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The ugliest US presidential debate in history.


Now the most senior Republican in the country says he won't


No handshake, no pleasantries - just harsh words and


Hillary Clinton attacks those same women. It's just awfully good that


somebody with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the


law in our country. She should be in jail.


We'll look at where the debate and the fallout leaves


How suspicious friends brought an end to a huge police


manhunt in Germany - by tying up a suspected


Samsung is reported to have stopped production of its Note 7 phone


after more handsets catch fire despite modifications


And a special message for a 105th birthday to the trailblazing


reporter who championned the people fleeing the Nazis during


-- TV reporter who broke the news that the Second World War had begun.


It was possibly the most acrimonious Presidential debate ever


For an hour and a half, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


In particular, Mr Trump put up a robust defence of his vulgar


comments about women, which were recorded a decade ago


but only made public in the last few days.


But he's lost another key ally - with the most senior Republican,


Paul Ryan, saying he won't spend any more time defending his party's


candidate for the White House and will instead focus on stopping


Mr Trump has told Mr Ryan to spend his time on jobs and immigration


rather than fighting the nominee. Here's our North America


editor Jon Sopel. They walked out smiling,


but as they drew closer, the awkwardness and tension


were evident. Hello.


Hello. And very quickly it was onto the now


infamous comments from Trump I've apologised to


the American people. Hillary Clinton sought to broaden


the attack on his He has said that the video doesn't


represent who he is, but I think it's clear to anyone


who heard it that it represents But it's not only women and it's not


only this video that raises questions about his fitness


to be our president, because he has also targeted


immigrants, African-Americans, Latinos, people with disabilities,


POWs, Muslims, and so many others. And this is where it got


nasty and dirty. Donald Trump chose attack


as the best form of defence. He brought with him women who'd


previously claimed to be sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton,


and Mr Trump didn't hold back. If you look at Bill


Clinton - far worse. Mine were words, and this


was action. There's never been anybody


in the history of politics in this nation that's been


so abusive to women. Hillary Clinton attacked those same


women, and attacked them viciously. When I hear something like that,


I am reminded of what my friend, Throughout the debate, Donald Trump


moved nervously around the stage. Sometimes as though he was stalking


her, often just lurking in the background as


an intimidating presence. His most effective attack was over


her use of private e-mail server, If I win, I am going to instruct my


Attorney-General to get a special prosecutor to look


into your situation. It's just awfully good that someone


with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law


in our country. And then the most surreal end


to this most poisonous debate. Would either of you name


one positive thing that His children are incredibly


able and devoted. And I think that says


a lot about Donald. I will say this about Hillary -


she doesn't quit. This was a brutal and savage 90


minutes. Donald Trump had to prove


that he could move beyond the sex scandal tape that has so rocked


the Republican party. There was a tepid handshake


at the end, but there's no love lost between the two of them,


and no easing of the animosity either between Mr Trump


and the deeply unhappy Jon Sopel, BBC News,


St Louis, Missouri. This more than any other US


Presidential election in history, is a battle being fought on social


media as much as it is on TV. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


between them have over 20 million according to Twitter,


this was the most tweeted debate ever - with more than 17


million tweets posted. Mr Trump proved a more popular


subject than Mrs Clinton - with almost twice as


many tweets about him. Although the research doesn't say


if they were favourable or not. But despite that, Mrs Clinton


still won the battle to attract more And as for who might have


won the debate? This poll, carried out


by ORC for CNN gives it That might seem like a good


performance, but the same poll held after the first debate


gave her an even bigger margin We'll have the very latest


from our correspondent in the US in just a moment -


but first, here's some He's not the greatest debater,


it's not his strength, but I thought he did well


and he landed some shots Every time Hillary Clinton tried


to bring up the tape that unfortunately came


out a day or two ago, he just reminded her, "Hey,


your husband has a track record that far exceeds anything


I've ever said." So, I think he was right in doing


that, because if she's going to attack him on some childish


little comment, and I went to an all boys Catholic high school,


I know of comments like that. I don't like it, but,


you know, I don't like the e-mail thing either, so,


with Hillary Clinton, so it's like, you know,


pick your poison. It's ridiculous, I mean,


he's just saying things I mean, if you want to become


president, you have to respect females, and if you are not able


to do that, then how She was very clear about


Donald Trump's actual verbiage, and that it wasn't


true, check the facts. Really, I think it went similar


to the first debate. I still really have no idea


who I want to vote for. You want someone that's very


strong, very passionate. I think that she just says


what people want, and want to hear, and so does Donald Trump,


but you would still want to be I don't think either


of the candidates are like that. Live now to Washington


and our correspondent Aleem Maqbool. First of all, the political fallout.


How much of a blow is it that the most senior Republicans says he will


not be spending any time defending Donald Trump up to election day? On


the face of it, it is extremely damaging. This is the most senior


elected Republican, Paul Ryan, saying to all other Republicans,


fighting for seats in Congress, go and save yourself. If that means


disassociating yourself from Donald Trump, do it. He is saying that he


himself will not spend time defending Donald Trump but will


instead try to ensure in his words, that Hillary Clinton does not get a


blank cheque. That sounds as if he is conceding victory to Hillary


Clinton already. It looks damaging but you have to remember that a lot


of those people voting for Donald Trump, over the last year or so, but


in this country, are going to vote against the establishment. They are


talking about the Republican establishment as much as about


Hillary Clinton. In terms of Donald Trump Osman base, this might help.


He could say,, the rubble -- the Republican Party is against us all


but stick with me and we can turn things around. But for those in the


middle, those undecided, this is just another indication. Even those


people in his own party think that Donald Trump is a liability. But he


had that bike through the Republican primary process which got him to his


candidacy. -- he had that right through. I didn't harm him. But the


fact that Donald Trump is still standing after that video emerged,


that is quite an accomplishment in itself? Absolutely. Ahead of this


debate, there was all kind of talk about the fact that Donald Trump


could implode somehow. But he didn't. It was an extraordinary and


fairly depressing in some parts start to the debate with this brutal


-- these brutal blows, and they were described as just that, he was


laying on Hillary Clinton. But also Hillary Clinton missed opportunities


later in the debate to land that sort of fatal blow as well. He did


very well what he has done right through this, which is get his


message across, that whatever is wrong with America today is because


of the establishment in this country and people like Hillary Clinton. He


talked a lot about her untrustworthiness and that kind of


message is resonating. That is why he is still where he is today. But


Hillary Clinton did hold her ground and we saw through the Republican


debates that the other Republicans were unable to do that. It is in the


balance, that he is holding ground. Thank you very much for now. Both


candidates will be out on the campaign trail in the next few


hours. To Germany now, where a two-day


manhunt for a suspected Islamist militant has come to an end


after he was apparently tied up by people when he tried to take


shelter in their apartment. 22-year-old Jaber Al-bakr,


a Syrian national, was detained Police began searching for him


after finding bomb-making equipment Even the German police admit


they are believed to have The 22-year-old who arrived


in Germany as an asylum seeker last year, had been on the run ever


since police raided a flat in the eastern town


of Chemnitz on Saturday. There, they found hundreds of grams


of what is being described as highly dangerous explosive material,


together with fuses It is yet to be officially


analyse but police say their specialist on-site believe it


to be a substance known as TATP, which is the explosive used


by the Paris and Brussels attackers. Now, the police believe that


Jaber Al-bakr was perhaps in the process of putting together


some sort of suicide vest. They actually think that he may


have neared completion. They also believe he has


links with IS. Despite that European manhunts


and went on for well over 24 hours, police admitted today that actually


Jaber Al-bakr was apprehended Jaber Al-bakr was apprehended


by some Syrian refugees. It's thought he may have approached


them at Leipzig railway station. There are questions over how


he could have been wandering around such a public place


amid such tight security. One way or another, though Syrian


refugees took him When they realised who he was,


they tied him up. One of the refugees went


to the police station with a mobile phone picture of Jaber Al-bakr


and said to the officers there, I think we might have your man,


you might want to come Could be rather embarrassing


for the police. You sense that this operation didn't


go quite as well as the security Nevertheless, they are claiming this


arrest as evidence that they can manage the IS terror


threat against Germany, that they can, in effect,


keep the country safe. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. Taliban forces are mounting


an assault on Lashkar Gah, the capital of the strategically


important province of Helmand. Reports suggests the militants


are now within a few kilometres of the governor's compound,


though a provincial spokesman denied that areas close to the city centre


were being contested. Police in southern India


are investigating the family of a 13-year-old girl who died


after fasting for more The schoolgirl, Aradana Samdariya,


who lived in Hyderabad, only drank water in the early stages


of the religious fast. Her family has denied


forcing her to take part. The British-born Oliver Hart


and Bengt Holmstrom of Finland have been awarded the Nobel prize


in Economic Sciences for their contributions


to contract theory. The judges said their work laid


a foundation for designing business policies in areas such


as executive pay. The British government


is being warned that failure to strike a good deal over leaving


the European Union could mean big The British Retail Consortium -


the industry trade body - says reverting to World Trade


Organisation rules could result And it says years of deflation


could mean shops would struggle More from our Business Editor Simon


Jack. The retail industry presented


its post-Brexit stall today. As the biggest importer of goods


in the UK, the sector is worried costs could rise


when we leave the EU. As we import goods into this


country, coming from the EU, or other countries where there


are trade deals, those at the moment If as part of the exit from the EU


we have new tariffs, then that will put upward pressure


on prices for consumers. Once outside, the UK might have


to fall back on its membership of the World Trade Organisation,


which comes with its own rule book. Currently, meat moves


between the EU and UK tariff free. WTO rules impose


tariffs of up to 40%. Clothes from India arrive in the EU


with 12% added and under special rules for developing countries,


we could opt to introduce It is too soon to know exactly what,


if any tariffs will be imposed on imports coming


into places like Liverpool. The WTO rules are not


the government's preferred option but they are of


course a possibility. But one thing seems certain,


shoppers may have to get used to higher prices,


if only because of the fall in the value of the pound,


which makes imports coming here from the US and Europe


that bit more expensive. Here in Birkenhead, traders


and shoppers seem convinced the EU wouldn't want to make


life more difficult. They export more to us


than we buy from them. So therefore, they are going to want


to do the deals as much as we do. We buy a lot of flowers


so if they want to put tariffs on our cars, we will put


tariffs on their flowers. I think it definitely wasn't made


obvious to the public that, you know, prices of daily things


or gifts, etc, would go up. But I think it should have been


something everyone should There is another cloud


appearing in consumer skies. Petrol retailers warned


today 5p per litre hike in prices was imminent,


thanks again to pound weakness. Deal or no Deal, prices


look likely to rise. Simon Jack, BBC News,


Merseyside. The UK's Home Secretary Amber Rudd


says she expects to receive a list of children living in the Calais


camp known as the Jungle Ms Rudd says the details will come


from the French government, and that once she has the names,


she expects any children in the camp who want to come to the UK to make


the journey within days. France is planning to close the camp


in the coming days. The United Nations is calling


for a "massive international response" to help Haiti,


in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. It's appealing for $120 million


for immediate life-saving assistance for three quarters


of a million people in southwestern The money will go to provide food,


clean drinking water and shelter It comes as concern grows


about an increase in cases of cholera, which is spread


through contaminated water. This is what UN chief


Ban Ki-moon had to say. At least 1.4 million people


need our assistance at this time. Some towns and villages have been


almost wiped off the map. Crops and food reserves


have been destroyed. At least 300 schools


have been damaged. And these numbers are growing


as more affected areas are reached. Tensions are already mounting


as people await help. South Africa is grappling with


protests which have led the university is being closed. Students


are demanding free university education for all. But events have


taken a violent turn. There has been a tense stand-off


between riot police and students here at this university. The


students have told us that they are angry that a major meeting which was


supposed to have been held on Friday, was cancelled. They say that


the Vice Chancellor of the university did not inform them that


that meeting was going to be postponed. They grew impatient,


started throwing stones and private security and police, Hurriyat --


retaliated with stun grenades and rubber bullets. The stand-off does


not seem like it will be resolved any time soon because both sides are


digging their heels in. You may remember the smartphone


giant Samsung was forced to issue a recall of its Galaxy Note 7 phone


last month, after complaints Now there are reports that it's had


to stop production of the phone after claims that replacements


were also starting to emit smoke - like the two damaged


handsets you can see here. Our correspondent Steve Evans sent


this report from Seoul in Samsung's This is the heart


of Samsung country. Everybody here, most people anyway,


have Samsung phones. Some people use them


to phone, conventionally. Some people use them for videos,


selfies, like I am now. The Galaxy Note 7 is still being


advertised here but that is clearly redundant because Samsung has said


that it is rescheduling production. It was the sort out


the safety problem. If there is one thing you don't do


when you're a company, that is recall a product,


reissue it as safe and then have So there is clearly


a problem for Samsung. The other difficulty for Samsung


is the iPhone 7. Time has been lost by Samsung


in this great battle What started out as a bit


of a glitch with a launch is now turning into the danger,


the potential for a real Steve Evans reporting from his


phone. You may never have heard


of Clare Hollingworth, but her work as a journalist,


eight decades ago, is viewed by many as being as important as the events


upon which she reported. She broke the news of the start


of the Second World War, and also helped refugees


from Eastern Europe to flee Today she's celebrating


her 105th birthday - special message from one


of the children she helped to escape 105 years old is


something to celebrate. Clare Hollingworth now lives


in Hong Kong where today, friends and family threw


a party for her. She was a member of an exclusive


group in a man's world, It was this young, ambitious woman


who broke one of the biggest stories ever, the outbreak


of the Second World War. She sent the story to


the Daily Telegraph, having seen German tanks lined up


on the Polish border. This is the national


programme from London. Germany has invaded Poland


and has bombed many towns. I'm really passionately interested


in war and if one is passionately interested in war, one can't


help like being in it. Her family only discovered paperwork


about it in recent years. Clare Hollingworth helped thousands


of refugees escape the Nazi regime Margo Stanyer was one


of those she helped. She still has her travel papers,


with Clare Hollingworth's name on. The two women have never


met, never even spoken. But Margot recorded this video


message which was played today All I can say is thank you to Clare


again and again and again. I think of you a lot,


until the end of my life, I will, thanks for me and all my children,


because we are still here, Someone who has done truly,


truly good things for the world... Age, frailty in distance mean


the two women won't ever meet now but at 105,


Clare Hollingworth has finally had a personal thank you from someone


whose life she saved. Let's go back to the US


Presidential Debate - The run-up to the event


was overshadowed by the emergence of a tape of Donald Trump,


recorded a decade ago, when he made obscene


remarks about women, and how a man in his


position could treat them. The issue came up in the debate,


and here's how he responded.. Certainly I'm not proud of it,


but this is locker room talk. The sort of thing a group of men


might say without really meaning it Well, while Mr Trump may have


satisfied some of his critics, he's angered a new group in society


- professional athletes. Some of them are taking his


remarks rather personally. Chris Conley, who plays


American Football for the Kansas City Chiefs,


says he works in a locker room, He adds that in his experience,


while men DO talk about women, they don't do it in


the way Mr Trump did. And CJ McCollum, who plays


for the Portland Trailblazers basketball team, says he's not heard


language like that where he works. Mr Trump hasn't reacted to that


reaction to his locker room comment We're keeping an eye on how


the debate has affected the race for the White House -


and we'll leave you tonight with the latest BBC


News poll of polls. As you can see, Hillary Clinton


retains her advantage over Donald Trump, with her support


appearing to have consolidated itself in the upper forties,


while her Republican rival's numbers And you can check that poll tracker


yourself over several different time scales if you log


on to bbc.com/news, and click through to our special section


on the US Presidential Election. Don't forget you can get


in touch with me and some of the team on Twitter -


I'm @BBC KarinG. And you can see what we are working


on via facebook too at facebook dot A chilly start to the day and that


looks like a case for the rest -- all of the UK. An easterly wind


coming across the Baltic Sea, picking up moisture and bringing


showers. But this Easter the breeze


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