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A new twist in the race for the White House. New evidence will out


and cast doubt on sexual allegations against Donald Trump. Obama warned


the stakes could not be higher. Democracy itself is on the ballot


right now, so if you want to send a message, make it allowed.


There's an outpouring of grief on the streets of Bangkok as people


Nigeria's President issues a remarkable rebuke to his wife


I don't know what party my wife belongs to, she belongs to my


kitchen and my living room and the other room.


A shark breaks into a cage, and yes, there's a diver in there -


Well staying with the theme of election battles -


it's been another somewhat surreal and chaotic week in the US


where there's now just 24 days left in the race for the White House.


The election is won and lost in the swing states -


and President Obama has been to one of those today - Ohio.


Addressing a rally of Democrat supporters he used his speech


to question Donald Trump's fitness to succeed him as President


saying Mr Trump lacked the qualifications to hold office.


Donald Trump's closing argument is what do you have to lose?


All the progress we've made right now is on is on the ballot.


All the progress we've made the last eight


Democracy itself is on the ballot right now.


So if you want to send a message, make it loud!


President Obama speaking in Ohio there - Ohio has special


significance too because no Republican candidate has


ever won the Presidency without winning the state.


Anthony is in Washington for us. We head and energised campaign speech


for Hillary Clinton. Are we expected to see him and his wife in the next


three weeks? Absolutely. I think the two of them are one of Hillary


Clinton's greatest assets right now. Barack Obama is extremely popular,


particularly for a president who has been in 480 times. Generally they


tend to be lower it in likeability. His wife is even higher up than they


are making a case for Obama's legacy. He was trying to rally


debase and get them to turn out. That is the key, minority voters and


young voters still love him and his goal over the next few weeks is to


get them to show up at the polls. Looking at the Republican side,


Donald Trump is due to speak shortly. He has promised new


evidence. Are we likely to see another three weeks of purely


personal attack and counterattack going forehead? That is how it is


looking right now. Ever since that tape came out last Friday that had


Donald Trump making off-colour comments about harassing women


sexually. He said during the debate that this was just words. He opened


himself up to this parade of women coming forward saying he made


unwelcome sexual advances towards them. We are not done seeing those.


We got another one today. His response is to go on the attack and


it looks like he's going to stick to that thank you. Later in the


programme we are reporting from the Key state of all higher will. No


Republican ever has made it to the White House and not one that's it


over. She campaigned vigorously


for her husband in Nigeria's election two years ago,


but Aisha Buhari has warned she might not back him


again - unless he shakes President Muhammadu Buhari


promised to tackle corruption and nepotism when he came


to power but according to his wife he doesn't know most


of his top officials. Speaking to the BBC Aisha Buhari


said it was time her husband Well since then, President Buhari


has shot back at his wife's comments telling her where,


in his opinion, she belongs. I don't know which party my wife


belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living


room and the other room. I hope my wife will remember that


I was in the field for The first time, I managed to succeed


and the first three times I ended up So I claim superior knowledge of her


and the rest of the opposition, because in the end,


I have succeeded. The BBC bureau chief in Abuja,


Naziru Mikailu, is the journalist who he did the original interview


with Mrs Buhari. I spoke with him a short time


earlier and asked him how Mr Buhari's response has been


received in Nigeria. How is this playing out in Nigeria?


What are the views on what he had to say in retaliation to what his wife


said? There have been angry


reactions from Nigerians, For example, we have people


comparing him with US Republican We also have some people calling his


comments this graceful and We also have some people


calling his comments disgraceful and We also have people


trying to say that the president might be a good


leader, but a bad husband. People are saying, where was she


when he was campaigning? Was she in the kitchen or the other room? Some


people say that he was joking. In the last few minutes, the


President's 's spokesman has said that the president was joking when


he said his wife belongs to the kitchen. He wasn't trying to lower


her status at all. Why has she doesn't make these comments so now?


I think since the Government was formed and the president came into


power following the main opposition parties and I think that left a


vacuum within the Government with many people feeling that they have


not been taken on board and the President's wife felt it was time to


come out and speak hoping that her intervention would force the


president to make some changes and so that the party will remain in


unity and move forward, but it appears that the president is not


willing to do that. Thank you for joining us.


One of the kidnapped schoolgirls has been seeking to the BBC about her


release. She was abducted back in April 2014, but she managed to


escape in the hours following the mass kidnapping when she jumped off


the truck. Our correspondent asked her for her reaction. I was so


happy. Really, really happy that day is the day of joy. It's the day of


happiness. Happiness for me to get my friends back. You must've thought


that they would never come back? Yes, definitely. I was thinking they


would never come back. Maybe they were dead by now, but everyday I had


dreams about them that they came back. Of the girls released, did you


recognise some of their names? Did you recognise some of them from TV?


Yes. I recognised Agnes. She was a close friend? Yes. What was the


first thing you wanted to tell them? I wanted to tell them that what had


happened, it has already happened. They have to forget it all. It has


already passed. They have to forget everything so that they will think


about their future. They will not continue in that situation that they


are in. We have never forgot the rest, because this is only 21 at our


back. We have to keep demanding for the rest to be back with us. D1 of


one of the cheap rock schoolgirls. Thailand has begun it's


year of official morning following the death of King


Bhumibol Adulyadej, Since then, the Crown Prince has


made a surprising request, asking for a delay in the process


so he and the people of Thailand Thailand's military government


has now confirmed that 96-year-old, who's chairman


of the Royal Privy Council, will act as regent.


From Thailand, here's Jonathan Head. The last journey of a king whose


long range defined the modern His body was carried


in slow procession from the hospital where he died


to the grand Palace. A sea of mourners dressed in black


gathered for a The crowd stretched


out, unbroken, across Bangkok's all wore ill quarter as


far as you can see. It is hard to convey to you


the extraordinary atmosphere here outside the grand Palace waiting


to say a last goodbye to the man It is a powerful,


shared sense of national grief felt across the country among


people from all walks of life and As the hearse approached


the palace gate, the hush Most could not see clearly


that they sensed his arrival and started


sobbing quietly oppressing their palms together


They saw in this king a kind of talisman for their


country, a man who represented tradition and modernity, a kindly


And so, at the end, they struggled through their grief to


sing the anthem composed especially for the King and sung at so many


This last heartfelt rendition a way to say


In other news, Israel has adopted a resolution that denies there


connection to holy sites. It uses only the Muslim name for the holy


sites which is known to Jews as the Temple Mount. Americans coming to


Cuba will be allowed to bring home more cigars and rum under new


measurements are announced by the Government. The news will be welcome


to by the Cuban Government which ones to end the decade old embargo.


US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei


Lavrov will be holding fresh talks on Syria in Switzerland on Saturday.


Mr Lavrov said he had no special expectations and that his country


does not intend to put forward any new initiatives.


In Syria, President Assad has been speaking to a Russian newspaper.


He remains unrepentant over his forces actions in Aleppo


This is what he had to say about his army's attempt


From a strategy point of view, a military point


to be the springboard as the big city to move to other areas, to


liberate other areas from the terrorists.


To boost the terrace to Turkey, to go back to where they


Aleppo is going to be very important as the springboard


In Colombia earlier a deal was rejected to find a resolution to the


crisis. The ceasefire issue to expire at the end of the month. We


spoke to the top negotiator. The Colombian peace protest is in


crisis. After years of talks in Havana, the signing of a final


agreement was heralded as a moment of hope, but then came the cold,


hard reality. A few days later in a referendum, the Colombian people


rejected the peace steel on the table many saying it was too lenient


on leadership. Specifically on guerrilla leaders. Number two in the


and Leeds negotiator. He acknowledges the campaign byes


victory, only just. It was a technical draw between the know and


the yes. Do you know was consulted on a supplies. Many of those who


voted against it say that it wasn't a vote against peace, just against


this deal. Yes to peace, but not like this, was their slogan. The


readership disagree with that completely. They want peace, well,


we already have the instrument in our hands, the final agreement.


Let's use it. Yes, we could add some of their proposals to enrich it so


we have a strong final agreement, which is what we need. However, with


thousands of grill is now waiting for the green light to disarm, they


are neither at war or peace. That state of limbo cannot go on


indefinitely. We need to come out of this situation of uncertainty


quickly, it's true. That's why we reaffirm that the delay being caused


by some parts of the no camp is intended to bring down the peace


protest, but it will not succeed. He admitted to being a little surprised


about the referendum results, but insisted they were not frustrated by


the decision. He did say that time is now their greatest enemy. There


is a sense that this crisis needs to be resolved soon, before the peace


protest loses momentum. Unmanned drone aircraft are often


associated with military reconnaissance and warfare,


but in Rwanda drones are doing good, delivering vital medical supplies


to remote hospitals. The idea is to save time,


and lives, where travelling This could be the drone that


catapults Rwanda and possibly the world into a faster way


to deliver goods. US start-up Zipline has developed


a fixed week drone that can automatically fly to its destination


using satellite navigation up It comes down on what wasn't


a brilliantly operational But this is bio-degradable


and a one-time use. They don't need to worry


about the environmental impact This is the blood that


will be used by surgeons, As you can see, it's


extremely well wrapped up. Rwanda's countryside may be


beautiful, but the land of a thousand hills,


as it's known, takes Patients brought to Rwanda's many


district hospitals can face waits of hours,


sometimes a day for blood or plasma The new service paid for by delivery


by Rwanda's Department of Health starts with the text and finishes 20


minutes later with the drop, avoiding the need


for the drone to land. The Government pays us for each


and every flight that we do, but the really cool thing


is that these flights are actually about equal or a little less


expensive than the way they were currently doing deliveries


using motorcycles or trucks. Whilst some may find it hard


to believe an African nation could lead the world


in adopting drone delivery, its Technology Minister told me


he was not surprised. Many African nations are looking


at what's happening here to see if this drone can


help their rural communities. The fact that its cargo


is so precious and potentially life-saving and that the president


has given this project his own personal seal of approval means


that the team here will probably They'll be allowed to make a few


more mistakes than other similar If this can be proven


to be safe and reliable, this could be the future


of drone delivery - not just in Rwanda,


but around the world. Here are some pictures of a truly


extraordinary escape. The footage shows the moment


when a shark got into a supposedly shark-proof cage,


with the diver inside. And just so you know, the diver


escaped completely unharmed. An encounter with


the great white shark. Lured to the viewing cages


with a lump of tuna. Having taken the bait,


it thrashes its way into the cage there is


It will probably be able to turn and swim.


You could not see immediately the sharp in there.


You could not see immediately the shark in there.


Until the shark bites its way through the top, blood


This blood is not from the diver who is


The guy that did not immediately pop up.


Ming is an experienced dive master but


never before can his skills have been tested like this.


When the cage gave way, he'd drop beneath it.


These shark cages are professionally engineered


It was a freak accident, a shark in a tight corner


with enough power to break the rail at the wrong moment.


Well staying with the theme of election battles -


The election is won and lost in the swing states -


and President Obama has been to one of those today - Ohio.


The loss of manufacturing of jobs in all higher will has led to some


Democrats to rethink their political loyalties.


In its heyday, this steel mill employed thousands of people, they


are gone. The plant is shut, no one works here any more.


It's been a hard world for a lot of people in this community.


When you walked out of high school, as soon as you


got your diploma, you can work out and go and get a job and start


working at Ford, shipyards. You don't have that any more.


Downey Road is another plant run by US steel which is still open, just.


It only has jobs for 200 people. Mark Williams knows he is lucky to


Mark Williams knows he is lucky to be one of them.


Mark is a lifelong Democrat, who this year switched parties in


I am upset, I am discouraged with the Government.


There are people losing their houses.


Mark doesn't like what Trump says about women and immigrants,


but a few months ago, he met the candidate right


here at the diner and he was impressed.


I didn't particularly care for a lot of the answers that


he gave me, being a union steelworker.


You hear a lot about global trade deals here, none of it good. Those


are the deals that they say kills this time, that made there is one of


the more depressing places in America.


On the main drag, the Clinton campaign makes a splash, but they


know Trump has tapped into something here.


I was born here, but I've lived here my whole life.


Dan Ramos' family have been here for four generations.


People have seen that the status quo has not gone well for us.


We need to make sure that we build an economy that rises all boats


I think that is what Secretary Clinton is pushing for.


Closed factories litter in northern Ohio.


Ghostly cathedrals to another time, a time before the double blow


When factories that used to employ hundreds of workers now the click


this, it's not surprising that people are angry.


It's more human to blame other countries or immigrants


than it is to blame computer ships or robots.


This wrecked plant is as much the story of


Susan Helper is a professor of economics, who spent a few


years working in the Obama administration.


We had a particular kind of globalisation.


This protects large multi nationals, it is


worried about things like intellectual property.


Whereas they don't protect labour rights or environmental


rights, so what you have is a globalisation that is really


rewarding competition based on who can mistreat their workers


Tom lost his job a year ago and has just been called back. Do you think


any of the candidates from what you have heard can help? I think both of


them can. I believe it's more about big money. Any politician could help


us. It's just about who will step up and say we need this money and


instead of taking it out of the country, bring it here.


The candidates can promise the moon, but these steel


mills will never provide jobs and livelihoods


A new industry will have to revive Lorain.


That's a challenge for whoever is the next president.


That's all from the programme. Goodbye for now.


Hello there. Some milder weather on the way. On the approach of this


area of low pressure we will fine the wind


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