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This is BBC world News today. Here are the headlines. The UN Secretary


General says the use of heavy bombs in Syria could amount to a war


crime. The chilling violence in Aleppo is condemned as people beg


the world for help. I call on people to come to help us. We are dying.


The brocade, destruction, killing. May God hold them to account. The


left-wing leader of Britain's Labour Party is re-elected. Can Jeremy


Corbyn ever wind power? President Obama has opened the first ever


National Museum of African American history in America. The story this


museum tells. One of suffering and delight. One of fear but also of


hope. And Arsenal overpower rivals Chelsea. All the details coming up


in sport. The UN general secretary General


says the use of heavy bombs in Syria Ban ki Moon condemns what he calls


the chilling violence in Aleppo - as people beg for help


from the outside world. backed by the Russians --


appear to have captured a key rebel stronghold near the northern


town of Aleppo. Many people are believed to


have died. is in an area known as Handarat -


which sits on high ground To the South, bombing in the suburb


of Bab al-Nairab has damaged Could this latest win mean the end


for rebel held Aleppo? Syrian government forces released footage


today, purporting to show capture of this northern opposition stronghold.


It is important because it sits on the main road into Aleppo and it is


from where rebels have been able to get supplies into the East. Now it


is gone and with Castella Road in government hands, they could be cut


off. The town was one in an offensive the authority said would


soon come to East Aleppo itself, after what they called preliminary


epitaxy. Those air strikes did not relent today, leaving scores under


the rubble. TRANSLATION: Early in the morning,


they hit us with a powerful missile. There are still people there. They


are destroying the country, and there is merit -- no medical aid.


They have killed many people. Many are under the rubble and we are


still pulling them out. The Syrian Observatory for human rights said at


least 25 have been killed. Many could lie under this. There was a


market here. Residents were queueing to buy yoghurt when a strike hit. A


simple task requiring lethal risk. The main water supply to the east


was also hit. 250,000 people now face with drinking highly


contaminated water. I call on honourable people


to come and help us. But calls like these


have run out for years. At the moment but they are not


making much difference. John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov's


meetings are at an end with no The blame game over


who is responsible continues We can now speak to Jan Egeland


who is Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council


and also special advisor to the UN on Syria Here in the UK -


the controversial leader of the main What do you make of the comments


that the weapons used could amount to a war crime? It is an incredibly


strong statement. In line with this unprecedented attack from the air in


a heavily populated area, which is eastern Aleppo. The Secretary


General says this use of indiscriminate weapons, in century


weapons, up big bunker, Buster bumps and so on, could be war crimes. This


is full of women, children, wounded, sick and the elderly. On that note,


we are hearing of the bombing of a water pump in Aleppo. What more do


you know about that? This water pump was hit repeatedly. It is now not


functional. The quarter of a million civilians in eastern Aleppo are


without drinking water. Apparently armed men in eastern Aleppo


responded by cutting water supplies to West Aleppo, which is


government-held. One wrong does not merit making another. We have heard


of the most desperate situation in Aleppo. What do you think is the


most pressing need? Three things now. They have to stop this bombing


of civilians. I mean, there has to be cessation of hostilities again.


Here we need US and Russian leadership. Russia is bombing


apparently with the Syrian government. We need is a cessation


of hostilities for the sake of civilians. Secondly we need


humanitarian access to eastern Aleppo. We have dozens of trucks


fully loaded. The UN, Red Cross, red Crescent -- red Crescent and


non-government organisations could go to these people tomorrow. We need


access and a pause in the fighting for that. Finally, we need to come


back to the political process. Many seem to believe there is a military


solution. You can bomb your way to a solution. You cannot if there is


only a political solution. Have you been able to have any aid convoys in


Syria. Today, we were able to reach, courageous aid workers went into


homes, which has been besieged for a long time. The civilian population


was in a bad shape. We went to an opposition held besieged area


outside of Damascus on Thursday and we hope to go to other places


tomorrow. There is not a lack of will by the UN to aid people, there


is a lack of willingness of armed activists and their international


sponsors to allow us to help the civilian population. Thank you very


much your time. opposition Labour Party -


has been re-elected. That's despite being rejected


by the vast majority Here's our political


correspondent Rob Watson - a warning his report


contains flash photography. Jeremy Corbyn, the one-time outsider


of British politics, is back stronger than ever, easily beating


his challenger, Owen Smith. I want to thank the more than 300,000


supporters who have given me their support and trust in this labour


leadership election. I am honoured to have won the votes of a majority


of members, affiliated supporters, and registered supporters, who have


given me a second mandate in a year to lead our party. Mr Corbyn now


wants the party to unite around his anti-austerity message. Elections


are passionate and often partisan affairs. Things are sometimes said


in the heat of a debate on all sides, which we sometimes come to


regret. Always remember in our party we have much more in common than


that which divides us. Many in the party still believes he is a poor


leader, whose brand of 1980s they should it is a recipe for electoral


disaster. It won't be easy bringing the party back together. I don't


think he can rebuild Labour's reputation in the country. I will


not be sitting on his cabinet but I will do what I have always done, the


labour, loyally serve this party and make sure that from the backbenches


I continue to make the arguments I have major in this campaign. The


victory was overwhelming, getting more than 60% of the nearly half a


million votes cast. Making his position as leader unassailable. Mr


Corbyn's, as it was this time last year, is that it is one thing to


infuse thousands of your own party activists and quite another to


persuade Britain's 46 million also eligible voters who, for now at


least, show little desire for a massive shift to the left. As well


as permanently shifting Labour politics to the left, there are


other potential consequences of Mr Corbyn's re-election. Criticised for


his lacklustre campaigning for Britain to stay in the EU, he is now


against a second referendum. Perhaps making Brexit likely to happen


sooner rather than later. Some other news.


Junior doctors in the UK have suspended their


Medics were due to hold a series of five day strikes


They're protesting at new contracts and working hours.


Union leaders say the decision has been taken in light


of feedback from doctors, patients and the public.


Police in the UK have launched an investigation into claims photos


belonging to the Sister-in-law of Prince William,


who is second in line to the throne, have been hacked.


The pictures taken from Pippa Middleton iCloud account


are believed to include images of the royal family.


The world's largest conference on the protection of endangered


species has opened in South Africa amid divisions over how


Namibia and Zimbabwe are seeking to liberalise the restrictions that


prevent them from selling ivory, while other African countries


Let's go to the US state of Washington -


where police are continuing a manhunt for a gunman who opened


fire in a department store - killing five people.


They describe him as Hispanic looking and armed with a rifle.


The attack happened in the town of Burlington just over a hundred


Ben Hennessy has the latest - and a warning that his report


Comforting one another as best they could. The small community of


Burlington woke to the narrative that their town had become the


latest scene of a United States mass shooting. All this in the knowledge


the man responsible is still being hunted by police. There are people


waking up this morning and the world has changed for ever. The city of


Burlington has changed forever. The shooting happened about 7pm on


Friday. Police are releasing more details about what unfolded and the


victims involved. The suspect entered the mall without a weapon.


About ten minutes later entered Macy's with a rifle and fired


multiple times. Struck again four females, ranging in age from a


teenager to seniors. Also a male was struck and all four of those were


mortally wounded. The male victim of later died in hospital. Authorities


know little about the man responsible or his motives, despite


still being on the run. Police say there does not appear to be any


further from threat. For now, the community of Burlington in the


American Northwest remains on edge. I know that now the support is for


them, to help extend the long arm of the law bring them to justice.


Stay with us on BBC News, still to come: Sheer colour.


We'll find out why a farmer in northern England has


There's been fierce fighting between government


forces and rebels over rebel stronghold on the outskirts


of Aleppo, as the aerial bombardment of the city continues.


A huge manhunt is under way in Washington state for a gunman


who killed five people at a shopping mall in Burlington.


President Obama has officially opened the America's first


National Museum dedicated to African American History.


Inside are nearly three thousand exhibits charting how black people


escaped slavery before being given the right to vote


Few thought this day would come. It is 100 years since the idea was


first raised. For those who fought for it, this museum is not just a


building, it is a dream come true. Change does not roll in on the


wheels of inevitability, but it comes through continuous struggle.


We must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. The dark


bronze lattice structure stands in contrast to the Washington Mall's or


monuments. The designers is deliberate and based on ironwork


crafted by enslaved African Americans. Inside, the pain, the


suffering and victim of those who fought for freedom have found a


home. In a powerful ceremony, the museum was dedicated by this


country's first black president. Barack Obama could not hide his


emotion as he talked of the callous hands who had helped to build this


democracy. Like all of you, Michelle and I will build to come here, to


this museum, not just bringing our kids but hopefully our grandkids. I


imagine holding a little hands of somebody and telling them the


stories that are enshrined here. And, with the help of four


generations of the descendants of slaves, the bell of freedom was


wrong. To its chimes and echoes of church bells across United States,


the first visitors were allowed inside. Millions will get a chance


to see this story, won the president said to not just belong to black


Americans, it belonged to all Americans.


Leaders of Central European and Balkan countries have been


meeting to discuss the migrant crisis, amid tensions


The closure of the so-called Balkan route in March has stranded


thousands of people in Greek camps with more coming every day.


The pressure is on to find a solution.


So what, if anything, has been achieved in Vienna?


The leaders are meeting in Vienna to try to take stock of the situation


of migration along the western Balkan route.


There were calls for beefed up border security.


There were calls for more help for Greece.


They said they wanted to see the turkey deal with


That was an idea they said could also apply to other countries


that perhaps Europe ought to have deals with countries


like Afghanistan and Pakistan and countries in Northern Africa,


This is what the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, had to say.


We discussed today that it is necessary to finish the treaties


with third states as soon as possible, especially with Africa.


We want to clarify that everybody who is not allowed to stay in Europe


for humanitarian reasons will be taken back to their homeland.


There is a real sense of European leaders are still divided


The Hungarian Prime Minister is a very big hardliner


He said what Europe needed to do was to set up what he called


a gigantic asylum camp in Libya for African migrants.


A place where their asylum claims could be processed.


We did not hear the same sort of calls from the Austrian


Chancellor, who was the host of this summit.


The migration flows along the western Balkan route have


Some people are still getting through.


Angela Merkel said there were signs of progress but Europe still has


quite a long way to go before they reach any type of comprehensive


Let's get some sport. Here is James. You have to go back to December 2010


defined the last time Arsenal won at home to Chelsea. They were dominant


against them in the Premier League earlier. Ozil put them 3-0 up before


half-time, and it stayed that way. Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott got


the other goals. It was an outstanding team performance, I


would say. We played with team spirit, collective pace. Quick


movement, always in a positive way, a committed way. In the team way. I


am very pleased, especially with our first half. It was absolutely


outstanding. We must reflect a lot after this performance. I think that


from the first minute we have had a bad attitude. I think that it is


important to understand that we must work a lot to improve. Now, I think,


we are a great team only on the paper and not the pitch. There were


26 goals among the seven other games. Five of them were at Old


Trafford where Manchester United beat Leicester City. Paul Popper


scored his first goal for the club. -- Pogba. Wayne Rooney was left out


of the starting 11. It is about performances and collective


performances. We beat the champions. We did not beat an ordinary team.


Everybody knows how difficult it is to play against Leicester, so we are


happy. Was it just a case of players playing in the way you would expect


them to go their pedigrees? We had matches where we did not start so


well. We were not so consistent. Today we start really well. We


started well the first 20 minutes. We work on the match. Putting them


under pressure. The first goal, it went into the corner. We had to


concentrate. We lost our calm. After the first half, it was very


difficult to go back. The biggest win of the day was at Anfield,


Liverpool bumped Hull City 5-1. The visitors had been reduced to ten men


earlier in the game. A player was sent off for handball. Adam


Lallana's opener. Philippe Coutinho rounded off the scoring. There was a


second half consolation for the visitors, who dropped into the


bottom half of the table. Brilliant. An amazing first half in all parts


of the game. Our attacking game, our build-up, creating chances and


scoring goals. World-class performance in Canterbury is in in


the first half. -- counter pressing. We did not give Hull City and


opportunity to get confidence in the first half. It was wonderful to


watch. Elsewhere, Bournemouth beat Everton.


There was also a very late goal at Sunderland work Crystal Palace came


from 2-0 down to win 3-2. Christine Benteke with their third. Manchester


City 13-1 at Swansea. That is the sport for now.


A farmer has come up with a novel way of deterring thieves


from taking his sheep - by dyeing them bright orange.


Pip Simpson took the decision to spray-paint his entire flock


after 300 were stolen in just four years.


Ian Haslam reports from the Lake District.


Meet the orange residents of Poole Bank Farm.


And this is Pip, the farmer whose bright idea this was.


And it was a really bright colour that nobody else had done,


so it was just a case of trying to be different.


We have got a massive problem with theft.


Over the last few years, we've had upwards of 300 pinched.


And so, yeah, we've had to try and stop that.


I'm hoping that whoever's pinching them, they won't be able


to hide them because they are illuminous orange.


He's being supported by the National Farmers Union.


We're helping get police officers onto the farm so they can understand


the sheep farming here, the terminologies used,


And if there's anything suspicious or out of the ordinary going on,


Pip's quirky way of dealing with the problem has brought


Now you've got about 30 tourists coming to see your sheep,


The sheep will remain orange until shearing next summer.


Pip hasn't decided what colour, if any, they'll be next.


That report ending our programme. Goodbye.


Hello. Sunshine and showers tomorrow on a cool breeze. Tonight we have


some wet weather spreading across the country. On


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