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This is BBC World News Today, reporting from Washington.


The headlines: A day of firsts and lasts


The leaders of Canada and the UK make their debut speeches,


while President Obama and Ban Ki-moon make their last,


and the Secretary General didn't hold back when it came to Syria.


Many groups have killed many innocents, but none more so than the


I'm Lyse Doucet at the United Nations in New York,


where Britain's Theresa May is due to speak within the next hour.


In Europe, unrest at a migrant camp on a Greek island leads to nine


people being detained and 4,000 evacuated.


Hardly the Hollywood ending for this box office couple -


We begin at the United Nations, where intense efforts are underway


to try to salvage what is left of the ceasefire in Syria.


Aid convoys have been suspended after an attack on 31 lorries


Both Russia and Syria have insisted they weren't responsible.


Our Correspondent James Robbins is at the UN in New York.


You may find some of the images in his report distressing.


Aid for Syria's most desperate attacked and destroyed.


Aid workers and truck drivers killed.


If the ceasefire wasn't already dead, it's hard


Vital UN supplies for 78,000 people deliberately targeted.


Witnesses say it was an attack from the air.


This is a house full of Syrian Christians.


This is where more than 20 trucks, 20 vehicles full of food.


With flour, medicine, Pampers and blankets.


This is full of blankets from the refugee agency.


The United Nations is outraged, ordering the suspension of all


convoys to protect aid workers, pointing out that only Syrian


government forces and their Russian backers had the means and motive


to destroy humanitarian aid for civilians in rebel held areas.


But Moscow and Damascus deny any involvement,


hinting the fires here mysteriously started as opposition forces


It is sickening, it's disgusting and if it is proven to be


deliberate, it would amount to a war crime.


Our hearts go out to those who lost lives.


They were selfless people bravely trying to get aid to


people who so desperately needed it in Aleppo.


There are many injured and the warehouses


The ceasefire looks completely finished.


Syrian forces declared it so resuming the bombardment of Aleppo.


But all sides have breached the ceasefire.


The Russians stress that the accidental US


bombing of Syrian troops played its part too.


Seen from the perspective of the United Nations


here in New York, dedicated to peace, any sort of ceasefire,


however fragile, must be better than all out war.


But to fighters on the ground, it can look very different.


The rebel side fear that resettlement could strip them


President Assad and his Russian backers still believe that they can


Still, the United States hope to salvage something.


But watch John Kerry and the UN Syria envoy,


and look at today's cold distance between them


and Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.


In this diplomatic turmoil, the UN Secretary-General


was unusually blunt, using his final speech to accuse


Syria's government of the greatest war crimes of a very dirty war.


Many groups have killed many innocents.


None more so than the government of Syria.


The destruction of the aid convoy, the killing of aid workers,


whoever was responsible, symbolises a war in Syria that


Our Chief International Correspondent, Lyse Doucet,


The refugee crisis was a key focal point of the talks today. Yes, if


this Syrian war is unstoppable, then the flow of Syrians fleeing for


their lives in Syria will also be unstoppable into Europe. They have


seen that with more than a million crossing the Mediterranean last year


and hundreds of thousands Crossing this year. President Barack Obama


has always said that although America is an ocean away, they want


to play the role. In about an hour, his leaders Summit on refugee will


begin. The Canadian Prime Minister and other leaders will be involved


and we expect to hear your notes once. And Richard is the assistant


Secretary for population, refugees and immigration. Have very imported


meeting today. What are we expecting to hear in terms of new commitments,


if there are any? Governments can only attend if they commit to do


more of this year. Anything they have committed over the course of


2016 points towards an invitation to the summit, but there is no free


ticket to get in. You will be hearing from 49 governments today.


The Secretary General of the UN and the president of the World Bank


talking about what additional things they will do. We will also be


hearing commitments from non-governmental organisations. $1.5


billion in the next few years towards helping refugees. Around the


world. The private sector will be stepping forward today also, but the


book is this afternoon is on the governments and it will be a


combination of governments that can give money and take refugees for


resettlement, and some governments that are posted refugees for years


agreeing to adopt policies to get more kids in school, to allow


refugees to work and also to give refugees are firmer legal staters.


That is about the global refugee crisis. Will this Syrian refugee


crisis occupy an important place? Much of what is being committed


today got its start in February at an important conference that the


British, the Germans and others hosted in London in order to do more


for Syria. Anything pledged the points towards today as well. What


we have tried to do in the intervening months is raise


awareness of how this global crisis affects other countries and hide


these other countries also need help. Charity begins at home. The


United States has taken over 20,000 refugees. Some in America say you


could take up to 100,000. The goals for this year were 85,000 refugees


from around the world, 10,000 Syrians. We will probably have


bought 13,000 Syrians in by the end of the next couple of weeks and we


will be on target to bring 85,000 refugees. In the past few weeks we


have announced that we want to bring even more next year, a is the new


target, which is quite an increase of 70,000 over the last few years.


Well, we will wait to hear what happens. Thank you very much for


joining us. Refugees are on the agenda today in one of the issues is


that Canada is here saying that it has a model that works on getting


individual citizens to group together to sponsor refugees. A


private engagement when match with a government policy can make a lot of


difference. We have been to Toronto to see how that model works in


practice. After just nine months


in Canada, Remus and Aya Like thousands of Syrians,


this family is sponsored They clubbed together to respond


to Syria's refugee crisis. So what other question


word do you use? Her husband, Andrew,


an art dealer, helps three generations of the Abdullah


family with their English. It is the best way to integrate


newcomers into the country, to get them connected with the city,


all the things that are available, and to create that warm


arrival that sets the tone for the rest of their lives in


Canada. Syrian music at


a picnic in the park. And a warm welcome from more


of the family's Canadian sponsors. The group raised enough money


to support the Abdullahs for a year. Everyone at this gathering


is doing something similar. You do hear critical voices, but,


for now, the public mood It is so striking just


how different the mood is here compared to much of Europe,


but then much about Every Syrian family here


was carefully vetted and welcomed by Canadian families and there have


not been the kind of attacks here which have created


such fear across Europe. But, still, when you see this,


you have to ask - could this kind of model be


adopted somewhere else? She told me in her dreams


she would go back to her old house and see the ghosts of her friend -


see people with their heads cut off. Every night I feel like tomorrow


I will go play, tomorrow I forget the nightmares and now


everything is happy. Canada's Prime Minister wins


applause for his refugee policy. London Mayor Sadiq Khan


is the latest to come calling. Does Canada's response


to the refugee crisis have any We know that differences


are a source of strength and that is something that we have


to continue to demonstrate. It means better jobs,


better outcomes for our These Syrians already


feel they belong here. This vast country has long made


space for new citizens, but like many other places,


it's asking how many more How long will this warm welcome


last? So, there is a different example of


how refugees are being welcomed in Canada. The situation in Canada is


different. They are an ocean away from the Mediterranean and the


Canadian government has been screening refugees in the camps in


Jordan and Lebanon and making sure there is no possibility of the kind


of attacks that we have seen in Europe and has caused such fear and


poison the atmosphere when it comes to refugees. It is an interesting


model. Britain has also introduced what they call a community


sponsorship model drew the Church of England. We were told by the


Canadians, the Canadian Ministry of refugees, have told us that 12


countries have shown interest so we will see Fx gain some traction and


it will be part of the discussions that will take place just behind us


at the UN headquarters when this leaders summit, people getting


together to try to work out what to do of this humanitarian crisis of


our time, refugees are such a part of it. Not just Syrians of course,


but they make up such a large number. A remarkable reunion there.


Well, one of the pressure points in this crisis


is the Greek island of Lesbos, a place where many migrants


The situation there right now is tense.


Nine migrants were arrested when a fire broke out


More than 4,000 people had to be evacuated from the Moira camp.


The Greek government says it is sending a ship to provide


temporary accommodation and additional riot police


Our correspondent Mark Lowen is on Lesbos and has this report.


The fire broke out in the centre of the Moira migrant camp.


You can still see some of the blackened trees


But a lot of the damage has already been cleared up.


Refugees and residents have returned here already but some talk


about how their document and personal possessions


They say that there was fighting here on Monday, it was Monday night,


and different communities blame each other.


What it comes down to really is the combination


By many people who have been stuck here.


Some of their applications for asylum have taken months to process.


They feel cooped up here and without any prospect at all.


They say they are lacking support from the Greek government


as they are held here in no man's land.


There is anger in some communities here on the island of Lesbos.


There is frustration that the migrant crisis


Some far right groups are exploiting the situation


The fear is as the doors to the Balkans remain closed


and resettling migrants in Turkey appears to have collapsed


but new arrivals in Lesbos and other Greek islands as well


The European migrant crisis shows no sign of going away.


The father of Ahmad Khan Rahami, the suspect in the New York


and New Jersey bombings, reportedly told police his son


The New York Times says Mohammed Rahami contacted the FBI


after his son was involved in a violent domestic dispute.


The FBI looked into the matter, but Mr Rahami later


A court in Finland has found five members of Cuba's national


volleyball team guilty of aggravated rape.


The men were given prison sentences of up to five years.


A sixth member of the team was acquitted.


The crime took place at a hotel during a World Volleyball


A French parliamentary inquiry has recommended installing security


cameras in all slaughterhouses to prevent cruelty.


The panel also called on abattoirs to devise a way of stunning animals


before slaughter that would be acceptable to the Muslim


The Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are set


to divorce with her lawyer saying that she initiated the action.


Reports from here in the US say Jolie filed


the divorce papers on Monday, citing irreconcilable differences.


They've been together for 12 years, and have six children.


In a town full of golden couples, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt shone


Beautiful, superstar actors, epitomising the Hollywood dream.


Her lawyer has released a statement saying the divorce was made


They were the biggest couple in celebrity.


They were just huge, on a whole different scale


Of course, because of the divorce, it's going to get bigger.


Last year the two played a couple whose relationship was on the rocks.


I think it's a reality of marriage that you go through hard times.


And, that you have to embrace those hard times and those challenges


and know that's a part of your marriage and it's


the pulling through together that actually makes the bond.


They were together for 10 years, married for two


Three of whom were adopted from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia.


As a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations,


Angelina became an outspoken voice for the downtrodden,


campaigning to help refugees and promoting Breast Cancer


In a town obsessed with celebrity this is big, big news,


it's not just here, around the world millions of people are


discussing this divorce, but why the fascination?


I find Angelina very, very gorgeous and Brad Pitt, as well.


I'm sure they have their own reasons why they're doing this.


People look at them and think - they have everything.


They have looks, money, they have love, they have everything, right?


I have seen a few celebrities in Hollywood, they are normal


people, they are like us, they go through their own


People should be more concerned about their own lives.


In Hollywood, the rumours swirl as rumours do.


Claims of an affair, substance abuse, fights about the children,


but only two people really know what Brangelina are no more.


but only two people really know why Brangelina are no more.


In case you're counting, there are now less than 50 days


Most of the focus so far has been on Hillary Clinton


and Donald Trump - two candidates who have divided


But of course it's not just about personalities, but issues.


All this week a BBC team is taking a train ride across several US


states to listen to people's concerns.


After stopping in Minneapolis, our correspondent Aleem Maqbool


That's where he's been speaking to people about abortion,


an issue which both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have very


We are here in Fargo to talk about what continues to be


an incredibly contentious topic, one where it doesn't just matter


who is in the White House, but who they then choose to serve


in the Supreme Court to make the laws -


Once a week, the day abortions happen, protesters gather


outside this clinic - the only abortion clinic


This is the civil rights issue of our day because it has to do


with the death of innocent human persons that is legal


All of the other liberties that we have in life,


all of the other things mean nothing to a dead person, do they?


Every time one of the patients turned up, the anti-abortion


protesters followed and intimidated her,


It is hard because by the time they get here their minds


are pretty much made up, so it is kind of a last-ditch


effort, but if maybe we can even offer them a kind word or a smile


Those in the blue vests are volunteers who come out


to protect the patients from harassment.


The surgery has come at risk of closure from local politicians,


but that threat has been averted for now, but when the political risk


to abortion clinics recedes locally and nationally,


anti-abortionists resort to other measures.


The protester activity has really stepped up in the last few years,


There is more intimidation, harassment at clinics


and so the violence level has pumped up.


Some advocates for a woman's right to choose whether


they have an abortion, like Tammy, say the levels of


provision and the number of clinics now are greatly inadequate.


North Dakota only has one clinic and we are located on the far


eastern border of North Dakota, but we also serve a tri-state area.


We serve North Dakota, parts of South Dakota


And those kinds of distances are already stopping


some from coming here, but that doesn't mean


If a person doesn't want to give birth, they are not going to.


I mean, there are the obvious, what they did in the 80s with coat


Do you know of others who have had abortions that way,


Given the differences between the two candidates,


abortion is one of those topics where the choice


America makes in November could have a profound impact.


You can find out more about Aleem's train trip


across the Northern United States on our website.


Tomorrow, Aleem will be in Montana as the team tries to reach one


of America's decreasing number of glaciers.


He might be an heir to the British throne,


but for now Prince William has a job, working as an air ambulance


He's been speaking to the BBC about his role.


He said there were some "sad, dark moments", but that he loved


Our Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell has more.


His role is to serve, eventually as King, but for now


the role William appears to relish most is the one he chose for himself


- piloting a helicopter to for the East Anglian Air


That's something that my other job doesn't necessarily do,


you're more out there on your own a little bit.


When I put my air ambulance hat on, and I come here and I fly,


At the end of the day, feel like I've made a difference


It's more than a year now since William joined


There have been scores of call-outs to accidents and emergencies


and to scenes which have often been distressing.


There are some very sad, dark moments and, you know,


we talk about it a lot, but it's hard.


You know, you try not to take it away with you,


But for all the sad moments, there's also the satisfaction


of working as part of a team which is saving life.


The one job that I feel the most proud about,


that we made the most difference, was probably a job very early


We immediately realised it was a very serious


The two occupants of the van, uncle and nephew, and, very sadly,


the uncle didn't make it, but the nephew did.


I think I like broke every bone in my body, pretty much.


My legs were, like, shattered so they put all medal rods down them


and then I had to learn to walk again.


I'm really grateful for getting me through and it and getting me out


Having seen how bad he was and seeing where he is now,


that does make you realise that this, and the stuff


He is William Wales, the pilot Prince, augmenting


his special birthright with the added validity of a job,


focused on the challenges and comfortable with


When I first got here, it was very polite.


It's now got a lot worse as they got to know me and their


I've got worse nicknames as I've gone up the ladder.


If I wasn't doing this job, what I would be doing?


Ban Ki-Moon has blamed the Syrian government for the majority of


civilian deaths during the country's five-year civil war.


His stinging criticism at the opening of the UN


General Assembly came after the UN was forced to suspend aid


deliveries, following Monday's air strike on a humanitarian convoy.


The Russian Defence Ministry said that neither Russian nor Syrian


aircraft were involved, a denial echoed by


Next the weather, but for now, from me, Rajini Vaidyanathan,


This quiet, benign spell of weather continues, but


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