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This is BBC world News Today, broadcasting in the UK and around


the world. More trouble for Donald Trump. Two more women accusing the


Republican candidate for the White House of sexual misconduct.


Thousands of Thais gather to mourn the King. During a visit to Germany,


Nigeria's president tells his wife to know her place after she


criticises his government. I don't know which party my wife belongs to.


She belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room. How


is this for a cage fight with a great white? The moment they die


they came face-to-face with a killer shark. -- a diver. In the US, two


more women have come forward alleging Donald Trump of sexual


assault. One of them, a former contestant on his TV show the


apprentice said he targeted her when they were discussing employment


opportunities. The allegations were made in a press conference. Mr


Trump, when I met you I was so impressed with your talents that I


wanted to be like you. I wanted a role in your organisation. Instead


you treated me as somebody to be hit upon. I was embarrassed by your


sexual advances and share this information with people close to me.


Mr Trump, you were interested in me only because you wanted a sexual


relationship with me and for no other reason. After hearing the


released audio tapes and your denials during the debate I felt I


had to speak out about your behaviour. You do not have the right


to treat women as sexual objects just because you are a star. Mr


Trump has been campaigning in North Carolina and has yet to comment on


the allegation but he has branded his other accusers as being horrible


liars. Katty Kay is in Washington. . Thanks for joining us. Things have


been moving pretty quickly. At the same time Donald Trump was trying


dispel existing accusations, you could turn to another channel and


see fresh accusations. Extraordinary, it is unravelling


quickly. You heard the woman there, Summer Zervos, saying that Mr Trump


made advances in 2007 and there is another woman who is being reported


by the Washington Post, Kristin Anderson, saying she met Donald


Trump in a nightclub in New York in the 90s and he made unwanted sexual


advances towards her, that he put his hand up her skirt. A split it --


explicit accounts from these women. There are 11 who have accused him of


unwanted advances. The campaign has not responded to these accusations


but Donald Trump did a rally this afternoon at the same time as this


accusation from Summer Zervos was coming out and he said that some of


these women were doing it for their moment of fame. He said that they


will get some free fame and he called them phoney accusers. We know


that many senior Republicans have distanced themselves from Mr Trump


but there are those who are sticking with him, what have they been saying


about these allegations? I spoke to one of them this morning on a TV


show this morning, Ben Carson, who ran for the presidency himself, he


is a supporter of Donald Trump. I asked him if he thought these women


were lying, these accusers against Donald Trump. He didn't answer the


question but he asked for my microphone to be cut off, so I guess


he did not want to answer the Western. Absolutely. President Obama


was in the cross hairs of Donald Trump, he was campaigning for Mrs


Clinton but it seems that he has been targeted by Mr Trump and he had


some strong words. This has been a theme of the last 24, 48 hours from


the Trump campaign. What is happening is that Donald Trump is


setting himself up as being the sole defender of his message against


effectively the rest of the world, against President Obama, Hillary


Clinton, the Republican party and the crooked media. The most


criticism over the last 24 hours has been against the press, who he say


is in collusion with the Clinton campaign. It is almost as if, having


seen the pulse and how badly they are doing for him, there is some


sense that things are going so badly for them, why not attack everybody?


I must say that his supporters love this, they are thrilled to see


Donald Trump in attack mode. They love to see him attacking Hillary


Clinton and the media, it works well for those rallies he is holding but


I'm afraid it does not get him other voters, which he needed he is going


to win the White House. Thank you for joining us. We will hear more


later. Katty Kay has been to Ohio to hear more from people there about


the campaign. Thousands of Thais have gathered at Bangkok's royal


palace to mourn King Bhumibol Adulyadej who died on Thursday. His


body was brought to a palace in convoy as weeping mourners lined the


streets. Millions watched on TV. The Crown prince has been named as


successor but he has asked for a delay in the process and a former


Prime Minister has been named as the Regent.


This is the grand Palace, the King's body is there after an emotional day


in Bangkok, tens of thousands of people taking to the streets. There


are still large numbers of people here wearing black, the colour of


mourning. It will be a year mourning for King King Bhumibol Adulyadej who


died in hospital yesterday and today he's body was brought to Bangkok, to


the grand Palace. Emotional scenes, people kneeling down, praying, many


of them openly weeping. For many people in Thailand he is the only


monarch they have known, unifying figure in many years of dramatic


change in Thailand and considerable political upheaval. So his death has


been very keenly felt here. There is a degree of worry about what comes


next. Thailand is to mark the King's death for a year. Here is a look at


how people are likely to observe that mourning period.


Reaction in Thailand to the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. She


campaigned vigorously for her husband in Nigeria's election two


years ago but there has been a warning that she may not again back


him unless he shakes up his government. The presidents button to


shake up his government but according to his wife he does not


know many of his top officials. She said it was time that her husband


listens to his supporters. The president has shot back at his


wife's comments telling her, in his opinion, where it two in his


opinion, where she belongs. I don't know what party my wife belongs to


but she belongs to my Kitching and my living room. And the other room.


I was in the field for 12 years. I tried three times. The first time I


managed to succeed. I claim superior knowledge over her and the rest of


the opposition. In Nigeria, mixed reaction and some people saying on


social media that the president is behaving like Donald Trump. Many


people, especially women's groups and other activists, have condemned


his reaction. Some on social media comparing him with the Republican


presidential candidate, Donald Trump, while others are saying that


President Mohamed may be a good leader but is a bad husband


according to them. Others are asking, where was she is campaigning


for him? Some are saying that he was joking and in the last few minutes,


the President's spokesman has issued a statement saying the president was


joking when he said that his wife belongs to the kitchen. He wasn't


referring to her or trying to lower her status at all. Still to come:


the sound of history repeating itself, the Battle of Hastings


recreated 950 years on. Parts of San Francisco least affected by the


earthquake are returning to life but in the marina area they are more


conscious than ever of how much has been destroyed. In the 19 years


since he was last here he has moved on. It was a 20 be vomited blood on


the fifth floor of the hotel, ripping a fold in the hotel. This


government will not weaken. Democracy will prevail.


The nation held its breath and then the bells rang out and Chile rang


out an enormous roar. The headlines: two more women have come forward to


accuse Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of sexual


assault. Thousands of Thais have gathered at Bangkok's royal palace


for late-night vigil to mourn King Bhumibol Adulyadej. A former Prime


Minister has unexpectedly been named as regent.


US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Russian Foreign Minister


Sergei Lavrov will hold fresh talks on Syria in Switzerland on Saturday.


The Syrian President has been speaking to a Russian newspaper.


He remains unapologetic over his force's actions in Aleppo -


This is what he had to say about his army's attempt


From the military point of view, it could be the springboard as a big


City to move in to other areas. You have to keep cleaning this area and


push back the terrorists to where they come from or to kill them. This


will be an important springboard to do this move. Some other stories


now. The trial of the Dutch


anti-immigrant politician, After a judge in The Hague


dismissed his lawyer's attempts to have hate speech


charges thrown out. The allegations against the leader


of the right-wing Freedom Party, stem from comments he made


at a rally in 2014. A pair of 13-month-old twins


conjoined at the head have been successfully separated after 16


hours of surgery in Doctors say Jadon and Anias McDonald


are recovering from the marathon surgery and that they have a long


road of recovery and rehabilitation Americans travelling to Cuba will be


allowed to bring home more of the island's coveted cigars


and rum under new measures announced by the US government on Friday


to further ease trade and travel The news will be welcomed


by the Cuban government, which wants the decades-old US


embargo to be totally lifted. Some breaking news now. In the last


few minutes the US Transportation Department has said that all Samsung


Galaxy Note seven devices will be banned on all flights. Passengers


attempting to carry them on board a flight will be fined or have them


confiscated. The policy comes in on Saturday. Saint-Sa ns -- Samsun


suspended sales after reports the phones catching fire.


Let's return to our top story - the US presidential election -


there's just 24 days left in the race to the White House.


The election is won and lost in the swing states.


Ohio is one of those - and it's a must win for Donald Trump


because no Republican candidate has ever won the Presidency without it.


Despite losing popularity in the polls, fortunately for him


at least, the loss of manufacturing jobs in Ohio has led some


Democrats to rethink their political loyalties.


The BBC's Katty Kay visited Lorain, in the north of the state


This is the story of Lorain Ohio, the town that globalisation left


behind. A hard road for many people in this community. When you walked


out of high school and got your diploma, you could get a job the


next day, the Shipyard, Ford, but we don't have that any more. Mark is a


lifelong Democrat who has switched parties in order to vote for Donald


Trump. I'm upset, discouraged with the government, people's lives at


stake, people losing their houses. Mike doesn't like what Trump says


about women and immigrants but they'd be months ago he met the


candidate here at this diner and he was impressed. I'm voting for my


job. I asked a lot of questions. I didn't particularly care for a lot


of the answers, being a union steelworker but they were honest. On


the main drag the Clinton campaign makes a splash but they know that


Trump has tapped into something here. I was born here but I have


lived here my whole life. This man's family has been here for four


nations and Lorain has been union country and it should be Hillary


country. I think people are upset and they have seen that the status


quo is not going well for us, we need to do more and build an economy


that... I think that is what Secretary Clinton is pushing. Closed


factories littering northern Ohio, ghostly cathedrals to another time,


before the double blow of free trade and automation. When factories that


used to employ hundreds of workers now look like this, it's not


surprising that people are angry. It is more human to blame other


countries or immigrants than it is to blame computer chips and robots.


This plant is as much the story of technology as of trade. Susan is a


professor of economics who spent a few years working in the Obama


administration. We've had a particular kind of globalisation,


large multinationals worrying about things like intellectual property


but they don't protect Labour rights or environmental rights so you have


a globalisation that is really rewarding competition based on who


can mistreat their workers in the -- and the environment more. The


candidates can promise the moon but these steel meals will never provide


jobs and livelihoods the way they used to. A new industry will have to


revive Lorain. That is a challenge for whoever is the next president.


with rugby union and the European Champions Cup is underway with a


bad-tempered match. Glasgow currently 25-13 up against


Leicester. Richard Conway was in Zurich where a


two day meeting is taking place. Fifa started this two-day meeting in


Zurich talking about new plans and a new vision for the next ten years


but the theme over the course of the two days has been dominated by World


Cup expansion plans, specifically what they will do for 2026 and that


World Cup. At the moment 32 teams take part but what is under


discussion is perhaps 40 teams or perhaps even 48 teams for that


tournament. I spoke to Gianni Infantino, the president of Fifa,


who believes that the time is right for reform. I firmly believe that


the quality also has raised all over the world, football on the pitch and


I am advocating expansion. What it will be, 40, 48, I am open. Fifa is


looking to its future, it has a new secretary-general who has been


undergoing a thorough audit and looking through the books and she


says she has been surprised by what she's finding and she is


incrementing changes including saving ?120,000 in hotels fees this


week alone but there are other changes coming in terms of


transport. No more limousines. People are looking for getting into


this train of reform but also with the train of Fifa projecting a much


better image. Fifa officials will come back to Zurich on January the


night next year, they will make the key decision about the 2026 World


Cup and continue efforts to change perceptions about how they are


running football. To tennis now, and Andy Murray has


reached the semi-finals of the Shanghai Masters


with a straight sets Novak Djokovoc plays Spain's Roberto


Bautista Agut in the other semi. The German has signed a two-year


deal worth around ?17 million. Its is said there are only two


dates many English people One was a famous victory,


when England last won the World Cup. The other was a terrible defeat,


in 1066 King Harold was defeated by Frenchman,


William the Conqueror. It was the last successful invasion


of the UK and it took place exactly 950 years ago -


at what is known as Duncan Kennedy has been at the site


of the battle where some people have been


fighting the battle This was a battle for the very


future of England - King Harold's army against


the troops of William of Normandy. A clash of culture and power that


realigned the destiny of Europe. And re-enacted today, exactly 950


years after its brutal conclusion. Around 20,000 men took


part in the fighting. The battle lasted for


about nine hours. By the end, so many Saxons


were dying, there was hardly King Harold was killed,


his hopes and ambitions For those taking part today,


nine and a half centuries of time But how important is it


to remember this day? It's really important,


because this battle is the most significant in British


history, European history 600 children marched


in commemoration of the battle. 1066 is part of our


historical hinterland. And even today, this


cataclysmic event Our relationship with Europe,


for example, is very current. That is affected by the Norman


conquest, because after 1066, for the next 500 years,


English kings will have a very There will be more


re-enactments over the weekend, but English Heritage says


they're all sold out. 950 years on, this remains


a day full of impact, still informing our culture,


our society and our lives. And finally, some footage of a truly


terrifying encounter with a shark. It shows the moment when it got


into what was thought to be a shark-proof cage


with the diver inside. The shark is attracted to the cages


with a large lump of tuna, After a frantic few


seconds, the animal beats


its way over the top. With mounting concern for the safety


of the diver, who can't be seen. The experienced divemaster is shaken


but, thankfully, unharmed. He dropped beneath the cage when it


gave way, with two other sharks


just below him. These cages are professionally


engineered to withstand Amazing escape! You can get in touch


with me on Twitter. That's all the time we have. Thanks for joining


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