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This is BBC World News Today with me, Geeta Guru-Murthy.


Our top story - the scale of devastation left


by Hurricane Matthew becomes clearer as it continues on its


These are live pictures from Florida where the massive storm is battering


the coast with huge waves and winds gusting at nearly 200


Earlier, the hurricane devastated Haiti, where more than 800


people have been killed and thousands displaced.


They're calling it the Flash Crash - The Bank of england investigates why


the pound plunged 6% on Asian markets before


A period of volatility now. Lots of commentary and turbulent markets.


Nobel Peace prize for his efforts to end more than fifty years of war


We start with a fundraising appeal from aid agencies, as the full


impact of Hurricane Matthew on Haiti begins to emerge.


More than 800 people are now known to have died.


And it's feared the death toll may rise further as rescue teams


reach remote areas cut off since the storm.


These are the before and after pictures. They give you a sense of


the scale of the devastation. Thousands have been displaced.


Southern Florida appears to have been spared the


... Expected to sweep north next with Georgia next in the line of


fire. Millions in coastal states have been told to evacuate.


It has been three days since hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, and


violent torrents of brown water continued to devastate the poorest


In this city, 80% of homes have been lost


and the UN has warned of the


challenge ahead to restore clean water and sanitation.


Right now, most people lost everything,


Haiti is already in the grip of a cholera epidemic.


In this environment, with sewage


ditches for the floodwater, the disease could spread.


350,000 people are thought to need immediate help.


My son and I are sick and we still haven't


I need to go back home because my kids have a fever, so I


After leaving a trail of utter destruction across the Caribbean,


the storm is stalking the Florida coastline.


It has been described by


1.5 million people were told to leave


coastal areas and find shelter and stay there.


Most heeded the


A curfew was also in place until Saturday morning in some


Wind of over 100 mph crashed with power lines, cutting


supplies to tens of thousands of homes.


So far, the East Coast seems to have been spared the worst, but


officials fear that complacency will set


in and people will leave their


I want to emphasise to everybody that this is


The potential for storm surge, flooding, loss of life and


severe property damage continues to exist.


storms, but Matthew is proving to be unpredictable.


It is also taking its time, as it travels up the coast.


Florida is not out of danger just yet.


Let's get the latest from the BBC's Liliet Heredero, who's in Miami.


Give us a picture of what it is like. It is fine today in Miami. The


city is returning to normal. We were all in doors and the city was a


ghost town. Yesterday, but we have been spared of the worst. The city


is returning to normal. It remains a category three hurricane, really


strong. It is pounding the North East of Florida. Winds are still 120


miles an hour. The latest advertisers from the National


hurricane Centre said the storm is around 30 miles of Daytona Beach. It


could impact Jacksonville and the north-east cities shortly. If


there's something positive, it is that is not made landfall. The eye


of the storm has remained overwater. That is what is the most powerful


winds so it hasn't impacted Florida yet. That does not mean it isn't a


dangerous storm however. The word on everyone pass mouths is the storm


surge. That is the main worry, all the coastal flooding that could


impact cities on the north-east. Authorities reminding people it is


not safe to go back to their homes, millions of people evacuated in


Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. 800,000 people are without power in


Florida. Still a difficult situation in the north-east of Florida. How


quickly is the storm moving? How quickly before people know the worst


as? It is not work the Lee moving fast. 30 mph. -- not moving very


fast. Friday into Saturday we will do the impact of wind and a storm


surge. Then it'll moved to Georgia and South Carolina so it will still


have an impact over the weekend. The US Secretary of State,


John Kerry, says Russia's actions in support of the Syrian Government


demand a war crimes investigation. Mr Kerry accused Moscow


and the Government in Damascus of having a targeted strategy


to terrorise civilians Russia and the regime owe the world


more than an explanation about why they keep hitting hospitals


and medical facilities, These are acts that


beg for an appropriate And those who commit these


would and should be held This is a targeted strategy


to terrorise civilians. The UN Security Council is expected


to vote on Saturday on a draft Drafted by the French and Spanish,


the plan would include an end to all military flights


over the city. But Russia has indicated that


it'll block the proposal. Will any other countries


follow Britain out of Well if Marine le Pen has her way,


France will be making a Frexit The leader of the Front National has


been speaking to the BBC's Stephen Sakur on Hardtalk


and started by explaining just how significant


June's Brexit vote in the UK was. But your problem is that


all of the polling evidence since the Brexit vote


is that the French people do not actually want to leave


the European Union. In fact more French people today say


that they want to remain inside than before the British vote,


so you are actually not expressing And you can see the full interview


with Marine le Pen on Hardtalk The Bank of England is looking


into what caused a short, but sharp fall in the value


of the pound on Asian markets. At one point, sterling


briefly hit a low of $1.18. Meanwhile, UK Chancellor Phillip


Hammond, who is on a visit to the US, has reiterated


there will be "ups and downs" for the economy in the wake


of the Brexit vote. He's been speaking to our


Economics Editor Kamal Markets respond to noises off and,


as I said earlier this week, we're going to go through a period


of volatility now. There will be lots of


commentary going on. We can expect to see markets


being more turbulent The Government should take


the necessary measures to be able to respond to it to keep the economy


going during this period. Aren't markets saying


they are hugely concerned about the uncertainty,


the lack of transparency over how Britain will actually


negotiate its exit There's bound to be uncertainty,


but the important thing is, to look through the movements


of currency markets, the short-term movements


of sentiment at the fundamentals The fastest growing economy


in the G7 this year, record high employment rates


and very high levels of growth We go into this period of turbulence


fundamentally strong and that should There's been a lot of talk


about your approach to spending, some people have said that you're


looking to spend a huge amount more on infrastructure and


borrow more to do that. Can we expect a spending splurge


ahead? What we have said we're


going to do is create, within a new fiscal framework,


enough space for the Government to be able to respond


to the turbulence in the economy As we go through this period,


we want to be able to provide fiscal At the moment, I can't predict


whether that will be necessary at the time


of the Autumn Statement in November. Now a look at some of


the days other news. The brother of a man accused


of attacking two Brussels police officers with a knife on Wednesday


has been charged with One officer was stabbed


in the neck and another The Belgian authorities have said


they believe the attacker has links India says it will completely


seal its border with It says the border would be secured


using new technology although a specific plan


was still being formulated. Relations between India and Pakistan


have been deteriorating since the start of a security


operation in Indian-administered The South African Nobel laureate,


Archbishop Desmond Tutu, has said that when the time comes


he wants the option Writing in the Washington Post,


he said he did not want to be Archbishop Tutu, who's 85,


has been in and out The peace award that bears the name


of founder Alfred Nobel has gone this year to the Colombian


president, Juan Manuel Santos, for his efforts to end


Colombia's long civil war. The chair of the Norwegian committee


which chose the winner from a record 376 nominations,


said Mr Santos had initiated negotiations that resulted


in a peace accord with FARC guerillas aimed at bringing more


than 50 years of conflict to an end. Our Chief International


Correspondent, Lyse Doucet, reports. It had been one of the world's


longest, most brutal wars. A byword for kidnappings,


disappearances, murder. The peace deal signed last


week by President Santos and his oldest enemy the FARQ


was a historic, emotional moment. World leaders came to


Colombia to salute it. Then, days later, Colombians


rejected its narrowly A shocking setback after years


of negotiations and secret talks. But today, for President Santos,


a vote of confidence. The world's most prestigious


prize for a peacemaker. Not in my name, but in the name


of all Colombians, and especially the millions affected by this


conflict over 52 years. Colombians, this prize


is for all of you, for the victims When I met the president in Colombia


last week, he admitted winning real peace would be


as hard as waging war. The signature of the deal is simply


the end of conflict. Reconstructing our country,


a country at war for 50 years. It is a country that has destroyed


many of its values and principles. Even the peace prize divides


a people who have lived Paolo, an engineer, says


it is excellent that Santos It will help the peace


process, he says. The critics demand tougher


punishments for the Farq. Supporters say President Santos


offered the best deal he could. 50 years of war means


decades of distrust. The peace prize has gone to a nation


that isn't at peace. A British member of the European


parliament, who was involved in an incident that left a fellow


MEP in hospital In his first account of the events


in Strasbourg on Thursday, Mike Hookem, said that he acted


in self-defence when a fellow member of the UK Independence party,


Steven Woolfe, came at him. There was no punches thrown,


there was no face slapping, As people in Hull would say,


it was handbags at dawn. new Russian journalist was done is


done ten years ago. It took two trials seven years to bring her


killers to justice. But the investigation into her death is not


complete. Around 4pm in 2006, October, the journalist was shot at


home in her left. She wasn't the first and wooden spoon the last to


be shot. But she was writing about the war and a strong critic. The


killers were from Chechnya. Who ordered the killing? Will paid for


it? We still do not know. By coincidence, this week saw the start


of another murder trial. Those accused of giving him from Chechnya.


Then the case goes cold, who ordered the killing? We don't know. Anna


Politkovskaya was the Russian journalist remembered at the moment.


When US forces arrived in the Philippines this month


The president says he wants to be less dependent on America.


When US forces arrived in the Philippines this month


for the start of what had become annual joint exercises,


they appeared to be cementing a military relationship that goes


back decades and is one of the closest the US


But with the election of this man, Rodrigo Duterte, as president, this


Shockingly outspoken, and aligning himself


with the anti-American left in the Philippines, he has already


said he wants the exercises to end and that he wants closer ties


And he has bristled with indignation at US criticism of his


Instead of helping us, the first to hit was the State Department,


The US has responded by insisting that the alliance is still strong


and ignoring Mr Duterte's explosive comments.


After all, the two countries only recently signed a ten year agreement


allowing the US to operate military bases here once again,


and stipulating joint patrols in the South China Sea.


That is where the Philippines is currently struggling to bat off


But comments by Mr Duterte's Defence Secretary today


suggest he is already downgrading military relations.


Delfin Lorenzana told journalists that the US had already been


informed there would be no joint patrols.


He also reiterated that his country was seeking


Speaking about equipment in China and Russia.


Let's check out what they are offering to us.


Just how far president Rodrigo Duterte intends to break


After seeing his ruthless anti-drugs campaign,


though, people are learning to take his dramatic


But the Philippines Armed Forces are fully equipped


Without strong US backing, they offer little in the way


of bargaining strength to the president when he starts


but will surely be very tough negotiations with China


Now is it just a prank or simply plain creepy?


Police are warning pranksters who are posing as "killer clowns"


and terrifying children and young adults that they could face arrest.


The sightings, which started in the United States,


now appear to have come to Britain with several reports


of people having frightening encounters involving clowns.


The sinister craze has been encouraged on social media


where people have shared photos and videos of the scary sightings.


Could London learn a thing or two from Amsterdam


when it comes to boosting its night-time economy?


The Dutch capital says business is booming -


and crime is down - thanks, in part, to the appointment


of a special mayor to champion its 24-hour culture.


It's an idea the British capital is now adopting.


Is this the new city that doesn't sleep?


Amsterdam, a 24-7, or for its residents


I am the night time mayor of Amsterdam.


His role for the last two years has been to boost


the night-time economy, a job London is now copying.


We joined him on an evening out to listen to what


It proved tricky at times in this party capital.


We introduced a lot of things and this is what you get.


In nightlife, this is people having fun.


Amsterdam's so-called nightmare bridges the gap between pub and club


owners and City Hall officials worried about anti-social behaviour.


When there is a problem, the first reaction of city officials


is often that we have to stop this now.


We explain to the Mayor and politicians that nightlife


is something which has value for the city for social,


Well, while some London clubs have been shut down, Amsterdam has been


They get extra opening hours if they keep the square more safe


Their benefit is they can stay open longer, which of course


And despite more people out and about for a longer,


And they say these so-called hosts have helped.


Basically what we do, we help people in Amsterdam.


We help drug people getting home in the taxi and a lot of the time,


people want to fight, we try to get between them and sold


the problem and get them in another club.


20 are on patrol tonight in what is the city's


Jointly paid for by the council and bars.


A big part of the Dutch idea is to create more 24-7


And they think London should do the same.


Some people would love the idea of a 24 hour party paradise.


For others, it will fill them with dread, thinking it will bring


more violence, more noise and just generally more problems.


But Amsterdam's night mayor says London's borrowers must stop killing


the night-time economy and open their eyes


Introducing the role of the night mayor in London would be a really


good first step to help with the dialogue about nightlife.


But you can't wave your magic wand around and change it all,


so it will be small steps, building it up, which is really


important - and make Londoners proud of their nightlife again.


So, because everybody knows nobody is moving to London for the better.


Extort the satellite images of the hurricane. 800 killed in Haiti. Live


pictures from Florida, and update coming up for you.


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