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Hello I'm Karin Giannone, this is BBC World News Today.


A secret internment camp for former Islamic State militants -


many of them from Europe - discovered in Syria.


Some 300 defectors and their families are being held.


We have an exclusive report from inside the camp.


You give your life to them so they are starting to take control of your


life. I know that I am in trouble, but this is what I choose and I will


pay the price. Calls for medals for two Syrian


refugees who handed in this man - the suspected Islamist


bomber Jabar Albkar - Also coming up, students


in South Africa continue to clash with police over government plans


to stop free university education. And previously unseen


photos of Truman Capote are now reaching a whole


new audience The BBC has discovered that a Syrian


rebel group, Jaish Al Tahrir, has set up a camp in the north


of Syria to hold about 300 former fighters who've


defected from The prisoners are from Europe,


the Middle East, and North Africa. In many cases they're being held


along with their families with the cooperation


of foreign security services. The number of foreign fighters


who joined IS is not clear. But it's believed up to 4,000


people have gone from Europe Two-thirds of them come


from four countries - France, Britain, Germany and


Belgium. The Centre for


Counter-Terrorism suggests of origin.


returned to their countries From Istanbul, Quentin


Sommerville reports. Where do jihadists go


when their beloved Islamic State Some are being held here at a secret


camp in northern Syria. The men are from Europe, across


the Middle East and Central Asia. They're defectors and prisoners


of war, In retreat, many have


brought their families with them. He joined the so-called


Islamic State from Holland. Now a captive, he


renounces the group. You give your life to them


so they're going to start taking I know I will get in trouble,


but this is what I choose I hope I can get out soon


and live my life normally. These are Egyptians,


Tunisians, Holland... The camp is run by the rebel


group Jaish al Tahrir. Its commander showedme


the details Some will be returned to Europe,


if the authorities promise to jail them, but others


will face Syrian justice. TRANSLATION: We refer them to courts


and they roll according If they had committed murder then


they might be executed. Some are jailed just


because they still hold The Islamic State's


court is collapsing. They're losing territory


and an increasing number of people Joining IS was relatively easy,


but leaving is difficult. "It was hard, really hard,"


says this defector We've also learned that European


intelligence agencies are on a mission in northern


Syria to find, capture They're working alongside some rebel


groups to create a kind of underground railroad,


which will bring IS group supporters but these European jihadists


want to come back. Quentin Sommerville,


BBC News, Istanbul. Russia and the US will start talking


about the war in Syria again. Last month US accused Russia of bombing


and a convoy. of the Syrian city of Aleppo


markets in the rebel-held east is reported to have killed


at least 15 people. Rescue workers say women


and children There had been a brief lull


in the strikes by Syrian government


and Russian warplanes. But they started again


on Tuesday, Lawyers for the only surviving


suspect in the Islamist terror attacks in Paris last November have


said Salah Abdeslam has been held


in solitary confinement since he was captured


earlier this year. His lawyers said he doesn't wish


to talk They also said the constant 24-hour


surveillance had caused their client to clam up, and that they were left


with no choice but to step back. TRANSLATION: We know, we are


convinced, and he told us in job that he will not speak and enact his


right to remain silent. In our position, what would you have us do?


I told you from the first day that if my client remains silent, we may


stop defending him. There are calls in Germany to honour


two Syrian refugees who overpowered to so-called Islamic State.


links The two Syrians gave shelter to a


fellow Syrian asylum seeker, Jabar Albakr, but then recognised


him as the target of a nationwide manhunt and


overpowered him before tying him up and calling the


police. One of the men has spoken


to German television TRANSLATION: I don't want something


like this to happen in this country. No one welcomes Syrians like they do


in this country. We respect this country and its people, its


government and its laws. You don't want something like this to happen


here. He tried to bribe us with money so that we would release him.


We told him it doesn't matter how much he pays, we will not release


him. You told us how you got involved


with the search for this man. The suspect in this case, he's on the


run, and the police are looking for him. I got to Facebook and I have


known a lot of serene friends there. So I checked my Facebook and I saw


immediately lots of messages popping up, Syrians taking to Facebook to


call on people to find the guy and taken to the police. There were lots


of calls in private messages but also in the big Facebook groups.


Syrians are very organised through social media, through Facebook. They


were calling, whenever you see this guy, call the police. And assist the


police. Because he might be an Isis terrorist. He might conduct a


terrorist attack. In the end, this man was handed over to police. There


have been calls from Germany for them to be rewarded in some way.


Your newspaper is calling them the Syrian refugee heroes. How big is


the appetite for them to get some kind of reward for that? There are


already some calls from politicians to reward these two Syrians who


overpowered him, who tied him up and handed them over to the police. Of


course, it will take some time because authorities have to


investigate the case and see all the details and whatever, and


recognition will come out of this. But be called heroes, hero refugees,


not just because they tied him up, also to show the tremendous efforts


that many Syrians in Germany were taking. It was like a joint effort


of many Syrians who posted in these Facebook groups, calling for


arresting this terrorist and it was these efforts of the Syrians that


were with the terrorist, that put him where he actually is, so it was


like a joint effort. I spoke to one Syrian activist, he's an Isis


activist, from activist group, an anti-Isis group that worked inside


the territory of Islamic State, to document life under this terror


group. He was one of the first Syrians who went to Facebook to warn


of this terrorist. I spoke with him and he told me, you know, I came


from a country that is torn apart by war and terror. I know how bad


terror is and attacks against civilians, and I don't want the


country getting refugees to be hit by that. I'm so sorry, we're out of


time, thank you very much. Police and students have been


clashing at universities free education for all


as demonstrators demanding try to shut down colleges,


in the lead-up to final exams. As Alastair Leithead


reports from Johannesburg, protest and political infighting


are symptoms of what South Africa has failed to achieve,


22 years after the end of apartheid. Today in Pretoria they took their


demands for free education off the campus and onto the streets. The


first children to be born after the end of apartheid are coming of age,


and AIB. -- they are angry. Bizarre scenes reminiscent of another time.


Their parents for the authorities for freedom, but this generation


wants more. If students can't graduate,


there are no junior doctors, no trainee teachers, the country


and the economy will suffer. This is more indicative of bigger


problems in South Africa about questions over inequality and about


race. There are still much white wealth in June and Esbjerg's fastest


suburbs which towers above the poor township of Alexandria. It is here


that 18-year-old law student lives with her aunt, who brought her up


when she was orphaned at eight years old. Maybe we're protesting like


this, because we know that there is money but it is not used


appropriately, so that is why. She just wants to get back to class. Her


aunt has struggled to pay fees despite it. If anything was going to


be, was going to be easy for everyone, for the poor, for the


poorest. President Jacob Zuma and his ruling African National Congress


have been smeared by scandals and allegations of corruption. Freedom


wasn't supposed to be like this. People are really just saying that


we don't think that what's being done to redress, to build a new


South Africa, is adequate. And the government, instead of responding to


our legitimate grievances is ignoring us. There is little sign up


protests fading, with more demonstrations planned across the


country. This is an important time in South Africa's coming of age.


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is on the campaign


trail today in Florida amid a crisis in the party over his candidacy.


After a bruising few days of Republican politicians


abandoning him after the Trump Tapes revelations,


he took to the state to persuade voters to back him.


Most of his speech today at the rally in Ocala was spent


attacking Hillary Clinton, following emails released


by WikiLeaks on Tuesday, that appeared to show the


Department of Justice communicating with the Clinton campaign


over the investigation into her private email server.


The Hillary Clinton documents, have you been seeing what's been going


on? Released by WikiLeaks make more clear than ever just how much is at


stake in November and how unattractive and dishonest our


country has become. The election of Hillary Clinton would leave, in my


opinion, to the almost total destruction of our country as we


know it. Now a look at some of the day's


other news. In Thailand, large crowds


of well-wishers have continued to pray outside the hospital


in Bangkok, where the king


is dangerously ill. The palace say his condition has


"not yet stabilised". The Thai king is the world's


longest-serving monarch, The Indian army says that


a three-day standoff between soldiers and armed militants


has come to an end in An Indian army spokesman said


the fighting ended when two militants who had taken up positions


in an empty government building, close to the region's main city


of Srinagar, were killed. He said the building had been


searched and weapons recovered. Samsung has lowered its forecast


for third-quarter profit by a third that it was stopping production


of its Galaxy Note Seven phone. Safety fears have been


increasing after a number


of models caught fire. The South Korean company's share


price fell further on Wednesday Ireland is a land rich


in mythical tales about giants and now there is a thought


that those legends may be built Scientists are working


to try to identify people who are carrying what they are


calling "a giant gene". Researchers have found it's more


commonly carried by people in County Londonderry in Northern


Ireland. Our Ireland Correspondent


Chris Buckler reports. These stone circles aren't the only


link to history here in Mid Ulster. This is a land of giants,


and that's a title that comes Among those strolling these shopping


streets are a select group of people who carry what's become


known as the giant gene. That's me when I was seven


or eight years old. At his height, he stood almost 6'11"


tall, and it is likely he would have grown to over seven feet tall


if he hadn't been treated for a genetic disorder


that caused gigantism. Do you object to being


called a giant? People can call me what they like,


and many a time they have. However, gigantism is a condition


that can be life-threatening. My mother passed it to me,


and she never knew that. And many people still, to this day,


are passing the gene on without knowing it,


and that will continue. DNA evidence shows Brendan


is related to Charles Byrne. His skeleton is on display


in a London Museum. He was more than seven


and half feet tall. Born in Mid Ulster in the 1700s,


famously known in London But it is only a decade


since scientists worked out a genetic link to the condition,


which affects the pituitary gland, causing abnormal growth and many


other mecical problems. 20% of people who carry the gene


will develop the disease, so people could develop


blindness, severe headaches But, with effective therapy,


I think the problem can be So the emphasis really is on early


diagnosis and early treatment. Irish folklore is full of tales


of giants, not least Finn MacCool, who it is claimed built Antrim's


famous Giant's Causeway. Researchers believe, in at least


some of the many stories, And with the gene still present


in the population here, they've been carrying out tests


to try to identify There's clearly a giant


hotspot in the middle We were surprised, as well,


because a lot of the people we found really are no different


than anybody else. They're normal height,


stature and so on. But of course, with


the complications, it may be one or two generations down the line,


in their children or grandchildren, that's what we're hoping


to prevent with this. There was probably at least some


truth in the centuries But it is likely that at their heart


was a gene that caused That is why many want the idea


of generations of giants Let's return to the campaign trail


in the United States. We showed you Donald Trump campaigning in Florida.


Is the focus now on these essential states in the final four weeks? It


has to be. That is typical of any presidential campaign in the modern


era. You look at key swing states like Florida, Ohio, North Carolina,


Colorado, Nevada, they will both be there to debate next week. The


entire map boils down to places where the margins are close. If you


look right now Hillary Clinton is doing well in all of them, leading


in a lot of the key swing states. She definitely has the upper hand


going into these last few weeks. With President Obama urging senior


Republicans to withdraw support from Donald Trump, the UN human rights


chief saying that the world is in danger of Donald Trump becomes


president, that is not going to worry him or his supporters, and


Julie? I don't think anyone in the UN is going to carry a lot of water


among Donald Trump voters. But Barack Obama with harsh words


condemning Donald Trump that will help to activate the Democratic


base. Barack Obama is popular and his popularity is increasing month


after month. He is in the high 50s as far as approval ratings go right


now. When he says that Donald Trump is not qualified to work at a


convenience store, that will get the Democratic base roused up. Early


voting is happening in Ohio, a key swing state, and he wants to get


them out to the polls. How much controversy is being generated by


these stories about the e-mails? A lot of people here in Washington are


talking about it. It gives an interesting sort of insight into the


Hillary Clinton campaign. What happened was somebody hacked into a


senior adviser of Hillary Clinton. And we see some of the infighting


and messaging back and forth about what sort of campaign strategy,


maybe a cosy relationship between Hillary Clinton and the US media.


That will be part of Donald Trump's stump speech. He will try to portray


Hillary Clinton as part of the establishment that he is railing


against. Everything is getting overwhelmed by this secret tape that


was released on Friday that showed Donald Trump making off-colour


remarks about advances on women and such, and that still has not died


down. I don't think that the e-mail story is breaking through to the


electorate get. We're still recovering from the last televised


debate, but there are still one more to go. Yes, that's Wednesday in Las


Vegas. Donald Trump says he will be there although he has been critical


of the debate commission that has been putting them on. All eyes will


be on the two candidates who will be on the same stage again on Wednesday


week. For fans of photography


the work of David Attie But now nearly 35 years


after his death his His son, Eli Attie, uncovered images


from a shoot with Truman Capote Now they are on display


at the Brooklyn Historical Society. I started digging through these


dusty wooden boxes with all my father's negatives exactly


as he left them. I found an envelope that said


"a holiday Capote" and I didn't know he had anything to do


with Truman Capote, so it was only Brought them back to LA, had them


printed and my jaw hit the floor. I just thought they were amazing


portraits of Capote He really liked the work my father


had done for Breakfast At Tiffanys. My guess it was Capote who said


to Holiday Magazine when he was hired to write an essay


about his life in Brooklyn, He did these incredible portraits


of him in the house that he lived in in Brooklyn Heights and then


Capote, for the rest of that day, led him around Brooklyn Heights


and showed him people and places Holiday only used four pictures


from the shoot which were all images of people on the streets of Brooklyn


Heights. He didn't use any pictures of Capote


who wasn't super-famous at the time. Then it was all stuck in envelopes


and stuck in the closet. You know that essay has been


reprinted tonnes of times The photographs were


just kind of gone. I really felt they were pictures


of Brooklyn taken by someone


who knew and cared about Brooklyn. Brooklyn captured by a son of


Brooklyn. There is a real tenderness


in the point of view and the way he shows the children playing


on the street, an old couple standing on stoops and guys


gathering outside of the Civic club. It is a very affectionate


portrait of that time. There's nothing voyeuristic


about it. You get the sense that there


were some interaction to my father and his subjects that was a warm one


and I think he brought a lot of himself in his connection


to people and was a very I think he brought


it back to his work. I think he was trying to do photo


montages and these kinds of images that may have been a little more


cutting-edge at the time. I don't think he trusted his eye


as a straight, narrative photographer and that work


is being seen now and appreciated. I feel like I understand


his creative process. I feel like I understand his


frailties in a way I never


could have thought about as a kid. What's so great about


the Brooklyn Historical Society show is it doesn't just have vintage


prints of my father's and a whole bunch of these newly discovered


and newly printed images. It also treats it as the historic


body of work that I think it is. It started with a Google search


where very little popped up on him and I just felt he was a great


artist and somebody I cared I just wanted people to see his work


and love it. Some news that a film production


company has been fined $2 million for an accident in which Hollywood


star Harrison Ford was quashed by a metal door on the set of Star Wars,


the force awakens. The incident happened two years ago during


rehearsals at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire in the UK. He was


struck by a metal door and Harrison Ford, as a result, broke his leg on


set. Don't forget you can get


in touch with me and some of the team on Twitter -


I'm @KarinBBC. And you can see what we are working


on via facebook too. Hello, some subtle changes over the


next few days. A southerly wind developing as pressure falls and


lower pressure dominates as we head into the weekend. Higher pressure


again centred


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