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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


Here are the headlines: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


prepare for a TV debate which could make or break their chances


The stage is set for an almighty battle, as Donald Trump's camp


promises to come out fighting, despite the outcry from his obscene


An anti-Saudi protest in the Yemeni capital after airstrikes kill 140


Safety fears for Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 after its


And why do hundreds wait for a free mystery tattoo by putting their arm


There are now just five hours to go until round two of the big


Trump versus Clinton televised debate in St Louis,


And it seems the furore surrounding a videotape


showing Donald Trump making crude remarks


As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton prepare to face each other,


debate moderators have altered the format so that the initial


questions will deal directly with the leaked video.


And for Donald Trump, his advisor, Rudy Giuliani,


has said that Mr Trump may raise the sexual history of the former


Let's go to our correspondent, Laura Bicker who is


This has the potential to get very ugly? It does, we have Donald Trump


going through his run through inside and what he will probably say in his


opening remarks but we've already got an idea of the tone he's going


to use from his early-morning Twitter storm. He has denounced


Republicans who have abandoned his candidacy as hypocrites. This is a


Donald on the attack. Donald Trump's supporters


are as defiant as the man himself. As they gathered for this brief


glimpse outside Trump Towers, it was clear he is still their


choice to be president. As ever, Mr Trump used Twitter


to reinforce his message. Later, he tried to turn the tables


on the Clinton campaign. He published a link to an interview


with a woman who made a historic rape allegation


against Bill Clinton. The accusation has never


been tested in court. 16 Republican senators have


withdrawn support for their party's candidate since this


video was published. He brags about kissing


and groping women. Hours before the debate,


his campaign team is trying He is ashamed of himself


and embarrassed. He is the father of two daughters


and he has eight grandchildren, He would not want them


to hear or see that. Donald Trump has proved to be


a polarising figure. And his sexual boasts are not


putting off all his voters. Everybody has flaws and things


they do that are inappropriate. It does not mean he


cannot be president. I compare him to JFK


and Bill Clinton, every politician have loved women and women


are attracted to power. It will not just be Donald Trump


facing tough questions, Hillary Clinton may be


asked about e-mails Never has the pressure been greater


than on a Donald Trump and if he fails this


test it could be a fatal The debate format to night is


different from before. There are 100 members of the audience, undecided


voters who get to ask half the questions and the moderators ask the


other half. We know that the first question is going to be about those


Trump tapes. 80 million people watched the last debate and usually


the second one, the viewers drop off but I think for this one it is


really must watch. Thank you for joining us.


Well as we were hearing from Laura, a number of High profile Republicans


have been deserting Donald Trump, but what about his core base?


Well we can speak to Charlotte Laws, one Trump supporter.


I'm interested in what you make of this video where Donald Trump is


seen making very aggressive and lewd comments about women? I think it is


much ado about nothing, honestly. We have known for a year and a half,


ten years, 20 years that he talks in a crude way, that he says things as


he sees them, and he speaks that way. The thing about club, he does


not support the double standard, like many in society. He is an equal


opportunity critic, attacking men and women. Many people attacking him


seem to think that women are fragile and should be treated differently to


men, that they should be sequestered from bad words. He does not believe


that, he treats women verbally the same way and he promotes women, he


has a history of putting them in executive positions, high-powered


position, even in the 80s, in the construction industry, when this


wasn't done at all. He pays high salaries and he is into equality.


Even so, he has called women fat pigs, dogs and slobs. I'm struggling


to see what he has called men that even compares to these things. He


has said many things to men. He called Rand Paul ugly, he has called


men many things. You will read articles and you will see the


attacks that women make against men. Megan Kelly called Chris Christie a


fatso on Fox News and nobody reported it. I have seen comments


about Trump about how he is orange, how he is tubby but nobody says


anything, because there is a double standard and that somehow you must


treat women differently from men. I don't believe that, Trump doesn't


believe it. We believe in pure equality. But name-calling and other


comments that Donald Trump has made, it's not very presidential, is it? I


totally agree and if that is your argument, that's fine. I think he'll


be an excellent president. I think he will overthrow the status quo,


that he will change the way that things are done in Washington and


I'm very hopeful about that and I think he will go down in history as


one of the best presidents of all time, if he can get elected. But if


you don't like the language, then that's a perfectly fine argument.


I'm not bothered by the language. You can look at people like Winston


Churchill, other people in history who used foul language and work


great leaders. Can you understand why people have been incensed by


this language, including Condoleezza Rice? It is largely because people


are entrenched in our success society, they believe in the double


standard -- sexist society. I think they aren't really looking at it in


a pure way and many people have an agenda. They either want to derail


his campaign, which has gone on from day one, the establishment, even the


media in the United States have been trying everything to derail his


campaign. Or they don't want to lose their own power, they are afraid


he's going to come in and change trade deals, he is a bit of a


protectionist, he isn't going to interfere and rebuild other nations,


he has a different policy to what has been in Washington. The people


in power are very afraid they are going to lose that power and lose


their money. Thank you for joining us.


There have been protests in Yemeni capital Sanaa after Saturday air


strike on a funeral in Yemen, which killed more than


140 people and injured hundreds more.


Saudi Arabia described the attack in the capital Sanaa -


as a "regrettable event" - and said its coalition was ready


to begin an investigation - in coordination with the Americans.


The US said it would review its support for


the Saudi-led coalition, which is allied with


Dense black smoke billows from what was a funeral hall


Some survivors can be glimpsed trying to escape


This amateur video appears to show how the funeral of one man became


Here the aftermath of the carnage and the rush to find the wounded


and dead, who, minutes earlier, had been warning the father


TRANSLATION: We came here after the first hit happened,


while we are helping survivors and get people out,


The Foreign Office said the images from the scene were shocking


and Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said if civilians were


deliberately targeted, Britain would review its criteria


The conflict in Yemen escalated in September 2014


when the Houthi rebels, who are allied with Iran,


In March last year, the Saudis and their allies began


a controversial campaign of air strikes against the Houthis.


The UN says more than 4,000 civilians have


Most in air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition.


Saudi Arabia has promised to investigate the latest strike,


It says its troops have clear instructions not to


But the White House has begun an immediate review of its support


for the Saudi coalition, which has already been cut back.


Let's return to our top story, the US presidential debate.


Tonight it will have a slightly different format to the first


one we saw last month - the two candidates will be joined


by a live audience of undecided voters.


They'll be putting questions to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


who will be moderated by hosts from CNN and ABC.


Let's speak to Aaron Kall, director of debate at Michigan University.


Thank you for joining us. Shall we talk about the interview that we


just did, I understand you have some strong views? Certainly a great job


of a sorrow gut, making the best case and I think tonight that Trump


is going to go back to his primary self and really attack the


establishment and try and put him soft as being in the best light as


being an agent of change in the election. How is Donald Trump going


to handle the attacks that Hillary Clinton may make about this leaked


tape? It's going to be front and centre at the beginning of the


debate and I think the first thing he should do is immediately


apologise, express contrition. Similar to Secretary Clinton during


the first debate about her private e-mail server and he should ask the


forgiveness of American voters, who are very forgiving people and if he


shows genuine remorse they may be willing to forgive him. Both camps


have been preparing for this for some time. What do you think the


strategy for Donald club and -- Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


will be? Trump must address questions of his temperament. At the


end of the last debate he did a pretty good job of stopping short of


making really scandalous attacks. He ran out of steam. He started strong.


This time he needs a solid 90 minutes and both candidates must


show empathy towards the voters. Questions about the economy and


trade and they need to connect with them and understand where they are


coming from and provide common-sense solutions to the voters who are


having a tough time making a decision. This contest has become


very ugly indeed. Could it become uglier and what would voters make of


that? There is potential for it to be really nasty and if he throws the


kitchen sink and she comes back. Both of them have vulnerabilities. I


think it will turn off voters. There are voters thinking about not


voting, or in tracing a third-party candidate. If it gets so nasty you


are going to see less turnout and a more uncertain election. If you had


to call it either way, which way would you choose? Tonight? I think


it's going to be a minor part of the debate, there will be a lot of


hoopla. You mentioned Twitter. I think it will be a footnote. Thank


you for joining us. Stay with us, still to come: the sports News


including advantage Nico Rosberg as he wins the Japanese Grand Prix.


Team-mate and title rival Lewis Hamilton was third.


This was a celebration by people relishing their freedom. They


believe everything is going to be different from now on. They think


that the country will be respected in the world as it used to be before


Slobodan Milosevic took power. The Dalai Lama, XO spiritual leader of


Tibet, winning this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Two grenades exploded


and a group of soldiers came from the parade and ran towards the


President with Kalashnikov automatic rivals. After 400 years the skeletal


ribs of Henry VIII's tragic warship emerged but even as divers worked on


her the Mary Rose went through another heart stopping drama. I want


to be the people's governor. I want to represent everybody. I believe


that the -- in the people of California.


Donald Trump's campaign team say he may raise sexual abuse


allegations against the former US president, Bill Clinton,


during his televised debate later with Hillary Clinton.


Saudi Arabia says it's ready to begin an investigation


into a coalition airstrike in Yemen, which killed more than 140 people


The weekend's football World Cup 2018 qualifiers are continuing.


Earlier there was disappointment for European championship


They are ranked 10th in the world but could only draw 1-1


Real Madrid star Gareth Bale gave Wales the lead early in the first


half but an unmarked Okriashvili nodded


Wales remain top of their group but could be overtaken depending


Teams in the same group as Wales, Moldova and the Republic of Ireland,


currently 2-1 to the Republic and Serbia against Austria where it is


currently 2-2. Spain, 2-0 up against Albania who have never qualified for


the World Cup before. Italy losing 2-1 against Macedonia, a bit of a


shock if it stays that way. suffered a second blow in a week,


as he finished third in the Japanese Grand Prix,


won by Mercedes team-mate Nico Red Bull's Max


Verstappen was second. World champion Hamilton


made a poor start and initially dropped to eighth,


which comes after an engine failure the German with only 100 available


in the remaining four races. The result means Mercedes have


won the constructors World number two Andy Murray has won


the China Open and edged closer The Briton beat Grigor


Dimitrov in straight sets in Beijing, and didn't drop a single


set the entire tournament. The victory is Murray's fifth


singles title of the year, as he eyes overtaking world


number Novak Djokovic. three Agnieszka Radwanska eased past


Britain's Johanna Konta Her run to the final has seen Konta


reach the world's top 10 for the first time in her career,


but she was outclassed American media reports say that


a replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device has caught fire,


the second such incident that has On Wednesday one of the phones


caught fire on a plane in the US, The company had claimed


the problem with the Note 7 With me is Rhiannon


Williams, the technology How much of a crisis is this for


Saint-Sa ns? It couldn't come worse, it has come at a difficult time in


the smartphone market and for Samsung to have their premium


handset taken off the market is very bad news for them indeed. This is


the second replacement. What is going wrong for the company? In mid


August when Samsung started selling the Note seven model, reports that


the phone was overheating when being charged. Samsung took note of this


and issued a global recall, which is unheard of, not many technology


companies would go to such lengths. Samsung said that they would issue


people with replacements but now feed the placements are catching


fire with the same issue. Is it going to hurt them long-term?


Initially it was extremely bad news for the handsets to be exploding but


the fact that the recall is experiencing the same problems is


extremely damaging. Very difficult to come back from that and restore


consumer confidence in Samsung even though it is the world's largest


mobile manufacturer. People won't invest if there is a risk of harm.


Is it going to play into the hands of Apple, Samsung's biggest rival?


Yes, coming after the release of the iPhone seven in September. In the


run-up to Christmas people are going to be looking to buy new handsets


and Apple will look to capitalise. What can Samsung do to bring back


confidence to the device? At this point it looks like the only thing


they can do is to kill off the Mode line. People are likely to go back


and purchase older models -- the Note line. They will have to focus


on the Galaxy range. Thank you for joining us.


Would you let someone give you a free mystery tattoo?


Well in London people have been at the centre of a gallery


Behind it is renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell.


He tattoos for free any arm that comes through.


But there is no communication, and the person only discovers


I am Scott Campbell, doing a project which is essentially a hole in the


wall and I am on the other side of the wall and anyone is welcome to


put their arm through. I'm going to put my arm through the wall and let


the artist do its work. No communication at all. I don't know


how it's going to be, it is kind of a surprise but it's going to be a


good surprise! JAZZY MUSIC I don't know what it is going to be


but it is big, I can say that. Part of what I enjoy about the project, I


don't really worry about what's on the other side of the wall. I just


get to hide in my little room and do the thing that I love to do.


Sometimes you can tell the gender, sometimes it isn't clear. I tried to


predict what people would get. Every time that somebody's arm comes


through and I put my hands on it, "This arm needs something else. " I


don't have a message. I'm doing this out of my own curiosity and learning


as I go. It is an idea of what I can do with tattoos in the same way as


drawing, without asking permission. Letting the artist do his work,


amazing. I am profoundly appreciative of the trust it takes


to participate in something like this. When people pull the arm out,


I want everyone who was afraid to put their arm in to look at it and


wish they had done it. It is done? It is done.


While! Amazing. -- wow! It was amazing. It turned out to be


perfect. I was looking at the flames and skulls and I thought, let him


mixed them up and it is likely read my mind. Button extraordinary thing


to do. A giant pumpkin grown in Britain has become the biggest ever


to be cultivated outdoors in the UK. It weighs over 600 kilograms.


Earlier we caught up with the man who grew it from a seed. As of


yesterday, the final day of the weighing, that was the end of 149


days long project for me. That means that something must be done to the


plant every day for 149 days, even if it is going out to be patched to


make sure they are all right. Generally it makes sure -- it


involves everything from watering first thing in the morning, watering


for one hour every day, especially in the summertime. And in the


evening I go down after work and spray the plants with various


different things in the evenings. That is quite low, five times a week


sometimes as the season goes on. Measuring, we must measure the fruit


as well. I do that on most days to keep track of how much they are


growing and try and get as much information about how to perform as


possible so I can decide what needs to be done the next day the Mac the


day after. Blimey, that is huge. That's it from me and the team for




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