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This is BBC World News Today with me Tom Donkin.


He was the world's longest serving monarch.


Outside the hospital where he was being treated people


World leaders have also been paying tributes.


Donald Trump strongly denies a series of new reports


that he groped or kissed women without consent.


These vicious claims about me, of inappropriate conduct with women are


totally and absolutely false. An alleged prisoner swap in Nigeria


sees 21 kidnapped schoolgirls Bob Dylan becomes the the first


musician to win the Nobel The death of Thailand's King


Bhumibol Adulyadej marks "the most devastating


moment for Thais". Those were the words


of the country's prime minister after it was confirmed that the 88


year old king - the world's longest President Obama said the king had


been a, "tireless champion There is widespread grief


in Thailand and members of the international community have


also been paying tribute. President Obama said the king had


been a "tireless champion And at the United Nations General


Assembly in New York, a minute's silence was observed


in honour of King Bhumibol. Then, this tribute from


the Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon. He was revered as a unifying


national leader and a highly respected figure internationally.


The outpouring of emotion in Thailand itself, has been acute.


Here, outside the hospital where the king had been


undergoing treatment - hundreds of people


TRANSLATION: I feel crushed. We will make him proud when he looks down


and he will feel proud. We have two be strong, Thailand has to be strong


and move forward. The country's strict laws means that there is no


public discussion about the monarchy but the Prime Minister has confirmed


the crown prince will be the new king.


It was a moment everyone here knew was coming but few


The long-expected announcement from the Palace, that the king


who had reigned and inspired them for 70 years, had died.


Still the cry went out - "Long live the king."


Well, we've seen an intensely emotional reaction here to the news


The unquestioned reverence to the monarchy in Thailand is not


what it was, but the emotional bond that people across this country


feel, to a man they still refer to as "Father of the nation",


His death will leave an enormous void, one which may well have


consequences for this country's political stability.


He'd acceded to the throne when the monarchy was


During his long life, the country modernised quickly.


Yet, the king was treasured as a symbol of older, spiritual


values, against the backdrop of rapid growth and messy politics.


But, as he aged, Thailand became more polarised and the royal brand


By the time of his death, he'd been out of sight for years.


Yet, the grief on display was raw and very real.


They remember a king, who, in earlier years,


devoted himself to public duty and his charisma,


they believe, underpinned their country's fortunes.


Tim Forsyth is Professor of South-east Asian Studies


I'm happy to say that he joins me now, it is good to see you. The


country has boosted security because of this, we are in uncharted


territory, we have not had this before. We have spoken of the Crown


Prince saying he wanted to delay the process but what do we know about


what will happen now? The technical role of the Privy Council Office to


nominate the future monarch and they've already done that, they have


basically said that it will be the Crown Prince and he is showing a


mark of respect by undergoing one month of morning and then he will


take up the role and the rest of Thailand will undergo another year


of mourning. The big question is, what will happen to the government?


In 2014 a military government took over, there was a military coup and


they have undertaken various steps to control the politics and now the


monarchy is assured and we will know what will happen, the likelihood is


we move towards a general election and a new form of politics. A smooth


transition is important in the country. It is hard and in some


cases against the law to talk about the royal family in tile and


especially. It is there to say the new king, the


Crown Prince, he will not have the same reverence or respect as his


father? Well, it is fair to say that he is not as popular as his father.


But I also think the circumstances have changed a great deal, King


Bhumibol Adulyadej has been in power for 70 years. In that time, Thailand


has transformed from a relatively poor and rural country into a


relatively successful and industrial power. In those years, the


government and monarchy were seen as a strong counterpoint to communism


in Southeast Asia and now the situation is very different. I think


the role of the monarchy has changed. And on that point of the


role of the monarchy, how do you see it going forward? The King was very


much out of politics, he did not deal with it except in 1992 when he


intervened in a coup but that was because of his ill health.


Now we have a younger model, throwing, will he be more involved


in politics? As things stand, the Crown Prince has not particularly


been involved in politics and will take over where his father left.


It's good to talk to you, Tim Forsyth, the professor of East Asia


studies at the London School of economics. Thank you.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


The death of a Syrian refugee suspected of planning a bomb attack


in Germany has been condemned as a scandal by his lawyer.


Jaber al-Bakr strangled himself in a Leipzig jail with his shirt -


and the government has demanded an immediate inquiry.


The European Council President has suggested Britain might not leave


the European Union because it would mean a damaging "hard Brexit".


Donald Tusk, who will oversee negotiations between Brussels


and London, stressed that Britain had little chance of securing


a "soft Brexit" where kept the benefits of EU membership


Aid groups have asked a French court to delay the closure


of the Calais migrant camp, known as the "Jungle",


arguing authorities are not ready to relocate refugees.


French President Francois Hollande wants to close the "Jungle" and move


around 9,000 migrants who live there - to reception


The Portuguese politician Antonio Guterres has been


officially appointed the next Secretary General of


The appointment was made at the UN headquarters in New York.


Mr Guterres - who was also a former UN High Commissioner for Refugees -


will take over from Ban Ki-Moon in January.


21 of the Chibok schoolgirls - the same girls kidnapped more


than two years ago by Boko Haram militants - have been freed.


The announcement, which came from the President's office,


But authorities say the girls were released following negotiations


between the government and Boko Haram.


Four imprisoned militants were reportedly freed,


although the government denies the girls were released


It's good to see you. Let's talk about this allergic deal. It -- this


deal. Boko Haram wanted to swap prisoners with the government, that


has not happened. But they did say that there was some negotiations


which took place but they have not swapped any prisoners. But we do


know that many people have been taken from Boko Haram, not just the


schoolgirls from Chibok. Is there hope that there will be a new


relationship between the government and Boko Haram? The government says


it is doing everything it can to release the schoolgirls, what is


being withheld some information, they've not said much about


negotiations and what is taking place between them and Boko Haram


but what we have now is that 21 girls have been released and they


are still hoping for more to be released. For those of us who cannot


remember as well as you, I guess, take us back to when the schoolgirls


were taken. There was a huge social media campaign in this part of the


world and Nigeria, what was the reaction to such a brazen capture?


So many young girls? A lot of people are still in shock. There are a lot


of other girls not from the Chibok area who were stolen. There are a


lot of people looking for their children and all of that. Some


parents are still traumatised by that effect. There has been a lot of


social media issues and comments about stuff like that. Now, there


are 196 left after the 21 but there is renewed hope that they will be


released. The government is showing that they are doing more to get


these girls released. The government does not give a running commentary


on how they deal with Boko Haram but we are seeing a shift in terms of,


not a military campaign against the group, but negotiations moving


forward? They are still fighting Boko Haram but yes, they are


negotiating as they have said, but the negotiations have been put


through with the help of the Red Cross and the Swiss government.


Thank you. The Republican presidential


candidate Donald Trump is under renewed pressure tonight


following more allegations A woman has told the New York Times


that he grabbed her breasts and put his hand up her skirt


during a flight in the 1980s. Mr Trump has tweeted that the story


is a total fabrication - and his lawyers are threatening


to sue the paper, according Here's our North America Editor Jon


Sopel. This woman, talking


to the New York Times recounts how she was on a flight


and moved to first class. She found herself sitting


next to Donald Trump. He was like an octopus,


like he had six arms. He started putting


his hand up my skirt. Two of the allegation


that is emerged last night concern sexual misconduct by Mr Trump


at his One woman, a writer


for People magazine had gone to interview him and his wife


for a piece on their first wedding Melania Trump was heavily pregnant


at the time and gone upstairs it change when the reporter


claims Mr Trump pounced. In response on Twitter


Donald Trump says: He says: "The phoney


story is a fabrication." convinced there is effectively a


conspiracy between the liberal media and Clinton campaign but this many


stories from so many different In the last hour, Donald Trump has


been speaking at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida and repeated his


denial of this and says that he will prove that they are false.


This is what he says. These vicious claims about me, about inappropriate


conduct with women, they are totally and absolutely false. CHEERING


The Clintons know it and they know it very well. These claims are all


fabricated. They are pure fiction and they are outright lies. These


events never, ever happened and the people who set them -- said them


fully understand. We have substantial evidence to dispute


these lies and it will be made public in an appropriate way and at


an appropriate time very soon. CHEERING


Let's get more from Katty Kay in Washington.


She has been watching today's events. These new claims about


Donald Trump, do they continue to hurt him or has the damage already


been done? In terms of going forward, what more can we expect


from this campaign, it's been quite remarkable? I think that we will


spend the next and final three weeks of the American presidential


elections caught in some sort of grotesque discussion of who treats


women worse, Bill Clinton or Donald Trump. That is effectively what we


have come to an Donald Trump has made it clear that he will hit back


against the Clintons, dredge up all of Bill Clinton's allegations of


invalid deleterious abuse that have come up against him as a retaliation


weapon. He was taking on the Clintons and taking on the media. He


laid it out as "Me against the world". And his supporters loved it,


they love him on offence, as he was in Florida now. He sees it as the


victim of this whole campaign and allegations against him but he


almost painted himself as a martyr as well, saying he was happy to baby


slings and arrows on behalf of his supporters because that is what it


was going to take -- happy to bear the slings and arrows. 21 days left,


he's not down and out. But he campaigns drastically and


frequently? Yes, but the polls are not looking great and generally


speaking, three weeks is not a long time to turn them around when they


are consistently showing him in a weak position. So, you can take a


whole slew of them and now we are having polls out, since the video


tape emerged last Friday, where we saw him caught on camera nicking


lewd comments about women. We are beginning to get polls out since


that video came out, showing that there's been a greater defection


among female voters who are important in American elections,


away from Donald Trump. It is hard to believe these kinds of


allegations have just come out in the New York Times and People


magazine, and they went out to that. Anything can happen in American


elections, they can be unpredictable and lord knows that this one has


been! But with so many polls pointing in the wrong direction for


Donald Trump, something pretty dramatic but had to happen for him


to turn it around. What is your impression of his game plan and


strategy? He is coming under weight of allegations and pressure. You


would be hard to see him as a Republican, he has distanced himself


from his party and is going it alone in a way. What can he gained from


that approach? His game plan is to make it through every day, I do not


think there is a long-term strategy but fight for another week and try


to turn the poll numbers around if he can and get the battle ground


states back into his field. We heard some of it there, it is to carry on


fighting and take on the Clintons and the establishment. Take on the


media and his own party, and to paint this as a movement of him and


his supporters against the world. Effectively, that is what he is


doing and we will take the world on, and we will show them and, if we do


not take them on or when something apocalyptic will happen. That speech


he just gave in Florida was very apocalyptic. It painted a very dark


picture of what is happening and what would happen in the USA if


Donald Trump is not elected president. If this was a normal


presidential campaign, if there is such thing as that, Hillary Clinton


would be facing more attention over these Wikileaks e-mails, has


anything yet emerged which could hurt her? It's interesting, this has


barely been a story. Donald Trump would love the Wikileaks to be a


story. And what he says is it is the crooked media that is ignoring a big


story about Hillary Clinton because they are so focused on him and it is


the press's boat that is not getting out. If you go through all of these


Wikileaks allegations, they suggest a campaign which is very political


and one that is very careful about polling, careful about what the


candidate should say and shouldn't save. There have also been


allegations that there is some sort of collusion between the Department


of Justice and Hillary Clinton's campaign on some of those things


that were on her e-mail server. That there was some collusion between


someone on her campaign and loyal to her, but was a paid member of the


press. It feeds into Donald Trump's portrait of a corrupt system which


is rigged against outsiders. And she is the ultimate, he says, outside in


that system. Fascinating, thank you.


You can follow Katty Kay on Twitter as well. She is following the


campaign very closely indeed. The Italian playwright


and actor, Dario Fo, Famed for his biting


political satires, Fo - went on to win the Nobel prize


for literature in 1997 - for works including


"Accidental Death of an Anarchist", and "Can't Pay?


Won't Pay!". His radical politics


saw him banned from Italian television for years,


and led to him being stopped twice And speaking of the Nobel


Prize for Literature - this year the award has gone to Bob


Dylan. The legendary singer-songwriter


was praised for having created 'new poetic expressions


within the great American It's the first time, in 115 years


that the prize, has been Our Arts Correspondent


David Sillito reports. There was an expectant buzz outside


the Swedish Academy's The literature prize had


been delayed for a week. The academy said it was a diary


issue, but many suspected the jury was taking its time because it was


about to spring a surprise. The gasps and cheers


for a songwriter who, perhaps more than anyone, turned


the lyrics of pop music into poetry. For having created new poetic


expressions within the great It's more than 50 years ago


that he became a figurehead for a generation, with songs that


took the traditions of folk and protest and then span off


musically and lyrically into places that the rest of pop


music then followed. For years, his name has popped up


as a potential Nobel Prize winner, only for his fans


to be disappointed. The social conscious of his early


songs were followed by lyrics that removing, meaningful,


puzzling in a single verse. These are songs that have become


part of our culture. He's saying something that has


a depth and resonance that other Many people will love Bob Marley,


Joni Mitchell, will worship at the feet of Leonard Cohen,


which is all very fair and valid, but when all is said and done,


I think Bob Dylan will be the one He's an artist who's often seemed


uncomfortable with the awe and regard his work has attracted,


but he couldn't avoid the accolades. He never stopped performing,


never stopped writing. The prize was always


going to be has eventually. The prize was always


going to be his eventually. Joining me now is the musician,


broadcaster and writer, CP Lee who saw Bob Dylan play


at the Free Trade Hall Very jealous of you there! Good of


you to join us. He is the first songwriter to win the award and are


his lyrics really that good? Do they stand alone without the famous


harmonica and melodies? I think so, they draw from a very


deep well of human experience. When the Beatles were writing, he was


writing a Hard Rain is going to Fall. God knows where he got it


from, different influences in European Expressionism and Italian


romanticism, and Walt Whitman, American poets, he fundamentally


changed the approach of popular music. Now comedian his lyrics well.


Let's do a little test here to see if they stand out without the music.


If you would be so good as to recite some of your most favourite and


famous ones? I think one everyone would be familiar with is Mr


tambourine man, dance beneath the sky with one hand waving free


silhouetted beneath the sea. It is one of his first existential songs


which breaks away from protest songs which are more familiar. Like how


many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man? Black


American singer Sam Cooke, he wanted to change direction completely and


wrote a change is going to come. We can move through to the howl of


loneliness like a Rolling Stone, how does it feel to be on your own like


a complete unknown, like a Rolling Stone? All the way through to lines,


and lyrics like tangled up in blue, and his 1976 album. She opened up a


book of poems and handed them to me, written by an Italian poet from the


13th century. Every one of those words flowed true, pouring off every


page like it was written in my soul. We can go through to Tempest written


two years ago, he underwent a renaissance and began to produce


Scarlet Town, and old tin Angel, based on an Elizabethan ballad but


he writes he threw down his crosstown broadsword, he renounced


his faith. When he writes in that shrouded and almost religious


script, he is deeply effective at moving people. Briefly, there are


many lyricists are like Joni Mitchell, Leonard Komon comes to


mind, why Bob Dylan? -- Leonard :. He said that Elvis Presley freed our


bodies, and Bob Dylan freed our minds. He provided a springboard.


After the release of freewheeling, suddenly you have the folk tradition


of America. And then discovering a whole lot of other angles and


elements that he began to bring into his songwriting and from that point


on, limited: Heard Bob Dylan and tried to write songs, Joni


Mitchell... -- Leonard Cohen. I'm afraid we have to stop there.


That's all the time we have, next is the weather.


Goodbye. Hello. For a long while we have had


high pressure over Scandinavia and that has meant easterly winds


blowing across us. Over the next few days the pressure falls and wind


direction changes. Going more southerly and that


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