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Donald Trump turns his fire on the key Republicans who've


In a series of furious tweets, the Republican Presidential


candidate calls them disloyal, and accuses the House Speaker


Russian and government war planes renew their bombardment


of the Syrian city of Aleppo, as Russia's relations with the West


We have a special report from Romania, where vulnerable young


girls are at risk of being trafficked into prostitution


TRANSLATION: When crossing the border, I had a gun to my head and


they told me to give them the IDE and to smile. -- IDE.


A Royal first for the Duchess of Cambridge - Kate makes a solo


It was a day ago that the most senior elected Republican,


Paul Ryan, said he would no longer defend or campaign for his party's


candidate for the White House - after Donald Trump's obscene


Now Mr Trump has responded, lashing out on social media


in a fresh sign of the Republican Party splitting apart


In a tweet, Mr Trump claims he won the second debate


with Hillary Clinton, but despite that, "It is hard


to do well when Paul Ryan and others give zero support!"


He goes on to describe Mr Ryan as a "weak and ineffective leader"


But Mr Trump also appears to relish his new freedom,


saying "It's so nice that the shackles have been taken


off and I can now fight for America the way I want to."


Mr Trump's ratings have fallen in opinion polls since the release


of the video in which he made sexually aggressive


Gary O'Donoghue is in Washington for us.


How isolated does Donald Trump find himself with his own party? It does


sound a bit isolated, this absolute deluge which of postings on social


media today, sounding slightly paranoid. He talks about teaching


the republicans, so nice that the shackles have been taken off, he can


now fight for America the way he wants to. He sounds a little manic


and I think that is in part a response to what happened over the


weekend, obviously with the release of the video on Friday, a lot of


temp... 13 republicans claiming he should stand aside. This is his


response, he feels abandoned, isolated within the party. He is


doing what he does, which is lash out, lashing out much more at his


own side van at Telecom ten. It sounds as if it is only going in


that direction, it is not sounding like he is trying to win back the


support of the republicans. No, the interesting thing is the structure


of the republican Party, the bureaucracy, he has said he will


continue to campaign for him, the organisation will can they need to


work for him. He has got that part of it but without the month of the


leadership and the big names, he is effectively having to fight this


with one hand tied behind his back. They would argue that he only has


himself to blame for that, that the instances like the video and the


series of other things have made it very difficult for them to support


him, but the bigger picture is that there isn't just a battle for the


White House going on this General Election, there is Congress, a third


of the Senate is up, a bunch of vulnerable republican seats there.


They just about have control of the Senate at the moment and the House


of Representatives every two years, every single member has to be


re-elected. The onus is trying to penetrate -- protect the


congressional votes for the future because if you can hold onto at


least one has of Congress, that means you have some power to control


the president. -- Democratic president.


Gary, stay with us because we want to talk about the claims of more


potentially damaging footage of Mr Trump from The Apprentice


But the show's creator, Mark Burnett, says


previously unreleased video will not be made public.


Mark Burnett, the London-born president of MGM Television,


says "various contractual and legal requirements" prevent


Mr Trump appeared in the US show from its inception in


I assume you're talking about financial penalties? I guess so.


There will be all sorts of intricacies, this series and the


rights to it and now owned by a much bigger corporation, there will be


contracts edge contracts involving Donald Trump I am sure and the


original creators, I am no lawyer, I don't think anyone has seen this,


who knows what the legal position is. One interesting tweet from


someone who was a producer on the first two series of the American


Apprentice saying if we thought he Donald Trump videos were bad, he has


seen a lot worse, clearly someone thinks there is a lot to be had in


those of cuts, he stopped on the studio floor from that series. You


can be sure that because Donald Trump has been involved in media


appearances for years and years, never been shy, you can be sure that


all these other programmes and networks are going through those


shelves full of tapes and archives other programmes thinking, have we


got anything? Ensure they are. Gary, thank you very much. -- I am sure


they are. It's not just the Republican Party


that's divided during this election. Families are often finding


themselves at odds - some siding with Clinton


and others with Trump. Rajini Vaidyanathan has gone to meet


one family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania who can't agree


on a candidate. In the key battle ground state


of Pennsylvania, the Ingram family Hello, my name is Cathy Ingram and


I'm voting for Hillary Clinton. I am J Ingram and this is my son and we


are voting for Trump. She thinks I'm totally crazy


for voting for Trump. Hold it, hold it. His questions were


all attacks on Trump. At dinner, talk of politics


is unsurprisingly lively. Jay's vote for Donald Trump


is as much a vote against Hillary Clinton, the candidate his


wife Cathy is supporting. She wants to do the best


for the country, so even though she has a little bit of a storied


past, I think she has some ideas that really need to be pushed that


on the Democratic side You don't think she comes off a


good person? She reminds me of


the evil school marm. She's old, she's overweight,


just like some of those other women. He is not, he is fine coming he is


230 and hit a golf ball 200 A.D. So it he is in fine shape. The self


confessed liberal, J backed Bernie Sanders in the primaries and voted


for Barack Obama twice. I was gung ho for Obama. I really believed he


was going to do things. I believed what he said, the fool that I am.


You seem to like sit around and telling jokes and looking pretty.


Their eldest son is getting ready to cast his ballot for the first time


that he is with his dad. I am voting for Trump. I couldn't vote for


Hillary, too many strikes against her. A lot of people like to make


excuses for what happened, but she will say anything to get elected.


Everything put Trump on the defensive. The tables are split as


this state where it is looking close between Hillary Clinton and Donald


Trump. We go off and meet people every day of the week and no one


comes out and says they are voting for Trump, but they will come up to


me after and say they are voting for Trump by the way. I go, why hide it?


I think the Passion is not of their behind either candidate at this


point. The undecided voters in Pennsylvania party that election.


One thing is certain, whatever the outcome, expect barge to fly in this


house after polling day. -- sparks. The mobile phone manufacturer


Samsung has permanently stopped production of its latest smartphone


because of safety concerns. It's told customers


who have the Galaxy 7 device to stop using it, after reports


they've been catching fire. A previous attempt to fix


the problem wasn't successful. With me is Robert Leedham, editor


of the technology magazine Stuff. Welcome. Your magazine love the note


seven, they give it a five star rating. Yes, we tested it for two


weeks, it worked very well and it was powerful, great camera, screen,


we didn't see any sign of a problem. Most technology publications rated


the Galaxy Note seven as highly as possible. Unfortunately, it started


catching fire went got out to users. A lot of very disappointed and was


having to give them back. I imagine so. It is a very unfortunate


scenario for everyone involved. The Galaxy Note seven hadn't been


released internationally. They took a break effectively from 2005, that


-- from the note five. This was supposed to be the big account but


it didn't turn out well. If people have already got them what are they


supposed to do now and what are they supposed to get in return to keep


communicating? This is important. Samsung say if you have got a Galaxy


Note seven turn it off and then you can take it back to them and get a


refund on that phone or you can exchange it for another Samsung


phone like the Galaxy F7 or S seven edge, but of those phones have no


lung problems with them. This particular divide -- device is very


thin. Is that possibly the problem that you had to wrestle the power


into such a thin battery? According to reports, some someone looking to


compete with Apple's iPhone which had a rather middling year in terms


of updates to its design. It wants to pack as much technology as


possible into the Galaxy Note seven and apparently that is where the


problem occurred, because a bigger battery went into this person, and


there wasn't any more space for it according to reports. This is a


difficult thing for manufacturers to get as much power into the battery,


because people will complain all the time that they don't get enough


battery time on any device, because so much is going on in those


devices. Exactly, people want a better screen from videos and to


take more photos and all of that soaks up power. Most people will


want at least a day and a half out of their phone. That is where the


problem comes in. When you try to overcompensate for those added


specs. How big a catastrophe is this for Samsung? They were saying they


were trying to modify it, now it is saying turn it off and give it back,


how bad is it when they are up against Apple and Google? It is not


good, is it? No manufacturer wants their product to start setting on


fire. The real consequences are going to show when the Galaxy Note


seven Ferrari blows over and Samsung release their new phones, then you


will tell how much damage to has been to the brand in terms of sales.


In the meantime you have got companies like Apple with their


iPhone seven and Google is about to release its first ever own brand


home in the coming weeks, able to take advantage of the gap on the


market. -- phone. Thank you very much.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


Armed men in the Afghan capital Kabul have attacked


14 people are said to have been killed and 26 injured.


The Karte Sakhi shrine was packed with people marking Ashura -


a day of mourning in the Shia calendar commemorating the death


Iranian football fans have watched their national team beat


South Korea 1-0 in a World Cup qualifier despite the constraints


Throughout the match, Teheran's Azadi stadium was a sombre


scene, packed with tens of thousands of Iranians instructed to wear black


Fans were requested to refrain from cheering their team,


and instead raised clenched fists and chanted "Ya Hussein."


Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says Russia risks


becoming a "pariah nation" if it continues on its current


The comments were made during an emergency debate


Meanwhile Russian President Vladimir Putin called off a planned


visit to Paris, after French President Francois Hollande


said Russia could face war crimes for its aerial


Another little girl pulled from the rubble of eastern Aleppo.


Another child left orphaned by a war that has devastated so many lives.


Today Russian warplanes resumed their bombing


A bloody campaign that MPs debated the first time in months.


Are we so coward, so poleaxed by recent history in Iraq


and Afghanistan that we are now incapable of taking action?


All the international hand-wringing after Rwanda, Bosnia, Srebrenica,


when we said never again, was it just hot air?


These pictures makers want to close our eyes and turn


from the horror but we cannot turn our backs on the greatest


Listening to the first time in his new job


He tore into Russia, calling for fresh sanctions


and demonstrations outside Russian embassies.


If Russia continues in its current path I believe that great country


is in danger of becoming a pariah nation.


If President Putin's strategy is to restore the greatness


and the glory of Russia then I believe he will see his


Some called for a no-fly zone over Aleppo but that would involve


the West being prepared to destroy Russian and Syrian warplanes


Some called for more aid to be dropped by playing but this can


often land in the wrong place, and others called for yet more


diplomacy, and if that failed more economic sanctions.


We do need to explore no-fly and no bombing zones, we do need to look


What people in Syria need is bread, not bombs.


Any war crimes by air forces will be logged.


In a multilayered multifaceted civil war like Syria the last thing


So the mood of the House of Commons was clear,


the West should do more to confront Russia and the Syrian


government, potentially even with the use of military force.


But the Foreign Secretary was much more cautious,


warning that the consequences of no-fly zones would have


to be thought through very, very carefully.


For the people living in the ruins of Aleppo what matters is not


the words of Western policymakers but and end to the violence.


And there's no sign of that coming soon.


Haiti's government has warned that the country faces "real famine"


following the "apocalyptic destruction" of Hurricane Matthew.


The UN has called for a "massive response" to help the country


recover from the aftermath of the Category Four storm,


which is believed to have killed as many as 900 Haitians.


Unicef's representative in Haiti, Marc Vincent, is on the line


from the city of Les Cayes, one of the worst hit


Thank you for talking to us. Tell us what the situation is like today.


Our teams are working with government partners and they are


doing all they can right now to make sure they can get clean water to the


most affected population. As you know the UN released on appeal


yesterday and we are estimating that 2.1 million people have been


affected by this storm and 1.4 million are in urgent need of


assistance, so for Unicef the first priority is to get clean water,


drinkable water to the population in order to be able to control


outbreaks of waterborne diseases. We are also working with the Ministry


of education here to try and see how we can rehabilitate the more than


300 schools that have been damaged by the storm so that we can ensure


that up to 100,000 children don't lose their school year as a result


of a lack of access to schools but also they have lost uniforms, books


and of course the teachers only same communities and they have lost


everything is Wells, so we are working closely with the Ministry of


education to see how we can prioritise schools and get to as


many children as we can. I want to ask you what access is like, how


easy is it to get to the people who are in need of all help? When I was


speaking to our teams yesterday, I think we had reached a little over


60% of the communities in the two affected areas. We are still being


blocked in some of the more remote communities, especially in the


higher lands, where it is very difficult to get trucks in, and


large equipment in. Access is still a chance. How concerned are you? We


have been hearing a lot about worries to do with the potential


outbreak of cholera in the worst affected births? Clean water --


worst affected parts. It is the first thing in terms of controlling


the outbreaks of cholera. We have been working again with the Ministry


of health and others to try and reach those communities affected


with medical teams but also to reach them with immediate water


purification supplies, buckets and so forth so they can have access to


clean water. We are also mobilising now as we speak with our partners to


26 rapid response teams that can go out of the communities as soon as we


have access. Mark, we appreciate your time. That was the Unicef


representative in Haiti, speaking from one of the worst affected


towns. On Wednesday, Britain's Prime


Minister Theresa May is expected to highlight the problem of modern


slavery during a speech Thousands are being trafficked


into the UK and other nations - forced into prostitution


or domestic slavery. Most come from a handful


of countries, including Romania where sex trafficking


has become widespread. From there, Naomi Grimley


sent this report. This 26-year-old is a survivor of


human trafficking and here in a woman's shelter in Bucharest he is


trying to rebuild her life. Looking on is her baby girl, fathered by her


last traffic. She was trafficked not once, not twice but three times


around Europe. TRANSLATION: When crossing the border, I had a gun to


my head and they told me to give them the ID and to smile. In the


mornings and afternoons I had 15 clients. Then in the evenings


through to the next morning, they would bring another 20. In the end


it was a client racked with guilt who helped her to escape. Many of


the victims of trafficking, from remote villages. UK arrest in


eastern Romania appears stuck in a bygone era. -- Bucharest. Many


houses don't have running water. The traffickers have targeted this place


and the British woman who runs a local community centre says a girl


goes missing every month. The girls get involved through the lover boy


scheme. They are mostly young and vulnerable teenagers in love with


the pimps who are normally older guys. The girls are very attracted


by the Mercedes and the ODs that they are driving around in. This


woman was trafficked to Germany for prostitution. Now with her life back


on track she has gone to the immunity centre to warn the local


kids of the dangers. I'd tell the girls to don't trust the guy is so


easy. She helps you will make the teenagers think twice. A village


like Nik arrest really struggles to offer the jobs and opportunities


that they might want in the 21st-century and the traffickers


exploit that. They act like real life pied pipers. We went to jail a


north of Bucharest to meet a man who trafficked women and girls to Italy


for five years. He. He claims he didn't use any force. TRANSLATION: I


don't know if it is exploitation, but I don't think this is


exploitation. But how would you feel if this was your sister or daughter


being trafficked? TRANSLATION: You really don't think it is someone's


daughter, just that you have to make money and that is it. Would you do


it again? Yes. You would? Yes. Why? TRANSLATION: After all I have done


they have taken everything from me. I have to start again from scratch,


so I will not be sorry to do it all again. Here, the worry is another


three girls may be gone by Christmas. Some may go willingly to


escape their poverty but a life that awaits them, no one could ever


knowingly wish for it. The Duchess of Cambridge has


made her first solo overseas trip. She's been in the Netherlands


for a day of engagements which included discussions


on mental health issues, This report contains


flash photography. Going solo abroad


for the first time. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


on a mission of more This is a moment when Britain needs


to cultivate friendships in Europe. Britain's links with the Netherlands


go back centuries, so when the House of Windsor, represented by Catherine


represened by orange, represented by King Willem-Alexander


the image was of two European countries of shared history


and many shared interests, not the least of which is each is


a huge export market for the other. No-one was crude enough to mention


Brexit, that's for the politicians. Theresa May was here


yesterday canvassing support She visited The Hague


to look at paintings. She was demonstrating


the art of soft diplomacy. Visiting a gallery or joining


an artwork shop may not be demanding, but the importance


of a visit such as this should Members of the Royal Family do not


do politics but do diplomacy of the soft variety promoting


Britain's image and Visits such as this


to important European allies Memo to the Royal tour


organisers, Catherine led the way in the Netherlands,


the rest of Europe beckons. Scientists have obtained remarkable


new insights into the environmental catastrophe caused by an asteroid


that hit the earth some They found that life returned


relatively quickly to the site after the impact of the 15km object


widely thought to have wiped The researchers have been examining


rocks from the massive crater, 100km wide and 30km deep,


that formed in what is now the Gulf of Mexico, and have found small


organisms that evolved in the first Hello, good evening. The weather has


been fairly similar over recent days with a large area of high pressure


across Scandinavia. Clockwise winds around that and a fair number of


isobars. The chilly breeze blowing down from the Baltic Sea across the


North Sea Dragon quite a bit of cloud of the night to night but the


cloud helps temperatures


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