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This is BBC World News Today, reporting from Washington.


The suspected bomber behind attacks in two American states is arrested,


28-year-old Ahmed Khan Rahami, a US citizen of Afghan descent,


is injured, along with two police officers,


This is the moment police carry out a controlled blast on one device.


Rahami is suspected of planting bombs in New York


The mayor New York says new information


is coming in all the time, in a fast-moving investigation.


Based on the information we have at the moment, we believe this was an


act of terror. The German Chancellor


admits her open-door policy during the migrant crisis


is a factor behind her party's huge And what does this CCTV tell


you about the Russian election? The man suspected of carrying out


bomb attacks at the weekend in New York and New Jersey has been


taken into custody, He has been named as Ahmed Khan


Rahami, a 28-year-old US He had been discovered


sleeping in a bar doorway. Rahmani, along with two police


officers, was injured This is a suspect who police believe


carried out the New York bombing. Bloodied and bandaged,


following a shoot-out with police. Now in custody after


a dramatic manhunt. His name is Ahmad Khan Rahami,


a 28-year-old naturalised US citizen The police had released photographs


of him early this morning after he was spotted on surveillance


footage at the sight of the New York bombing and also where a second


device was found just streets away. The public had been warned


that he was armed and dangerous. 12 shots rang out,


I guess he got it by them. The morning started with two bomb


squad robot sub investigating a suspicious package which exploded


before they could even deactivated. It had been left near a railway


station in the town of Elizabeth, New Jersey, and the blast clearly


took detectives by surprise. This is a town where


Ahmad Khan Rahami lives and an investigation quickly


turned into a manhunt. The FBI carried out searches


at his family's business, a fried chicken restaurant


with the authorities say he worked. They have been investigating


possible links with a spate They began on Saturday morning


when a pipe bomb exploded ahead of a charity run ahead


the struggle for Marines. That was followed on Saturday


evening by an explosion in Chelsea New York which injured


29, a second device was found nearby, both work shrapnel


filled pressure cookers. The same evening nine people


were stabbed at a Minnesota shopping centre by a man of Somali origin


who was later shot dead by police. So-called Islamic State has


claimed responsibility. Late yesterday evening,


a backpack with explosive devices Speaking in New York,


where the attacks of 9/11 were commemorated last week,


the President was defiant. By showing those who want to do us


harm that they will never beat us, by showing the entire world that


as Americans we do not and never will give in to fear,


that is going to be the most important ingredient in us defeating


those who would carry out On the streets of New York,


what authorities are calling the biggest security presence


in the city has ever seen. With 1,000 additional police


officers and national guardsmen This week, security was already


going to be tight with more than 130 heads of state


and government attending the United Nations General Assembly,


but extra precautions The police clearly believe they now


have the New York bombing suspect in custody, one


of the questions now, or was he a lone wolf


or part of a wider plot? Nick Bryant, BBC News,


New Jersey. In the last 30 minutes, police have


said they have no reason to suspect it is more than one person involved.


Based on the information we have no, we have every reason to believe this


was a terror attack. There is still a long investigation ahead. We


believe this was an act of terror. Because this is an ongoing


investigation, we should all remain vigilant. Anyone hearing any


information or seeing anything, anything which may be of assistance


to the authorities, please be vigilant and parade that


information. Our correspondent Barbara


Plett-Usher is in New York. What more have the official has been


seeing? They were stressing this is very much an active investigation.


But that is clearly a palpable sense of relief. The priority was getting


the suspect. Now they have him in custody, the killer con to his


motivation, to whether he was working alone or with anyone else.


His photograph was distributed earlier in the day. The did not


believe there was more than one individual involved, but they were


following up other investigations to find out extra information. We were


also told that the vigilance would continues. The security presence


would continue, is special because the United Nations General Assembly


is being convened in the city. Security services where asked the


man had been on a security watch list, as far as the wearer and we


are, he had not been. There had been criminal incidents, but not terror


related. It is believed he did not come to the attention in that regard


before this situation. With me now is James Jay Carafano,


a leading expert in national security and foreign policy


challenges. Thank you for joining us. We are


getting more information about this from FBI the. The CV did not have


any motive is yet? Is that surprising? Not at the moment. They


will love to interview his friends, his family, the man himself. They


will also go through his previous records. It is easy for someone to


see this as an act of terror, to actually charging someone with the


claim of terrorism, which requires the intent behind for it to be done


with the political or social purpose. The believe he was working


alone. The believe five other people were questioned and remain in


custody, however. It is typical for a bunch of people to be interviewed.


They may or may not be involved. It is not unusual. The term cell is


actually very unhelpful. The man may have acted alone, with regard to the


organisation, we have seen this and other terror plots. None of them


have been done by individuals doing everything themselves, but there is


a difference between the and discussing things with other


associates. Sometimes, the fraternising different masks, but


maybe did not find anyone on the other was radical enough. It is all


about indications. Apparently, he was not on the radar of the


authorities. Again, that is again the unhelpful statement. You are


going to gather a lot of information no. They will then find out what


they don't actually know about the individual. That is another


question, should his top with other people in the community have made


him an indicator? That is a sort of thing they will be wanting to find


out. You can find out more


about the unfolding Just go to bbc.com/news,


where you can find live updates and analysis


from our US correspondents. German Chancellor Angela Merkel,


has accepted responsibility for the historic losses suffered


by her Christian Democratic party in Berlin's state


elections on Sunday. Calling it a bitter result,


Mrs Merkel conceded that her open-door refugee policy


was a factor. The CDU polled under 18%


of the vote, but the right-wing anti-migrant party, Alternative


for Germany, made big gains and will enter the state


parliament for the first time. Here is Angela Merkel speaking


at a press conference today. TRANSLATION: I've for a long time


relied on the Dublin agreement that, to put it very simply,


removed the problem for us Germans. If I could, I would turn back time


many, many years to prepare better with the entire Government


and all those responsible for the situation that hit us


unprepared in the summer of 2015. Jorg Luyken is the German editor


of online news network The Local. She joins us know. How significant


is this for Merkel? It could be significant in the sense that this


is the second election this year that her party has been


underperforming. It is equally as important as the previous state


election. Berlin is actually one of the smaller German state and perhaps


is not representative of the whole country, so this result could be


getting blown out of some proportion. But every for the defeat


that she has, it places more pressure on Merkel, with this focus


on the refugee crisis, which she acknowledged for the first time


today has been damaging to her party. She was admitting this mix --


mistakes that had happened. We will have to cut that interview. Sorry


about the same quality on that. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. A lawyer for Michael Schumacher has


told a court in Germany that the former Formula 1 world


champion "cannot walk" following his skiing injury two


and a half years ago. The revelation came


as part of a lawsuit The magazine had reported


that the seven-time world champion could manage some steps


with the help of therapists. The most senior Google executive


outside Silicon Valley has said Britain should not be distracted


by Brexit and should focus on supporting the growth of global


technology companies. Matt Brittin, the head


of Google's Europe, Middle East and Africa business,


said the vote to leave the European Union was a "local"


issue, and that conditions for success in the technology


business were improving. Doubts are increasing over


the ceasefire in Syria, with the Syrian army


declaring it over. The Syrian military command blamed


rebels for repeatedly violating the truce,


which started seven days ago. The rebels have made


the same accusations Russia said it was senseless


for the Syrian army to respect Syria is on the minds of world


leaders as they arrive in New York, as they decide on how best to deal


with Europe's ongoing Huge numbers of desperate people


continue to make the journey, from northern Africa


and the Middle East - mainly Syria. But the vast majority of those


who have fled the country have Of the 2.7 million who are now


in Turkey, just under Fewer than one in four of them


are getting any form of education and many of them are


having to work instead. We have been speaking to two young


boys working six days a week Caroline Hawley and cameraman


Sakir Khader have their story. Like many of the other children


working in this shoe factory, The rest of Kamil's family


was planning to flee to Turkey, to, but got cut off by


fighting around Aleppo. 12-year-old Hussain also works 12


hour shifts in a nearby factory. We asked Hussein why


he isn't in school. The story of two boys fleeing


the conflict in Syria. The BBC's Laura Trevelyan


is at the United Nations. A very busy week as the world


leaders gather in New York City. What is likely to top the agenda?


This was the first-ever summit on refugees. That will continue during


the week. The overarching theme of all of this is the situation in


Syria. More than 5 million people have fled. That is the theme and


today there has been criticism of the document that world leaders came


up with, which was criticised as not being specific enough. The United


Nations Secretary General got world leaders to agree that 10% of the


world's refugees should be resettled manually. That was not agreed on


today. Tomorrow, it will be interesting to see the specific


refugees summit. Skiing with Syria, what is the latest with the


ceasefire, which is apparently hanging by a thread. I spoke earlier


to the united states ambassador to the United Nations. Reports are


coming through. There has been a lot of meetings. There are reports


coming out of Syria and people are trying to process what is happening,


but it is very much still on. The believe that the Russians have to


ratify what the position is of the civilian government. There has been


mistrust on both sides. The worry for everyone here is that the


ceasefire, users, what does that mean for the hopes of settling the


crisis? Nothing good. Very quickly, what is the security of the sphere


like in the city at the moment? It is extremely high, as you could


imagine. When I went to get a coffee, I win by a police truck,


which had 20 SWAT team member Senate, packed with kit. It is not


the sort of thing you normally see. It is never usually at that level.


Obviously, that being deployed in the week of the bombing in Chelsea


and New Jersey in recent times. Vote-rigging allegations at some


polling stations - and the lowest They are among the issues after


Russia's parliamentary elections. In Russia, President Putin has


tightened his grip on power But the turn-out has been


described as the lowest There have also been claims


of vote-rigging violations Our Moscow correspondent


Steve Rosenberg reports. In Moscow today, they announced


a Kremlin landslide. President Putin's party had won


three quarters of the But there are reports


of election fraud. Russia's election chief


promised to investigate This video is from a polling


station CCTV camera. Thinking that no-one is looking,


she takes a pile of ballot papers. The woman in black tries


to cover her as she stands at the ballot box


and stuffs them in. It's a similar picture


at this polling station. Another official, who appears to be


stuffing the ballot box. Here, Russian police have


opened a criminal can. But Vladimir Putin can afford


to look pleased. Perhaps more than anything,


it is his personal popularity in Russia, his 80% approval rating,


which helped the party he created This election was about more


than just electing a new parliament. In a year and a half's time,


Russians go to the polls to choose a new leader and with his party


having done so well in this vote, Vladimir Putin is almost certain


to run for a fourth term Unlike the last election,


fraud at the polls hasn't sparked "I'm worried by reported


violations," she says, "but I think the authorities


are trying to clamp down on this." "What good would


protesting do?", he says. "The last time people did that,


some of them were taken to court." This victory leaves Putin more


powerful than ever, but don't expect him to quit the Russian


stage any time soon. Game Of Thrones has once again ruled


over American television's most prestigious awards


ceremony, the Emmys. The hugely-popular fantasy show


won Best Drama Series The People versus OJ Simpson:


An American Crime Story, And our very own colleagues at


the BBC also picked up some awards. With the story of the night, Peter


Bowes reports from Los Angeles. Television's biggest night on one of


Hollywood's hottest days. Basking in the sun


and the spotlight, some The dramatisation of a court case


that gripped America more than 20 The People v OJ Simpson:


American Crime Story Several of its stars


also received Emmys, including Sarah Paulson,


who played the prosecutor Marcia Clark, once a figure


of ridicule in America. The more I learned about


the real Marcia Clark, not the two-dimensional cardboard


cut-out I saw in the news, the more I had to recognise that I,


along with the rest of the world, had been superficial


and careless in my judgment, and I'm glad to be able to stand


here today in front of everyone There were also Emmys


for BBC productions. Susanne Bier was honoured


for directing the crime While Sherlock: The Abominable Bride


was named Best TV Movie. I would like to thank in some detail


now, but I'm not going to because it's been a long night


and they're all British so I will just go


home and phone them. Dame Maggie Smith had already become


the butt of a joke about not turning up for the show,


when her name came out Maggie, if you want this,


it will be in the lost and found! With a total of 38 wins over


the years, Game Of Thrones It's now the most decorated


narrative series in history. And before we go, we wanted to show


you these amazing pictures from the Triathlon World Series in


Mexico. Britain's Johnny Brownlee


was leading in the closing stages and was set to claim his second


world title, when he almost His brother, Olympic champion


Alistair, who was in third place, managed to help Johnny over the last


half a kilometre before, quite literally, throwing him


across the finish line. He did not win the race in the end


and was beaten to first place Johnny tweeted a photo of himself


in hospital after the race and said, "Not how I wanted to end the season,


but gave it everything. "Thanks, Alistair, your


loyalty is incredible." You can see more on this


story on Sport Today. A man wanted in connection with


explosions in New York City and New Jersey has been taken into custody


after exchanging gunfire with police. He has been named as Ahmed


Khan Rahami, a 28-year-old United States citizen of Afghanistan


dissent. The president urged people to remain calm. You can find more


about these on our website. You can find live updates and analysis from


all our correspondence in the United States.


But for now from me, Rajini Vaidyanathan,


Good evening. Nothing too extreme on the horizon over the next


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