.


It's the latest outbreak of violence over the controversial


new laws, which were pushed through by the socialist


Serious negotiations on Britain's exit from the European Union cannot


begin until the end of next year - that's the warning from a former


Herman Van Rompuy, the former president of the European Council,


said discussions on the main issues would have to wait


until after elections in France and Germany in May and September.


A former hitman from the Philippines has told a congressional hearing


that the current president, Rodrigo Duterte, personally shot


dead a government agent when he was a city mayor.


Edgar Matobato also claimed that Mr Duterte ordered him and other


members of a death squad to kill about one thousand suspected


These are explosive allegations related


He rid the city of crime but there have


been startling claims as


The Senate has been holding an investigation and a


former hit man has been giving evidence.


Edgar claims he was part of a


death squad that killed 1,000 criminals and political opponents.


TRANSLATION: They have been ordering us to kill,


we do not even know the


names of their victims, they just call and ask us to kill someone.


He said one victim was fed to the crocodiles and the president


personally killed a government agent with his submachine gun.


credibility of the President, I'm just telling the truth about what he


The President's spokesman said there had already


been an investigation into the allegations,


The government office said they were lies and


But there are uncomfortable parallels with his


Either you will kill me or I will kill you...


3,000 drug suspects killed in shoot outs with police


The president faced a storm of criticism but remains


unrepentant as the death toll rises.


If I am the one facing the grief, what 100 lives...


Shocking though these accusations are, they will not,


come as a surprise to most people in the Philippines.


They knew his reputation when he was still mayor


of Davao and elected him president anyway.


The last time Russians voted for a new parliament, in 2011,


claims of ballot-rigging caused mass street protests.


Since then, the jailing of activists and tougher laws


against demonstrations has taken the wind out of


On the eve of Sunday's parliamentary election, there's widespread apathy


So, a quarter of a century after the collapse of


the Soviet Union, are Russians losing interest in democracy?


We are on a journey to a remote part of Russia.


Speeding along the northern Dvinar river.


On board are election officials and a ballot box.


It doesn't have a polling station, but then


there are only three registered voters living here.


It is off to find a place where the islanders can


vote early in Russia's Parliamentary election.


With a few tweaks a village kitchen becomes a voting


After casting her vote, this 84-year-old settles down for a nice


She has two loves in her life, her flowers and her president.


When Vladimir Putin raised my pension I cried with


I do not know what that is, she says.


I asked the same question here and receive so many different answers.


Democracy is when there is order and security and no


It is some kind of struggle for something, she says.


To these Russians, democracy was all about free and


Here and across Russia there were unprecedented


anti-government street protests sparked by vote-rigging in the


Among the protesters here was Alexander.


The opposition movement, he said, has faded and with it hopes for


A lot of the people, they do not think about


They go for fishing and for the gardens, they


are thinking about their children, their families and they do not want


Crucially, most Russians still trust Putin far more than the Parliament.


The Kremlin rules Russia through a power vertical, with


Vladimir Putin at the top and all other


institutions, including the


Parliament, below him and subservient to him.


But with economic problems rising, the danger


for the Kremlin is that if people start to doubt the legitimacy of


those other institutions they will pin all their hopes on the one man


At this farm there are as many cows as there are Russian


MPs, but it is in Putin they trust here.


TRANSLATION: Our people can ask him directly for


ballot box is heading off to another island.


But Russians are not expecting a new parliament to make


They think they've got a president for that.


After battering Taiwan, Typhoon Meranti has hit


south-eastern China, bringing strong winds and flooding.


Parts of Fujian province are without power -


but so far there are no reports of casualties.


Here in Xiamen, in southern China, people are trying to get back


into the daily routine following last night's storm.


The warning went out that the most powerful typhoon to hit this


part of the coast since 1949 was on the way.


strongest winds to reach anywhere in the world so far this


year, so you can imagine people were worried.


370 kilometres an hour, faster than one of this


You walk around to survey the damage and it seems not that bad


considering, but the city got flooded with drains overflowing,


blocking entrances to buildings and housing complexes.


Military police have been mobilised to bolster the


They are racing against time to clear debris before


a second smaller typhoon hits in the coming hours.


This is the road leading to the main train station,


perhaps the biggest damage has been to transport infrastructure.


As you can see the military police are trying


to clear the road so that people can get better access.


All this comes during a national holiday, plenty of


people from this province would have planned a trip away for the mid


Lots of other travellers would have come here also


from all over China but instead they will have to be content with a


long weekend at home, spending it with their friends and families.


China has launched its second experimental space laboratory.


It's planning to get a permanent space station in orbit


The Tiangong 2, or 'Heavenly Palace' - blasted off just after 10 pm local


Next month, two astronauts will go to the station to do research.


Space exploration is a national priority for China,


which is the third country, after what was then


the Soviet Union, and the US, to launch people into space.


Well, we're joined by someone who has been watching China's space


programme evolve over the last three decades - Phillip Clark


People often refer to this as a new space race but in fact the Chinese


are not racing anybody. To have a race you have got to have a police


two people. The Indians do have dreams of racing the Chinese with


unmanned lunar and Mars missions but China is out there on its own as far


as manned missions are concerned. So China is not really watching anyone


and is doing its own thing. What does China wants to achieve? It has


made it a national priority, why? China regards itself as the new


superpower. And it looks around the world and it sees that superpowers


have got piloted space programmes. Therefore, they decided to develop


their own. It also has the advantage that space technology has got a spin


off for earthbound uses, because it uses the same technology which has


been developed for space on the ground. That technology would not


have been developed otherwise. The Chinese look at it from that point


of view. You say it is about power and technology but the US is not


happy about it. Do they have anything to be worried about? Well,


at the moment there are only two countries that can launch people


into space, the Russians and the Chinese. The Americans threw away


the ability to fly people into space five years ago. So if anything the


Americans can start learning from the Chinese. The Americans will not


be able to start flying people into space four police two years. That


will depend -- for at least two years. That will depend on how


unmanned test missions are going to be. Two astronauts will be going up


shortly but what will they be doing there? Tiangong 2 will primarily be


a science laboratory. The crew will spend nearly 30 days in orbit with


technical experiments being down, remote sensing... Unfortunately that


is all we have time for on the programme but I know that he will


certainly be watching this for us as this unfolds. Thank you for watching


us on World News Today. Next, the weather but from me and the rest of


the team, goodbye.


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