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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


the latest person to distance herself from remarks she describes


as rude and offensive, after a recording emerges of him


candidate has said there's zero chance that he'll quit the race


for the White House, despite the uproar that his


after a funeral ceremony is bombed in Yemen.


German police launch a manhunt for a suspect


believed to be planning a bomb attack.


And in sport: Nico Rosberg takes pole position


in the Japanese Grand Prix, putting lewis Hamilton's defence


Donald Trump has caused offence before but this time,


even those closest to him have been unable to defend his words.


On Friday a recording was released from 2005 in which he made obscene


In it Mr Trump is heard bragging


to TV host Billy Bush, a nephew of former President


George Bush Senior, about trying to have sex


with a married woman as well as kissing and groping others.


"You can do anything... When you're a star", he says.


In the last hour Melania Trump released a statement


His running mate Mike Pence has said he was offended


Mr Trump has apologised for the comments, but has said


there is no chance he will stand down.


Here's our North America editor Jon Sopel.


2005, and Donald Trump is on a promotional bus


His lewd conversation, captured on a live microphone.


Social media went into meltdown, the Republican leadership


variously describing his comments as sickening,


For hours last night, Donald Trump was totally isolated.


I've never said I am a perfect person nor pretended


I have said and done things I regret, and the words released


today on this more-than-a-decade-old video are one of them.


Anyone who knows me knows those words do not reflect who I am.


I said it, I was wrong, and I apologise.


But very soon, contrition turned to defiance.


Bill Clinton has actually abused women, and Hillary has bullied


attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims.


We will discuss this in the coming days, see


But that threat to fight dirty is not what a lot of Republican


senators and congressmen want to hear.


They are fearful of their own political survival and are worried


that Donald Trump will cost them their careers.


Some are getting ready to abandon him, others crossed that


It's sad, but I cannot endorse Donald Trump for president,


after those comments and the way that he said them.


There's no way I am voting for Hillary Clinton,


but I can no longer endorse Donald Trump, I just cannot do it.


Donald Trump will take to the stage tomorrow for the second debate,


his ambitions, damaged and his party uneasy.


Jon Sopel with that report - and Jon spoke to me a little earlier -


over why these comments are causing outrage in the US.


I think that they go further than what he has said before, he has


called women pics and dogs, they are factored in, but what he said last


night, what emerged last night seemed much more predatory, almost


violent, it was lewd, it was graphic, grabbing women by their


genitalia, almost a sense of entitlement that he could have sex


with anyone he chose Ulster talking about this being a married woman


even though Donald Trump had only recently married himself and Melania


was pregnant at the time. The Republican party on high hopes that


this had crossed the Rubicon and that Donald Trump had become toxic.


Donald Trump has said that he won't resign but the numbers of


Republicans wanted him to go seemed to grow and grow. Yeah I think if


the Republican party had an easy mechanism to dump Trump, there are


many in the party who would like them to use the option but it is


more complicated. For a start you already have people who started


voting in many states, Barack Obama for example cast his vote in


Illinois. What would happen to those votes? You've seen today, the New


Hampshire Senator coming out and saying that Donald Trump should step


down. Reportedly some of his closest advisers are saying to him privately


that he should review his position but I don't think it's going to


happen. And you have Donald Trump saying that there is zero chance


that he's going to leave. Where that leaves the Republican Party, it is


praying that there are no more tapes and that there are no more women who


are going to contradict the assertion of Donald Trump is that


what you heard on that tape is not who he is and that he isn't that


kind of individual. 24-hour is before the second presidential


debate. Is this going to crop up? Oh, yeah! Inevitably, Donald Trump


has more or less sets though, at the end of the statement he gave he said


that he has things to say about Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and that


he will see us at the debate. I think it will inevitably crop up but


there are no easy ways and the Republican Party is squeamish about


this blitzkrieg policy where you try and fight as dirty as you possibly


can. They think that won't help them and it won't help the men and women


in Congress fighting to retain their seats in the Senate and the House of


Representatives. Hillary Clinton is also under fire for some leaks made


about private speeches that she's made in the past. What has been


leaked? These are speeches that she made to Goldman Sachs where she was


on the speaking circuit and was rather pro-free trade and


pro-immigration reform, rather pro-some other things as well. In


the great scheme of things, I suspect that the fire storm and


focus is not on her, it is all around Donald Trump at the moment.


This may cause Hillary Clinton a bit of inconvenience but the lens is


fixed firmly on Donald Trump at the moment.


Let's take a look at some other stories now.


Russia has moved nuclear-capable missiles into its most westerly


territory, Kaleeningrad, which borders Poland and Lithuania,


The Russian defence ministry said the deployment of the Iskander


missiles was part of a military exercise and has happened before.


Russia backed down from plans to permanently deploy such missiles


in Kaliningrad just after President Obama first took office.


Authorities in Kuwait say they have detained


a suspected Islamist militant - who deliberately rammed a truck


loaded with explosives into car carrying five US soldiers.


Officials said the Americans were unhurt in the attack,


but the assailant, identified as an Egyptian national,


The attempted attack is the first to target American troops


The polls have just closed in Georgia's parliamentary elections.


In a bitterly fought contest, the ruling Georgian Dream


Party is being challenged by the United National Movement,


founded by the exiled former president Mikheil Saakashvili.


Georgia is a rare example of a former Soviet State which has


At least 82 people have been killed and more than 500 wounded


after a funeral was bombed in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.


The Houthi rebel movement, which controls most of the country,


says warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition carried out the attack.


The Houthi rebel movement, which controls most of the country,


Coalition sources deny an operation took place.


As the building smokes in Sanaa, bodies lie strewn in the day brief.


For the emergency services, a race against time to save the weather


they can. The bitter irony that a funeral held for the father of a


prominent rebel cabinet minister will now result in many more


funerals as the death toll continues to rise. Chaos and carnage is all


around. Hundreds of mourners have suffered appalling injuries. The


Houthi rebel movement that controls most of Yemen has accused the Saudi


led coalition of the air strikes and deliberately targeting the funeral


ceremony. But the coalition has flatly denied the claim. Sources in


the alliance say it wouldn't target such a gathering. For the aid


workers, the politics have been pushed to one side and now it's


about saving lives. It doesn't matter who is behind it. We believe


there were a couple of air strikes that hit the building but at this


point we are trying to save the lives that can be saved. All


organisations are pitching in to help the health authorities. We are


providing body bags and supplies to a number of hospitals in the Yemeni


capital. Much more is needed. The Irani backed Houthi Carroll swept


into Sanaa in 2014 and advanced across much of Yemen, forcing the


internationally recognised government to flee the capital. As


the two sides are locked in dispute it is civilians who are finding


themselves caught up in the turmoil. German police have arrested three


people in connection with their search for a suspect


planning a bomb attack where the suspect -


believed to be a Syrian man - uncovered hundreds of


grammes of explosives. Our Europe correspondent


Damian Grammaticas reports. This is the man being hunted


by German police, Jaber al-Bakr, he is 22 years old,


from Damascus in Syria. Germany's security services say


they have to assume he is dangerous. They believe he may have been


planning a bomb attack. There was a tip-off from Germany's


intelligence services They raided the apartment


in Chemnitz, found that Jaber al-Bakr had already gone,


but hidden inside they uncovered explosives, possibly evidence


of a bomb being prepared. TRANSLATION: At this time


we are busy with final measures here Our main focus now is the manhunt


for the perpetrator, German police say the explosives


are dangerous and will probably have to be destroyed where they are,


so they have been They say that Jaber al-Bakr


was known to the police. Soon after, three arrests were made


nearby, not Jaber al-Bakr himself but three people who it


is believed knew him. They have been taken into police


custody whilst police Stay with us, still to come. In the


wake of Hurricane Matthew, could Kolarov take hold in Haiti? We have


the latest from relief workers. -- cholera.


After 437 years the skeletal ribs of Henry J -- Henry VIII's warship


emerged but the Mary Rose went through another heart stopping


moment. I want to be the people's governor, I want to represent


everybody. I believe in the people of California.


headlines: herself from remarks she describes as rude


Donald Trump's own wife becomes the latest person to distance


herself from remarks she describes as rude and offensive.


Just after Melania Trump made those remarks Donald Trump has


"The media and establishment want me out of the race so badly,




Eric Hamm is an analyst who has written a book


on what the Republicans need to do to get into power.


come on, then. What does Donald Trump need to do after this scandal


to get into power? Donald Trump needs to get down on his knees and


do a lot of begging and a lot of handholding. But I don't think


that's going to work. Republicans are fleeing the nominee in droves


for right now. This is on the EE of a very crucial and very important


presidential debate that he needs to be able to turn the tide. -- on the


eve. You have college educated women who are going to be fleeing this


candidate after the revelations of this hot Mike with him. He has an


effort in front of him now. How significant that his wife and


running mate have also condemned his comments? That's very interesting,


especially with Mike Pence. Right after the vice president or debate,


many people were actually clamouring for him to be at the top of the


ticket and many were seeing him as a potential candidate in 2020. Now


there are calls for Mike Pence to actually become the nominee and for


Trump to drop out or stop -- drop out. Mike Pence has defended Donald


Trump for the last year now. Now turning his back on him, so to speak


and condemning his comments, along with his wife. So he's actually


taking it on all fronts now and it will be interesting to see what


happens and how he responds, particularly tomorrow in the debate


in Saint Louis. So what does this mean for tomorrow's debate? How is


Hillary Clinton going to handle it? Well, Hillary Clinton I think is


going to have to do a 180 because she wanted to continue to get under


his skin, much like she did in the first debate. I think now she


probably wants to take a step back because I suspect that she's going


to be thinking, as many welcomer that both the moderators and the


audience, who can ask questions, we'll go after Donald Trump because


of these latest comments that he made regarding women. So I think


what Hillary wants to do is to be prepared that Donald Trump may begin


to focus on Bill Clinton. I think that could backfire on him because


she can take on a more sympathetic tone, not only with the audience in


the town hall debate, but with the voting electorate who are going to


be watching. Make no mistake, there will be many eyes on this debate


tomorrow. Thank you for joining us. As a down-graded Hurricane


Matthew makes landfall in Southern Carolina,


ten people are reported to have died The hurricane's destruction has been


on a far greater scale in Haiti. 877 people are now known


to have died there. It's the most powerful storm to hit


the area in a decade, This is Jeremie, a town


of 30,000 people torn apart It has been cut off from the rest


of the country for several days. Only now is aid beginning


to arrive by air. The closer we got to Jeremie,


the further from Port-au-Prince, Anything that was not


concrete was flattened. Palm trees were bent over


in half or completely There were several little fishing


villages that just looked desolate. People are doing their best


to rebuild their homes But Haiti is one of the poorest


countries in the world and people are not expecting much help


from their government. Around 1 million people are said


to be in urgent need of assistance. TRANSLATION: I heard a boom and then


the roof came off my house The wind took the roof


and it was just completely gone. As you can see, it took away


everything. Our houses are destroyed,


everything is gone. In the US, the hurricane hit


a glancing blow along There was damage but it wasn't


as bad as expected. Millions had heeded the call


to leave their homes. Further north, the storm surge


brought some of the highest tides on record, flooding


many low-lying areas. The National Hurricane Center says


the storm has now made landfall in South Carolina and serious inland


flooding is expected. Dominique Fevry, who's


with the Oxfam charity in Port-au-Prince, says


the hurricane has made it very difficult to reach some


parts of the country. For the past couple of days, since


Matthew swept through the country, medication is with the officials,


with anyone in the South West is extremely difficult. We know that


there are several areas of the City and principalities that we haven't


been able to reach. So far we have heard of ten cases of cholera but


this is yet to be confirmed. The Ministry of health in Haiti is


already on the site and trying to take care of the case. We already


have staff that we have two help with this disease. Since the


earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, everything hasn't been rebuilt yet


so that means that a lot of the structures were still fragile and


this hurricane isn't helping the case at all. We've heard as well


about the Hurricanes that may come our way. We are on stand-by but for


now the priority is to ensure that the people who are in the South and


cut off from the rest of the country have access to drinkable water,


sanitary kits, as well as food and shelters.


It's a busy day of international football with World Cup qualifiers


Earlier today England beat Malta 2-0 at Wembley in caretaker


manager Gareth Southgate's first match in charge since


Germany are beating the Czech Republic 2-0 with goals


Robert Lewandowski has scored a hat-trick for Poland who


the Japanese grand prix, from second on the grid,


and he will be hoping that history repeats itself.


It was all so close in qualifying, and Hamilton was briefly quicker,


than Rosberg, in the final session of qualifying at Suzuka.


But the German hit back to take pole by that tiny margin.


Coming into this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix it is an advantage


Rosberg who has a 23 point gap over his Mercedes team-mate Lewis


Hamilton. Hamilton is keen to make amends and on the evidence of


today's qualifying secession -- session at Suzuka it is still an


advantage Rosberg but only by 83 centimetres. In Japan they know who


is number one. There's no getting away from it, Nico Rosberg is the


man to beat in Formula 1 the moment. He dominated the circuit, one of the


most challenging in motor racing. The championship leader topping the


time sheets in all three practice sessions and going on to claim pole


position but only by the tiniest of margins. All that separated him from


the title rival and Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton was 100th


of a second. On the track that is the distance of just 82 centimetres.


Best of the rest was the Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen, who was three tenths


of a second off the pace. History shows that Ferrari will not


challenge here. All is not lost for Hamilton. He has won the last two


Japanese gron spree -- Japanese races. It was going well before we


can, had a good balance in the car, feeling comfortable, that allowed me


to put in a lap like that at the end. Pleased with that. To be that


close, I was really happy with it. I did as well as I could, I think.


Naturally if you have more laps, you can find more time but generally


happy with that and history has shown that you don't have to be on


pole position to get the win. Nico has done a good job. Hamilton has


won this Grand Prix from second place on the grid for the last two


years so he'll be hoping that history repeats itself tomorrow.


Mercedes have history on their side in another way because the Japanese


Grand Prix has only been won twice from outside the front row of the


grid, since 1991. If Mercedes finished first and second, as


expected, they will wrap up their third consecutive constructors


championship. yet to drop a set at the China Open


- will play Grigor Dimitrov The world number two beat


David Ferrer in straight sets. He dropped only five games


against the Spaniard. Murray will meet a relatively fresh


Dimitrov after the Bulgarian's opponent Milos Raonic withdrew


from their semi-final Johanna Konta has become the first


British player to break into the world's top


10 for 32 years. She reached the final


of the China Open in Beijing. It took more than two-and-a-half


hours for her to beat the American Madison Keys


though, in three sets. She will play Agnieska Radwanska


after she beat Ukranian Elina Now, footage showing


a young whale attempting to help its stranded mother,


has been captured off The calf reatedly nudges its mother,


apparently trying to dislodge her. Local media reported


that the humpback was stuck for around 40 minutes,


in the sea near North After a lot of effort the whale


finally manages to free herself and is filmed heading


towards deeper waters. Migrating whales are a common sight


along Australia's east coast between April and November,


where they mate and give Most of us should be able to enjoy


some fairly decent weather tomorrow. Not looking too bad, some


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