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This is BBC News. The headlines at nine:


A bitter confrontation over Syria at the United Nations, with the US


accusing Russia and Syria of barbarism over the bombing of


Aleppo. What Russia is sponsoring undoing is


not counter-terrorism, it is barbarism.


TRANSLATION: Perhaps we should stop accusing people. Politicians who say


they have the best interests of the Syrian people in mind.


Is anyone out there? China switches on the world's largest radio


telescope. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


prepare for their first presidential debate. What can they learn from


previous encounters? And Britain's Prince William takes


his young family to Canada for their first royal tour.


Hello and welcome. There has been sharp confrontations at the UN


Security Council in New York. At a special meeting over the violence in


Syria. UN ambassadors of America and Russia blamed each other for the


escalation in the fighting, particularly in rebel held areas of


Aleppo, which are being pounded by air strikes. The US Ambassador


Samantha Power accused Russia of telling outright lies. She said


Russia was emboldened barbarism, and loudly -- outwardly pursuing war.


Her Russian counterpart accused armed groups of sabotaging the


ceasefire. Tensions have risen since an attack on EU man aid convoy on


Monday that killed 20 people. There is our correspondent on a dramatic


day at the UN, when diplomacy gave weight to finger-pointing.


The Syrian government's furious assault continues,


diplomacy apparently unable to stop the carnage.


In rebel-held eastern Aleppo, home to more than a quarter


of a million people, overnight airstrikes leave buildings


After 1,500 days of war, the people of Aleppo thought they'd


seen it all, but the scale of the latest


At least 150 air strikes and a mounting toll of civilians,


Britain now accusing Syria and Russia of the gravest of crimes.


After five years of conflict, you might think that the regime has


had its fill of barbarity, that its sick bloodlust


against its own people has finally run its course, but this weekend,


the regime and Russia have instead plunged to new depths.


In short, it is difficult to deny that Russia is partnering


with the Syrian regime to carry out war crimes.


Among this weekend's desperate scenes, the miraculous rescue


of this five-year-old girl, pulled alive from the rubble


of a building where her parents and four siblings are said


Her name is now being evoked in this diplomatic row.


It is apocalyptic what is being done to eastern Aleppo.


Surely, the girl, who at five years old has lost her entire family,


this council could have the courage to say who is responsible for this


and, in a single voice, tell Russia to stop.


But Russia is in no mood for apologising, saying it's


terrorists, not civilians, who it is trying to hit.


TRANSLATION: More than 200,000 people in Aleppo have become


They are trying to use women and children as a human shield.


There is no doubt fighters once loyal to Al-Qaeda are playing a key


role in the battle against government forces but the assault


The city is running out of food, medicine and fuel.


The UN is warning that if this is the prelude to a ground


offensive, what is left of Aleppo will be destroyed.


Our correspondent Nick Bryant is in New York and has been following


today's developments. We have seen many angry Security Council meetings


over the years of this conflict. Many times, Western governments have


joined together to attack the Syrian government. What was different about


this meeting was not just the level of anger, but the way that anger was


directed against the Russians. America, France and Britain joined


together to launch a blistering attack, saying, not even implying,


being very explicit, that when it comes to the bombing of Aleppo, the


Assad regime and Vladimir Putin's government are the selfsame thing.


You heard it there in that report from Paul Adams. The UK ambassador


said that Russia is partnering with the Syrian government to carry out


war crimes. Therefore, what is the motivations


of these parties it comes to Russia and trying to get it to come to the


table over Syria? Well, the problem as they try to


salvage this ceasefire agreement is that the Russians and the Syrian


government increasingly believe that they can win a decisive battle


ground victory in Aleppo, and that will enable them to win the war.


They are saying now there could be a military solution to the conflict in


Syria rather than a diplomatic and political one. Russia's ambassador


said something very significant today, that bringing peace to Syria


will now be all but impossible. The Americans will try all they can, I


guess, to try and salvage this diplomatic track, that has been


months on going with Kerry and Sergei Lavrov.


If you want more information about what is happening inside Syria,


visit our website. You will find background information and analysis,


including an article about why President Assad desperately needs to


recapture Aleppo. Let's get some of the news. Police


in Hungary sake an explosion and viewed up some Saturday night, which


injured two police officers, was caused by a home-made bomb. The


Hungarian police chief said the officers, who were on foot patrol,


were deliberately targeted. They are now in a stable condition in


hospital. Voters in Switzerland have approved


a law that will give new powers to the country's intelligence services.


The legislation will allow the authorities to tap phones, track


internet activity and use hidden cameras and microphones to monitor


suspects. Bosnian Serbs have been voting in a


referendum on whether to keep January the 9th national holiday.


The date is an Orthodox Christian feast day, and the court ruled that


it discriminated against Muslim Bosniaks and Catholic Croats.


And now, to the US, where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are


preparing to go head-to-head in their first televised debate on


Monday. It is a tight race, with the two presidential candidates running


neck and neck in the polls, and so far, their performances will be


closely monitored. So what can they learn from previous TV debates? Our


North American editor has been looking back at the key moments.


The candidates need no introduction. The Republican candidate, Vice


President Richard Nixon, and the Democratic candidate, Senator John


F. Kennedy... The moment that politics


changed in America and around the world. The first TV debate.


I should make it very clear that I do not think we're doing enough.


56 years ago, it felt like a revolution, as personality became as


important as theirs out, perception is important as reality, and a


sweaty, old looking Richard Nixon bested by the handsome young John


Kennedy. Over the years, the fascination has


not dimmed, and it is expected the audience for Monday's debate will


break all records, as people watch out for the gas. Gerald Ford never


recovered from this in his 1980 encounter with Julie Carter.


There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe, and there never will


be under a Ford Administration. There are the easing is. 73-year-old


Ronald Reagan, asked whether he was too old to run for president against


the Democrat Walter Mondale, had this memorable line.


I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit


for political purposes might opponent's youth and inexperience.


There are the put-downs. Senator Dan Quayle was blown away by this from


Lloyd Benson in the 1988 VP debate. Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy.


I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you


are no Jack Kennedy. APPLAUSE


there have been the failed attempt at intimidation, as Al Gore


discovered. But can you get things done?


And I believe I can. The big moments in US politics have


all been emotional and visual, how Kennedy and Nixon looked, how


Reagan's seemed at ease and Jimmy Carter did not, how Rick Perry


looked when he made an error, and that is why the war among the former


speech writers is, if you want to know who is going to be seen as


winner or loser, you watch this thing with the sound turned off.


So, can you win the White House off the back of a great performance in a


TV debate? Probably not. But could you lose it by doing badly? Will


most certainly, and that is why the stakes are so high for these two


unpopular candidates, and whether TV audience promises to be huge.


Let's get more about this coming debate. We can speak to Todd Graham,


the director of debate at Southern Illinois University. We were just


watching their some of the highs and lows of previous debates in history.


What do you think we can expect from this one?


We can expect nothing like any debate we have seen before. I know


people say that about just every event, because they hype up


everything, but seriously, this is not a regular presidential general


election debate, because Donald Trump simply isn't a normal debater.


Hillary Clinton, sure. We have seen tonnes of types like her before. She


is pretty good debate, she understands policy, so that was just


her and some other random Republican on stage, it would be fairly normal.


This one is not going to be so much. So what would your advice be,


therefore, to Hillary Clinton? My first piece of advice is to keep


her answers shorter. I watched in all eight of their previous debates,


when she was doing the Democratic primary debates. Her answers seemed


to ramble go over time. The problem with this is, when you go over time,


you don't get to your big finish. You have a really good point to me,


but you are running over time, you are running over the buzzer, you are


running of the moderators, and she needs to keep her answers short and


succinct, and if she do that, she will come across very, very well.


One of Hillary Clinton's strength is her experience, of course. Do you


think Donald Trump will suffer in this area?


Yes, that is main weakness. He doesn't understand current policy.


You know things are bad when you are offered $10 million. Mark Cuban


offer Donald Trump $10 million if he would simply let Mark Cuban ask him


about policy for four hours straight. So the perception, whether


it is real or not, and it is fairly real, is that Donald Trump does not


know policy, still hasn't learned it to this day, so people are hoping to


see a stack distance between he and Hillary Clinton on that stage.


So, if you had to put your money on one candidate, which would be for


the first debate? I will be honest with you, the only


money that I have put on candidates is the under so far in the over/


under. A friend at me that Trump would wait at least 45 minutes until


he started the personal, and I B and add 45 minutes. So that is my only


prediction, Donald Trump will be presidential for about 30 minutes


and then start to get nastier. Todd Graham, director debate at


Southern Illinois University, thanks for being with us.


You can watch the full coverage of that first presidential debate here


on BBC News. We will have analysis and budge more. That will be on


Tuesday, the 27th of September. The debate is due to start at 1am GMT.


Stay with us here on BBC News. Still to come, one of the brightest


young stars in US baseball, Jose Fonte and there is, is killed in a


boating accident. Bat Fernandez. Ben Johnson, the fastest man on


Earth, is flying home to Canada in disgrace.


All athletes should be clean going into a game. I'm just happy that


justice is served. It is a simple fact that this


morning these people were in their homes. Tonight, those homes have


been burned down a Serbian soldiers and police.


All the Taliban positions along here have been strengthened, presumably


in case the Americans invade. It's no use having a secret service


which cannot preserve its own secrets against the world, so the


British government has no option but to continue this action, and even


after any adverse judgment in Australia.


Concorde had crossed the Atlantic faster than any plane ever before,


breaking the record by six minutes. This is BBC world News Today. Here


are the latest headlines. US ambassador to the United Nations


Samantha Power as accuse Russia telling outright lies about its


actions in Syria. China's switches on the world's most powerful


telescope, which is already received information from a star more than a


thousand light years away. Let's stay with that story. China


has officially switched on the world's largest radio telescope,


which is already received his first signals from a star more than a


thousand light years away. It lies in the province of Gweijo. 8 million


people will move to make whether the project.


In the remark mountains of south-west China, the world's


largest radio telescope has been built in a vast natural crater, and


it has begun an intensive testing phase. Its size means the dish is


able to gather huge amounts of information from space, helping


scientists to see deeper into the universe than ever before. At a


ceremony led by China's Vice Brehm near to mark the completion of the


structure, a message of congratulations was read out from


President Xi Jin Ping. He sees the facility as a vital part of China's


drive to become a science powerhouse. It will now take a


further three years to calibrate the instrument so it can become fully


operational, but the first signals from space have already been


received. This radio telescope measures 500 metres across, the size


of 30 soccer pitches. It dwarfs all rivals. The Paris -- Arecibo


observatory is only half as wide and with less sensitivity. China's


telescope can listen to waves emitted from across the cosmos. It


will help us to see the first stars and galaxies and hunt for signs of


extraterrestrial life. It is a magnificent piece of work be


Chinese colleagues have put together. It is a state-of-the-art


machine. It is huge. It is incredibly huge. They have done it


in record time, really, and it is a fantastic achievement. It gives our


Chinese colleagues a top instrument to participate in what we call radio


astronomy. The structure took the Chinese just five years to build,


and at a cost of $180 million. It is part of the country's


unprecedented investment in science, that is on the verge of outstripping


even the United States. China hopes the super-size project


could transfer emitted -- transform it into a world science leader.


Well-known Jordanian writer has been shot dead outside a court in central


and man -- home and, where he was due to be tried for offending Islam.


He was charged after he shared a controversial cartoon on social


media. Alan Johnston reports. Blood on the steps of Jordan's


highest court. B ahid Nahid Hat was about to enter the building when a


gunman shot him at close range. The attacker was immediately arrested.


-- to macro. Mr Hata, a Christian, was about to be tried in this place


for causing religious offence. He got into trouble when he shared a


cartoon on Facebook which showed a man in heaven in bed with women and


asking God for a drink. Mr Hata said it merely sought to mark the view


that Jihadi John extremists have the after life. -- to mock the view. But


many Muslims here would have been deeply offended by the cartoon.


Someone was angry enough to kill in response to it.


After the shooting, one of Mr Hata's friends said that his death should


serve as a warning of the strength of extremist influences in the


nation. TRANSLATION: The Jordanian people must realise the seriousness


of this issue. They must unite to fight against the


unjust forces that accuse others of being apostates. The government must


take a stern stance towards these dark forces.


Mr Hata's family says the authorities bear responsibility for


what happened here. They believe a decision to put the right on trial


helped incite the public against him.


That gets in sport for you. I, Stephen. We're going to start


with the Premier League. Southampton have moved into the top half by


winning Sunday's only game 3-0 at West Ham. Goals from Charlie Austin,


Dusan Tadic and James Ward-Prowse made it four wins in four without


conceding a goal for the Saints in all competitions. But West Ham have


lost five of their first six league games for the first time in the


top-flight season, and they remain in the bottom three.


In the second half, we were better. But it was down to the time to


correct, and they save for the future, it is very good work to see


the difference between the first half and the second half.


We are not the first, we are not the last team that is in this situation.


In the premiership, or in any league at this level, and it is... Most of


it is about confidence, because the guys are the same players that were


doing things last year. Now, a season where Manchester City


under their new manager Pep Guardiola face huge expectations in


terms of winning silverware, and the club's women have shown the man the


way by winning the Super League for the first time. City needed just to


avoid defeat against the only side who could still catch them, Chelsea,


and they clinched the maiden title in style, winning the match 2-0


thanks to a first half own goal and a penalty in the second half from


their England star Tony Duggan. City are champions with a game to spare.


Coming here and it was a massive risk for me to come here, and


Mantises city in the first year was a bit of an unknown, but we took


that risk, and the likes of me, Jill, Tony and KBE who have been


here since day one. We have seen this club row. But a fantastic club.


Everyone wants to copy the style and the model we have in terms of


growing young players and getting the best players here. For me


personally, to lift a trophy against Birmingham will be unbelievable.


The Miami marlins have cancelled their home game against the Atlantic


Braves in tribute to their picture Jose Fernandez, who has been killed


in a boat crash. The accident happened at Miami Beach early on


Sunday. Two whether people were also killed. The Jose Fernandez to say


they are devastated by Fernandez's death, and their thoughts and


prayers are with his family. The Cuban American was just 24. He had


played in Miami for three years. He was a double all-star, the 2013


national League Rookie of the year, and very much regarded as one of the


top pictures in the game. Jose Fernandez, who has died at the age


of 24. It is looking increasingly like a


two-way American tussle to win the season-ending PGA Tour championship


of golf in Atlanta, with Ryan Moore 11 under par alongside compatriot


Kevin Chappell. Rory McIlroy, Paul Kevin Chappell. Rory McIlroy, Paul


Casey and Dustin Johnson are the best placed players still in


contention of finishing top of the FedEx cup standings and walking away


with a $10 million prize. McIlroy is two shots off the pace, Casey is


eight under, and Johnson, who lead the standings coming into the finale


is a shot further back. Double world champion Marc Marquez


has extended his lead in the MotoGP standings after a dominant victory


in the arrogant Grand Prix. Starting and ball, Marquez had a couple of


early wobbles, but once he hit the front, there was something of


stopping him from taking a fourth win of the season ahead of Lorenzo


and Valentino. And that is all this but we have for


you for now. Thank you for that.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived in Canada for their


first royal tour with both their children. The couple, along with


three-year-old Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were greeted by


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife. Here is our royal


correspondent. The Cambridges in Canada,


and a brief taste for Prince George and Princess Charlotte of the royal


life they have been born into On the tarmac, a tired George needed


the support of his father. Now was not the time to tell them


that as things stand, both will one For Charlotte, a teething


16-month-old, this is her first for Canada's


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Well versed in kissing babies,


but he was stumped by Well versed in kissing


babies, but he was stumped Away from the airport and public


view for Georgian Charlotte. Away from the airport and public


view for George and Charlotte. Their parents are determined


to shield them from the spotlight. William and Catherine


are here in a city which was named after Queen Victoria and which has


strong historic ties with the British Crown,


but across Canada, a sizeable minority of the population


yearns for an elected The majority, though,


still favours the status quo. His destiny means William will have


to brush up on his French The royal walkabout


is a way to be seen and to We both love


mountains and water. Mountains, a rainforest, and a trip


in a canoe or on the agenda The British Olympic cyclists


Jason Kenny and Laura Trott have revealed they were married


in a private ceremony yesterday. Laura's father made the announcement


on Twitter, and Jason Kenny tweeted a photograph of his bride,


with the caption They tied the knot on Saturday


morning. Well, that is it from me. World News Today as well. From the


team, have a lovely evening. Goodbye Finau. -- goodbye for now.


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