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Celsius. Sunday is cooler and fresher. There will be some early


rain in the East which clears away. Then sunshine and showers. Goodbye.


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This is BBC world news today, broadcasting in the UK and around


the world. I'm Chris Rogers. The headlines, new footage emerges of


the moments leading up to the fatal shooting of an African-American


police in the city of Charlotte. Don't shoot him coming he has no


weapon. The incident sparked widespread protests. A baby is


pulled alive from the rubble of Aleppo as the city in June was one


of the most intense bombardment since Syria's civil war began.


Facebook share price drops after admitting over estimating average


viewing times for video apps. We visit the new museum of


African-American culture in Washington and the British architect


who designed it. Welcome. The family of a black man


shot dead by US police in Charlotte has released a video of the fatal


encounter that has sparked widespread protests. The moment the


lethal shot hit 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott cannot be seen but his


wife is heard shouting to the officers that her husband is an


armed. Let's show you some of this footage, a warning, it contains some


distressing images. Don't shoot him, don't


shoot him, he has no weapon. SHOUTING


Don't shoot him. He didn't do anything.


Drop the gun! He doesn't have a gun.


He's not going to do anything to you guys,


Keith, don't let them break the windows,


come out of the car. Keith, don't do it.


Keith, Keith, don't you do it, don't you do it.


Did you shoot him? Did you shoot him?


I know that much, he better not be dead.


The family of victim released that footage after police refused to go


public with their own footage. Mayor Charlotte says it should be released


but only after a delay to avoid impeding the investigation. I lean


towards transparency and everything our city does. However, I know there


is a delicate balance when you have an ongoing investigation. I have


heard from all sides of this and I absolutely want to move and want to


be transparent. I know that when you have an ongoing investigation, when


there are key pieces of evidence still to be collected, when there


are key pieces of evidence still being gathered, if one piece is


released early, it can jeopardise the integrity of that investigation.


We want everyone to have full faith in what this investigation will


produce. And in that, I am relying on our experts to say, we want all


those pieces together to present a full picture. I do believe the video


should be released. The question is on timing. And I am willing to work


with our law enforcement officials to discuss when that's will occur.


That was the mayor of Charlotte Jennifer Roberts. Let's go live to


Washington, we can speak to Laura Bicker. We have seen the protests on


the streets in reaction to hearing about the shooting. What should we


expect now? In Charlotte, there is a curfew in place. The National Guard


already in stand-by. They were there last night and again tonight. I


think this will fuel the protesters' feelings that they are not getting


the full picture from police. This is a community asking for


transparency as you have heard. They feel they are more likely to be


pulled over and arrested by police and shot by police. What we are


seeing an increase in across the United States are people, as soon as


any arrest is made, bringing out their own mobile phones and filming


it so they have their own account of it. They do not trust the police to


video it themselves. With the withholding of this camera footage,


and you heard the protesters last night saying, release the footage.


Withholding it will only fuel the anger which has already erupted into


violence. Hillary Clinton, Democratic nominee for President,


has urged for the videos to be released in the name of clarity and


transparency and trying to build bridges. The governor of North


Carolina Pat McCrory says there should be no political influence on


this. But you heard from the mayor that the timing has to be right, and


perhaps the timing is now. It isn't just Charlotte, you have been


reporting on a number of the shootings for a long time. The sense


you get around the world is that this is an increasing problem. Is


that the right sense? I think it is a problem that has been ongoing.


With regards to whether it is Facebook, Twitter, social media,


when each of these videos come up, it's almost saying, this has been


happening and here we are, able to show this. In Baton Rouge, where I


spent a few weeks with protesters and the police, you have a group


whose sole job it is to go around as soon as they hear there will be an


arrest of a black man, they go and fill it to try to make sure they


have a record of it. I spoke to one mother of a Dallas man who was shot


by police, shot and killed by police and she goes around schools and


talks to young black teenagers. Her first words of advice to those


youngsters is, as soon as you are pulled over by police, start


filming. This kind of distrust between the police and the black


community is an underlying issue and it does need to be resolved. Laura


Bicker reporting in Washington. Any hopes of a deal to build an already


deeply flawed ceasefire in Syria have been smashed. Some of the


heaviest bombing of areas in Aleppo since the start of the civil war,


more than 90 people killed in attacks, according to medical


sources. Raids have been carried out in these areas. US Secretary of


State John Kerry says further talks on Friday with his Russian


counterpart made a little progress on stopping the conflict.


Our Middle East correspondent Quentin Sommerville reports.


They have grown used to destruction in Aleppo but never on this scale.


This man says a woman was killed here where three houses once stood.


In the ruins of the Syrian ceasefire, Eastern Aleppo


Here, they say they have never heard a louder explosion.


And when the dust settles, and with a wary eye


on the skies overhead, they search for bodies.


Here in the dirt, in the doorway of a house, they have spotted


The rescue workers have to move quickly before another air strike.


Gently, they take away the stone and the dust, and they have


The hospitals here are being overwhelmed again.


They have lost six medical staff over the past two days of bombing.


There have been nearly 250 air strikes in the past 24 hours,


and in Aleppo it is not just civilians being targeted,


Above, the sound of aircraft that have just bombed the neighbourhood.


This is a base for the civil defence force, the White Helmets.


Three of their rescue centres were bombed.


TRANSLATION: There have been more than 25 raids


The bombing has been relentless. The Syrian regime and its allies


are now preparing for a ground offensive.


TRANSLATION: This morning we heard an earthquake and went out and saw


a huge hole in the ground. We thought, my God, what is this,


what are we to him? Why does Assad hate us like this?


May God have revenge on him, that oppressor.


Dozens have been killed in the past 48 hours.


They are still looking for the dead and missing.


The ceasefire did not achieve peace, but may just have given Russia


and regime forces time to regroup and prepare for one final


We have managed to get hold of Kieran Dwyer, a unisex spokesman


based in Damascus in Syria. -- a Unicef spokesman. We have had a


Unicef statement saying water supplies have been cut off to


Aleppo? Yes, Unicef are extremely concerned at the escalation of


violence and attacks affecting children across Aleppo. The reason


we have spoken up today, right now is that the entire water system for


Aleppo city has been attacked and taken out so that water is no longer


pumping the people in eastern Aleppo and Westerleigh Aleppo, all across


Aleppo, nearly 2 million people, children across the city no longer


have access to water and this could be catastrophic for all children in


Aleppo. With the spread of waterborne diseases. In addition to


the terror, in addition to children dying, in this increasing violence


now, the threat of waterborne diseases has just been increased


incredibly with two water pumping stations being taken out. Do you


know, are you able to say if that was an act, to take out those water


pumping stations or whether they are just victim of the onslaught of


Aleppo at the moment? There are two particular water stations that are


no longer functioning, both in the eastern part of the city. One of


those stations was hit with attacks, we can't say precisely how it was


hit. But it has been damaged and the ongoing violence is preventing


repair teams to get in and assess and fix that pumping station. That


pumping station pumps water to the entire population of the eastern


part of the city, that's at least 200,000 people, and then in


retaliation for the attack, a nearby pumping station that pumps water to


the entire western part of the city, upwards of about 1.5 million people,


that was deliberately switched off. One pumping station was hit by


attacks on the fighting is stopping repairs and another one which has


been deliberately switched off. Water in Aleppo is being used as a


weapon by all sides and Aleppo's children are again paying the price.


I know you are a UN charity, not a UN agency but you and your


colleagues must be really frustrated today there seems to be very little


progress in New York? Our frustration is the least of the


problems. We are appalled that children in Aleppo who only a week


ago were able to play on swings and we saw those pictures, children


having a very brief respite, the choice to go back to fighting is


putting children at great risk across Aleppo, paying a terrible


price. We are seeing the escalation of that risk when the fighting takes


no regard for important infrastructure like water. Water is


life and we could see a catastrophic spread of waterborne diseases that


could affect children across the whole city. Thank you for your time.


That is the spokesman for Unicef, Kieran Dwyer on Skype. Let's cross


to New York where we can hear the latest on the talks that have been


held at United Nations. Laura Trevelyan joins us. What we just


heard is that perhaps clear evidence of why what is going on in that


building behind you needs to come to some sort of resolution. Yes, it is


a world apart, in New York, it is a beautiful, sunny, late September


Friday afternoon and we just heard a description of the agony of Aleppo.


What has happened today is the Russian Prime Minister Sergey Lavrov


and his US counterpart John Kerry met briefly and John Kerry said


after that, a bit of progress had been made. We don't know what. The


US - Russian ceasefire deal that was agreed last week is now in tatters.


Following the bombing of that humanitarian convoy on Monday and


now the Syrian military going into Aleppo. To retake the rebel held


areas. What we are hearing is a very strong defence of the Syrian


government's actions from Syria's strong ally Russia which has been


taking air strikes to the last year in defence of Syria's President


Assad. This was Russian's Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov speaking


earlier, defending the action that Syria's military is taking and


trying to retake those rebel held areas of Aleppo. TRANSLATION: During


the period from 12th of September when the Russian and American


document was formally enforced, after this date, almost 350 attacks


of the position in Aleppo alone against the government and some


presidential quarters, many people were killed including Syrian


military and civilians and this is not the way, you know, the cessation


of hostilities should be the main thing. But when the Syrian


government responded to this attack, we were told this is undermining


credibility of the entire exercise, therefore, they must not respond.


Sit idle for seven days and maybe their position would be kind enough


to agree that the cessation of hostilities should be maintained by


the position as well. Russia's Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov


speaking at United Nations a few hours ago. He is being very clear,


talking about the 350 violations of the ceasefire. Blaming the United


States for failing to control the rebel groups that it supports and he


also blames the United States for failing to make a distinction to


separate the more moderate rebel groups from the one linked to


Al-Qaeda, the group has now changed its name. The blame really going on


at UN headquarters in New York. The only thing agreed on at the moment


is their original ceasefire plan is the only game in town and they want


to try to revive it. But at the moment, no one can see quite how


they will do it. Thank you. Do stay with us if you can add world news


today. Still to come: a thumbs down for Facebook as it admits vastly


overstating the amount of video its users watch.


Ben Johnson, the fastest man on earth is flying home to Canada in


disgrace. All athletes should be clean going into the game, I am


happy justice is served. It is a simple fact this morning, these


people were in their homes, tonight, those homes have been burnt down by


Serbian soldiers and police. All the Taliban positions along here have


been strengthened, presumably in case the Americans invade. It's no


use having a secret service which cannot preserve its own secret


against the world so the British Government has no option but to


continue this action and even after any adverse judgment in Australia.


Concorde had crossed the Atlantic, faster than any plane ever before.


Breaking the record by six minutes. This is BBC world news today, I'm


Chris Rogers and let's bring you up-to-date with the latest


headlines. The family of a black man shot by police in North Carolina


have released video footage. Syria's government continues its campaigns


of air strikes in Aleppo, saying the bombardment is a ground operation.


More in a moment. Let's get some reaction now to what appears to be a


failure of talks in New York and a failure of a ceasefire in Syria. We


will speak to a member of the Syrian opposition's high negotiations


committee. Thank you for joining us. Your reaction is what we need to


hear, but the lack of progress in New York and what seems to be a


complete collapse of the ceasefire, particularly in Aleppo. The feeling


here is that the delegations from the different countries of the


important involved countries of the international community, those who


form a group called the IFS gee, this group is now going home and


will be watching from their TV screens, what is happening in


Aleppo. The use of advanced cluster bombs on the population, on


civilians, the humanitarian disaster in Aleppo will probably intensify


over the coming days. Our feeling is we are going into a very dark tunnel


and Aleppo is going to be a city where the plan is to wipe out what


is left of this country. Of this city. And the population is likely


to flee, as usual, so we will have a new wave of refugees, those who are


able to escape the city, because it is already besieged. Here, the


opposition has tried, has cooperated, has expressed its


willingness to cooperate with the international community on an


agreement, if it is enforced, if it is a credible agreement, we wanted


some guarantees on how it would be enforced and whether it would be


enforced. We don't have any agreement. I think we can draw a


lesson today, if there is no credible threat of the use of some


retaliatory measures against violations of an agreement, it will


be worthless. Is the problem. People like yourself, John Kerry, Sergey


Lavrov... Russia seems to be just on the same line, not to mention Iran.


There are players out there who have no interest apparently in anything


that would appease the situation. To take is back to some political


process, allowed the stop of the refugee waves out of the country.


That is where we are today. Can I ask you a question? Could you stop


for just one moment? We are waiting for something that would have


addressed the urgent situation in Aleppo in particular and beyond


that, the horrors happening across the country in terms of cleansing of


areas, demographic changes, procedures, threats, blackmail, all


of this is taking place at the moment, everybody knows about what


is going on, what will the international community do? Today,


the message is, nothing. I think we will have to leave it there, we have


run out of time to ask you any more questions. Let's bring you


up-to-date with the latest on Facebook. It has overestimated how


much video people have watched the last two years, an error affected


the Facebook metric which was supposed to tell publishers for how


long on average people had watched a video. The site's own estimates are


an important tool for advertisers who use them to work out how popular


they video content is. They said this error has now been fixed and


had not changed how much advertisers pay per site. We asked earlier if


the situation is gone parabolic to how advertisers on television are


charged for breaks in the programme depended on the number of viewers.


This is one of the key metrics advertising companies rely on to


gauge where they will spend their ad budget. In the era of the internet,


there is a lot more information available but as this shows, not all


of that information is reliable. I think that is the key concern for


the advertisers, they base decisions based on figures that now turns out


to be overinflated. President Debana will officially open America's


national museum of African American history and culture on Saturday. A


striking modern design and the architect is British. Nick Briant


has this report from Washington. This building occupies a plot on


America's most honoured land, the national man of Washington but fills


a gap in the national memory. The decades, African-Americans have


campaigned for a museum that tells the epic story. Now it is about to


be opened, by the country's first African-American President. It


changed my career, my life. The architect is a dish who sees this as


his opus work. Rather than designing a monument, he's constructed a


living building. It reflects the ongoing struggle for equality. I


think this building helps to really allow people to understand each


other and understand how people are interrelated in many ways and how


the path forward is not separation but understanding and coexisting so


I think this building comes at an opportune time in America to really


remind it of its incredible rich history and its contribution to that


integration story. The building features milestone moments, like the


black power salute at the Mexico City Olympics. Also the shackles of


slavery. Also a celebration black culture and how it has defined


American culture. These are all real, nothing is a reconstruction.


That is chuck berry 's original Cadillac. Has it been a challenge


for a British man to help tell an American story? It is a very weighty


subject but I think what I bring to it as a professionalism about what I


believe architecture can contribute to that. The building is steeped in


symbolism, the latticework recalls the ironwork of free slaves in the


American south. Windows look over landmarks as the freedom struggle,


like the Lincoln memorial, the pulpit from which doctor Martin


Luther King delivered his famous speech.


That's all from the programme, from me and all of the team, thank you


for watching. Hello, your next UK forecast is in


half an hour but this time of


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